38 Years Old! 6'0 185lbs ..getting Breast Done! 800cc Silicone Mentor Moderate Plus. LOOKING TO GO D/DD'S - New York

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Long island new york here, letting everybody know...

long island new york here, letting everybody know I'm getting my breast done in 18 days and counting. My PS is great he met with my husband twice and all came into an agreement 800cc mod plus is MY choice. Currently 38A VS bra, rib cage 34, bwd 14.5. IM WRITING THIS BECAUSE I HAVENT SEENA NY GIRLS MY SIZE. I wear a large/xl blouse bc of shoulder width but lacking in the booby dept. measurements are 39-31-43.. SOON HOPE TO MATCH!!LOL


Ordered from VS front close sport bra 40D/38DD..I'm still freaking out..I can't wait.paying most of my bill b4 surgery day..booked hotel in queens to recooperate.backing up my 38a/b bras and giving them to my BFF 13 year old daughter...lmao


This was all I got in 38 years and two kids..flat boobies...but I am 6 feet tall


ok girls last night I had my first boobie nightmare. I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. believing and thinking I had my boobs done and my yorkie who sleeps with me was attacking them and trying to get them off of me. so I woke up frantic delusional thinking my implants were gone and I don't even have them yet. 17 more days of nightmares. So I woke up frantic delusional thinking my implants were gone and I don't

ok..have tell my mom!!

Just nervous ..she'll understand...actually just embarrassed ..I guess..u think I'd be over this boobies obsession..lol. I'm going to tell her a few days before..I'll keep u updated about what she says and how she acts..wish me luck


Pre-op done today. Took my before pictures got my medicine script, signed my consent forms,tried on my 800 CC moderate profile plus implants and cannot wait for July 9th


I'm talking to myself everyday.... I'm asking myself y?? duh? y would put myself through this on purpose? i have a husband whom LUVS all 6 feet of me and has never complain BUT i haven't worn a bikini in 10 years and i am now proud to buy xl blouses bc i know they will fit perfectly. I'm laughing at myself and thinking how crazy this whole idea is(GETTING BOOBIES DONE)...OMG. plus to add, if this makes sense to anybody, i have a senior high school boy on the football team, which i am well known bc MY SON is THE CAPTAIN and now EVERYBODY IS GOING TO FREAKIN NOTICE I GOT MY BOOBIES DONE, EVEN MY EX HUSBAND AND MY EX BOTHER IN LAWS WHOM I SEE ALL THE TIME!!!!!! DID i mention this is a catholic school , so its not like i can tell people to "F" OFF....HELP???

9 days left!!!

I want to say thank you to this forum of real self I have met a lot of girls who had their breast augmentation perform by Dr Urmen Desai and I am very impressed with his work. I have seen him on YouTube with a young lady that had her augmentation 5 months ago with dr desai and her results were beautiful with thst being said thank you realself site,i am feel very comfortable , very excited and glad that I am NOT alone.

2nd thoughts???

I haven't told my mom yet!!# aaahhh..I'm such a chicken,I'm so scared,nervous..honestly I think she'll be fine,but im NOT! I HAVE THE SUPPORT OF MY HUBBY ETC...but for some reason I'm doubting myself,if I really want to go through with it.ive lived my life with an A cup and now in 1 week I'll have boobies..in one instant moment u can go from little to big and big to little...my heart is heavy.my mind is racing..it's only boobs!! For everybody out there whom has been made fun of and compared from ur own family members about any part of ur body ..THAT WAS MY LIFE..I was that girl being compared to everybody else and my emotions are high and drudging up childhood is sitting on my shoulders.i never wanted anybody to ever believe I do anything bc they made me to or I feel I need to..my demons are creeping and messing with me.forgive me for my emotions..thanx

getting closer!!!

