Round 1! (Updated with 1 year 7 month Pictures)

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I've been struggling with my weight and size...

I've been struggling with my weight and size forever. I was with someone who made me feel so low and disgusting because of my weight.

I've left him and I've lost about 40 pounds and would like to redirect resistant fat to my behind. Also, growing up, I had malaria a lot and my butt lost quite a bit of volume at injection sites. My butt is hollow in certain areas, so I'd like to get that repaired.

I'm content in my relationship now, and I'm looking forward to refining my body and completing this journey. I can't wait to not have to suck in my tummy anymore!!

Posting my wish pics

Posting my wish pics

Did anyone get a tetanus shot from their primary...

Did anyone get a tetanus shot from their primary care doctor just in case? I got one last week, but my arm is red and swollen. It feels like I've been hit with a ton of bricks - I wonder if this is what recovery from BBL surgery will be like. Oh lawd. I can only imagine feeling like I'm a dump truck, but I can't wait!

Well, I learn something new about myself everyday...

Well, I learn something new about myself everyday it seems. I just learned today that my soreness and pain from the tetanus shot is an allergic reaction. My arm is swollen, I have a slight fever and my whole upper arm is red and tender. I've had tetanus shots twice and I've never had this reaction, but wow. It's bad... My primary care physician also thinks that I have an infection in my tissue. She says I must never get a tetanus shot ever again, and prescribed antibiotics. Thank goodness we found it early!

You know those days when you feel your surgery...

You know those days when you feel your surgery can't come soon enough and you just want to have the surgery already!! That was today for me. My boyfriend is very supportive of me doing whatever I want with my body, but everyday he touches my butt and just praises the way that I look. He tells me I'm perfect just as I am, and that he loves my shape. Nothing better than hearing that from someone who loves you. I love this man...

I'm so happy Dr. Schulman is being recognized for...

I'm so happy Dr. Schulman is being recognized for his talent and professionalism. He's one of a few doctors who can say without reservation that they've never had a seroma with any of their BBL patients. Every time I start to get BBL envy (like wanting to switch doctors because I notice some new fabulous results), I remember why I chose him: he has all the qualifications, he understands my goals and I trust him. Enuff said. Here's the link. I think most of our doctors are on here too:

I couldn't resist reposting from RealSelf-er...

I couldn't resist reposting from RealSelf-er Ensure Addict. Yily really did a good job shaping you up!

So today, I bought the following items today: 1....

So today, I bought the following items today:
1. Salome Tummy Flattening Board - so I don't get creases from my compression garments during my healing process (
2. Lipo Foam (2 sheets of 8x11) - to help with bruising and healing from lipoed areas. I'm probably going to use this mostly on my back area/inbetween my thighs and on my arms (
3. Faja - these fajas are a bit more expensive, but they are lined with Vitamin E will should help with healing (

I'm addicted to ordering stuff to help with the recovery process. I suspect I won't need a lot of the stuff I get, but just in case!!!!

So I've been shopping a LOT online for stuff for...

So I've been shopping a LOT online for stuff for my BBL surgery, and the greatest let down arrived today when my faja came used. FML. It reeks of stank cologne and perfume, and you can tell someone else has worn it before. I'm so mad. I hate having to schedule a return now, and the company only speaks Spanish, so I'm going to have to try to figure out how to talk to them. Maybe I should just keep the Faja? But it was almost $150 I spent on it, and then to have it be something used is really frustrating. Ugh...

I've been shopping around for these comfy/stretchy...

I've been shopping around for these comfy/stretchy jeans for post-surgery, and I found a ton of them on for like $16 a pair!!! Such a good price. We'll see what it looks like when it arrives, but hot damn, I'm happy.

And I returned the damn Faja... The company will be sending me another one. Their first strike was sending a used faja. Their second one was saying there's nothing wrong with the faja, but that they'll send me another faja if I want them too. Gtfoh... Really? Seriously? Alright,, I'm giving you a full week to send me a replacement faja that doesn't smell of cologne and dog pee...

Here's a link to my comfy stretch pants!!

Sooooo I just bought a new faja from http://www...

