Brazilian Butt Lift Scheduled with Dr. Schulman - New York, NY

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Hello Everyone, I decided to write a post after...

Hello Everyone,

I decided to write a post after everyone reviews have been so helpful. It helped me make this important decision in my life.

Here's a brief background, I'm 31 years old, no kids, 5'3, and I weigh 158 pounds. My normal weight is about 150. I put on a few pounds around the holidays. I would say roughly about 5 years ago, I weighed 210. I lost the weight by eating right and going to the gym. I kept the weight off and I pretty much fluctuate between 150 and 160. Even when I was heavier, I never had a butt. I was always top heavy. I tried squats and work out videos to grow my butt. I've always been big on doing things the right way. I realized that squats won't grow me a booty. I have two close friends that went DR for surgery, and it hit me like a light bulb. I realized that the results that I wanted, they achieved in a matter of hours. I started doing research, and I realized in November that I wanted a bigger butt and curvier figure. I also hate my love handles and the rolls on my back. I don't really have a wish pic. I don’t want a nicki minaj or k michelle butt. I want a natural booty, and a decent size. I still want to look like me. I know that I love booty4real results. At my consultation with Dr. Schulman, I showed him pictures from her page.

I had my consultation with Dr. Schulman on 1/22/14. I felt so comfortable with him. I think the deciding factor was through conversation I learned the surgeon that did my breast reduction trained him. I absolutely love the surgeon that did my breast reduction!!! He passed away shortly after my surgery. I felt like the powers that be were telling me to go with Schulman. Though the price is a little higher than I bargain for I decided to go with it. I’m not financing the surgery but paying in cash. I don’t want a bill but they do have a finance plan. I feel like some woman pay for shoes and designer bags, I’m going to invest in me. I didn’t tell anyone about my surgery but my boyfriend. I already know how my friends and family feel about plastic surgery. I don’t need to hear the love yourself, and God created you a certain way speech. Why do people believe that woman get plastic surgery for men? Or because of low self esteem? My boyfriend agreed to help me pay for the surgery. In fact he’s paying a little more than half. He is pretty dependable but just in case I have a backup plan. He personally doesn’t think I need the surgery but he agreed this will be my birthday gift. I do feel bad about not telling my mom or some of my closest females friends. I just can’t deal with judgment. Dr. Schulman wants me to maintain my weight but I would like to go back down to 150 or at least 155 by my surgery. He told me I have a lot of skin and I would need at least 1,400 cc’s to make a dent in my butt. He was realistic; he told me I have a lot more skin, and less fat than I think.

I’m excited by scared at the same time. I have a indecisive personality. so I’m hoping I don’t change my mind. I think that’s why I made a down payment and scheduled a date.

I'll post before pics closer to the date.

Battle of the Bulge

I weighed myself today and I am 160. normal weight is 150. I think if i get down to 155 that will be a comfortable weight for me. At my consultation with Dr. Schulman he advised me to maintain my weight. He told me if I happen to lose a pound or two that's fine, but not to deliberately lose weight. He said I have lose skin so in order to fill me out I need a certain amount of fat. I'm confused because my current weight is killing me. I know I sound like a big baby and I hate to obsess over my weight. I want to lose weight but I know in order to have a successful surgery I need a substantial amount of fat.

I guess my question would be for the ladies that already had their bbl what did you do regarding your pre surgery weight? Did you gain, maintain, or lose? For those ladies that are still waiting for their surgery what are you doing?

My current situation

Hi Ladies,

Here are some pre surgery shots. I don't know how you ladies take the self body photos, it took me forever lol. As you can see I have a case of no ass at all. I really like my breast, it's just my bottom area. I'm currently 161, and it's killing me. I think I'm going to try to get down to 155.

Feeling thankful

My boyfriend's coworker's wife died in DR. She was in DR for a fat transfer and I am told during the surgery the doctor punctured her intestines. She was in coma for some time. I don't know her personally, but the story made me sad. When I originally started this journey I thought about picking a doctor outside the United States. My boyfriend' was against it and said don't short change your life. There is no price on safety or your life.

I'm not knocking anyone who pick a doctor outside the states. I understand that surgery is a risk no matter where you go. I think this just re confirmed my decision to go with Dr. Schulman.

Paid in Full!