5 days left till boobie express!!having a love/hate relationship with myself..?? one minute i love it the next I'm kicking myself in the azz. its the post-op..pain, discomfit, ugliness, the surgery after effects from anesthesia. it messes with ur body and mind. if i was by myself i think i can handle it better but bc my hubby whom is a nurse needs to hold his shit together is getting me to the 10th power. he can be very over bearing and in your face loving.NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT RIGHT? i know I'm being silly. when i get sick i prefer being by myself and totally zen.
plus i didn't get my medication on prep day, so now he has to leave me when I'm in surgery go get them filled and be back, i know my hubby hell be a bull in a china shop, he ll run over every old lady just to get back in time.thats what i luv about him. hell get the job done. to all the hubbies out there that support ur woman . kudos to u and wifey, thank ur hubby bc we can be impossible as well.

Exactly why??

This is exactly why I have not shared my breast augmentation surgery with my mother. Over the weekend my aunt was visiting she was previously married to my mother's brother my mother keeps in contact with her and sometimes she comes over. Well my aunt decided that she loves to throw jabs meaning crude rude comments and I wasn't having the s*** no more than yesterday of crude rude comment came across my way at me and my mother did not say anything. I have been dealing with this s*** all my life she has never supported me never defended me never had my back 0. And this is why I do not involve her in my life. My surgery is in two days and I could really care less if I tell her or not. She can freak and find out on her own. I doubt I would have her support anyway


Totally back pedaling...wtf?? I'm scared off the outcome...the pain..the recovery...if I'm going to hate them ? Luv them? At 4 am totally wanted to cancel..my nerves are at a high..can not get a grip!! Need to zen..help? Less then 24 hours to go

5.5 hours to go

Surgery 945..have to get there 830..800cc mod plus silicone under muscle sitting in a box with my name on it,waiting to be opened and respected by a woman whom lacked breast all her life.
I thank God for what I have been blessed with and the people in my life but now it's time for a change and I'm starting with the boobies first...lol..bye bye 38A we had a good run u feed 2 beautiful children but fell short of me looking feminine. So with that being said.. little girlz ur going under construction and getting a makeover..besos xoxox

Wish boobs

I'm good

Pressure pressure and pressure!! I feel better standing up then sitting down..emotions ran high until dr desai came in..and I was good! I'm happy I did it..I wanted run right out the door!! 800 cc silicone under muscle. My hubby is awesome! Totally helping me!! Didn't expect any less from him ..he is a nurse! Lol. Chillin now and not lifting not one freaking pinky for nothing.im extremely happy with what see so far .Dr desai rocks!!


another pic

getting better!!

I can get on and off toilet by myself and less pressure under armpits..muscle relaxer works better then pain med...but I really have no pain. .it's been 22 hours after surgery and feeling good..I'll put pics up later seeing PS at 12 for post op

1 day post op

Me likey!

day 2. is over

Getting better everyday...here's a puc..still taking meds and ice ice baby..all day..the armpit discomfort is the worse


I got scared today bc I saw my first bruise...I called PS and emailed pics. Dr desai responded very quickly and conifer ..it's only bruising and will evaluate it on friday my one week post op...

capsule contraction

My left boob is great!! My right boob I'm concerned about..it doesn't feel right! It hurts,there's pain,it's hard and hot, my armpit muscle is killing me,this hasnt changed since i woke up from the surgery.nothing like the left.im 5 days post op and scared.would I have to get them removed??

Post op blues

I'm sssoo sad..my boob hurts.im having high anxiety, maybe went to big that y it hurts so much..being impatient and a big baby..want time to pass already..I will be devestated if something going wrong with right boob!!

looking good!!

I'm going for my one week post op on friday.feeling great.boobs good,but I have a delema,
I jump the gun and had 800 mod plus and they are TOO BIG 4 me
I'm going to explain my concerns and want to find out b4 my skin stretch out when can I downsize to 350-400 mod plus.please help??? High anxiety

1 week new

Left breast perfect..right breast riding high! Feels tight..c dr tomorrow

Perfect Breast!!