Sooooo I just bought a new faja from

The Pink Room Online Store has out of this world customer service. I called them with my measurements and they matched me with the faja I wanted. They were really nice and I know my faja will arrive unworn! I can't tell you how relieved I am...

Here's their info if you're able to go visit:
Address: 249 1/2 Morris Ave Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208 ยท Phone: 908-354-8145
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 7pm

Now that I'm just about two weeks away, I think...

Now that I'm just about two weeks away, I think the nerves are really starting to get to me. I wish I could go into Dr.S's mind during surgery and see what he's thinking while he's working so I can have my wish pic results LOL. I'm confident he will do a good job, but lately I've been getting anxious about the whole surgery. Not because I don't want it, but because this is really happening. In a few weeks, I will be on an operating table. I've been dreaming about it y'all. Everything goes well in my dreams (thankfully!!) Have y'all been doing the same? Are y'all worried about anything too? My solution for worrying - buy more clothes for after surgery lol. Honestly, I say a little prayer and I know I've chosen the best surgeon for me. Seeing my new sexy dresses arrive in the mail doesn't hurt either though ;)

I don't know why, but for some reason today I...

I don't know why, but for some reason today I started to get more and more worried about this process and procedure. I'm wondering did I take enough days off? Will I recover well? What if I turn out to be worse than before the surgery? What if I get loose skin and end up all lumpy? I don't know what to do to get my mind off these worries, but there's no turning back at this point. Surgery is fully paid for, and I plan to go through with it. I just feel a little scared...

I know I'm crazy, but I've been thinking about how...

I know I'm crazy, but I've been thinking about how I'll manage my hair after BBL surgery especially if I can't sit my ass down for 3 months... I have natural hair, and a lot of it, there's no way in hell that I'd be able to take care of it during recovery... So I went and got this weave. It's like body wave hair and I hate it. It is way too straight... I can't decide if I should go ahead and just wear my natural hair and figure it out, or if I should get braids... Y'all feel me on this? Totally #BlackGirlProblem right here lol

So I've been thinking, maybe I should be planning...

So I've been thinking, maybe I should be planning a vacation post-BBL to help me get over the BBL jitters! I feel like around August-ish, I would've recovered enough and I'll be excited to show off... Where should I go???

I've just been buying some last minute stuff for...

I've just been buying some last minute stuff for surgery. I think I don't need to buy anything else at this point. I'm so glad for all the good folks that I've met through this process who have been supportive, kind, funny and just down right real about this whole journey. Each day I still struggle with some insecurity, worry, fear, but I know no matter what, my body can only get better. I've worked out, taken care to eat the right things, and this is my final arch in this journey to 30. I turn 30 in September, and I can truly say for the first time in a long long time, I'm happy and content with my life. I'm not reaching to grab hold of anything in the future, I'm just sitting, happy with the decisions I've made and who I've become. #9MoreDaysToBBLDollie

Surgery is so close that I can taste it. I'm...

Surgery is so close that I can taste it. I'm having my preop appointment with Dr. Schulman tomorrow and I'll update with everything he tells me. I'm thinking of having a list of questions for him. Let me know what you think of my list below, or if there are other things that I should ask (in no particular order):
1. What time am I scheduled for surgery on my surgery date?
2. What is the name of the garment that will be provided after surgery? Can I wear the faja (contains Vitamin E) I ordered after surgery? (I plan to show Dr. S my faja)
3. Describe surgery day to me.
4. When can my bf be with me on surgery day? Can he be allowed to stay with me until the anesthesia kicks in? Will he be able to be by my side right after surgery but before I wake up so he's there when I'm awake?
5. How should I prepare myself for surgery? Any medications I can/cannot take leading up to surgery? Should I use a laxative/edema the day before to clear my system? Should I remove nail polish, jewelry? Should I remove anything else?
6. What should I wear on surgery day? Will I require a change of clothes?
7. If I have questions after surgery, what number should I call?
8. Are there any signs that I should be aware of for infection after surgery? What types of infections am I at risk of getting?
9. What are my post-surgery medications? What are the risks associated with each post-surgery medication?
10. Can we take a look at my wish pics? Are they realistic? Can we go through the areas where I will expect to have lipo and the areas where I should expect a lot of swelling?
11. What should I do if I am unsatisfied with my appearance 3 months after BBL surgery?
12. When can I start working out (strenuously) after surgery?
13. If I want to get massages after surgery, when would they be permitted? Does Dr. Schulman recommend any massage therapists? Is there a particular type of massage that I should try post-surgery?
14. Is there anything that I should know that we didn't talk about?

