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Hello ladies So i want to start letting you...

Hello ladies

So i want to start letting you ladies know that this forum is most definitely a god sent.
So i just finished my Webinar with Dr. Jimerson. I was so excited because i actually thought id be able to actually see his face at least live, but to my surprise it was a recording lol. All the information he provided i kinda already knew from my research on him. I was shocked though to hear his starting price is 10.3 ( mouth wide open) He is remarkable so I'm not putting him out my mind yet.

On my list of doctors I have Dr. Jimerson, Dr.Salama,Dr Cortes, Dr. Okoro,Dr. Perry, and finally Dr. Shulman, and at one point a doctor by the name of Dr. Yily who one person on RS described her as " the waist snatcher" lol Love it!!! So I just sent my pictures to Dr. Perry and Dr Cortes. Im still deciding on consulting with Dr. Jimerson, Dr. Okoro, and Dr. Cortes. Since im in NY my Consulation will cost me $50 each doctor. So im still thinking. Dr Yily im kinda leaning away from only because i have no one to travel with. I have a consultation in 3 weeks with doctor Shulman here in NY. So far this is my first steps. Im planning on having my surgery between feb-march or next year since ill be paying cash.

I see that you guys on RL are super supportive so PLEASE LADIES PLEASE give me so info ok on whatever u believe i need to know. I attached a few pics of me and also wish pics.
Oh and i had a question :-) DR J is asking $10,300.00 for just the bbl but ive been looking at some other postings and y'all are in the $8800 up range is that because you guys had consultations way back when? or is the quote from the webinar a throwed off number?

I really am in love with his work and I know our body's we shouldn't be cheap on but UUMM 10.3 plus 1150 for hips is UUMMMMM very pricey. so ladies Im all ears Let me have it :-)

DR magic workers

Just sent out my emails to Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran :-) so right now Im for sure going to DR only thing to decide is to see who. Ill be reaching out to the ladies who will be going in jan lat feb as soon as i get my quote. GN ladies

Breast to???

damn im thinking about doing my breast to..

Heard from Yily :-)

Hi sweeties I finally heard from Yily :-) first let me start by saying she sent me two quotes. the first one she sent me included a TT which i dont want. So I emailed her back and told her i didn't want and she told me it was fine. so she adjusted the quote and is giving me what I want :-) i decided im still gonna wait for durans quote and im still researching her work. i been following her in IG and looking at all her DOLLS!! :-0 I still have my appt with DR.Shulman in NY. and I've X out Jimerson,Okoro, and Perry . So once i see Shulman and hear from Duran ill be ready to make my decision.

My Wish Pics

February 28th !!!!

yea so february 28th is my date :-0 with DRA Yily


Im booked with Yily for the 25th of february and ill be flying in on the 24th Im still looking for people to buddy up with but I feel like this will be a solo mission lol I still appreciate you dolls but i will not wait around much longer. Im planning on staying at Real recovery Armonia for 4 or 5 days and the rest at a resort/hotel. I think after awhile I'm not going to want to stay at the RH for to long. But i do still want a buddy to do this with. I reached out to a few females but no one Is reaching back. ( needy me )

Almost there

So ladies Ive been off this site for awhile and since my SX date is closely approaching i thought id post a quick log. So I'm all booked and ive been taking my vitamins and im already packed . Ill be going to get a pre op Physical from my doc on thursday. Im still looking for someone to buddy up with so ladies send me a inbox message.
Signing off "super supped up" lol :-)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Yily

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