**5 months post**

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I have scheduled my appointment for my BBL with Dr...

I have scheduled my appointment for my BBL with Dr. Shulman in NYC for May 21st. I have been looking into it for quite some time and finally decided to do it! I will document as much as I can about my experience so that future BBL patients can be as educated as possible. I am 5'7" about 155 now, but usually my weight is closer to 145. I'm 25, 26 this year and have always been self conscious about my butt. I will post more pics as time moves forward.

I just paid the balance due! I guess it's really...

I just paid the balance due! I guess it's really happening! So excited, but having second thoughts about how big I want to go. I don't want to go too big or too small... Filling scripts today so everything is ready!

Sorry I haven't really said too much, but to be...

Sorry I haven't really said too much, but to be honest, I haven't really done much to prepare. I have a demanding job with deadlines at the end of June and my BBL is scheduled right in the middle of it, so I have been overwhelmed with work. So far, I picked up my anti-biotics and pain meds, picked up a few other things (pads, colace (stool softener), cough drops, ice packs, anti-itch cream, and vitamins)...what else do I need? I feel like the list my doctor gave me was really short so I am scared I'll need more and don't realize it. I still need to get arnica tabs, but after that I don't know what else I am missing!!! Please help!! My weight is fluctuating a lot in the last two weeks and I hope it doesn't go up too much before I go in. I have another question about the lipo- As of now, I am about 155-160 about 5'7". I am getting lipo to my flanks, upper and lower back, inner thighs, and adding abdominal lipo. Now, I am curious if I should ask this week about adding arm lipo? I am just scared after gaining and losing weight so easily that my arms will stay kinda chunky while the rest of my body is transformed. Has anybody else had issues with their arms after surgery? I am starting to get more and more nervous!! Please feel free to give any advice you feel may help! I just feel under prepared and getting more and more nervous-especially since I literally am working 12 hour days until the day before, so I won't have much time to take care of things :/

Omg! I can't believe it's already here! Going in tomorrow!!

I feel anxious and unprepared! I'm trying to finish working through the day and going crazy! I added arm lipo last minute just cause I figure might as well since I'm already going to be hurting. I'm nautious from being so nervous and I'm hoping it subsides and I can sleep a little tonight! Any last minute suggestions would be appreciated!! Even for post op care. And should I be ordering a waist clincher thing? Ugh, overwhelmed but so excited to have a butt. I'm so flat now I guess he couldn't make it any worse :)

So nervous and thirsty :/

Buttttt I'm gonna have a butt!! Yay!

Day before sx pics

Befores from yesterday!

Post op pics day 1 NYC!!! I love my new body!!

Okay, I'm getting ready for bed, but I have a few things to share- first off Dr. Schulman is great. I was so nervous and his bedside manner is amazing. I felt like he really knew what I wanted and from the look of it, he's dead on. Clearly I can't really tell yet with the swelling (especially the tummy) but time will tell :) I'm extremely uncomfortable, but the pain isn't too bad for now, meaning tomorrow is probably going to kill me. Lol. Also, my butt has been kinda cold to the touch- normal???? Also, any suggestions to minimize discomfort and maximize my results..... Thanks!!

Pics- day 2 PO

Pics day two:)

Pics- day 2 PO

Pics day two:)

Day 4

It's time to shower in a bit.! I'm anxious. This will be the first time I see myself naked since sx :) ill update how the shower goes- my whole damn family wants to be here to be sure it goes smooth lol awkward. But my brother is an EMT and worked in a hospital so he knows what he is doing so I trust him lol. My boyfriend isn't allowed to help anymore because he sat on me and gave me a little arm punch (not on purpose- he forgot??) lol but still hurt like hell

Day 3 pics

Right before my first shower these were taken. Holy shit the foam hurts to rip off. I got really light headed and had to have help while I kneeled in the shower. Not fun, but I love my new body.

Damn my ass is big!!

Only 4 days post and already love my new body!! My butt is huge and I'm still way swollen, but I feel amazing.



Going crazy laying in this room!!

Love how he shaped my back :) I'm going stir crazy in this hotel room!! My boyfriend is being an ass today. He's having a heart attack about my new body all of a sudden lol. I think he's mad cause my mom has been with me and I haven't "needed" him. Lol boys are definitely the more sensitive gender lol.