Randomly found an eBay store that sells Colombian...

Randomly found an eBay store that sells Colombian Jeans :D It seems like they sell jeans that'll fit over a big butt with hips and will fit at the waist!


Sooo... I had my preop appointment on Wednesday...

Sooo... I had my preop appointment on Wednesday May 1, and it went really well. When I arrived, Rachel, the surgery coordinator had me sign and initial on a bunch of forms that gave me tons of info about surgery! The forms also told me where to go for surgery, and that I had to arrive one hour before surgery. I learned that my surgery time is 10:15am on May 7... I'm glad that I'm scheduled as the second surgery of the day because I have a LOT of stuff that I'm getting done, and I know Dr.S will have his hands full. Rachel will call me the day before to remind me about the surgery - that made me laugh - like I'm really going to forget an almost $12k surgery ROFL!

The forms also say that if I was planning to go home alone, Dr. S will cancel the surgery!! Apparently it's really serious to go home alone and Dr. S will cancel if you plan to go home alone - I hope none of us here is planning to do that!!!

I got to see all my receipts since I paid via phone for most of it.

As soon as I walked in Dr. S made fun of me. He said "Oh I thought you said you wanted a not too big, shapely butt, but you sent me these 400 pictures with really big butts" I was like "Oh I lied" and he busted out laughing! He said apparently it's common for people to want something at the early stages and then totally change their mind even on surgery day. I really did send him like 50 wish pics, and he said "On surgery day, I'll pic my favorite 3-4 pictures and print it and post it up so that I have a good idea of the type of shape we're going to give you." And then I asked him "Look I want an unnaturally small waist" and he gives me this look "You and everybody else doing this surgery wants a small waist. I'll give you the smallest possible waist ever, as much as your body will allow me." He's a really sweet guy, so he's smiling as he's saying it. And then I was like "I just really really want to have a tiny waist and an eye catching butt" and he responds "Oh you will. My goal is that once I finish lipo, and I lipo aggressively, I want to give you the ideal body, and then I'll add to your butt" I smiled so big when he said that, and then he took a ton of pics of my body. I felt so bloated during the appointment, and so I asked him "Do you think it's realistic for me to want a flat tummy and no rolls in my back?" and he says that it's totally realistic and that he'll give me just that.

Sigh. I really love my doc!

I also showed Dr. S my faja because I was saying to him that I wanted to use my faja after I'm done with the first compression garment that he gives me. He said that his compression garment is always butt out because in his experience, the new fat cells in the butt really really need to breathe. They should have zero pressure, and I agree with him. I showed him my faja and I was talking about how it has vitamin E in it and he BUSTED OUT LAUGHING! I was like, "Don't laugh at me, Dr. S!" (jokingly) and he said "You shouldn't believe everything you read!" I died laughing, and then he said that I could wear the faja I bought as my stage two, but that the size may not fit right, so I should get myself fitted for a faja once I am ready, which may be about 2-3 weeks. That makes sense!

So here are what the forms talk about:
1. "Specific Post Op Instructions" - This form talks about BBL surgery generally, and how Dr. S will put on a compression garment on me right after he's done with surgery. Apparently when I wake up from surgery, the garment will already be on O_O; I guess that's kinda good because I was wondering if I would have to struggle with it. It also says that Dr.S will stitch up all the puncture sites so any leaking/oozing from the sites will be very minimal. The form says to use ICE PACKS NOT HOT PACKS. It talks about the vaginal area being swollen after surgery, and to use ice packs to help. The form says no baths for two weeks after surgery, but showers are OK when Dr. S says their OK. Usually by the 4th day. Any stitches will be removed one full week after surgery, and no exercising or sitting for 2-3 weeks. No working out for 3 weeks (FML) and no driving until 10 days after surgery. Also it says not to get scars exposed to the sun because they can become darker and take a long time to fade.

