3 months post surgery, caught capsular contracture

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About me I'm 26 years old, petite, 5 ft 2, 100LBs....

About me
I'm 26 years old, petite, 5 ft 2, 100LBs. cup size 32AA, little breast tissue. I wanted ba since i was 19 years old, my first plastic surgeon consultation was done at age 21, second consultation was done at age 23. Although I went to 2 consultations, I didn't feel it was the right time yet.

This time I'm ready, I went to my ps today which is Wednesday, Im getting my surgery on Friday. I told myself NO MORE WAITING. I will post my before picture tonight.

Pre-op pictures are up! Counting down..7 more hours

Surgery is scheduled at 2pm, I'm going to be in the office around 12pm. Anxiety started to kick in & I was debating between 260cc or 280cc silicone, figure it won't make a big difference & it's under the muscle so it will shrink a little, gonna go with the 280cc! I'm hoping for a natural look and a full B!!

222pm, went in at 1145 am

I'm done !

Surgery was the easiest part, recovery was not.

Ladies, I'm not a blog person but i really wanted to inspire other ladies out there and share my experience with you.

Surgery was the easiest part, please do not be afraid to go under the knife (on the table), please do not think that was the scariest part, in fact, it is the easiest part. I was introduced to the team( Surgeron, Nurse, Anesthesiologist). got on the table, IV is in, fluid is running through my IV, they distracted me with conversation, put a mask over the face, Bamp, i was out, felt like a minute, woke up, surgery was done! (see picture)

The hardest part was :
Woke up in excruciating pain (10/10) on both upper chest especially at movement. took a percocet (didnt eat enough crackers), threw up SO MUCH there and when i got home, Took another percocet (one hour later), fell asleep.

woke up, PAIN is still the same. As I'm typing this, im eating crackers and about to take percocet to fall asleep!.

According to the newest study, my doctor say do not put any warm/hot compress, it doesnt really help with the swelling, interest huh


Post pic, 2 hours after surgery

Recovery is not fun, size is probably smaller than i expected...

Finally feeling a lot better, took myself off the narcotics because I experienced tremendous side effects such as dizziness, drowsy, nausea and vomiting. Words cant expressed how amazing my ps and her team are, my ps followed up with my symptoms (side effects) throughout the entire time, she made calls to the local pharmacy to make sure I can get an alternate pain killer and her staff came by my house on an office closed day to give me some samples of celebrex since my insurance doesnt covered. cant thank them enough.

I stopped my narcotic and I took my tylenol 650mg and cerebrex 200mg. it stopped the pain at rest but doesnt prevent pain at movement. so far so good. I havent experience any heaviness, maybe because I didnt have a large size implanted. YES, the other reviews are absolutely right about the itchness, i gently pad them or scratch them, trying to avoid leaving scars. I was able to brush my teeth and wash my face and my boyfriend took care of the rest, he washed my hair, my lower body with the shower head and he wiped my upper body, he is amazing.

I did 280cc silicone, high profile, under the breast, It doesnt look BIG at all! when i asked about the sizes, my ps responded "they look good but not big". I'm not looking forward to big breasts, I have a petite frame, im looking forward to a full B. please please please do not be a small b, i will be so saddd... I cant wait until i get to take these bandage off on monday & show you ladies after the pictures!

please help! i got 280cc implanted, is it going to give me an A?

Im freaking up, i lift up the dressing and took a look at them. they look small! i was a 32AA, inserted 280cc silicone, it looks like a small B cup!!! can anyone give me some input?!?!?!?!

Feeling the Bobbie blue not even 2 days post ops

As I previously mentioned ladies, I went into surgery with a hard head that 280cc would be the biggest I would go & from a flat chest, I just wanted some cleavage.
Now ... If you are deciding or planning for an ba, think again! 280cc came out to me look small! I'm really not liking the size (I love my ps) but I regret not going 300cc because now I'm looking back thinking, I did all that for a small breast that I might have to wear padded bra? I was way too anxious to throw away all the padded bras and now I might have to keep them .. I know I'm JUST a day and half post op, but I don't like the small cups and afraid they will go even smaller after all the swelling thank you all for your supports

Post Op day 2

Hello, I'm feeling a lot better, thank you all for your warming comfort, it definitely helped a lot!

Today is my post op day 2, the whole process is not bad, i would say its do-able. Lets say, starts from surgery (easiest part because i was knocked out), post op night (horrible because I took narcotic with empty stomach), day 1 post op- i was managing my pain with tylenol & celebrex (its not narcotic, similiar to motrin but a bit stronger), day 2 is less pain but more soreness and tightness on the chest. YES, i do noticed increased swelling from post op day 1 to day 2, i can feel my breasts are being stretched and thats where the tightness feeling come from.

