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Well today I had called around to get a bbl, but...

Well today I had called around to get a bbl, but something hit me, I need to make my life and health a priority first before anything. So I am having a corrective surgery done...I have silicone stuff in my booty a mistake I made in need to explain....and I have scheduled consultation to have it removed on November 7th. I will tell you how it goes and what is going to happen..i will post some before and after photos as well.

Buttock removal

I have an appt on Nov 7th to go to see a doctor in NY who is willing to perform my removal. Can't wait to get my life back. But unfortunately I have to pay the price if having. Deformed, no muscle tissue buttock. Well it's better than having no legs.

What to expect (silicone removal)

I was told by the secretary that I will be left with a deformed buttock and I won't be able to reconstruct until at least 3 months. Aka fat grafting. It's funny because I called doctor fishers office for a bbl and he absolutly won't take people who has had prior silicone inj. Also dr. Jimerson say he take people with existing silicone but you have to sign a waiver stating anything that happens after surgery is on you. I guess I can understand why Vanity office wont perform on me. I mean I am feeling like my world is coming down. LORD PLEASE BLESS THIS DOCTOR WHO IS GOING TO PERFORM THIS SURGERY ON ME. People please pray for me. Right now I am feeling quite pain in my legs...I have read all the worst about my situation I know what is to be expected if it get really infected. I'm scared for my life. I need comfort. I need a doctor. No one here in Rhode Island knows what is going on with me. I feel hopeless here in this state. In and out of the ER. I'm soo done. I want to live more than anything right now. I need a Miracle.

2 more days (silicone removal)

Well the day is almost here. Finally I get to speak to a doctor who KNOWS WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH!! It has been a nightmare here in Rhode Island doctors not having the knowledge of what the effects of this silicone in buttock has. Since 2013 I have been in the ER almost 50 times. With all types of complications. I am at my last rope, and I believe God has brought this Doctor to me. I SWEAR HE MUST BE AN ANGEL SENT TO GIVE US STUPID GIRLS A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE!! as tears and emotion fills my eyes and heart I pray that this is indeed my second chance. I pray for this doctor. I pray for his family to be blessed in abundance. I pray The Lord bless his hands if he does work on me. I pray The Lord just gives him the strength to continue what he does and helps many more people like us. I've never been to New York I am also excited about that. I went to the ER last week and I had Pneumonia I'm on my last dose of Azithromicin. GOD LET THIS BE MY LAST HEALTH ISSUE!...I'm all over the place...ladies pray for me.

Meet with the Doc.

Well I met with the Surgeon. And unfortunately there is nothing he can do for me. So I am back to feeling hopeless and having to start all over again. I feel like I want to give up. Because honestly this has been putting soo much stress and anxiety on me. I need my kids to see me strong. I made a mistake of wanting to look good. And now my life is the price I pay. I have don't sooo many good deeds around the world, I have fed and housed numerous homeless helpless victims. Hoping in return my life will just be filled with longevity and happiness. I never did anything out of greed. I will continue my good works and pretend that I don't have something lethal inside of me that is slowly killing me. I will just try not to think of my mistake. But I will tell you it is going to be hard. All I ask is just for your prayers. After leaving the Dr. Mirs office I cried hysterically all the way back to RI. I won't leave my room, my butt hurts, my legs are going numb. I can't feel my toes. RI Doctors can't treat me, because they are not knowledgable of this foreign substance in my body. My sister wants to raise a fund raiser but by the time we reach the amount who knows. I will continue to lecture women on this matter daily, I will create a website on illegal injections, I will make aware of how bad this stuff can ruin life. I will not stop teaching until people are made known to this health issue. I made a mistake I will pay for my mistakes...GOOD BYE REAL SELF. Please be true to yourself beauty is only skin deep. Don't change what God has given you. I've learned it the hard way.

Where I am

Sorry I have kept everyone out of the loop. I still haven't done anything to get rid of the silicone. My health as of right now is miraculously ok. Strange. I know. I went from 0-100 to 100-0 lots of praying. I had a strange visitor at night came and took away all my symtoms and pain. Believe what you want. I can explain more to those who are interested. Let's just say I was very very very close to death. Until tht one night. But I'm am SOO thankful something or someone gave me a second chance. Hard to explain. I want to thank everyone who has been asking for me. Thinking about me, praying for me. I love you all SOOO very much it almost brings tears to my eyes. Some days I still feel out of breath but I think k just need to get back in shape. you all.

im going to get my silicone removed!!!!YAY!!!!!

