41, Usually 32A, Nursed 3 Kids - New York, NY

As a child growing up in a home with a mother who...

As a child growing up in a home with a mother who had a large bosom, I always expected the same. I looked forward to having a beautiful rack, but they never grew. I was a 32A/B that I rocked proudly with the help of many padded bras and silicone inserts over the years. I have had three children that I've nursed. During my breast-feeding days, I enjoyed having large D cups and wished they would stay that way, without the milk of course. Every time I stop nursing, my poor little boobs would shrink back to their original size with less volume. I am seeking a larger bosom with the help of mentor silicone moderate plus. My ideal size would be a large C/Small S. My breasts are asymmetrical, so my doctor and I have decided to go with 350 left and 400cc right. If it were up to me and I had symmetrical breasts I would wish for both of them to be 400cc. Less than a week away and I'm trying to get everything in order, groceries, clean house, post op stuff. I'm not nervous yet, just anxious. This site has helped me a lot, also confused me a lot, but I am thankful for all the useful stories.
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