BBL with Doctor Salama Aug 6th 2013 - Miami, FL

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Ready to go. Getting my bbl in the beginning of...

Ready to go. Getting my bbl in the beginning of august. Not sure how many cc's i should get. I want it big but i don't wanna look crazy lol. So far i've gained 10 pounds. I hope that's enough. I've had a bbl before and saw no difference. The first time was with my tummy tuck in nyc and he just added 60 cc's which now i see is nothing. I'm very excited and very nervous at the same time. Couldn't wait and now that its close, Im getting scared. I'm going alone. Which makes this much scarier then before. Wish me luck ladies.

what i'm hoping to achieve

here are some wish pics

my current pics

This is what my ass looks like now. I want more hips. I hope the weight i put one is enough for the big ass i want lol

date's getting closer to fast. I got my packet today

date's getting closer to fast. I got my packet today but i don't think i can get the lab work in time. :-( my doctor has no appointments till next week. then i need to book a hotel but i won't until i know i past my blood work. oh god i'm a nervous wreck

is anyone going that would like to split a hotel? in early aug 2013

is anyone going that would like to split a hotel? My date is aug 6th with doctor salama.

went to the doctor today

went to the doctor today. Had my labs done. I hope they finish them in time. Only two weeks left. Wanted to wait till i have my results before i pay for my room and flight. Plus still haven't found anyone who can come with me.

here's two months post after my tummy tuck

Here's two months post after my tummy tuck with Dr Douglas steinbrech. I've gained 15 for this surgery since then.

Still waiting for med clearance

Still waiting for med clearance and having issues getting the time off from my job. Because of that i haven't booked my flight. Hardly no time left, getting nervous. If having this done isn't stressful enough.

finally booked my flight today. Just need clearance and the hotel.

finally booked my flight today. Just need clearance and the hotel.

Does anybody know about transportation to Dr Salama's

Does anybody know about transportation. I know they use to pick people up from the airport and take you to your appointment and even food shopping but i was told no more when i called Dr. Salama's office. Is there another service anyone's tried?

ok ladies, I've been cleared by my doctor

ok ladies, I've been cleared by my doctor. I am now paid in full and ready to leave tomorrow. Does anyone have a number for transportation? I called dr salamas office Friday and the number they gave me has been disconnect for irean. Not sure if its the wrong number or if her phone is really off.

made it to Florida

Hello ladies
ok im here in Florida. Landed safely and went to salamas office to fill out paper work. I ended up using matty who picked me up from the airport, drove me to my appointment and then took me to target for supplies and food. I ended up staying at the Hampton inn. Salamas patients get a discount. Reg price was 150 I think and with his corporate discount came to 103. A night plus tax. Hotel is good. Clean and parently they're used to having people with bbl's here lol. I asked the maid to put a plastic cover on my mattress to keep blood from spilling. The hotel has a pool, refrigerator, microwave, and free WiFi. It's also located 10 minutes from salamas office and 20 minutes from Miami and two blocks from the ER. there's also a target and BestBuy 2 blocks away.


tonight my measurements are:
36, 33, 42
Im 5'5 and weight at 159

hey ladies

Hey ladies. Just wanted to tell everyone I was ok. Im in alot of pain so I'll update u guys later.


Ok. Here's some pics

first massage

I have my first massage tomorrow any tips on dealing with the pain


New pics.


Trying on dresses

feeling great

Hey ladies. Today is my first day back on track. I feel so much better. I can stand up straight and walk. I still get tired fast but sooooo much better then yesterday. I had the back drain removed today and go for the front drain tomorrow.

massages in NYC area?

Had my last appointment today. I fly back home tomorrow. Does anyone know a good place to get massages in NYC area?


Hey ladies. Im back home now. I stood up the whole flight back. I use my boppy during takeoff and landing but as soon as the flight was in motion I'm just stood in the back by the bathrooms lol. I got tired very easily it took a lot out of me but I'm back home now. I have now switch to a stage 2. I'm wearing a tighter garment with memory foam stuff inside and a corset on top of that. I start with the board next week. the garment is tough to sleep with but you will eventually get used to it.

my current measurements are:

36, 28, 45
160 lbs
arms are 13 inches ( they still have a lot of fluid in them)

I still have fluid in my back and stomach but they removed my drains. she told me how important it is to keep my garment on to keep the fluid from coming. overall I'm happy with my results. my boyfriend saw me for the first time and couldn't stop staring lol. he said it's a big difference.

clothing for big bootys lol

You girls who already have gotten this done, what do u do about clothing. Im ready to head back to work and I have nothing but sundresses and leggings. Does anyone know of any brand name or online shop for clothing that properly fits?

three weeks today

Hey ladies. Three weeks and im feeling so much better. I still wake up sore and stiff but once I walk around I loosen up. I'm currently wearing my garment stuff with foam and a size small corset on top. it feels Ok now so I guess is time to switch to a extra small.

4 week mark

Hey ladies. things are great with the surgery. Im now 36 27 44.5 Booty went down a little but so did the waist. Bigbootytinywaist is 100 percent right about your after care being just as important as your surgery. This ain't ez but it worth it. I've been in the garment 24 /7. it only comes off when its being washed or im in the shower. I am now a small which I can wear in comfort means time to go smaller lol. it's getting expensive cause in four days I shrink in size but Im counting this as surgery price. I can no longer walk down the street without people looking lol. I thought it was getting to small but from people's reactions still I guess not. Even with the foam stuffed in my corset, u can still see the difference. My boyfriend can't wait. I've only had sex once since the surgery. Doctor said 6 weeks which is a long time to have a man waiting lol. I haven't sat down yet. Not even on my pillow or yoga mat. Im waiting till week 6 to use my pillow. My paid money for this ass and I wanna keep it lol. I've gotten use to sleeping on my stomach. It was hard at first but I put pillow under my stomach and pelvic area. it relieves the pressure off my back. Yayyyy only two weeks left.


I switched today from a small stuffed with foam to a extra small corset. Im currently a size 27. Took 5 minutes to get it on and felt like I couldn't breathe but im ok now. Glad its getting cooler in Ny cause ive had some hot days with these things on. This is my final corset so I got a good one. Tomorrow I head into my final week. Still not sitting yet and plan on continuing. Butts still at a 44.5. I expect my waist to be at a 26 by the end of my six week. As soon as I can get a little room is the corset, I will stuff this one with foam as well. seems it has to be unbearable for it to work. Have 3 more massages left. I love them now. gives me an excuse to leave my corset off. Love those breaks.


New pixs ladies


hey ladies, back to salama now to get the boobs done. I go in on august 7th. breast lift with implant. yayyyyy!
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