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Hi everyone! I'm 5'8 and 160 lbs. I used to have a...

Hi everyone! I'm 5'8 and 160 lbs. I used to have a fatty but it has deflated over the years along with my boobs (which I've already taken care of). I just want to look like I did 15 years ago. Maybe this time with a more prominent butt. I have had smartlipo before so I'm getting my thighs, back and stomach lipo'ed to make sure I have enough fat.

Getting my mind right

I when shopping for all of my items this weekend. I realized that a positive attitude will be the most important thing to have during recovery.

More before pics...

Need to get rid of these pancakes


I'm trying to get everything together before Thursday. My boyfriend will be taking care of me and I want to save his sanity as well as mine.. Lol. Anyways, go everything on Dr. S' list and a raised toilet seat with arms (it was $40 at Walmart). I read somewhere that it's easier to sit on the back of your thighs and lean on your arms. We'll see how this goes...

Wish pics

I thought it would be helpful if I added some of my wish pics so you can compare the after pictures to see if Dr. Schulman is right for you

It's my last day with this body!

I am so excited for tomorrow. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I just want tomorrow to come so I can see what I'm getting. I honestly thought I would be nervous but I think I got that all out of me. I'm totally prepared (at least I think I and ready to get this show on the road. The only thing I'm a little anxious about is what I'm actually going to look like once it's all done and over with. Did you girls feel the same way?

Another Schulman Angel Has Been Born

Hey girls!

I'm back home from my surgery. I loved the surgical office. It was very cozy compared to a huge medical facility. I was the first patient of the day so all of the attention was on me because nobody else was there. It was great. Dr. Schulman was his usual wonderful self and the nurses (J and Chris) really made my experience more spectacular. I'll go into more detail when I'm feeling less sleepy but I warned to update everyone ASAP. Thanks again for all of your support. You girls are amazing.

The Nitty Gritty

Going to the bathroom is a pain. It's so swollen down there I can't see where it's coming out of. I know GROSS but it has to be told. The female urinal is the best bet. As far as sleeping, I've been using a memory foam body pillow. I have it in under my stomach and between my legs, kind of like a frog position. It's actually pretty comfortable. I think I'm going to love my results. My shape is already better even though I'm swollen and gross. Dr. Schulman put 1250 cc's in each cheek. I'm pretty tall and have loose skin so he had to put in as much as possible to get the look I wanted.

Coming Along...

Sorry I haven't been able to post the days couple of days. I could not get on the site. Anyways, not being able to sit is really annoying and swelling is starting to get better. I weighed 159 lbs before my sx and now weigh 175 from all the fluid build up. I've been able to keep fresh by using Johnson's Hand and Face wipes in lieu of a shower. They are great and you smell like baby powder. Even my boyfriend said that he wouldn't believe that I haven't showered in 4 days.

The highlight of my day...

So now that I've gotten used to being in recovery mode, my new mission has been to figure out how I can "sit" without damaging the butt. I took a boppy pillow and folded it in half on top of a folding chair. Not the most comfortable because my thighs are still sore. But it's good for a few minutes at a time. Oh... On a side note, the boppy pillow has been great for me to sleep on my stomach without the pain on the incisions under my boobs (I got a boob job in the past and Dr. S used the same incision sites for my stomach lipo). I also lean the boppy against an ottoman and kneel on a sofa cushion to rest my feet.


Yesterday was probably the worst day of recovery. I had been showering with the foam since Monday and couldn't get the foam off until Wednesday because it was painful when I tried to take it off. Anyways, once I finally go the foam off there was a rash underneath. I didn't think anything of it and went to bed just to be woken up by a burning sensation on my back and butt crack. I called Dr. S in the morning and sent pictures. He thinks I had an allergic reaction and prescribed me meds. I was pleased with how quickly he responded (I had the meds within the hour). Anyways, I just want to share so you ladies don't make the same mistake I did.

The bathroom doesn't have to be a scary place... Lol

I had mentioned that I bought a raised toilet seat in a earlier post and I wanted to let you know that it works great, especially for # 2! It's so easy to sit on the back of your thighs and hold on to the cushioned handles. The Cottenelle flushable wipes are way better than toilet paper.