Horrible sleep even with multiple pillows, having backaches now but its okay, its also manageable, advice: do not drive on post op day 2, i tried this morning for a 30 minutes commute, started to feel a little pain, gonna rest a bit, trying not to strain any muscles to cause any complications

This surgery is def worth doing if you have been looking into it for a whilee.for me, it was 6 years, i regret not doing it earlier!

Weight gain on post op 2

Hello girls, I would like to know if it is normal to gain few lbs or feel bloated on your first few post op days! Im lucky enough to have a regular bowel movement and urinate fine, pre op i was 98lbs, post op im 101.8lbs, my tummy is bloated.

second, i had excruciating pain at my left chest this afternoon when i was lying down 4 degree, i got up to get my medication & the pain went away. i guess it has to do with position.

Post Op day 3, I love my new breasts!

Post op day 3, i have intense shooting pain constant at my left upper chest that cause difficulty breathing, I couldnt take any narcotic because i was attending my first day orientation for my new job (listening to lectures). I was NOT able to push or pull doors, use any strength on both arms especially my left arm, pain on both breasts when i walk fast, mild to moderate pain when the car/bus rides over bumps or potholes. so i recommended whoever is going to have this surgery done, please take at least 4 days off!

I went to my PS today for follow up, apparently it is all cover by the initial fees, which is a visit within 3 days after surgery, 1 visit a week later, 4 weeks later, 3 months and to a year, she also said its free for life time as long as its for the implants (great!).

My breasts are swollen compared to day 1, they are much more tight and i feel that they are stretching, she took off the bandage and i love the size, i really do but I'm scare if the swelling go down and the sizes go down with them ;(. I have nutrella (I give up spelling it correctly), 280cc High profile (so my breasts dont look round but have a nice projection, which fits my small frame).

Overall, this is the best decision/ money i have ever spent, i cant stop looking at the cleavage I'm having now.

Post op 3 pictures

New pictures post op 3

Fear of complication post day 9

Today is post up day 9, I will post pictures once I have time. I can't believe time went by so quick, the soreness and discomfort are getting better. By day 5, I was able to do most of the light lifting daily activities and by day 9, I can push or pull the door with both of my hands.

Yesterday, I went to v.s to get bra size and I m a 32B post surgery so I guess that's the size I will be at (consider it is in early stage and it's still little swollen) it may or may not get smaller, who knows. Again, I got 280cc silicone implants Hp. If you follow my blog, I previously mentioned I wished I got bigger & I still do, however I like the current size in way that they are very natural, it's not making it obvious that "I had ba done!" I tried on 32b laces unpadded and no wire bra, it fits very nice although it lacks of cleavage. The reason I went to v s to get fitting because I went to post op appointment n complained that the past 2 days, I started to feel pain or soreness on both side of my breast, under my armpits possibly due to the surgical bra they gave me. Possibly it was too tight. So I went to v s and purchased a no wire 32C, which was a little lose on me but it is okay I need space for them to drop and less tight. I feel a lot more comfortable and I would like to know if any of you experience this?

Having breast implants is uneasy, I'm always in fear of complications from post surgery. A little discomfort here & there gets me very worried. I love them, this is the best decision I ever made beside dating my boyfriend :)

New pictures,

Post up day 13

Post 2 weeks sizing

Hello my realself friends,
As I previously mentioned, I had 280cc bilateral high profile silicone inserted, I was a 32AA before and today I went to v.s and got sized. They first lemme try 32C Demi sexy regular pad with wire but no push up. My implants are not completely soft but better, a little soft I would say. I fit nice on a 32c then I tried a 32D which I feel more comfortable, less tight. However I learned that don't let the bra size trick you, just because I fit in a 32D doesn't mean my breast look big. They are relatively small if I wear lace bra w no pad under a shirt, it looks like an B. however if I put bikinis on, they look very full & nice.

I stopped wearing the sports bra and bandage as much because they are very uncomfortable. I told my ps and now I'm only wear a lace bra.. I'm so scared it would affect the shape of the breast implants :(


Scars treatment

Hello there, I'm 2 weeks post up & I haven't talk about my scars which are under my breasts.
I noticed from my previous cut and burns that I have natural healing process which means I heal slow & leave unnoticeable scars. And also I really don't think anyone would lift up my breasts to take a look at my scars to see if I have ba or not.. It won't be their business & I won't let them do so. Haha

I didn't use any scar treatment, I only used Antibacterial soap which is the dial soap from regular pharmacy, I would put tissues on top of my scars whenever I wear my sports bra to minimize fictions around the area and I have to tell you ...

