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I went on a consultation with Dr. Norman Morrison...

I went on a consultation with Dr. Norman Morrison at Harlem Hospital for Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck. He made me feel validated, rest assured, and the most comfortable, and rest assured of all doctors. In the end a lift wasn't needed and I was just quoted for BA Areolar Reduction, and Mod. Mini TT. .

Change of Procedure :/

Well, since I was told a lift wasn't needed so I'm leaning towards a natural result no matter how "flat" I get out of it lol :) I am now choosing an Areola Reduction without augmentation and the Mod. Mini Tuck stays the same! Glad I'm getting all of the jitters and spontaneous decision changes out of the way now so when I see my Doctor next week I can be 100% sure on what I want. This is the beginning of a great journey!

See you next week!

Changing Altogether ????

Well, it appears that my consultations were as different as the locations with the same doctor. Staff were great, location was great. He drew my scar for a "mini" tummy tuck from hip to hip - which is completely unnecessary (my stomach is super flat, as even he said it, and not much skin removal was required). By the way his markings were very asymmetrical, and also comparing his lines to other patients online, I've noticed his lining to be not as neat as my initial surgeon's. He was completely selling me on the new "gummy bear" cohesive gel implants. I loved them, don't get me wrong! But he didn't let me feel any other implant? Not silicone nor saline, despite my preference for natural saline IF I were to get implants AT ALL! My consult went MUCH better the first time, I don't understand. Anyways I'm going back to my initial doctor in NJ and I will be getting just a tummy tuck with him until I can save enough for his Breast Lift. I can't believe this, yet somehow I expected it. Too good to be true ???? #dissappointed

Circum-Areolar Internal Breast Lift w/o Augmentation

For all of you women with similar interest of a peri-areolar breast lift with "auto-augmentation", or USING YOUR OWN BREAST TISSUE, with no implant, Dr. Cassileth of Bevery Hills, CA deems accomodating! It's also known as an "internal breast lift", or the "Hall-Finley" technique, in case you want a different doctor that does similar BLs using those techniques. I hope my doctor does this for me, if not I will be flying to CA ???? ~ Good Luck!

Updating my Mommy Makeover Journey

As RS members may know, I had a tummy tuck procedure on December 3rd of 2014 performed by Dr. Joseph D. Alkon that I have separately reviewed, plus post-op pics. I am now due for Breast Augmentation with the same Doctor in less than a week, which I've just started a new, second review :)
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