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So, I was continuing my search for a Dr. to do my...

So, I was continuing my search for a Dr. to do my bbl on realself and I came across Dr. Eric Sadeh as Top Doctor on this site. I also saw that he was running a special on BBL's for $5,500, I checked his website and loved his pics. I filled out the form and almost immediately received a call back from Mikal. She was very nice, we laughed on the phone and I told her about another bad experience I had with a doctor. We discussed my goals and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday January 26th, for my initial consult. I am pretty sure that I have made up my mind, although there is another Dr. named Joseph Alkon in NJ, I like as well. Guess I'll just have to see what happened on Tuesday. If all goes well, I am looking forward to having my surgery ASAP, hopefully the 2nd week of Feb. I will keep you all updated!

Consultation with Dr. Sadeh

Just got home from an awesome consult with Dr. Eric Sahed! I was annoyed earlier because I couldn't reach anyone earlier, however, the receptionist ended up contacting me before I left work to apologize for the communication issue. Anyway, I made my way to the office after work, the building is nice, and the office appears to be ok in the waiting area. After making great conversation with the receptionist, the Dr. came out and took me straight to the exam room. We discussed my goals and I did not have to get fully undressed, just took my shirt off and pulled my pants down to my knees. (I was happy about that cause I was so sweaty from walking from the train) We discussed the areas I would have lipo'd and I was please that he would do my abdomen at no additional cost. After that was finished, we met back in his office and discussed more of my goals and also what he felt he could do. He stated that because I was thin, 5'1, 119lbs, he could only really expect to give me about 4-500cc's. (just an estimate) I showed him more pics and explained how I wanted my curves and the body sculpting. I liked him because he appeared to be very straight forward and had no problem telling me what was not realistic. He explained the recovery process and also showed me his operating room, which was very clean and appeared to have some good equipment. (I've been researching instruments so I knew what to look for) I believe he is giving a great value for the amount of money he's charging for this BBL. I got a great deal of info. and I am looking forward to working with him. I also still have my appt. with Dr. Schulman tomorrow, a piece of me is kind of like, what's the point, but since I already paid a $100 consultation fee, I'm going! lol I do believe I'll be booking my surgery with Dr. Sadeh


After my appt. with Dr. Sadeh, I was deadset on him, I went home and again started doing some research on BBL. I came across a video clip of Dr. Schulman from years ago and he mentioned that she mixes the fat with some type of growth hormone prior to reinjecting it. This was new to me, I've never heard anyone mention this, anyway, my appt, with Dr. Schulman is today and I am torn between the two doctors already. I feel like with Dr. Schulman, it will be 100% perfect, but De. Sadeh can do it very soon and he's cheaper, Ugh, I don't know what to do! Guess I'll know after my consultation today.

Consult with BBL doctor Michael Constantin Gartner, (nyc/nj)

Hey Dolls,

My friend referred me to this doctor Michael Constantin Gartner, who is supposed to be the Booty King of New Jersey! I looked at his website and reviews, and he appears to be amazing! I saw at least 100 pics on his site and spoke to his office staff who stated that BBL's are his specialty. I am so excited, and I hope all goes well when I see him, I will be seeing him out of his NYC office and the surgery will be in Paramus NJ. That's not too far, I drive and my mom lives very close to that. I am soooo excited, I truly love all I have seen. Anyone, heard of him? Dr. Schulman said that if ppl do alot of bbl's they will have many pics on their site, and he does! Also, that they will do them at least 3 times per week, and he does! I feel more comfortable with him than I do Dr. Sadeh, only because I can see recent work, and a lot of it at that! Oh, his price is $8,500 for 3 areas of lip and $1500 for each add'l area, I feel like that is a great deal and within my budget.

Thanks for reading, sorry if there are any spelling errors!

Money Paid, Sx Date Set, Gartner Doll

I had to write a new review since I have officially decided the doctor that would be performing my surgery. At 5'2 currently 127lbs, I will be having my BBL done by Dr. Michael Gartner in Paramus NJ. My experience with him has been so amazing! The women at his office are so sweet and very accommodating. My first time seeing Dr. Gartner was on 2/3/15 and I was told I was not a good bbl candidate and that I should try to gain at least 5 more lbs. Since than, I've gained 8, and am hoping to gain 4 more by my sx date. I am having my stomach, waist, thighs and back (full) lipo'd and I can't wait. I have seen so many doctors and other than Dr. Schulman (whom I couldn't afford), he's the next be thing! I decided that I do not want to have fat injected to the dimples on my butt, I just want it at the top of my butt where I am lacking projection. I will finish this tomorrow.

weight gain

I am so proud of myself, when I began my journey about a month ago, I was 5" 1 and weighed 119, today my height is the same (lol) and I know weigh 130. I can't believe I put on 11lbs in one month, all without eating junk food! I've developed my own eating plan and it has been working! My only concern now is whether or not everything will go well. Im getting more and more nervous and it's causing new to question my doctor's competence. I know he's amazing which is why I chose him, but I'm just a bit nervous.

less than 48 hours to go!!!!

Monday is the big day, ugh so nervous. Will measure my waist tonight and take some pictures.

BBL Recovery supplies

I have everything I need, both Dr.Schulman and Dr. Gartner told me this is more than enough.

wish pics

This is the big day!

Not as nervous as I was yesterday, just ready for it to be done so I can began my recovery! So sorry for the spelling errors in my post above, updating from my phone and auto correct has a mind of its own, lol! Thank you so for your support throughout phase 1 of this process, I look forward to recovering with you! Gotta go get ready, have a great day, will update tomorrow!


Gartner Doll

2 days post op Gartner Doll
9 Mar 2016

Hello ladies,
I have attempted to write this review 2x's and accidently deleted it both times. Gonna make this very short and sweet. My doctor, Dr. Gartner is such an amazing doctor and sculptor! My sx was on Monday at 7:30am I got there early, found out that I weighed 133, which meant that from my appt. on 2/22 to 3/07, I gained 14lbs. That's so awesome! My doctor came in after a while, discussed what I wanted to achieve again and began marking me up and taking pics. I as extremely nervous and hungry. The anesthesiologist was very nice, and before I knew it the Sx was over and I was heading home. The first day was pretty easy, I had my mom, sis and fiance' with me and hardly any pain cause I was numb. I kept throwing up every time I drank Gatorade and ended up just buying flavored water. Throwing up from the Gatorade also made it difficult to keep my antibiotics down, but once I stopped drinking it, it stayed down. I was not leaking a whole lot and did not have any drains. Trying to remember the important things cause I'm sleepy and need to lay down, if I forget anything, feel free to ask.
My behind looks amazing, my stomach is snatched and the pain is very minimal. Yesterday my pain level was around a 9, but today I was able to get up and go for a walk with my daughter. I was very nauseas yesterday but my doctor said it was from the vomiting and dehydration, so now that I have been drinking mostly water, I am no longer light headed. My doctor and his staff has called me everyday to check on me and be sure I have no unanswered questions. I am so pleased that I decided to go with him. He was only about to get about 1000cc's of good fat and I got about 498 in each cheek. I have been staying off my behind, and bird bathing, the garment was extra tight around my cheeks, so we cut it a bit, so I wouldn't kill my cells. Hoping to shower tomorrow, as I really don't want to have to put this tight garment on again, I hate it! Ummm, I can't really think of anything else that is relevant, other than my doctor was the best, and my recovery is going well. Thanks to all of you for your support. I will post pics too!

For more updates on my BBL Sx with Dr. Michael Gartner

Please refer to my other review, as I have continued to update that one and post pics there.
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