2. "Preparing for Surgery." - No smoking. Take multivitamins. Start taking arnica two days before surgery and for five days after. It says no Advil and stuff like Advil (Ibruprofen) for 2 weeks before surgery!! Stop fish oil and vitamin E. No red wine 7 days before surgery, and fill the prescriptions. The prescriptions I got are: percocet for pain, antibiotic and antinausea meds.

3. Going to our operating room - This one talks about the surgery center and operating room, and how you shouldn't be afraid and stuff. It talks about what surgery day will be like. Someone has to bring you to and take you home from the surgery center!! You cannot go alone. I asked if my bf and I could take the subway home and Rachel was like NO WAY. You gotta take a cab, get a car service or have your after-surgery-care-person drive you home. I figured the subway would be okay but I guess not!

4. "General Surgery Risk" - This form was kind of the "so you are aware" of the negatives about surgery, and it made very clear that Dr. S hasn't had that happen with patients, and that it is very very rare. It also said many of these risks are worse if you're a smoker. Who knows, but I'm glad that for my surgeon this stuff is rare and not common at all.

5. "Anesthesia Information" - I asked if I could wear nail polish and stuff for surgery and Dr. S said it doesn't matter to him at all. As long as the anesthesiologist is able to take my oxygen levels through my finger it's all good. Yay! Dr. S uses a separate anesthesiologist. He doesn't administer this himself, which is why I think it costs so much. The anesthesiologist is basically there to make sure I say safely under during the surgery, which is awesome.

6. "Postoperative Care" - No driving. First 12-24 hours your mind will be cloudy so go home and sleep. Be careful when you start to eat. You may find yourself feeling nauseated or wanting to vomit and that's normal. Apparently this is how the body gets rid of anesthesia left over from the surgery. If you cannot pee after 8 hours, call the Dr! After surgery take deep breaths and cough periodically to make sure you don't get pneumonia! OMG WTF -- I'll do that. The form says don't you even dare think you're okay enough to clean your house or rearrange your attic. LMFAO! I plan to walk around a lot, but yea, I won't be cleaning anything. If you can't eat after surgery, Dr. S says eat some crackers and drink something carbonated, or try jello.

Also drinking alcohol is a NO-NO until you stop taking the pain killers. Hey that's fair.

He also talked to me about massages, but I'll put that in another update!!

I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've...

I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've taken off all my jewelry (including my belly ring, and I've replaced the belly ring with a retainer). I've had a good dinner, and had some prune juice so I will be able to poo in the morning right before going to surgery (tmi). I've drank my last little bit of water for the night and brushed my teeth. I have my velour tracksuit and stuff ready to wear to surgery tomorrow. I'm getting really tired though so I think I'll turn in early.

I'm crazy, but I plan to take a silk bonnet to wear on my hair and then plan to wear whatever other surgery cap they give me on top of that. I don't want to hurt my curlies.

I've also packed my bag to go for tomorrow, and my bag contains: my faja, lipofoam, ab board, my prescribed medications, arnica pills, my folder with all my surgery information and I'll print out my favorite 4 wish pics (just in case). My little purse will contain my keys, wallet, nintendo 3ds, my phone, eye glasses, tissues, lip balm, etc. I'm glad my bf will be around and will take care of my stuff :) I'm also debating taking my boppy pillow to use in the cab ride home because I don't know if there'll be room in a cab for me to lay down, but maybe there will be...

Alright ladies. I'm turning in for now, and I'll try to update as things happen tomorrow but if I don't my loves, I'll catch you on the other side of surgery :D

I woke up at 5:30am lol all excited and nervous....

I woke up at 5:30am lol all excited and nervous. I've just taken my antibacterial shower. I wish I could put some lotion on though. I'm going to be soooo dry by this afternoon, but I don't mind!

My bf is in the bedroom sleeping, and I'm sitting out here in the living room in my robe just thinking about today. In a few hours, my body is going to change for the better! Seriously, the areas my workouts couldn't fix (I mean serious working out - 1.5 hours daily of cardio and weight training, and 3 hours each weekend day), Dr. Schulman will sculpt and change.