So would like to inform everyone that I am finally going to remove this silicone with my doctor. I'm going to Lenox hospital today and the surgery begins...wish me soo happy and nervous at the same time. My doctor just came back from Venezuela. He learn a new technique on how to remove silicone Injections..the news has been Involved because a girl just died last week after getting injections. So the new is quite interested in raising awareness on this situation. I Will be interviewed by big news nervous about that..but then again i want everyone to know the dangers of this shit. Well people here I goooo.

i re wrote this....My journey to remove my mistake.

After having a full year of struggle with silicone injections. Respiratory failure, organ failure, I lost myself, my life, I he tions ruined my life....i have done soo much research and finally I have found some answers I found a Doctor in New York who is highly skilled in the removing of silicone Injections. I have been to his hospital a couple of times and now he is finally willing to do my surgery. I'm leaving from Rhode Island today to NY. Soo my friends the journey begins. 14 day stay..two operations, and the news will be following me today because my doctor just learned a new Technique in Venezuela. So they are quite interested...also a girl in queens just died from injections last week. So they want to raise awareness and I am like the center poster child of this happy to raise awareness of this matter because it is on the rise...more and more people are dying nd getting sick from these lethal Injections and I wanna help put a stop to it because honestly I know I made a mistake and I am owning up to it. I promise to make a difference and just accept myself for who I am. Not what my boyfriend thinks. Thank God. finally.

some pics of my butt

There is so scarring deformaty just a while lot of health issue and pain in the butts. Literally.

My butt looks and feels great!!!!

I am pleased to say that my butt looks and feels great I would also like to inform everyone that Dr. near did an amazing job not only did he remove all the silicone.I am pleased to say that my butt looks and feels great I would also like to inform everyone that Dr. Mir did an amazing job not only did he remove all the silicone, he restored and reset my immune system. My breathing is soo much more anxiety is gone...and I'm happy. I would like to please advise anyone if you are going through Silicone injection remorse or syptoms please call doctor Mir and tell him I sent you, he will be pleased to hear that. GOOOOOO NOW!!!!!! It's not too late.

Getting my Body Back and More......Dr. Tansir Mir

After suffering from silicone injections for 2 years, I finally found a doctor who removed the lethal silicone and restored my health without deforming my buttock. The only flaw on my body is the large scar on my back that can easily be covered with my underwear. Or a tattoo. I just had the silicone removed so I won't be able to do the reconstructive part until next year. So for now I will have to deal with a flat back with a big dent on the left side. I. Just glad I got my health back...but then again I have a lot of fans who would like to see my before and after pics sooner than later....they will just have to wait.

6 months post op My life and My health

I would like to start off saying if you are going through a really hard time with butt injection of you made a terrible mistake like I did and you are suffering the consequences? Please do not lose hope! Don't give up and put your faith in God. And he will deliver! God put Doctor Mir and His whole Lenox hill hospital crew in my path for a reason. I believe I was out on this earth to help out other females who is struggling with insecurity, surgery remorse, and butt injection health issues. I went through hell and back for 2 years I almost lost my life...I was in a very very very dark place..a place I never want to go back to ever again!! And if it want for me not losing hope wanting to live JUST FOR MY KIDS...doing research I would've never found Doctor Mir. I get so nervous around him lately because he did something that I thought only God could do...HE SAVED MY LIFE...obviously if it wasn't for God dr mir wouldn't of been placed in my life. Doctor Mir is sooo highly skilled in the removal of silicone injections it's not even FUNNY!! Like this man is THEEE BUTT DOCTOR TO GO TO!! Please seek his help...he gave me my life back...I'm swimming, I'm running, I'm playing with my kids nonstop...I AM LIVING MY LIFE TI THE FULLEST RIGHT NOW....and I need people to know that just because you made a mistake it's not the end of the road...there is help. I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself but I can't even thank dr mir and his team at Lenox hill hospital enough!! The surgery went soo smooth, my hospital stay was comfortable and everyone at Lenox treated me like royalty fro. Beginning to end. I have not relapsed once. Knock on wood. ????? please tell your love ones if they are struggling through problems due to butt injections. My butt IS NOT DEFORMED. In fact! My butt actually looks better than it did before I got the mir is willing to do some fat grafting to touch up a few imperfections such as volume loss, and making my hips more proportion to my back...because right now I look like sponge bob square pants...thanks to my daddy's genes lol. But can you believe that!!?? He is going to make me look normals again...he is sooo heaven sent. It may not seem like it but I hate to boast and I hate to brag...but MY DOCTOR IS AMAZING!!!! When you go from 0-100 you only want to thank whoever got you to 100 everyday!!! I am soo grateful that God sent him to me. He actually cares about me, he sits down and talk to you like a normal person. Not like some dumb broad who did this to their body. He wants to help us. Today I was on the Doctor Oz show I am now raising awareness on how dangerous butt injections are. I warning others about fake doctors and letting people know about doctor mir. Please pray for me and my journey to raising awareness. Thank you!

