A Girl Can Change Her Mind, Right?! Going With The Booty God, Dr. Hasan! - Bronx, New York

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Hey ladies! So I posted on my TT review that I had...

Hey ladies! So I posted on my TT review that I had a scheduled BBL consult in May 2014. I had to reschedule that appointment for a later date and was given one for June 18th. So that's this week, Wednesday. I'm planning on scheduling my SX for sometime in November/December. Don't wanna be out of commission for the summer.

My consult is with Dr. Matthew Schulman in NYC. My co worker and her girlfriend had their BBL done by him back in December 2013. I fell in love with their results and I was immediately sold lol. Not to mention the Schulman dolls on here (RealSelf) omg they look so H-O-T!

After having my TT I swore that I was finished with SX only because I thought everything would balance out. Because I workout and eat healthy daily I lost whatever a$$ I had left. Now I have this flat semi defined tummy and no butt. Oh yeah and muffin top and bra bulges. My TT surgeon didn't incorporate lipo with the procedure which would've shaped me nicely ugh.

Well, I'll post pics of my Booty and back soon for pre op reference.

Pre-Op Butt-less Pics ????

As promised, pre op pics.

Wish Pics And Some of Schulman's Work.

Yesterday Was My Consult!

So yesterday was my consult with Dr. Schulman. Everything went great! Dr. Schulman was just as everyone describes him and his staff to be. Warm, kind, patient and attentive. He answered all my questions as did his staff. He took his time with me. I didn't feel rushed at all.

When I arrived to the office it was about 15-20 minutes earlier. The girls at reception asked me to do so to fill out paperwork. After my paperwork was completed I waited to be called in their waiting area. The environment of the office was amazing. Clean and organized. Once I was called in I was asked to put on a robe, which felt great on my skin lol, and wait for Dr. Schulman to come in. That wait wasn't long at all.
During my consult, he had me stand in front of him to see how much fat I have available to remove. Once he examined, he then had me stand in front of his mirror where he pointed out what will be taken out. He pulled back my skin around my waist (flank area) and showed me more or less how small my waist will be. I was so happy with an ear to ear smile. He also said he will not pull from my tummy area because I didn't have enough fat there. He said I was a perfect candidate and if I want but not necessary, I can harvest fat for a little more oomph. This will be done lol

So after he answered all my questions, I got dressed and went to meet with Amie, one of the Surgical Coordinators. There is where we sat down and discussed payment and dates to set up for SX. I was quoted at $10,500. This covers lipo to upper and lower back, flanks, and inner thighs and of course the transfer. It also covers all pre and post ops and the garment. I was told that I'll have to put 10% down to hold the SX date and three weeks before procedure the full amount will be due. I did not set a date yet because my Husband will be getting spinal surgery towards the ending of July and I'll need to take care of him and our children. Amie and Dr. Schulman understood and said my quote is good till 8/15/2014 so I can decide after hubby's surgery what'll work for us.

I will update you ladies once I decide and set my date. As always, Any questions ask ;)

Consult Material

Did my Shakeology 3 Day refresh!

So I decided to do a natural cleanse without any toxic chemicals. Love the outcome. I didn't do it for weight loss. Dr. Schulman said I design need to lose any weight. I did it to help with digestion and clean out my urinary tract etc... So here's the pic of my physical results.

Changed My Mind!

Hey Dolls. I'm not new to RealSelf. Been here before but welcome to my blog lol. Initially, I was going to have my BBL done by Dr.Schulman but when I called him a year later, his Surgical Coordinator, Rachel, told me the price went up from what I was quoted. It was now going to cost me $10,800 w/ 3-4 areas of lipo. She also said come January 2016, the price was going up. I can't afford that so I've decided that it was time to research other surgeons. I considered Dr.Hasan from Vanity in the past but because he was out of state, I was gonna go with Schulman. For the convenience. While Schulman is great, those prices aren't!
This will be my 2nd Cosmetic Procedure. I had a TT with Muscle repair 2 years ago. (SEE REVIEW)
I will be having my BBL with Dr.Hasan on Monday, February 15th, 2016. I'm super excited. Can't wait to be a Hasan doll and have That Azz lol.

Vanity Has More Than One Location & How Vanity Accepts Payments...

This is for those RS sisters who were like me. And the newcomers. Vanity has more than one location.

I clicked the link on RealSelf to request a consult. Waiting two days I finally received my call. I received a phone call from Broward Cosmetics in Ft. Lauderdale. That right there had me raising an eyebrow. I had no idea that Vanity Cosmetics had other locations. Especially because on RealSelf, all u hear or read is about Hasan and Fisher from Vanity. Not Broward. The Coordinator gave me my quote and asked me to wire transfer into their Bank Of America account. That was another eyebrow raise. I had never heard of that in my life so I called Vanity Direct, on my own. When I called, they knew who I was. I was bugging out because I hadn't told them my name. Apparently, all locations they have are linked and the Coordinator from Broward had already entered my info into their computer. I requested a new coordinator and I got Anna. She's great. I went to BOA and made the deposit with a check and I texted Anna the receipt. She confirmed and I'm all set for February 15th. Hope this helps. If y'all have Any questions please ask.

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