My tummy feels empty, but I'm not really hungry! I'm just excited. I had a really good couple of poos last night after I had some prune juice (tmi?) so I don't feel the urge to go this morning. I also took like 10 arnica right before 10pm, and I took my vitamins with it so I wouldn't need to take either today.

I'm going to put on some clear nail polish on my nails, just to give myself something to do that'll take my mind off BBL. I'll see you all on the other side!

I'm on the other side ladies. Dr. Schulman was...

I'm on the other side ladies. Dr. Schulman was fantastic. He did a great job shaping my body and moving so much fat around.

The thing I underestimated is how groggy and swollen I would feel. I went into the OR at 10am and I didn't come out until 3pm! I also didn't wake up until 4:30 lmao. I think I just took a long while recovery from anesthesia, which was fine. I didn't feel like vomiting or anything like that. I was actually pretty hungry by the time I got home, and I had a few bites of something before taking my pain meds and falling asleep.

I had to teach my bf how to do the pineapple method on my hair lmfao... at first I was calling it the coconut method and he was so confused, but he did a great job in the end.

I'm super swollen but even then you can see the beautiful shape. I'm so glad I did this surgery. It was beyond worth it. I've been walking around a bit so that I don't get stiff, but ladies, this swelling is BEYOND! I am really really swollen, but I'm glad that I don't have any drains so I'm not leaking everywhere or worried about getting infected. I'll show you my ass soon, but for now enjoy these profile images.

I really really love my results. I know I'm...

I really really love my results. I know I'm swollen and stuff, but I can only imagine how much better everything gets when the swelling (and the loopiness) goes away!

Day 4 - Lawd, I've been chewing on Benadryl to...

Day 4 - Lawd, I've been chewing on Benadryl to help with the itchiness. It's pretty bad, but I know it's because I'm healing! My swelling is still pretty intense, but it has definitely gotten a lot better since day 1. I have not taken my garment off since surgery day, and I was told I could take it off tomorrow, so that's my plan.

I also scheduled a masseuse to come over tomorrow and help with giving a massage to help with the stiffness and itchiness. I haven't seen my body since surgery day, so i wonder what my reaction will be. I can already feel that I'm going to love it, so I can't wait. Here's the massage professional that will be working on me on Saturday: I plan to be fully showered by tomorrow night when she comes over for the massage, and she'll be bringing all her own supplies - I just need to provide sheets, which is great!

What do the ladies in recovery do for the itching aside from Benadryl?

Day 1 - Loopy, swollen, pain Day 2 - Swollen,...

Day 1 - Loopy, swollen, pain
Day 2 - Swollen, deep pain, sore
Day 3 - Swollen, low pain
Day 4 - Swollen, very low pain
Day 5 - Feels like Day 2. Woke up super stiff and in a lot of pain. It felt like I had ripped something in my arm. I wonder if I ripped a stitch. I felt like a cement block and I'm having a lot of difficulty moving around. Child's pose (from yoga) is the only really comfortable position. I just can't believe that I feel I've regressed. I even cut back on pain meds the past few days, but I'm going back on my pain meds like it's Day 1 again. I also used my heating pad which helped, but the pain and tightness is bad. I feel like I'm going to explode out of my faja... I'm saying a prayer for progressive healing... I don't want my healing to go back and forth. Please pray for me. Thank God I get my first massage today...

Yes I just took the mystical magical shower. At...

Yes I just took the mystical magical shower. At first it was great and then I started to feel drained and exhausted. I thought I might pass out, but my bf was running a fan and giving me water to drink through it all. Thank God for this man! I think I'm coming along well considering all the swelling everywhere.

I've been feeling super loopy and confused/in pain...

I've been feeling super loopy and confused/in pain and just so damn uncomfortable, so last night I drank a cup of warm prune juice before bed. Prune juice is my natural go-to laxative, and just a few minutes ago, I felt the holy spirit come through my ass hole because I just had the best shit of my LIFE! No joke. If you're feeling sick/in pain/loopy and you're past 5 days, you may just need a good shit to set you straight. I feel so much better after that shit. My man was like why you yelping on the toilet for? I was like, I'm having a poo worship service in here! It was the absolute best releasing feeling in the world. I can't even describe it.

If you're feeling shitty and you're past 5 days of no pooping after BBL, take something to poo. Trust me, you'll feel a LOT better!

