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I wanted this surgery 10 years ago! I met with a...

I wanted this surgery 10 years ago! I met with a ps in NY 10 years ago and was told this type of surgery is only popular overseas and not coming here anytime soon! Well well well for some reason I was googling breast augmentation a few weeks ago and up pops RS BBL'S!!!! I thought OMG it's Cristmas in August!!! I am so buying myself a new ASS for Christmas!!!! LOL!! I have since met with Dr. Yager and Dr Schulman. I was very impressed with everything about Dr. schulman. Dr. Yager...not so much! He was not as polished and confident and his before and after pics were just not impressive at all!!

I called Dr. Schulman's office the next morning, called in my credit card info to cover the deposit and scheduled my surgery. The day just cannot come soon enough! I'm 5'5" 150lbs with lots of back and belly fat thats growing by the day. I feel like because I know I'm getting this fat all lipoed out in less than a month I'm eating everything in site! Gained 2lbs in 4 days! This has got to stop,

Less than 34 hours to go!!! Flatty to phatty :))

I think I have everything from Dr. Schilmans list in addition to other things I read that were helpful to other bbl sisters. I am no longer nervous I just want it to be over with!!!

The other side...

Ill give a better update later but here are some pics..

I am so thankful for this site!!

If it weren't for all the real posts and all the actual experiences I read about took notes on made lists from I would be freakin out right now! Arrived at the surgery center at 11:45
Filled out and signed more paperwork. Meet with the O.R. nurse then the anesthesiologist who both basically go over what's about to take place and how to expect to feel afterwards I just felt like telling them "look I already know all this from my RS sisters"! Then the doctor came in took pics marked me up got my anesthesia got wheeled into the OR and then only thing I remember after that was sitting in the recovery room chatting it up! By the time I got home I had no appetite and was super nauseous I took one of he nausea pills then threw it right up. Super weak and thirsty drank ginger ale and went to sleep for 3 hours. I am up every hours to pee and drink.

I want to thank everyone in here who blogged about post sx otherwise without this information I would not have known what to expect and Dr Schulman would have gotten at least a half dozen calls for concern since last night. It's 5:40am I'm going back to bed.....updates will continue. Good bless you all!

Stiff as a board :(

Just woke up from a 3 hour nap could hardly get out of bed without help the body us super stiff swollen and tight walking a lot really helps I stopped taking the OxyContin as if 5:00 am it was making me sleep my life away took 2 ibuprofen a few hours ago its not as numbing as the oxy but I am able to walk around I'm actually in the kitchen cooking red beans and rice I just cooked broccoli and spinach bisque so yummy! Drinking tons if water I hate the taste of gatorade also sipping ginger ale. My face is so swollen but this to shall pass. Hope everyone is well and thank you so much for all the positive vibes!

Emotionally exhausted...

Just took my second shower.....This bbl recovery is no joke!!! yesterday was my first shower my mom came by to visit and offered to take the foams and badages off once I got the garment off...I was not expecting to cry like a 2 year old through the entire 25 minute process... Why the hell hasn't someone invented foam that doesn't adhere to your skin like its part of your skin!!! I was so afraid I thought I was slowly being skinned alive...LOL!!! Anyhow while my garment was in the wash i got out the shower and put neosporin on the sutures and anti itch lotion on my brand new stretch marks (from the skin stretching to accomadate my new big ass) something else ill have to investigate "how to remove stretch marks"! I rubbed bio oil on the dents and lumpy spots (thanks increaseme) arnica gel on the purple bruises. I have to say I felt like a brand new person with a brand new outlook! I suddenly felt lighter even though my abdomen is super swollen and it took two of us to get my garment closed.

Sleeping on your belly is no joke if your not used to it. I sleep in 1-2 hour intervals and when I do get up I am so stiff I feel like I'm one hundred years old. But once I walk around for a few minutes, things begin to loosen up and i start to think okay this isn't so bad. But then the next minute I'm like in the mirror sizing up my ass and it's flaws and I begin to cry, I cry because I want to sit down like a normal person, I cry because I am basically couped up for another week and maybe thats why i feel so crazy. You have to be or try and become a strong person to get through this recovery. So far I'd give myself a "C-"....Trying to work my way up to a "B+"

Keeping it real on RS...