I paid in full today. It was such a hard decision. I was walking to Schulman's office and my stomach started turning. I was wondering do I really I want to pay this large amount of money? Is this investment worth it? I started wondering what if I'm not happy with the results? Every negative thought crossed my mind. I thought I would be excited but I was so indecisive. Then I thought about the uncomfortable butt pads I was wearing and I said I have to do this! Lol

I worked so hard(with the help of my boyfriend) to save this money. There was times that I didn't think I was going to come up with the funds but I did. I'm glad I didn't finance because I won't have any bills over my head. Though my boyfriend supports me, I can tell he is just not excited. He feels it's a waste of money and I don't need it. The recent death in the Dominican Republic didn't help. Recently women in the tristate area have passed away from the illegal butt shots and surgery in DR. I still didn't tell my boyfriend I'm planning to put the fat in my butt. He knows I'm getting lipo but not informed about the fat transfer. He wants me to speak to my mom about it. I'm still debating what or if I will tell her.

I didn't buy a single thing for the surgery. I need to go through reviews to see what I need. Please send me your recommendations!!!

Thank you to all the real self ladies that continue to share their experience. You ladies gave me the extra push.

Let the countdown begin!

Cover story

Hey Dolls,

So I'm having a hard time figuring out the reason I will be out sick. I already told my boss I will be out for surgery, and frankly she didn't pry or ask me any questions. She only asked if I was okay. Now my co workers are nosey. The simple I'm out sick or for surgery won't be enough. I work in a super small office with less than 15 people. It's very personal and they pay attention to everything. They even comment when I get my eyebrows done. I didn't even tell my work wife. I started complaining about abdominal pain as a cover story. I was thinking everything from gall stones to appendicitis to a hernia.

I'm curious, what did you ladies tell your colleagues? Did you make up a medical condition or just kept it private?

Why am I worried about if my co workers will be able to tell that I got plastic surgery ? I shouldn't care what people think.

Medically Cleared!!!!

I received an email today from the Office. My blood work came back all clear!!!!! I'm so excited! Seeing the great results from the recent and past Schulman's dolls. I'm glad and ready for this journey. This wasn't an easy decision but I'm ready to embrace it.

I have the realself ladies to thank for their truthful and detailed reviews. I suck at writing reviews but I'm getting there.

Wish Pics

It was so hard for me to select some wish pictures. I just want to look like the best me. I want a natural bubble booty lol. I'm not that tall and pretty busty so I want a balance. I found these wish pics from other bbl reviews. I hope no one is upset that I use their pics. If so send me a private message and I will immediately remove them. I'm not sure what the site protocol or procedures when posting other women photos.

It was so hard to narrow it down but this is the look I'm going for.

Battle of the Bulge Part II

Hey Dolls,

I'm not sure what's going on with me. I have been craving the craziest unhealthy things. I'm not sure if it's hormonal because I stopped taking my birth control pill. At my last appointment, Rachel told me to stop taking the pill. Since then I've gained 6 pounds. I am now 166 and I feel so heavy.

I'm curious, did any of you have cravings before the surgery? Or found yourself overeating? I know the weight could be a good thing but since my goal weight is 145 I feel like I should be 155 the day of my surgery. I think I will attempt to lose the 6 pounds by my surgery date. I'm a little nevevous. I had a friend that received a bbl from a ps Jersey. She gained about 20 pounds for the surgery. Four months post opt she wasn't able to shed the extra pounds. Her waist was super small but her arms and face was bigger.

I am so excited but unprepared. I haven't bought anything for the surgery date. My job is sending me to Chicago next week so I have been so busy working on a special project. I think I need to make a list of key things that I must have immediately after my surgery. I'm reading reviews and that's helping me narrow the list down.

It's almost time!

Hey Ladies,

I had to travel out to Chicago for my job. The bad thing about traveling to work is making bad food decisions. I think I will start a cleanse tomorrow when I get back.

I'm happy to share that I told my mom about the surgery. I'm a momma's girl so not telling her killed me. Surprisingly, she took it well. She said she supports me and reminded me that some people work on the outside to not deal with the inside. It's something my mom always says lol. I didn't tell her the price, my mom is quite frugal. I'm glad that my mom has my back.