My scars are HEALING really nice with no redness or any irritations .. Again I didn't use any scar treatments .. See the pictures


Hello there, today i was supposed to follow up with my ps but i couldnt make it due to the rain. she requested me to send her pictures of my ba and i did.
then she told me to see her immediately tomorrow because my implants are uneven..one is higher than another..she told me to keep the bandage on.

have anyone been through this before? is it going to be okay?

2 weeks and 3 days post up

Hello, here is a follow up on my implants. After 2 weeks & 3 days post up, my left implant is dropped nicely and becoming soft, however my right implant (my dominant hand) is still high & not dropping. So i went to see my surgeon after work, she took a look at my implants and told me not to do anything to my left implant but to massage my right implant downward slightly to my armpit so it can drop. This is something new to me & i don't feeel any pain when she presses it very hard, i only felt pressure. I walked out of her office with no worries because she is extremely attentive to my concerns and she told me to see her a week later.

I have been seeing my surgeon every week so she can follow up with my implants. she is so nice, i can text her anytime i wanted and she will respond right away!!! I LOVE HER!

Post up 3 weeks

Hello my RealSelf Friends,
I m post-op 3 weeks, i noticed one breast (right) is higher and smaller compared to my other breast (left). I went to see my PS for follow up in post op 2 weeks, she told me to massage and use this tape to push it (the tape caused irritation on my skin so i stopped).

Im going to see her sometimes next week. I'm worried if they will stay un-even.
have anyone experience this?

Post 1 month picture comparison

Thoughts after 1 month post op .

Hello All, I finally have time to sit down and update my realself blog. I really find this website helpful throughout my recovery and Im very thankful for everyone's support.

I'm 25 years old, 5ft 2 100Lbs, I wanted a BA for few years and finally the time came and I did it for myself. From a 32AA to a 32 small C. It is beyond words to express how much I love my breast implants and How Happy I am. However, I have to admit I'm still struggling with my BA recovery. So far, I'm one month post-up and I've concluded the following,

Week 1
(day 1 to day 3) I was in pain which was under control with pain medication, however if you pull an arm muscle by accident, you get bad shooting pain, I suggested allow yourself to do completely NOTHING in these 3 days but..eat..sleep..med..eat..sleep..med repeat. Daily activities e.g. brush teeth,shower with assistance (lower trunk and hair) as tolerated. You Need someone to help you to get up or move into positions in these 3 days.
(Day 3 to Day 7)- Pain will be under controlled with mini. pain medications. For me, I wasnt feeling pain, I was Sore. I also felt that my muscle/skin were being stretched, very uncomfortable. Day 1 to Day 7, i experienced morning boobs, i defined that as heaviness on my chest relieved by getting up and walk around. Yes i was on the bandage (hold the boobs together and keep them from arising) and the surgical bra to keep them in place.

Week 2, Morning boobs. and i also noticed (in other reviews as well) shooting nerve pain on my left breast that lasted for 3 days (common as per surgeon). Then mild soreness.

Week 3 and 4, you started to notice dropping, most of the time, one breast drop faster than the other one.

There are many reviews on Nonpadded bra vs wire bra. I have been seeing my ps. every week to follow up because she is REALLY attentive to my surgery! ( love it). For the first 3 weeks, I wore sports bra and by week 4, she told me to wear wire bra if it doesnt bother me to keep them from dropping too low. I also noticed my right breast is not as low as my left and also harder. She recommended me to massage my right breast freq. and massage scar tissues under both breast. It has only been a week and i noticed the right breast is catching up and the scar tissues are softening.

Breast Augmentation is def. a tough decision, most of us are scare of the surgery because it wil be painful blah blah blah.. it is actually the aftermath of surgery, the recovery phase, which is to make sure they heal properly and this takes up to 3 months. patience is virtue.

I hope this helps.

5 weeks post up

1). Choose a plastic surgeon that spends time with you not only at consultation, but also at follow up. Question the frequency of your follow up appointment (at no charge). I don't think its safe for a ps to perform a surgical procedure with a one week post up follow up then 1 month. Between the one week post up to one month post up, you will have a lot of questions/concerns. I love my ps not only because I have been seeing her every week for the first 4 weeks then every 2 weeks for the 2nd month. I have all my questions/concerns about post up answered. i felt safe. she is up to technology-meaning she texts. She responds to my text in a timely manner. these are the qualities you SHOULD considered in a PS.