Dr. Oz premiere

I had my very own segment on the Dr. Oz show. I really want to raise awareness on these fake surgeons!!

9 months post op silicone injection removal

So far I feel great! I am able to sit for long periods of time without any pain or numbness. My health is back to normal I am playing with my kids again. There is no hardening loss of skin sensation on the operation site. No discoloration or pain. Doctor Mir really did magic on me. Thank you GOD ???????? so now it has been a crazy 9 month journey to healing and national television banging down my door. Lol they want to keep getting my story out which I will do without hesitation. I want people to know this is not just something you can get done and get fixed!! You can die from this! You can lose limbs and your health from this. I consider myself very very lucky and fortunate to still be here today to share my story with you. 9 months ago I was literally in my death bed. Which is why I gained so much weight. I had no energy or motivation to do anything!! I lost myself and my life. But one thing I didn't lose was hope. Which is why God sent Doctor Mir to me. He SAVED MY LIFE!!! So if you are struggling with silicone injection pain or anything please know there is hope and help. CALL DOCTOR MIR!! He is located in Manhatten NY. His staff is very friendly and his crew at Lenox omg!! They are so nice and professional!! Well here are some pics of me while I await my BBL. ( bbl will also be performed by Dr. Mir)


Alright well I am set for the 20th of this month. SO EXCITED. Can't wait!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!

Ok guys this is it. The day I have been waiting for. Having my bbl. tomorrow. I don't know if i want to post pics. Doesn't seem like anyone on real self if interested in my blog. Lol I feel like I'm talking to myself or writhing a diary. Well even though nobody is reading this. I hope maybe I touch or inspire at least one person. Wish me luck guys and again don't give up!!!

Bbl reconstruction due to silicone injections post-op day 5

Well guys I feel great and I look amazing. I know I am not suppose to fall I love with what I see now but boy does it look good. Dr. Mir sure knows what he's doing. I HAVE HIPS!!! Before I start I would like to say thank you to all the people who have been following my journey and posting inspirational words to help me get through this. Also the people who are just tuning in on my Journey. Welcome it's been a long rocky road for me. Blood sweat and tears. But now I am in a new chapter of my journey I call it "the road to recovery" thank you God and thank you Dr. Mir. Would not be where I am today without them.
Ok, well the day of my bbl reconstruction. Was very nerve wrecking. Prior I didn't even think I was going to get it done on that day because of all the things I had to get a clearance for. Which I was told last minute. And I mean last last minute. But Dr. Mir was able to pull some strings and get me to see doctors straight away. So I went to see Pulmonary special Dr. Raoff who is AMAZING!! He knows everything about girls who have been affected by silicone injections and he knows what to look for and how to treat them. Also apart of dr. Mir ls team. He did X-rays and seen my lungs have been repaired by itself. Also I passed my breathing test it was above average. WOW!! So I miraculously got better. Remember all the pneumonia sand infections I had in my lungs??? It's all gone!! I'm so blessed. So the day of the bbl I felt as if I was going to pass out from anxiety. But it was sooo quick boom anesthesia knock out! Big booty Judy!! Lol OMG I woke up in sooo much pain. They kept asking me how bad was the pain I was like "a ten" and the treated me with pain killers and such until I was at ease. The lady there who was my nurse was like an angel from heaven. She was sooo nurturing and kind. She sat down with me and told me stories about her life. Oh she was a blessing to have around while I was in pain. My boyfriend and kids were waiting for me in the waiting area. They brought me flowers and teddy bears. I got my surgery done a MEECH HOSPITAL I THINK THE NAME IT? I know I spelled it wrong. But it's a north shore hospital. Very quick stay there I was in/out. I had a fajas that was fitted before surgery. NOPE DIDNT FIT AFTER SURGEY!. So dr. Mir just wrapped my tummy up. I had lipo to the stomach, back. And fat transfer to the hips and booty. Butt is not at all big. I will post pics. Recovery has been hard. Still hard. I'm actually in pain writing this. So I'm going to stop here. And just post some pics.

Oh I forgot one more pic (update silicone removal bbl after)

Here is a beautiful pic of how I look after surgery
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Please go get help, tell doctor Mir I sent you!

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