Since I'm out of the State I really didn't have the opportunity to buy anything. I read everyone helpful reviews but just can't narrow it down to what I need ASAP. I figured I get my hair done when I get back from Chicago since I won't be able to sit in a salon chair or under the dryer for a large amount of time.

I can't sleep

Uggghh I'm excited about my surgery but my boyfriend is so annoying! !! I feel like he's trying to sabotage me. He waits the day before to complain, like dude your opinions are irrelevant. Then he tried to say that he won't pick me up. I'm just venting, I'm just over him. I feel like he's deliberately trying to start an argument. I just got back from Chicago yesterday and he's acting like a female. Why is he talking about children? Dude, we are not even married.

My surgery is scheduled in the afternoon. I was hoping it would be early morning but it's not. I want to post before picture's tomorrow morning and at least take my measurements/weight.

Thanks to my RS sister's for all the positive and we'll wishes. This site is truly chicken soup for the soul.

I made it.

Hey Ladies,

I made it on the other side. My surgery was scheduled for 2pm yesterday and they started close to 3pm. OMG yesterday I was in crazy pain(note I have low tolerance for pain). Thank God for pain killers, with the medication it's bearable.

My boyfriend has been an angel sent from heaven. I guess our argument before the surgery was high anxiety. He is beyond helpful and he cried last night. He watches me sleep and said he wishes he can transfer my pain to him. He said i make the crazy faces in my sleep.

I have a new respect for women who post anything after surgery, especially pictures. Just going to the bathroom knocks all the energy out of my body. I will try my best to post pictures later. I know how important pictures are in regards to dolls that are still decision making.

I type this with one eye open so excuse any errors. Thanks for the prayers.

Oh I was 164 pounds the day of my surgery. I wanted to take more pre op photos and measurements but coming in from Chicago delayed everything.

I need Alternatives

I guess today is technically day 3. I'm not in extreme pain but I am experiencing extreme soreness in my frontal abdomen area. I usually lie on my stomach in the bed or I stand. I need an alternative. I'm tired of just lying in the bed but I also get exhausted quickly with just standing around.

I guess I'm wondering do any of the bbl ladies have alternative options they used in post op besides standing or lying down? I'm miserable right now (note: I am a huge drama queen lol). I'm taking the colace pills but still no BM. I'm thinking of drinking some prune juice. I know the nurse said patients usually go on the third day.

I'm just so uncomfortable right now.

Stage 1 Garment photos

Hey Ladies,

My shower is scheduled for tomorrow. I can't wait. Since I'm standing around I thought it would be a good time to post pics. You can't really see my shape with the garment but I can feel it lol. I feel like my waist is small, hips are bigger, plus my booty of course. My boyfriend is my photographer. He's not doing a good job, I think he feels some kind of way about my body on display. I'm probably better off taking my own pics. Lol

I'm in better spirits now. Thanks for the support. Countdown to my first shower!

Brand new

Hey Ladies,

So today was a big day for me. I had my bowel movement and a shower. First let's start with the BM, I didn't think it would ever happen. I was sipping on some apple juice and it hit me. I attempted the tub practice but it didn't work for me. It was like my body knew I wasn't over a toilet. I end up squatting over the toilet with a little weight on my thighs. It took forever to come out!!!! I was so uncomfortable but I said my a, b c's and that helped (that is a method I used as a kid). I know TMI, but boy did I go. I also took a little walk around my block to catch some fresh air.

Later on in the evening I waited for my boyfriend to come home to shower. I would say taking off the garment was easy. Shout to increaseme and blessedx2 for great shower advice. My boyfriend had no issue taking the foam off my back with the extra soap lather. Uggghh now my back is super itchy. I wish I bought a second garment because now I'm blowing drying the one I have. I plan on purchasing another one at my first post op appointment this week. Also I didn't stay in the shower for as long as I wanted. I started to feel light headed.

I post some pictures of the underwear I wore in my pre op pics. Obviously, I just put the underwear on to give you ladies an idea of progress. I can definitely see the scoop in my back. My boyfriend loves the results but keeps making comments about attention I'll receive from even more men. I'm still swollen and hope my tummy goes down more. I want to get pre op pics the day of surgery. I'm telling you my waist was huge lol. So far I like what I see, and it's me.

I would love any advice on how ladies ate after their surgery.

Brand New Part II

Okay so I realized I forgot the post the pics. Here goes

Quick Update

Good Morning Dolls,

I wrote a long review this morning and some how it was deleted. That sucks! Lol. Here I go again!