A true artist..listen to my husband and I and the result are nothing less then perfect. I went from 38A to pumping up the volume. I choose 800cc mod plus.the staff is great and answered all my questions even when I called back 20 minutes after leaving bc I would forget to ask.thank u dr desai and staff

2 weeks

Still sleeping on my back I'm wearing a band around the top of my breasts to push down boobs. No more pain. Need to massage all the time. I am up to a 38 double D and I did mentor moderate plus 800 CC under the muscle

3 weeks post op 800 cc mod plus under

Bathing suit 14/16 and i fit the boobies!!! I'm Loving them more everyday!!

bathing suits that FIT!!

Look boobies!!! Size 14/16..I'll wear a bikini next year when they drop..Luv in them..becoming more comfortable

what is up???

My nipple, aerola and one inch surrounding area are on fire!!! I feel burning, burnt ect.. what is this feeling?


I didn't realize or told how much work is required and stages of healing getting breast implants!! Tight armpits,tots up to ur chin,hot swollen,burning nipples,wearing a band to lower boobs, sleeping on ur back, paranoid that everybody looking at ur boobs, messaging 100 times a day, ooh and having SEX I have to wear my bra during bc I think they going to fall off...if I remember anything else I'll add later!!

1month post op 800cc under

A new pic..feeling good.still unreal I have breast..still have to wear an band to hold push them down. C dr desai next friday otherwise good..still self conscience on size. ..but being patient for end result

boobs sore??

I'll put pics up later..boobs,are doing well! Falling in love...but still sore behind the nipple area?? Whats up with that?!.I still message and wear a sport bra 24/7..I'm terrified to let them free..lol. not much to say anymore .they are cute and pretty perfect..there a keeper

6 weeks post op

800cc under mod plus. .excellent results. Still messaging them putting me derma on incision site.im wearing 38 DD IN VS new luge bra ..very comfortable. .

new mission!!

I'm getting a consultation for upper eye fat/skin removal (hooded eyes)hate it when I do a cat eye..to hooded and wrinkly at the corner and ultherapy on neck and chin,gowl area..serious sag issues when I look down and being a hygienist I'm always looking down..any suggestion on PS ..give it to me..I'm in NY
I use to be a ballerina in my younger years and stretching out my neck has taken a toll!!!??

8 weeks post op

Feeling great!! Idk if there still dropping or going to continue to drop in months to come??38DD VS BRA right now.been wearing a sports bra everyday and night to bed..NEVER WITHOUT A BRA! these guys are big and I want them staying right where they are...lol..no binki this summer, next year.still getting use to them,saw some friends over the weekend they had no clue what was different about me but they knew something.ill KIT and keep posting pics

I got what I needed!!

36 G/38. DD..I got the boobs I wanted..I wanted full/big/ matronly breast..I wanted breast that are my age and stage of my life..I'm extremely impressed and couldn't be excited that these are with me every morning to night...Thanx to all...support and my DR.DESAI


I had my last post op visit with dr desai last friday, the breast are great, all healed up and was given clearance to return to total active life style. I had a great experience and my breast are exactly perfectly shaped. I enjoy having them and my husband reminds me everyday how proportionate the size is to my body. its truly unreal. i giggle everyday like a little girl bc i can not believe i have breast, and there big, round and perfect. P.S i wear a bra every minute of my life, i do not want these girls going anywhere. i thank dr desai and the staff. GREAT JOB, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Perfect breast 36 DDD

I know it's been a long time. Bigger I give you guys update it's been seven months since my surgery and everything has been fine. My right breast was about 100 cc larger than the left breast so that one gills more snug. There's really nothing more to say it took me some time to get used to them do I think I'm a little top-heavy some days yes especially when I wear a sweater but if I wear a sports bra and a V-neck T-shirt I think I look perfect. I am happy that I did go this size. Can I say I honestly wish I did it sooner yes. I ended with 36 DDD IN ALL BRA

Update, still going strong 800cc moderate plus profile

They are perfect!! I am 6' 185lbs and my measurements are 42-30-43, athletic built. I follow dr Desai on IG and he deserves ???????????? because he saw my vision and I put my faith into his hands. The proof is in the pictures. Have faith girls and boys. I waited 18 years to get my BREAST done. WORTH THE WAIT
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

SO FAR SO GREAT!.. comforting, confident and concise.

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