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I attempted to go through with a bbl a couple of...

I attempted to go through with a bbl a couple of years ago. I found a Dr. In Atlanta who's work was amazing. Had a phone consult and was told to gain 15 pounds. I did and was fat and miserable. When I had my physical my bp was a bit high, so I had an EKG . my PCP okayed my sx, but the surgeon wanted me to see a cardiologist. I didn't have insurance and already paid for blood work & 2ekg's, so I was pissed and canceled the procedure. A couple years later and back to my normal weight I've been thinking about just getting lipo. I consulted with 2 doctors from my area. Both said they can do bbl's, but their work it's nothing impressive. Since they mentioned it, I've been thinking about it again. That lead me back to here to browse and then I found him! I'm not getting my hopes up so high like last time, but my consult it's June 15th. So here I go again.....

Currently & 1 day

A couple more current pics

Booked, Just waiting now

So I have to say this experience seems to be much less stressful, than when I was going to do it a couple of years ago in Atlanta. I had my phone consult and right away I really like Dr. Schulman. He is funny, personable, and honest. I did not feel rushed and he answered all my questions. He says I'll get a nice bubble with athletic and natural results, since I don't have much fat. I really love the fact that he doesn't want me to gain weight, unlike the other doctors!!! Needless to say I booked my sx that day and I'm set for December.

I have some time till I have to start booking stuff, but I'm already preplanning travel & the hotel. I'm thinking of taking Amtrak, so that when I go home I can ride in a sleeping car. For the hotel I think I just go to the Marriott since it's close and I'll get the discount.

Not much to do for now except wait till October for my clearance. Oh, and let my job know, but I'm gonna hold off till September for that. Luckily, I have plenty of sick time, so that's not a problem there.
I guess I'll just enjoy this summer and see what happens in the fall.

Working out dilemma

Any one out there that had a bbl, that can you help me? I've been confused when it comes to exercising. I am supposed to maintain my weight, so i stopped working out. The problem is I've already lost the little bit of tone that i did have (see pics from may). I was thinking of only doing weight training, but i'm wondering how that would affect my sx? Any thoughts on this ladies?

Times flying!

Summer is coming to an end and another semester of school is finished! I just met my new pcp today and everything is looking good, except my bmi is a little high. I informed him that I'm getting cosmetic surgery and showed him the labs and ekg I'll need with the clearance. I'll get all that the beginning of November.
I figure since things looked good i should book the hotel. If you book the courtyard Marriott you have to call, so they can apply the Mt. Sinai rate. 8 nights will be $2,373 for my stay; she said that's a busy time there the beginning of the week, so it's a bit high.
I think I'll hold off on ordering supplies until after i get cleared. I guess until November i just need to get train tickets, a loan, and tell my boss I'll be getting surgery and will be off 6 weeks. Lol i can already see he's gonna be worried. I'm just gonna tell him it's a woman thing, so he don't ask too much (a bbl is definitely a woman thing, so it's not a lie....right). In the meantime I'll be watching Dr. Schulman's snaps and keeping up with how you ladies are doing!
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