A few hours after my second shower my skin under the garment turned into a giant inflamed red itchy oozing mess! The itching and stinging was beyond intense like nothing I have ever experienced in my life, imaging...itching, burning and being stung by hundreds of bugs all at the same damn time!!! thats exactly what it was like!!! enough to make you feel like you could easily loose your mind!! Nothing I did or took helped. So long story short I emailed Dr. S's office as it was 1:30am when it became unbearable... If I was thinking straight I would have had him paged and had a script called in to a 24 hour pharmacy near me. Instead I suffered through until 9:02AM when the office read the email and called a steroid in the my pharmacy. Within 30 minutes I had my steroids in hand. Within 10 minutes of taking the first round of pills I felt a wave of calm come over me and I slept for 2 hours. I must have had an allergic reaction to something in my body that needed to come out. I think at this point I am seriously considering doing a cleanse to get rid of all the toxins put in me since this sx.

I must have been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted, because last night for the first time since surgery was I slept for 8 hours without waking up every hour or getting in and out of bed like a one hundred year old! This morning I got up almost feeling like my old self again. The stiffness is almost all gone. As far as my butt goes I try not to look at it because Its stil so swollen and distorted. One cheek looks awesome and the other is dimpled and dented! All the lipoed areas are numb and feel weird to touch.

I will share pics (tomorrow)after my post op when I know what the prediction is on the distortion and the dents.

First Post Op Visit Yesterday!

I have to say, I woke up a lot less stiff actually feeling like "today is going to be a good day!" I showered, and wore makeup, jewelry and heels for the first time since sx, it felt good to put myself together with my new hourglass silouhette! with the rain and traffic I was 10 minutes late to my appointment but Rachel and Amanda still got me right in (I absolutely love Dr. S's staff!!!)

So during the visit I had my stitches removed while chatting with Dr. S about my progress. I told him that I have literally not stopped crying over the dents and lumps in my ass since discovering them the day after sx (which btw look 75% better than when I initially discovered them! his explanation as to the healing process completely put my mind at ease...he said, wherever I have a dent or a dimple, I should feel the top of the area and notice that it's hard, well that hard area is presently in the stages of softening up over the next several weeks and the hard fat will soften and smooth out the dimpled area. It's certainly come a long way already since last week, so I have faith that it's going to be fine.

I also mentioned to him that I have been having tingling sensations like fine electric currents every now and then and he said it was the healing process beginning and would last several months, in some ppl up to a year even. I can live with that, it's not painful, just weird. He also expressed how pleased he was with my healing, he couldn't believe was only 8 days po looking like I was ( or maybe he says that to all his patients...LOL!!) he said he took out about 10lbs of fat and put in 950 in each cheek and filled in my hips. I asked for a modest sized booty and he told me it should shrink about 20-30% within 6 weeks I should know exactly what I'm going to look like.

I purchased my phase 2 garment, a thong style brief looking thing with removable straps and the scar treatment gel. Forgot to mention, I weighed 150 pre-sx and 160 post-sx and since yesterday lost 9lbs. He said I would continue to get smaller and my waist should get several inches smaller as well. Made my 1 month PO apointment. Out the door and on the shop til I drop mission!!!!!!

I literally shopped all day, hunting for anything that I could get away with wearing to work that would hide the giant bootay and look polished enough for a corporate environment at the same damn time. So, I figured since I was walking all day (on my feet for more than 11 hours) I would treat myself to fried chicken, Mac and cheese and a hot fudge sundae!! Big mistake, I was so uncomfortable afterwards I felt like I was suffocating in my large garment. So, needless to say I'm back on the anti-inflammatory diet. Slept 8 hours only got up 3 times to pee, still drinking calendula tea like crazy. I'll post pics this afternoon.

Taken today...

Please note that my skin looks awful because I had that allergic reaction rash like the plague and it left stains. And I still have dented areas I impatiently waiting to fill themselves in/"fat seller lenient"

No garment

Side by side comparison

First day back to work....