Yesterday was the first day I started feeling like hey okay I can handle this recovery and slowly I'm starting to feel like me. However, yesterday was also the first day I started itching. Jesus take the wheel! I was thinking if it's not one thing it's another. I'm not sure if I'm going to take anything for the itch or try to troop it out. I also finished my last of antibiotics and I started decreasing the dosage on the pain killers. I'm constipated off and on but so far a cup of prune juice seems to do the trick.

I feel like a butterfly lol. When I take my garment off my body appears different every time. I love my results more and more. Here are some selfies I took of myself. It's hard for me to get a full back view. (Note: once upon a time I hated how I looked in thongs).

Oh quick question, when do you ladies start the massage process? I'm reading reviews, and it seem some ladies do massages and some dont. I can't imagine getting a massage at this stage, it must be painful lol.

Dilemma (hair appointment and eating)

Hey Dolls,

I'm 17 days in and happy to say that the itching has subsided. I'm not sure how to explain it but I noticed hard balls on the right side of my waist. I called the office and was told they are fat pockets. Hopefully with massaging and time they will go away. It's not something you can see physically, but I can feel it. I have an uocoming appointment with Dr. Schulman this week so I'll speak to him then.

I have been consistent with not sitting on my butt. Yesterday was the first time I went out to eat. I put the pillows under my thighs and made sure my booty was elevated. I also stood up a lot which made the waiter keep coming to our table. I think he was annoyed lol. The attention is real that I receive from men. I'm use to receiving attention from men but it's weird now when I walk by I get the damn and turned heads.

My appetite is back. I guess being off the pain killers it came back. I'm learning that my contributed weight loss has to do with working out. I shared in a early post I lost about 45 pounds a fee years ago. I realized I have to make better food choices because I don't have the option of running a mile or hitting a intense kickboxing class after a slice of pizza. I'm thinking about juicing to just help clean out the toxins and get my body in order. I crave the worse things. Whatever advice you ladies have on eating I'm here. I have been drinking a lot of water. I'm just craving a glass wine and I have not drank since my surgery.

I'm curious and have a question for my bbl dolls. Did anyone go to the hair or nail salon during their recovery? It's time for me to get a pedi, mani, and my hair done. I think my biggest worry is sitting under the dryer at the hair hair salon. I'm thinking of trying the same elevated pillow trick I did at the restaurant but not sure if it will work in the salon. I would love to hear what some of the other ladies did to stay beautified during their recover.

3 weeks

Hey Dolls,

I have so much to update you and absolutely no idea where to start. Here's goes, so this week I made my hair appointment. Thanks to increaseme ' s idea, I put towels in a bag and sat on it. It worked great. No one in the salon even questioned why I was sitting on my purse. I also use the same technique to get a pedi and and manicure. The weather is too nice for my toes not to be out.

Okay on Friday, May 23rd, I had an follow up appointment with Dr. Schulman. I love that man lol. We went through my before pictures, whoa! It's crazy, I almost thought I looked like this my whole life lol. He showed me the areas he took fat out of and how and where he entered them. He also said with time I will love my results even more. He cleared me to work out. I asked him could I start doing squats and he said why would you want to do squats? It was funny. I switched to the stage two garment. OMG that garment is hell putting off and on. I purchased stage two from the office, the thong version. Dr. Schulman told me I can stick with my stage 1 Garment for awhile if 2 is too uncomfortable. Now ladies, I have read tons of reviews and I still don't get the whole garment and squeem thing. I think I need a garment for dummies 101. I'm trying to make a list of garments I see other bbl dolls use once they come out of stage 1. Dr. Schulman I also went over sitting on your thighs with out weight on the booty. I return back to work on Monday and I have 4 meetings the week I return. I'm anxious about going back to work but nervous.

I went shopping yesterday and I loved it! !!!! I planned on taking pictures but my cell died :( I'll post a few photo's below. Believe it or not my measurements have stayed the same. I have not tried to get obsessed with measuring myself. I also weighed myself, I'm currently 162. I was 165 day of surgery and 174 after. I guess the swelling is going down. I'm going to try a no carb or low carb diet on Tuesday. I started seeing my friend's again and one of my home girls commented on my butt. She said Omg when did you become big booty judy? I didn't share the procedure with anyone but my boyfriend, mom, and one friend. I made up an excuse that during surgery they put me on medication with steroids. She was like wow can I get that medication lol.

