3 Months PO Dr. Schulman Angel! Love My Results!!

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Hey, I am 28 yo, have no kids, 5'6 and weigh...

Hey, I am 28 yo, have no kids, 5'6 and weigh 172lbs. I plan on having the BBL done mainly to change my shape, I have a flat shape on the top of my booty that runs into my back instead of having a curve which I hate! I also have huge love handles and no hips. I'm planning on having lipo of abs, back, flank, upper inner thighs. I do want a bigger butt, but I don't want it to look too big or disproportionate to my frame (like Niki Minaj). I don't wanna get "butt greed" ( which I get all the time stalking this site looking at butts lol) so I have to remind myself that as Dr. s said once he Lipos my problem areas, my butt will already look better, so I'm not gonna stress over how big I get or how many CCs. I have been looking on this site for a few mths., and I went on 3 consults in the city. I liked the work of some of the out of town surgeons but I wanted somewhere close to home for an easier recovery, plus it would be easier for follow up appts., and in case of complications or emergencies. I chose Dr. S. Because I liked his work. I liked his before and afters of ladies with my similar shape. This is very important to me because I want someone who can really scoop my back out. Which he says he can do. His website talks about this scoop and I like the results of the ladies he did on this site. During my consultation he was very nice and down to earth. He didn't sugarcoat anything. He said I have extra skin in my Abd. & back so they may not be completely flat after, which I appreciated his honesty. I am in the process of losing weight and exercising as well before the surgery because I want to tone my entire body. Good luck to everyone here who has had the surgery & those who are considering.

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I can't believe I'm finally on the other side! Post Op!!

Hey every1 I finally got my new body!! I must first say Dr. Schulman and his team are EXCELLENT!! Dr. S is so down to earth, honest & sweet. I first met with my scrub nurse she was so good I wish I remembered her name. She took her time to explained everything well. I then met with my anesthesiologist who was great! Then Dr. S came in, he remembered I don't want it too big, marked me up & took pics, I showed him some wish pics then we were rdy. They placed my IV, escorted me to the OR where I was jamming to the OR music then I was knocked out lol. I woke up in recovery chair, I was worried cause I was sitting on my ass. I wasn't in much pain just my thighs & I was groggy. I believe my surgery was about 4.5hrs. I recovered pretty quickly then went home. When I arrived home I was sore, the only pain I had was under my bust around to my upper back. It felt like someone was tying a tight rope or something. It was sooooooo uncomfortable. I took 2 Percocet then went to sleep on my tummy. I woke up w/ no pain. I also peed as soon as I got home with the pez and have been goin often. I don't see any bruising besides under my bust. I placed abdominal pads in that area so I don't get sores. I dont feel anymore just soreness. I ate as soon as I got home w/ no nausea & am drinking pineapple juice. My butt went from40 in to 44.5in. I will give you other stats later. Well Ill ttyl!!

More Post op Pics

Pain has increased

So I think the lidocaine is wearing off because now I am in pain in my back & Abd. I feel fine if I am still but when I move I feel pain, heavy & stiff. I am taking Percocet around the clock but I still feel uncomfortable when moving. I understand why some ladies say they don't recommend arm lipo the same time cause u truly use arms a lot. I also did my inner thighs which feel ok. Dr. S removed 7.5 liters of fat (wow I had a lot) I'm not sure how much he inserted. I weighed 171lbs pre op my butt went from 40in. To 44.
Waist 32
Love handles 39.5
R thigh 24
L thigh 25
Butt 40
Under bust 34
Bust 34

Trying to shower

Hey everyone, so I'm starting to feel better and move around way more. But I still need those percocets around the clock. When it hits that 5th hr mark the pain gets so intense and I become stiff as a board. I love my results so far, Dr. S did a great job. I attempted to go #2 & take a shower for the 1st time but that was a no go. I was able to take my garment off but was unable to stand for too long without feeling faint after several attempts so I will try again later. Here are a couple of pics I will take better ones later! Thanks for all y'all support!

1 step at a time

Hey, so I was able to completely remove my garment, it's the 1st time I'm seeing my body post-op. I'm amazed so far! I'm still very swollen & stiff ull c in the pics I cant stand straight up up but I see a difference. I still have some hanging tummy which Dr. s said I would, I'm gonna use an ab board & hope that helps. I can't believe there r no more love handles, I don't even recognize my body!! My booty went down about an inch yesterday which is fine & it's still tender to touch. Anyone who gonna have this procedure pls have someone there to help u around the clock. I'm a very independent person & for the most part from day 1 I was moving around in bed and going to bathroom on my own but still u need someone to even just throw a blanket over u or bring u food ( I'm using a sippy cup lol). U dont wanna overstrained urself.im still using the arnica Montana pics which I think is working. I have very minimal brusing only around bra line. Thanks everyone for the encouragement as the vets say it gets easier everyday so I'm just taking it one day at a time

Feeling Better

I am feeling better, I'm no longer in pain. My inner thighs are still slightly tender but feel better. I had my 1st post op appt & dr. S said I'm healing well. He removed 7.5 ltrs of fat & transferred 1 ltr into each cheek. He said to switch to stage 2 garment week 3. I started to use scar gel twice a day. My butt feels good my Abd. & back still feels numb & tingly. I had neck pain & headaches from sleeping/ laying on my belly, I felt sooo uncomfortable. I bought a sleep20 water pillow which decreased the pain a lot & no more headaches. I have to switch positions in bed every hour or so & when I wake up I'm usually stiff. My butt still looks huge lol it is now 42in so it went down 2inches which I'm not worried about. I have a huge scoop & curve in my lower back which I never had before, even when I was smaller in my high school days. I also never had a flat tummy. Dr. S really sculpted my body. I drove for the first time yesterday which went well. I use two rectangular foam blocks under my thighs only, I have bucket seats which helps. I still have no sat on my butt & I plan not to until 8 wks as per dr. S instructions. I would recommend using RS as a general reference and to learn other peoples experience but to follow your PS instructions. And also not to buy supplies until u have chosen a PS because each PS is different and they each have slightly different instructions so if u trust ur PS enough to work on your body u should trust their instructions. My 1st week of recovery was really rough so I'm glad I'm feeling better, but I'm not 100% I would say about 60%. Well ttyl here r more pics.