Yesterday was my first day back to work. Leading up to it I was super stressed, but as it turned out I had nothing to worry about, it was a great day all around! I wore layers of long clothing to conceal the booty and the ab board. I would only sit on my thighs for 15 minute intervals then get up to walk around. I have realized that because I'm wearing this garment and the vedette, I can't eat no where near what I was eating pre-sx! I weighed 160 after sx and my weight today is 148. My butt has gone done about 20% due to the swelling, now I'm praying it doesn't get any smaller!!!!

I was really mostly worried that I wouldn't have the energy to last all day but that was not the case. I started my day at 6:30AM and went to bed at 11:00PM which is about the time I started feeling tired. I think the fact that I don't have the additional 10lbs of fat on my body and my diet has drastically changed for the good are to blame for my high energy level. I feel so good that I called Dr. Schulman to ask if I could go back to the gym! His response was, yes and no...I can light walk on the treadmill, but no weight lifting until 3 weeks. Any strenuous exercise at this stage would cause excess swelling :( so I guess treadmill light walking it is!

New pics coming soon...

Happy 1 month bday to my booty :)

I can't believe it's been a month already! A lot of the swelling has gone down and now it's mostly in by back and abs I am still majorly bruised as seen in my pics. Aside from that I am absolutely infatuated with my body!!! It's crazy to see how amazing I look in clothes that I actually thought I looked good in before this sx! All of my pre-sx clothes fit...but with a whole new bam or should I say daaaayyyuummm!!!! My waist is 27" my hips 40" lovin it!

Life is not quite back to normal..I don't eat the way I used and I try to avoid alcohol too for fear of swelling up while in my super tight garment and only 30 minute light paced walks on the treadmill a few times per week, no sitting directly on my butt for 4 more weeks. I'm wearing the stage 1 garment at night (I had it taken in) with ab board and stage 2 thong garment alone during day. I stopped wearing the vedette because the stage 2 is still super tight. Went from a large stage 1 to small stage 2.

The dents and dimples are disappearing as the fat softens up! I never thought it would/could be possible but it's happening!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! ;)

Happy New Year Dolls!!

And happy 7 weeks post op to my bootay!! I'm still madly deeply in love with my new figure! Everything I put on looks amazing on me. I'm not complaining but a lot of new things and even pre sx outfits I've had to have altered at the waist. My waist went from 35" to 27" I feel like a have a new life! Although I must admit I have ran home from work many nights, stripped down to my underwear to check to see if the booty was still there!! Is that what's known as booty paranoia? Because I def have it! I don't wear clinging clothes I work so sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of my backside and it will appear as if there isn't much back there. And especially because I didn't ask for a dramatic change it's easy to disguise. But trust and believe the body is banging!! Lol!!!

I am still wearing my stage 2 garment with the vedette on top but only at night since week 5 with the exception of today because I went H.A.M. On some overly salted food yesterday and I am super swollen. My lower back and sides are numb and tingling off and on but as soon as I compress them in the garment they feel so much better. I still have bruising on my sides from the lipo and the actual spots where the cannula went in are so dark...can someone please recommend a good fade cream? I'm using the biocornium scar treatment gel but it's seems like it isn't working fast enough. I feel like it flattens the raised scar but doesn't fade the discoloration fast enough because I have been using it twice a day since week one and I need to be in an bikini next month 8-/

Also still not sitting directly on my butt or laying on it! I am praying for next week (8wks)to come so I can relax!

I didn't mention wearing the ab board because I think I accidentally threw it away with some Christmas wrapping paper during Christmas and i was always fearful that someone would see it sticking out or hug me while I had it on and be like wtf??!! Lol!!! So I don't miss it all that much!

Oh yes, let me address the dents and dimples I cried my eyes out about during the first few weeks....they are completely gone, my butt looks amazing. My only concern is my stomach...I paid extra for a procedure called lipo lite (I think that's he correct name) it is supposed to smooth out the skin after traditional lipo, well it doesn't appear smooth. But that too could be something that's too early to judge. I have a follow up with Dr. Schulman next week so I'll know more then. In the meantime I'll add a few pics taken today.

Thanks for reading my review and feel free to ask me any questions.
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