I have posted a few pics below of what I look like with clothes. My boyfriend acts like douche and won't take pictures of me. I went through the same thing with him with my breast. I'm naturally busty but he always had an issue with men looking at my breast. Now the new thing is my butt. I tried my best with the photos I took myself.

Pictures Captions

The caption didn't show up in the pictures I posted in the last post. I don't have a garment or bra on in the red dress. The thong photo is a picture of the stage two garment I switched to yesterday. All the photos are from yesterday. My hips and butt measurements have not changed yet.

Why are people so rude?

Hi Ladies,

This week was my first time back to work. I started on Monday. I have to say it has been quite emotional for me. I purchased a few items that I thought would hide my shape until I'm ready to reveal it but I guess my butt is a lot bigger than I thought. I don't have a personal relationship with people on my job. I pretty much clock in do my work and leave. I'm cordial so every but folks will attempt to tell me their life story.

Today two of my co worker's pulled me to side and said hey girl you look really good. Let me find out you had a tummy tuck and butt implants while you were out. I kept it cool and said thanks and said I wish I had tummy tuck money and walked off. I noticed that every time I get up people stare at me, and I even heard one of the same women speaking to two of my male co worker's. I didn't know what to expect but the rumors are bothering me. Just to let you ladies know I'm pretty sensitive and I'm big on treating people how I want to be treated. If I noticed someone that was flat chested and they returned to work with Pamela Anderson boobs, I would not dear say something. Obviously that person didn't want me to know. I don't see the big deal, I don't have a nicki minaj's butt, my butt is just a little bigger and natural, what's the big deal? I'm dreading going to work tomorrow and being stared at and the topic of discussion. I'm not use to being center of attention. I get emotional around my period so maybe it's hormonal but my colleagues have managed to take me off my nice booty high. How did some of you dolls deal with work and the attention from people that know you?


I just wanted to thank everyone for commenting on my work situation. You ladies responses really gave me a boost! Today was a great a day! I walked into work with the song hate on me haters by Jill Scott in my head as a theme song. I love how I look and I will not allow anyone to make me feel uncomfortable. I'm thankful for realself because renting gave me an outlet and someone to speak to. I really appreciate you ladies!

6 weeks

Hey Dolls,

I hope everyone is well. Here's a quick update, I'm at the 6 week mark! Yahhh!. I have two more weeks before sitting. I will be honest, I have not lost any volume since 3 weeks. There are time my fanny looks bigger and sometimes it appears smaller but my measurements are the same. I'm still getting use to all the attention from men and women. It's funny, because even though my butt is larger than before surgery I still consider it a very natural. I don't have a Nikki Minaj booty but I get attention like I do. I realized folks just love a nice round shapely booty.

In regards to healing, I'm healing pretty well. Yesterday was the first time I experienced a weird spasm in my lower back. I also continue to be numb in my lower back area.

My waist is about 32. I have to do better at shrinking my waist. I'll be honest, , my eating habits are not the best. I started back at the gym on Monday. It felt great being back at the gym. Special shout to Msisiskali! She has been great with workout tips. I feel like getting back in the gym will add normalcy in my life. It's a mental struggle because I want to lose 10 pounds but I don't want to lose volume.

I have a question for my bbl dolls. I am at the point where I don't have to wear my garment 24 hours. I know reading some reviews some women continue to wear their garments 24 hours after the 5 week mark. Will I do any harm if I continue to wear it? I thought I couldn't wait to take my garment off 24 hours but now I want to keep it on.

Here's a few photo's playing around in my big sister's dress. She joked that I would never have the confidence to try this on.

8 week bday!!!!

Hola Chicas,

Today I am officially 8 weeks. I guess this means.... I can sit!!!! Woo hooo. I thought this day would never come. Now that the day is here I don't have a desire to sit lol. I will wait until July 1st. I leave for Spain on July 1st. I guess at that point I won't have a choice but to sit.

My booty continues to stay steady. I haven't lost any volume. I have a strange numb feeling in my lower back. It doesn't bother me.