1 Month PO Updates

I apologize I haven't updated in a while. I will try to give u some updates chronologically. I returned to work after 2 weeks PO. I wore big loose clothes because I was still pretty swollen. Nobody noticed anything. I didn't sit much at this point. I was also still tender to my trunk area and butt. I started to wear my stage 2 garment at 3 weeks. I choose the thong style. I suggest a gauze or something the be placed between the thong and ur crack because u will become sore there after wearing a thong 24/7 trust me cause I am very comfortable wearing thongs. @ about 1 month PO most of the swelling to my butt has subsided. I started to wear more fitted clothing. My friends & co workers noticed I have lost a lot weight & of course I received comments on my new rump. Nobody however suspected surgery. Because Dr. S sculpted such a lovely defined hourglass shape & waistline for me. everyone loves my results and are asking me how I lost so much weight & how my waist became so tiny! I of course say its all exercise ;). I am able to get around well at this point & am at about 80%. I am able to sit well now while putting pressure on my thighs not my butt. I developed a fine rash & very intense itching to my trunk area. I emailed Dr. S and he responded pretty quickly stating it was probably the healing process & from wearing the garment all the time. He said to apply hydrocortisone ointment. It subsided after a couple of weeks.

3 Months PO. Very happy! Dr. Schulman Angel!

At 2 months PO I was at 95%. I was able to do pretty much anything without any trouble. I started to exercise with no restrictions. I no longer felt tender to my trunk or butt. When I jump while exercising my butt does sting. Also when I do certain exercises on the floor on my butt it feels tender on my incision sites. I forgot to also mention for the 1st few weeks PO whenever I would sweat to my lipo areas or butt it would sting so try not to sweat lol. The most annoying thing is the swelling to my trunk (belly & lower back). It still comes and goes. It gets really bad after work or when I eat salty foods. I became worried that I was gaining weight when all of a sudden my belly looked so big. I saw Dr. S for my 2 month PO and he said its probably swelling & it can last up to 9 mths!! :(. He said I can just wear the garment at night to help with that. Otherwise I'm healing great. My incisions are healing nicely the ones to my upper back are the most visible. I still use my scar gel but not very often like Im suppose to. I do have two " hard spots" in my abdomen. Small one between my boobs below my braline & a bigger above my belly button which becomes prominent especially when I'm swollen. Dr. S says its dead fat that becomes trapped & I should massage it. If it doesn't go away I will email him as my PO appt. are completed. Dr. S is such a great Dr. He is very patient, answers all questions and truly understands how u want to look. I definitely recommend him, in fact my sister already had her consultation with him. Dr. S states I can 100% go back to normal life including sitting & sleeping on my butt. I slowly started doing so, it felt so weird after being so careful for 2 months. Now at 3 months PO I do so with no troubles. I wear the garment most of the time as it feels very comfortable like nothing is there. I wear a size small now. As I said before the only thing is the thong becomes uncomfortable after sitting for a while or sleeping so I place a gauze there. Also I find it annoying to have to pull the the thong to the side every time I have to pee. I completely remove it to do #2. I may buy another garment without the thong to wear to work & to sleep & wear the thong one when going out. The other (butt in) marena garment has snaps to use the bathroom also. I actually like wearing the garment. I bought new dresses which I would have never been able to wear before. I love how I look in them now & my confidence has shot up. I even get more attention when going out. I wear leggings & tight dresses when going out to clubs etc & love it. I lost about 10lbs & now weigh 161lbs. I want to lose more weight as my arms & upper body are still fat. I also want my Abd to be more tighter. Dr. S states my abs will get even smaller cause I'm still swollen but Idk how small it will get. I started my rigorous exercise regimen and will keep u updated on progress. FYI if u have tattoos keep in mind they will shrink in your lipoed areas, mine did a lot to the point for a while you could barely see it. It looks more visibly now but I think its due to some swelling. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who wants it. I have no regrets whatsoever. Its so much easier to buy clothes now since I don't have to worry about if they will cover my love handles. Definitely keep up your results by eating right and exercise. Don't focus on numbers when measuring butt size. #1 everyone is different so a 45in rump will look one way on you and different on someone else. # 2 every1s shape is different so a size 42 may look different on you than some1 else due to the shape of the butt & also the frame of each person. My butt is close to my size in inches than before surgery butt it's much fuller and also my back is sculpted so it looks bigger and better. Also after looking at ur butt 100x a day, trust me I know u do, u will get used to the size and it won't appear as big to you anymore because you look at it all the time. Trust me it's still big just ask your friends or the guy staring at ur ass ; ). I will keep u guys updated, feel free to ask questions!

3 month PO update to previous post

FYI the above pics are 2 months PO. The side by side pics are pre-op & 2mths PO. Sorry I can't update above update to add this info..



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