I feel like I've just been delivered from the BBL demons! Hallelujah!!!!

Lord I had a terrible weekend... Yes the pooping...

Lord I had a terrible weekend... Yes the pooping was a highlight, but I think I cried multiple times a day this weekend and yesterday was the kicker. I felt like I was still under anesthesia! My mind was cloudy. I had a hard time walking around - not just from pain but feeling like I needed to vomit but I couldn't. I was feeling nauseated and couldn't get relief from standing up, walking around, lying down. Zero comfort.

I finally broke down into tears yesterday afternoon and called Dr. S and left him a message. He called back in about 10 minutes, and was very consoling. He said my symptoms sound like it came from the pain management (Percocet) and subpain managment (Tylenol which I started taking after I stopped Percocet), itch management (Benadryl), and antibiotics being clogged up in my system. He recommended stopping all medication. He recommended that I just drink lots of water and clear out my system.

I can't even explain how shitty I felt from all the medication. I'm almost crying just thinking about how helpless and confused I felt all through last week and the weekend. I was seriously regretting this surgery especially yesterday afternoon. I was home alone for the first time and I was reading highisdiddy's update and Mariel2013's update. I felt like someone else out there was going through the same nasty/ugly recovery as I was. But they were starting to feel better so I felt I needed to speak up about what I was going through. (Thank you highisdiddy, I had my first good night's rest last night because I decided to sleep however I felt comfy. My results are going to be great regardless of whether I lean slightly on my ass when I sleep and that's what I did last night. I actually cuddled with my man for the first time. It was amazing... I missed his arms and legs around me so much. God, I love this man!)

I know many people are like "no-pain, no-gain". My response: You have not had this surgery yet LMFAO! Wait until you can't sit down to pee/poo without feeling so much pain. Wait until you can't get back into your garment alone after a shower. Wait until you can't bend down to pick stuff off the ground without feeling like your ass will rip. Wait until you can't fall asleep because you're so uncomfortable. Seriously. You have to experience this surgery to know what "emotional" means. You gotta be there and feel your body struggling.... I can't even begin to apologize to anyone I ever gave advice to about surgery before I had surgery!

After 24 hours of being medication-free, zero pain killers, zero antibiotics, zero arnica, zero benadryl, I feel more like myself now and like I can make it through this recovery. My mood is like night and day comparing today and yesterday!

I just want to thank all the reviewers here. I read SweetHarlemGirl's update this morning (we had surgery on the same day) and I was a little jealous that she is recovering better than I am, but it also makes me happy because I know I can get there.

For those who are curious I am a small girl but I was ambitious about my lipo: arms, thighs, full back and full abs. It is a LOT for a small girl to handle. My body is taking a little longer than others to recover, but it's going to be okay. I'm going to be okay. I can see the light.

I have my post-op tomorrow and I'll have my stitches removed. (Dr.S doesn't use drains, so I have stitches.) Thank you to everyone who sent me up in prayer. You're my rocks! Thank you!!

I had my post-op appointment today. Yes! 1....

I had my post-op appointment today. Yes!

1. How much fat was removed - 6.7 liters (About 11 pounds/ 6,700 CCs) Apparently in the US, there is no blanket restriction on the amount of liposuction. And in NYC, there is a restriction that any office liposuction removing more than 1/2 liter must be done in an accredited office (accreditation by the Joint Commission, the AAAHC or the AAAASF.) But there's no limit to the amount that can be removed, so my surgeon is able to use his discretion when he was performing the surgery at his accredited surgical office. (Yay! Love Dr. Schulman.)

2. How much fat was removed from my abs - 2.3 liters

3. How much fat was removed from my back - 3.7 liters

4. How much fat was removed from everywhere else - 0.7 liters

5. How much fat was put into my butt - 675ccs each cheek.
Dr. Schulman says this was the lowest amount he's ever put into a patient. Apparently my butt cheeks were like hell-to-the-naw, you can't put any more in me and so he was unable to add more, but he said this means my butt will likely retain everything that he put in because it is super taught and strong skin and firm. He's was like I'd never ever need a body lift or tummy tuck or anything like that if I keep up my good diet/working out because my skin is extremely strong unlike anyone he's ever seen. Why thank you Dr.S! Also, Dr. Schulman was like you can sit or sleep how you want. Yay!