Overall I love my new shape. My boyfriend can't keep his hands off of me. He literally wants it like twice a day and intimacy is just better. I'm still adjusting to the extra attention. I always received attention for my face and I'm busty but to see men breaking their neck to see my booty is just still odd. I don't have much booty anxiety. I'm still struggling to lose weight, obviously I'm worried if I lose too much the fanny will go down. I will keep you ladies updated.

I'm going to attach some pictures later on. It's that time of month and I don't want a big pad in the picture.

10 weeks today

Hey Dolls,

I had the time of my life in Spain!! I returned on Monday.  I'm at the 10 week mark.  I can't believe it.  When I made 8 weeks I pretty much had no choice because of my flight to Spain.  Therefore July 1st was my first day sitting on the booty.    Once I got over the initial shock of sitting I was fine.  I felt myself moving around a lot during the flight.   I'm sure i annoyed a few people.

I had an appointment today with Dr. Schulman.   I admit going on vacation I didn't eat the best.  I indulged in a lot of carbs.  I told him how I would like to lose 10 to 15 pounds but I'm nervous about losing my assets. He said that the booty should hold steady but said it's all in my head. He showed me my before pics and we took some after shots. I came a long way. I told him that I was worried about my booty because I sat on such a long flight. He said no need to worry. He shared that it's really safe to sit at the 6 week mark but he tells his patients 8 weeks as a precaution. We spoke for awhile and I told him how happy I am.

I know this whole procedure is not easy. I would advise that anyone thinking about getting any cosmetic surgical procedure to aim to be the best YOU that you can be. I think some times we become so obsessed with our wish pic but the wish pic is just a guide. If you had an body like Roseanne don't expect to come out looking like Nicki Minaj. You will be a more improved YOU. If Nikki is your goal than you will probably need more than one surgical procedure. I hope I don't offend anyone but don't be so hard on yourself.

I have attached some pictures I took today.  It varies.  There are some days I feels like like my butt is huge. I may sound crazy but I feel like my butt are bigger om some days. The other day my friend even asked me why does my butt look bigger every time she sees me lol.   I think my favorite part is resting my hand on my hip and I can feel my hand resting on my booty.  I started exercising but I need to be more consistent.   My butt still swells up after workouts.   I still wear my squeem as soon I get home after work but I don't wear it at work.

I'll keep you ladies posted.

Almost 4 months!

Hey Dolls,

I know I'm horrible at updating but not much has changed. September 1st will be my 4 month bootay birthday! I have attached a few pictures. I believe I have entered the fluffing stage.

I have been traveling and just got back from the Bahamas. Yes and I had the all inclusive package with all you can eat food and drinks! SMDH I have overall maintained my weight. My weight made it to 155 and got right back to 161 post Bahamas. I swear my metabolism is crap. My waist is still pretty small but my thighs! Lawd help me! The moment I gain it goes straight there. I contribute my small waist to still wearing my squeem sometime during the day. I resume all gym activities my butt is holding steady. I attached a few pictures, I have absolutely no undergarment in any of the pics. All my friends call me big booty Judy now. They believe my butt is growing as result of waist training and entering into my thirties. You know the body changes with age lol. I love my results. The only annoying thing is I cannot fit my size 8 jeans anymore, I'm like a 10/12 but baggy in the waist. I'm still trying to find pants that fit me nice. I have no problems with dresses. I don't want to even start with all the attention from men and my exes coming out the grave trying to settle down! Boy bye!

I hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to update my post once a month.

Oh wait I have one issue, on my left butt cheek I have these two bumps that feel like small mosquito bites. They are not visual at all, I can just feel it. I will schedule an appointment with Dr. Schulman and keep you ladies update. Any of my post op ladies have a bump similar to a mosquito bump on their butt cheek? You can't see it, you just fill it.

Hapother New Year!

Hey ladies,

I wanted to touch basis for 2015. I feel great and the resultasare still holding great. I haven't lost any volume. I'll try to post pictures soon. I'm currently 161, so I lost two pounds since surgery lol. I would love to get down to 150. I need to stay more focus. I hope for the new year everyone is closer to the better you.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I had my consultation on 1/22/14. Dr. Schulman's office is nice. His staff made me feel comfortable. I did not wait long to be seen. During my consultation, Dr. Schulman was realistic about my results. He allowed me to ask a thousand questions. I did not feel rushed at any point.

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