5 days post **new pics**

So I took my second shower today :) much easier than the first. I did it almost by myself! But I definitely smelt funny under my garment lol. It feels so good to be clean :) my swelling is coming down very well. I am a little worried ill lose too much volume cause I love my swollen body lol but hopefully it'll go down everywhere a little and ill still have the same look. Bruising is to a minimum, swelling is only noticeable on my tummy so I'm assuming everywhere is still swollen, I just can't tell. Pain was almost nothing this morning.



Measurements 6 days post op

So I didn't really take my measurements before, but my measurements today were 34-29-44. Still swollen, but when my measurements change ill update to keep track of swelling and changes. Pain is minimal at this point. Only taking Tylenol except before bed I take 1/2 of a 5 mg. Percocet cause it helps me with the discomfort. I've found cocking one leg up while on my stomach is the best way to sleep.

Shopping was a nightmare lol

So I tried to go shopping today for something other than sweats to wear out cause its just too damn hot. Plus I have my post op appt. Wednesday and would like to wear normal clothes. That being said, it's impossible lol. I found yoga pants with a fold that look cute (see pics) but the skirt I thought would cover the huge swollen butt is a little redick haha (see pic). Loose dresses seem to do the trick, so that's what I'll be wearing for the next couple weeks until I can figure out my new sizes :) on a side note, maybe TMI, but I tried sex this morning and surprisingly had little pain (even when it's a little rough) except my boyfriend forgets my whole body had lipo and squeezed my arm, leg, and waist (not at the same time) so it won't be happening again for a few days lol. I'm now only taking Tylenol extra strength, BMs are almost normal, but I continue to take a stool softener once-twice a day for comfort. I haven't sat at all since surgery and I'm not going to if I can help it until Dr. S says I can. Every day feels better and better and I love my body more and more. Thanks to all my BBL sisters for all the support!

Post op appointment today went great!

Dr. Schulman is the best. I love his office staff and my appointment went well!! He said I look great and I'm healing well. I asked about massages and he told me there will be scar tissue that is lumpy in areas he did the lipo and just to either rub them out or just go get a regular massage when the swelling goes down enough to begin seeing them (about two weeks). He also said I could just make my bf do it lol. I asked about the garment and he said to start wearing my phase two garment at the three week mark. And that I can start only wearing it twelve hours a day (ill probably keep it on just in case longer if I can) he said I can start working out at three weeks also. Basically the one month mark is when ill be free lol. Feel free to ask any questions cause Dr S said I'm on cruise control from here on out :)

Oh ya, how much he took out..

He took out 6.7 liters of fat (pretty sure thats what he said) and injected 1050 ccs and nothing to my hips, but a little to the outer sides of my butt to give me that upside down heart shape :)

2100cc's total

I had 2100 cc's injected total just to clarify :)

10 days in!!

Okay ladies, I am 10 days in and so far so good. Healing well, swelling is coming down and bruises are getting there. My butt has gone down some which is making me nervous. It only came down an inch, but is that normal so soon??? Is it just the swelling?

Down another inch :/

I'm really hoping the swelling is just going down because my ass is shrinking but my waist measurements aren't :/ damn this booty greed! Could it be from being too active? I did take one hit from a pipe (weed) too lol I'm thinking of everything I could be doing wrong ugh! I know I'm over reacting but I want to be sure I don't lose it!

Collage before and after

Here is my before and afters :) 12 days post, loving my results, boobs shrank? Guessing its from the weight loss :/ I went from top heavy to bottom heavy lol. Is there a time when shrinkage stops? Like when you dont have to worry about any more going down in volume?

Driving is a pain

So I drove for the first time today and let me tell you, what a challenge it was. The whole time I was just thinking about how every bump on the road was going to kill the fat in my butt lol. I had two pillows under my thighs and two behind me so my butt didn't even touch the seat unless I hit bumps and my legs are so sore from trying to hold myself up while driving. Definitely can't drive long distance *I'm in sales so I drive A LOT. I don't want to risk ruining my results, is there any suggestions that doesn't require so much leg muscle the WHOLE time you drive? I couldn't figure out a way to get comfortable where I could rest without my butt being mushed!

17 days post***

So my body is definitely changing shape. I'm not sure if my butt is going down or just settling? Bruising is almost gone. I've had no massages yet and lumpiness where there was lipo is minimal, although as the swelling comes down I have been massaging areas that feel lumpy on my own. I can't tell if I'm still swollen. My measurements have gone down to 36(bust) 32(right under breast) 28-29(waist) and 42 (butt/hips). It looks much different, but I think it's just settling. See my collage... It's 12 days post compared to 17 days post.

