over 6 weeks post op!!

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Hello Girls! Well, I’ve been reading so many...

Hello Girls! Well, I’ve been reading so many reviews that I feel like I know everybody’s story already lol! Anyways, I’m 20 years old, 5’7 and fluctuate between 145-150 pounds. I have always been teased a bit for my small butt and decided to give the Brazilian butt lift a try because squats and other butt excersises do not work for me at all, neither does weight gain because it just goes directly to my tummy. Surgery is scheduled for June 6th. It leaves me quite some time to recuperate before I go to college again. I am superrrr nervoussss, but knowing I will be in Dr. Schulman’s hands helps calm me down a bit and also knowing the end results will be worth it. Basically, I am looking to improve my overall shape and want a natural looking booty. Nothing too big. Just want to add some volume, get rid of that stubborn belly pouch and back fat which drives me crazy! A more hourglass shape wouldnt hurt either ! lol So, I will be getting lipo on my back, flanks, tummy and trying to go for 850-950 ccs in each butt cheek. Before I decided on Dr. Schulman, I was considering Dr. Markmann, but the $ was already too high and I would’ve had to travel and cover accomodation expenses, which I did not want to do. I started looking into New York doctors since I already live here and realized Dr. Schulman was the one with the best credientials in my opinion when it came to Brazilian butt lifts. During my first consultation, we went over some wish pics, shown below and he told me it was totally possible and was glad I had very realistic expectations. I asked him questions regarding scarring because that was my biggest concern, but he told me the scars were going to be very tiny and would heal quickly. Another concern was the sitting because I was planning to fly maybe mid July and did not want to intefer with results, but he reassured me that sitting with good posture would be key and walking around on the plane would not be a bad idea either. I had a whole bunch of questions and he patiently answered all of them. Then, I talked to Amy who arranges surgery dates and it was settled! It feels like there is so much to do and so little time ! I’ll keep you guys posted :)


So far, I Know I have to buy
Pads for drainage
Vitamins without vitamin E, Any recommendations?
waist clincher
Scar Creams
something to sit on
loose fitting clothes
anti-naseau pills
feminine urinal
baby wipes
I feel like I have to buy so much more , but IDK what:(

One week till surgery !!

I received the call today letting me know that I will be the first surgery of the day ! I need to be at the office at 7:15 on 6/6 and surgery starts at 8am AHH. LOL
Anyways, My measurements are 36-32-39. I am really hoping I could eventually get a 27-28 waist. My lab work was cleared and I am ready to go !!


Well, my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow ladies and surprisingly not that nervous about it! I thought I would be a wreck by now, but for some reason I just can't wait to get it over with. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and I have a good recovery. My mom will be the one taking care of me and I want to make sure her job a little easier so later on today I will go pick up some crackers, ginger ale, powerade, and all that good stuff. I faxed my consent papers yesterday and everything is a go. Happy Healing everybody! will update tomorrow

i made it !!

I feel like a truck went overmy body.. twice lol but I made it and will update when I feel better

Actually feeling so much better !

Obviously still In a bit of pain and quite sore buttt I've been walking around my house the wole day. I threw up twice because Me and anesthesia jst don mix , even when they tried t give me medecine for it . Just ate some crackers and rice without salt to start and I've managed to keep it down . Literally everytime I drink water I have to go pee! Goes right through me. My face, feet and thighs are a bit swollen but nothing major which I'm glad. Will try to get some pics in either today or tomorrow. Thanks for all the get well comments girls:)

1 week post op!

Okay so day 2-5 were completely horrible for me because of how swollen my pubic area got. Besides that, my skin down there got really irritating and peeing was a nightmare. I was literally crying everytime. The pain from the Lipo'd areas and the actually booty were definitely tolerable. Yesterday, was my 6 day post op appointment and It was p

1 week post op!

It was pretty intense because I had to stand for an hour but he said everything looked good and swelling down there should go down in another week. He recommended using aqaphor and it has helped a lot . He said he took out 6 liters and put 1100 in each cheek which I'm kinda worried is too much and I'm too big but he said I should go down a lot since I'm still pretty swollen ! Today I was able to walk a little more and have more energy. Will post about the actual surgery maybe tomorrow :)

17 days post op ! feeling so much better

Hello ladies ! Well I'm officially 17 days post op and I'm feeling so much better. The swelling is going down and I can practically do everything on my own by now. My skin irritation is getting better thanks to hydrocortisone and aquaphor. My bruises are getting better but I have very sensitive skin so i feel like its taking pretty long lol. My concerns for now are these hard lumps I have in my stomach and pubic area but I'm massasging them daily and they seem to be getting better. I'm going crazy here at home because I haven't gone out since my post op appointment but I will probably take a walk out maybe tomorrow. So as to my surgery,I guess it long due, I got there atapproximately 715am and we started right away , I had to sign some papers,hadto do my pee test and then had to change into my gown. The nurse was so nice and made me feel super comfortable and she put
the IV in and then I met the anesthesiologist and I told him
that I'm prone to throwing up after anesthesia so he assured me he would give me something for that. Next thing he is marking me up and I show him my wish pics and everything is a go. So I'm laying down , they start putting some music on and next thing I know I'm waking up  in the recovery room. I started blabbling to tnurse about weird stuff I don't even remember lol I just know he kept laughing and so did I. I wanted to turn on my stomach so bad because being on my butt
burned so bad. They let my mom in and helped changed me and
next thing I know I'm up on my feet really groggy and the car
service was waiting for me outside. I think we got out by
230pm and that was that. Next week, ill start massages and the stage two garment as well. I'll keep you guys posted !

one month post op !

I am officially a few days past the one month's mark and I love my results! The swelling has gone down a lot in my pubic area and my butt and the swelling of my stomach fluctuates with the amount of activity I do. The humidity outside does not help but going outside after being inside for so long is my favorite thing to do lol. I started my stage two garment around week three but I still wear my stage one garment when I am at home because compression is key for swelling. I also started getting massages on week three and they were not that bad ..he told me they would be a little uncomfortable and they were but it was tolerable , I have two more coming up this week. He told me to drink tea with calendula because it would help with swelling and he also gave me a diet to follow which has been hard to do because I miss sweets :'( lol I think that's the hardest part for me. I have not sat down for a prolonged amount of time after the surgery maybe 5 minutes tops so I'm trying to work on that.The bruising on my butt is almost completely gone I still have discoloration on the sides of my stomach and my pubic area but it looks like it'll go away. I also started using scaraway gel sheets on my incision scars and they seem to be helping , the scars are not that big but you know they are still there.I have my follow up appointment with Dr. Schulman this Wednesday so I'm excited to see what he has to say :) I'm going to ask him about working out because I keep hearing different opinions on it and I really want to start doing some type of cardio but I'm not sure if I'm ready for it lol.

Over 6 weeks post op!

I'm a little over 6 weeks post op and I think I'm 80% back to normal. The humidity in new York city is insane and does not help ! I love my new body but I have to admit that eating healthy all the time is hard to stick with. I have been more active lately and have started doing some elliptical time and walking a lot which helps. Although I can now where the garment for only 12 hrs , I wear it most of the time and might take if off for an hour or two a day. I usually wear the first garment at home since it is tighter and the second one to go outside and to sleep but my garments are feeling looser so I might go get them fixed. I'm still using the scaraway gel sheets on my scars and I feel like they really are working. I have been sitting more often, putting more weight on my thighs and sitting upright. I still have some discoloration here or there but they are going away thankfully.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Answered all my questions. Very helpful.

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