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Hi realself. I'm here basically to share my...

Hi realself.
I'm here basically to share my breast augmentation story. I'm still looking for a surgeon. I'm looking to get my augmentation by the end of Feb. EARLY MARCH. I'm so excited to start this journey.

If any one has surgeons they can send my way. Recommend by self experience. I'm still doing research. 2 years of research by now. Really appreciate the the help.
Also although I have an idea I want 500cc no more than that. The least I'd go is 480ccs. I want to be in the D /DD range. No bigger.

My stats are 5,0. 130 pounds.
Bust. 35 * waist 27 * hips 40

Planning my Breast augmentation With Dr Jacob Freiman (CoralGables FL)

I'm so nervous but God willing I'll be setting my appointment between March 10-16,2015. Depending on what they have available. Money is almost ready. I want to basically pay in full and get it over with. I'm thinking silicone 500cc mod+ I want busty natural. I'm 5 feet so let's see. Doing no less then 480. I want to be a D DD range. I'm doing all my research and I'm sure traveling to CG in FL will give me the satisfaction I need. As a wife, mother and woman I feel I'm making the right decision at the right time.

My sister had her breast augmentation done by him and they look amazing. She's got 600cc saline and they look very natural and she started very small. I'm so ready. God willing I will have my consultation and surgery dates set by this week. So I can get plane tickets and get arrangements.

Girls that have set days how are you feeling?
How do you feel about Dr. Freiman?

So anxious

Finally things are falling into place. April

Hey realself girlies. So I went through a little hurdle. I got a bit sick so was put on antibiotics for 10 days stop that made me push back my surgery. But as of day in cleared to get my tatas. Got my medical clearance and the blood work they ordered from my doctor.

Now I'm thinking April 15 to set the surgery date. I'm so excited. Wish it could be sooner but my oldest birthday is in the 14 so I need to be with him in his 7th birthday. I'm stop anxious and praying to set everything up by this week.

Had a consultation here in NYC so I can have an idea of what I want. And I'm thinking I'm going with 500 - 550 range. Very excited and ready.

Saline or silicone / 450- 470cc

I'm so stuck going back and forth with choosing saline or silicone. I have know many girls that have saline and they feel and look amazing. I know silicone feels softer and I know this silicone is safer and fda approved but it's still scary to put that in your body. I want to go from a full C Small D. Really want them to look natural. I'm thinking 450- 470cc I don't want to be huge I'm 5'1 125. Have been waist training and I've lost 5 inches so far. I'm at 26 inches. I'm like a B cup and I think I have pretty good breast tissue. My stats are bust 33 inches. Under bust 30. Waist 26. Hips 38. Please help.
I have a consultation with a really good surgeon tomorrow and I really want to pay for my surgery and set my date but I need to pick. I would love silicone but my question is can I achieve my desired look with Saline? I'm finally ready to get this done money wide and emotionally. Thank you so much for the input.

Meet Dr Urmen Desai.

Finally meet him and he was all I thought he would be. Amazing doctor. You can tell he's experienced. He made me feel very secured and didn't pressure me to pick saline or silicone. He assured me he would make me look amazing with either one. That made me really happy. Setting my surgery date today!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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