6. My swelling has gone down a lot according to Dr. Schulman. Most of his patients come in with a lot of swelling to their first appointment, but he said my low sodium diet is likely saving me from a lot of swelling and pain :)

7. Finally, no seromas, no infection, no complications - Thank goodness! :D Dr. Schulman's track record of no seromas continues!

I'm still sore and having difficulty getting around, but I'm only 8 days out. This is totally normal, so I'm just going to be patient with myself and keep doing what I'm doing. (Sidebar: I had sex yesterday and it was great, but this morning my body totally punished me for it. I was in so much pain I was almost crying when I woke up. My arms, my abs and my sides all hurt so badly, but it was so worth it. God.... I go hard but I should've been a bit more gentle lmao...)

Very grateful. This recovery is/was tough, ugly and requires lots of patience!

I feel so sexy...

Yes I'm getting there ladies! I still feel very sore, plus I got my doggone period.... It was very hard because I'm medication-free, but I bore with it. I'm usually very very bloated during my period, so add swelling to that means my compression garment felt like a prison the past few days.

I just decided that I would measure myself since I haven't done that in a while. I'm a typical size 0 with 34-28-36 regularly, but my measurements are now 30/32-25/26-41/42, and it shows! I went out to the store today and the stares were serious lol.

I think I'll take my measurements again after my period ends just to see my baseline (with swelling) and I'll keep taking measurements throughout recovery. I feel great even with some soreness left, and my butt is still just as big and it is softening!!!! I'm really really happy :D

Stage 2 Garment and booty is popping!

Thank you all for your concern/prayers. I wanted to ease myself into a few weeks at work before updating again. I'm still an awesome size 0 and I am ALL BOOTY! The stares. Wow... This week with the heat in NYC has been something else, so I've been showing off this wonderful blessing as often as I can. I'm still SUPER sore in some areas (arms and thighs) but I am sitting on my thighs even with the soreness. I just really can't explain how delicious I feel (yes, delicious is a feeling)!

My man is loving this butt so much. I'm still a 32-24/25-41 with no garment, but the swelling is still really intense around my waist and lower back, inner thigh and arms. My butt has not gone down at all and it's starting to MOVE/JIGGLE! I'm so happy ladies. I will post some pics later on, but here's one from today :)

Post-BBL Time Off, Sitting and Garments

I had only planned on taking a week off, but I had to extend it to almost two weeks. I say take at least two weeks off. You never know how you're going to react to medication/the pain/swelling/soreness. Give yourself time to get back to normal. I took 12 days, and each day was absolutely necessary. By day 7, I was feeling a bit back to normal because I finally stopped all the medication, but then wham day 8 I felt crappy again not from meds but from pain (OMG), and luckily by day 10, I was feeling okay again, and I had no issue going back to work. I think two weeks off is a good amount of time. Besides by the two week mark, I think you'll get tired of lying down and not seeing anyone lmao, so going back to work is probably best at that point.

My job requires a lot of sitting at a computer, but I have the option to stand in my office and type standing up, and that can be tiring on the feet, but it's way better than putting pressure on my butt. Dr. S says we can sit on our thighs from day 1 pretty much, but that means no direct pressure on the butt. Also I noticed that the people on here who didn't sit at all feel a LOT of pain when they first start sitting, so I kinda started sitting on my thighs early because I didn't want basketball-ass syndrome (lmao) yes I coined my own term!

I have a military seat to sit down when I eat at home, and I use a boppy under my thighs if I want to sit on the couch, just so I don't put direct pressure on my butt.

The best way I can describe it is that you should sit exactly the same way as you would sit on the toilet, weight on your thighs with no direct pressure on your butt. I'll take a picture of the stuff I'm using to help with describing how it's done.

If you have thigh lipo, sitting down can be even harder. Beyond feeling some pressure and tightening skin around your butt, your thighs burn when you sit on them even sitting on the toilet. I still think my thigh lipo was worth it, but the swelling and pain on my thighs is still there even now.