2. I wore surgical bra the first 2 weeks with bandage, then padded bra the 3rd week, wire bra by 4th week to now. No complication noted so far. i showed all my ps the bras before i wore them.

3. It is absolutely normal to have hypersensitivity- which only occurs when you touch them. if not, they are okay. loss of sensation under the breast and the sensation is getting better as time goes by.

4. One breast is higher/harder than the other. Yes i'm experiencing this and so are many other. However, beside massaging the right breast, my p.s told me to massage my scar under the breast. I was worried because i was only 3 weeks postup (no reddness or irritation at scar site). When i first touched the scars, THEY WERE SO TENSE AND HARD.- she explained to me that the scar tissue is too hard/tense and not letting the right breast to drop. So for the past 2 weeks, i have been massaging the right breast to downward direction & massage the scar to loosen it up. I noticed a small drop at my right breast.

Good luck to everyone that is having/deciding to have the surgery. I must tell you it doesn't only affect the way you feel about yourself but also the way you Take CARE of your body. I'm more motivated to eat healthy and to go to the gym because I wanted to be at my best!


3 months post up, capsular contracture on my right breast

As i mentioned previously that my right breast has not been dropping, i noticed that it is uneven comparing to my left breast.

I complained of sharp pain at my right upper chest in the first month of my post up, because it was right after post up, we assumed it was from the muscle being stretch. The pain only lasted for 2 weeks so i ignored it.

After two months, my left breast dropped very nice and my right breast stayed high & tender. After I addressed my concern with my Ps, we decided to have a revision on my right breast, i went under local anesthesia, AWAKE. She had to open the incision & pull my implant down. Yes it was very uncomfortable to feel the flipping, pushing or manipulation of my breast. It was also painful at times and she had to give me more numbness. she told me she noticed a lot of scar tissues around my right implant that she couldnt do much about it under local anesthesia. She explained to me that my cc. might developed from a bled post surgery that was not caught.

Now the plan is
A) Pay facility fee $600, anesthesia 600$, new implant $700 for the right breast. I will be put to sleep

Since im going to put to sleep, might as well increase the size
B). Pay Facility fee $600, Anesthesia 600$, new implants 1600$ for two implants, and her surgical fee which she will let me know by Monday.

So stress over this capsular contracture

I have been really stressed over my right implant capsular contracture.
What should I do? can anyone share their experience with me please?

1. should i have a capsulectomy and put in a brand new implant for the right side?

2. should i have a capsulectomy on my right breast & replace both implants with a bigger size. from 280cc to 350cc?

3. should i consider strattice on my right implant after capsulectomy?

Contracture picture

Contracture pictue

Hello my realself friends, I'm sorry that i havent been updating my profile because i have been really stressed over this implant surgery.
so... I have decided that I'm only going for one implant (2200$) because increasing the size will costs me 5.5k. that's a lot of money! ;(

So i had a capsulotomy to pull down my implant to find out i have capsular contracture. i will be having a capsulectomy and insert a new implant on the 17th of Jan. I can't wait till all these are over =( so sad
New York Plastic Surgeon

This is the 3rd revised review I'm writing for Dr.Nadia because every time I visit her, I like her more & more & more! I went to her for a breast augmentation in sep 2013, about me, I have always hated my body because I have a flat chest, I always wanted to have a breast augmentation/implants but never met the right doctor, previously went to 2 consultations in 5 years and dont feel right. I finally made up my mind & met with dr Nadia (even thought she doesn't have much online reviews, my gut told me to trust female surgeon) and I'm so happy I did. The price I paid for this implant is reasonable (8900$ included everything) considered it is in NYC. However the price you pay for include all follow up visits which is 3 days post surgery, 1 week, 4 week, 3 months and a year ... Or even life time she said! I love her! She looks so young but don't let it trick you, she's so kind and knowledgable, she seems to know what a woman want. NOT to mention her staffs, surgical. Coordinator Jackie, Nurse Maria, Nancy and especially my favorite coordinator Janet that MADE everything happened within 3 days (consultation, pre-op, surgery). They all so kind!! My implants came out so natural yet perfect for my petite size! After surgery i was in so much pain & the side effects on the medications were too much, dr nadia called me the same night and the following morning, she understood my pain & because my insurance doesnt cover the other medications, she had her staff nancy to drive by my house & gave me sample! i couldnt thank them enough! I asked myself why I waited so long yet if I didn't waited, I wouldn't have this great result from her! I will recommend her to all my friends & def. will go back if I needed any comestic surgery! If you want to read my blog regarding to my surgery, my account at realself.com is daisyyy! It's a public page!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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