Almost 1 month :)

I am almost at my one month mark and I am still amazed at my results. I'm so glad I went with Dr Schulman :) my swelling fluctuates depending on heat and activity. I sat on my horse yesterday, but only for a minute or two cause I was too nervous my butt would flatten lol :)

Just over a month now!

So everything is smoothing out. Still some swelling and minor lumpiness but my butt hasn't gone down any more. Still at 42 inches. I've started taking my garment off a few hours a day and have my follow up appt tomorrow. Scars are fading nicely. Still a little discoloration in my abdomen, sides and inner thighs. I can still see a lot of swelling in my lower back I think. It's hard to tell exactly what's still swollen. I feel pretty much back to normal although my skin is very sensitive in certain places. Anyone else have that?

Went to the beach- loving this body :)

I went to a pool party for the fourth and the beach and I'm so happy with the results so far! I'm still swollen for sure- it changes daily depending on my activity level. If I am out of my garment too long I feel like my skin gets more sensitive and I still have a few numb spots. My pigment inmy sides isn't quite back to normal, but it's getting better each day. I think I've gained a few pounds and I'm going to start in the gym this week tough :)

2 months and holding :)

So, I'm at the two month mark! I saw Dr. S and he said I'm healing great and I have no restrictions. I haven't hit the gym yet because I'm dealing with work deadlines this month working 10 hour days, but I'm hoping to have more time in a week or two. I've been sitting much more. Still use a doughnut to drive though cause I sit so deep in my car seat. Staying steady at 41-41 1/2 inches around my butt/hips. Let me know if you have any questions :)

Can't believe it's been almost 4 months!

It's been a while since my last update! Everything is staying put pretty well! My current measurements are 36-28-40 and holding. I feel like I've lost a little more volume but it could be just my weight fluctuating as it always does. I'm between 140lbs. And 148lbs. I haven't spent ANY time in the gym because my company has me jumping all over the damn country lol. Scars are fading quickly even though I never remember my scar gel! I can definitely see a difference in my arms as the swelling goes down SLOWLY. I'm very happy I opted to add arm lipo. I added pics from yesterday morning!

So 5 Months!

Wow, 5 months has flown by and I love my body. I still couldn't be happier I made the decision to go through with it! Anyone who is worried about regret, don't be! I was very skeptical about whether I could really get the results I wanted and now that 5 months has gone by and my body still looks great, I'm convinced! Dr. Schulman did a great job and I have never been happier with my body.

I'm still seeing discoloration of my skin on my sides, but I think that's normal. I have been working in Indiana for three months so I haven't gone back to see Dr. Schulman in a long time. My scars are very faded and I started tanning again today (I'm hoping some color will help to hide discoloration and faded scars). I'm still a little lumpy in the tummy, but I haven't really been working out with my work schedule nuts, so I am going to see if that helps to even it out.

My weight is up and down but my measurements are staying at 36-28-40 =)

Been awhile...

So it's been a while since I've posted, but just want to give a quick update! My measurements as of now are 36-29-39. Still very pleased with my results, but I want it bigger now haha. I don't know that I will ever actually have a revisions, but as I spend more time in the gym I realize I would be okay if my booty was a little bit bigger :) I am completely back to my old ways as far as sitting and don't wear any compression garments and haven't since about the six month mark. Any questions just ask :)

My results years later...

So I don't ever see posts way down the line... Here is a recent one of me and it's been like three years ;) still completely satisfied and the best decision I ever made for myself! Considered doing another round cause I have booty envy but either way I'm still VERY happy with Dr. Schulman and can't recommend him enough! He's pricy but it was worth every penny. AND I literally can't get love handles no matter what my diet consists of... Winning! I still have to take the pictures so give me an hour lol
New York Plastic Surgeon

Wow is all I have to say. What a talented surgeon. My body looks better than my wish pics and I'm only six days out. He really took his time to answer all my questions and had very knowledgable answers with great explanations. He made me feel 1000% comfortable throughout the entire process. I come from a family of prestigious doctors and they were impressed with my results. 5/5 on everything. If I ever opt for any other procedure or if friends/family want anything done- Dr. Schulman is my Doc for sure.

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