To be honest, the worst pain is during the night when you're sleeping. I think I've had one night when I've slept for 6 hours straight. Normally I wake up several times and feel so sore and stiff. The soreness on the arms, abs and thighs are ridiculous. I feel like the first few days after surgery all over again, but then as I move around it gets better.

Something that has helped with the swelling, stiffness and soreness is a massage once a week. It's a lypossage, and it feels great because she breaks down all the swollen stiff areas and I look like a baby (smooth and soft) after the massage. I skipped my massage this week and I truly do regret it. The soreness and swelling I've been feeling and seeing this weekend is definitely linked to missing my massage appointment. Even though Dr. S doesn't require it, and I'm not lumpy so I don't need it, it feels nice and helps a lot with my healing. I've been going to Janes Apotherapy I highly recommend it, even though each hour session is about $80-$100. I like how she cares and I like how I feel afterwards.

One thing you cannot underestimate during recovery is how good it feels to look nice, so I dress up in outfits that show off my new look. And when you dress nicely, look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that even though you are feeling swollen, etc., you are still hot as hell!

Also to answer garment questions, I was in a medium butt out after surgery, and now I'm in a small butt covered after surgery. Both are from marena, and my doctor put the butt out garment on me right after surgery and that was included in my surgery price, and I bought the butt covered one a week ago from my surgeon's office at my three week mark for $75. To be honest, at night, I prefer to use the butt out still because the fabric feels better and the thighs are more covered so I like the compression on my poor lipoed thighs. I hate the thong part though so I actually put a piece of lipo foam on the thong so it doesn't dig into my ass lmao. I know I'm crazy.

Links to my recover stuff:
Boppy pillow - It's actually called a Cuddle U pillow and it's way cheaper than a boppy lmao. Yes I'm that cheap:

Military seat -

Marena -

Bikini Pics!

7 Months Out - Still Love My Results And Planning Round 2 With Dr. S ;)

This surgery was and is totally worth it. My ass is perfect. But to be honest, I didn't work out as strenuously as normal after surgery and my body totally reverted in certain areas on my back and abs. I still have an hour glass figure and I'm going back to do surgery again so I can perfect it.

I still trust my doctor 100%, so Dr. S is my revision surgeon ;) He thinks I'm crazy to want round two, but I want what I want.

Dr. S has a book at his office of his best BBL, and I'm on the cover and in the book as well, which is a HUGE compliment, but I do believe Round 2 will perfect what I've achieved.

Round 2 is schedule for February, so I'm not sure yet if I'll be updating here, but I'll probably start a new review page for Round 2 so I can keep everyone informed of the process.

My final tips:
1. Choose the very best surgeon you can because this is your life -- There are no do-overs in death!

2. If you want round 2 for any reason, go for it! You only live once so don't let anyone discourage you.

3. You can never be too prepared. Buy different size garments, foam, board, wraps, get massages, and do it all because you never know if something will work for you if you don't try it. I'm now wearing the smallest possible fajas, but it fights snuggly. After the next procedure, I'll be wearing the smallest possible fajas comfortably ;)

4. Have a support group! Don't go the course alone because you need someone who will put up with your shit when you're not feeling so great for the first few days after surgery.


Results Photos (2 months PO)

I wanted to show you guys my results 2 months PO. In this pic I still have quite a bit of swelling, but that ass has stayed the same. I just wish I had started working out sooner so that I'd be more toned all around, but that's what we'll fix with the revision ;)

Results 3months PO

More fluffing on the butt and my butt may be slightly bigger now than in this picture just from fluffing. Dr. Schulman is truly a miracle worker!

More Booty Pics in the "Booty Made by Schulman" Undies

Round 2 is going to be a beast! I'm probably going to start a new review soon :)

BBL Round 2 Review!

To read about my BBL round 2 review, please click here.

I was feeling myself this morning

Going for Round 2 in three weeks, but I figured I would document my current body before I completely change it. It's not perfect, which is why Round 2 is necessary...
New York Plastic Surgeon

My consultation with Dr. Schulman sold me on his attention to customer service and his attention to detail. The moment I told him about the procedure I wanted, and showed him my body, he said "You are the ideal candidate for this procedure". I know I'm in good hands!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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