Lost 10 lbs since my surgery!!!

Now that I'm not super swollen or itchy I can focus what my body looks like. I think my legs are already thinner than the were pre-op (I've always been bottom heavy) and most of the swelling is in my stomach. I'm only 6 lbs heavier than my pre-op weight. Now it's time to focus how I'm going to hide this thing at work. I think I'm going to just stick with my pre-op slacks and wear a long chunky cardigan. Any suggestions?

Girl Talk...

I lost another 4 lbs since yesterday and 2 lbs heavier than my pre-op. But my measurements (36-31-45) are still bigger than pre-op (36-28-41) so I'm really curious to see how small really going to get. I've been drinking water, calendula flower tea and turmeric root tea like my life depends on it and spending most of my time in the bathroom because of this. I have also stayed away from salt and using fresh herbs to cook. I made the mistake of having take out one night and I thought my ankles were going to explode because of how swollen they got.

So here's the bad... I honestly hate taking of the garment because my body looks disgusting. Like its makes me a little depressed looking at it and that's why I've been taking mostly clothed pictures. The bruises, discoloration and rash are out of control. I'm sure it will go away with time but I can't wait to see Dr. S to talk to him about this. Did you girls have any of the same feelings?

The Real World...

Hey girls! The past couple days I actually left my house and did "normal" stuff.... Lol! Monday was my 1st post-op appointment with Dr. Schulman and he said things are coming along they way they should be. He did confirm that I had an allegorical reaction to the adhesive used during surgery which is pretty rare but I do have sensitive skin. He took out a total of 6 liters and injected 1250 cc's back in each check. He was even surprised about how much fat he was able to get. I wound up getting the stage 2 garment from him (looks like the stage 1 he gives you but the butt isn't cut out) because I need compression on my thighs since he got a lot of my fat out of there. I'm going to use the Vedette 403 (thanks Msbrandnew1) over my stage 2 because my waist is naturally a size smaller than the rest of me and I want to get it as small as possible.

It felt good walking around and doing things on my own (I've been pretty babied throughout my recovery thanks to my bf) but I was wiped out at the end of the day! I go back to work on Friday and I don't have a desk job so I'm sure I'll be over it by the end of the day.

Forgot to add these pics...

After walking around the mall looking for work clothes. I wore a long shirt and sweater over these leggings. Thigh high boots are perfect for covering the bottom of the garment.

Back to work...

Going back to work wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I do a lot of driving so I used a Fitness Gear Stability Disc to put under my thighs (this was recommended by Dr. Schulman). It's one of those things that people sit on to help build their core. I found one at Dick's for $25 and it's the more comfortable thing I've had to sit on. I used a boppy pillow on my back.

By the end of the day I did swell up a little bit and I don't think that me wearing heels helped the situation. I noticed that my butt is finally starting to soften up a little. My weight has been the same for the past 3 days at 156 and measurements 36-28.5-44. Dare I say "I hope my booty goes down a little more" lol!

Did you girls notice a big change from week 2 to your final results?

Pic of Fitness Stability Disc

A new way to protect your butt when sitting

Ish is Real... My Faja (waist cincher) Story....

So I went to Cara Linda's today to get my Vedette. I originally went for the 403 but wound up getting the 103. I don't know the difference but I just went with the one the lady put on me.

So I walk in and told the woman that I was looking for something to wear over my stage 2 because there isn't enough compression in the waist for me. She's trying to speak to me in Spanish the whole time and I might look like I speak Spanish when I really only speak Spanglish. Then she proceeds to put this thing on me and all sorts of curse words came out of my mouth and I told her that I'll never be able to eat again and she proceeds to just laugh. This little woman didn't realize what she was putting me through. But at the end of it all my waist looked great in it and she even sold me on this firming gel to put on underneath. Things we do to look good... Sigh!

Updated body pics

Really starting to love the body Dr. Schulman gave me :) Oh! I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that he took fat out of my saddlebags and put it just under my hips to make more of a curve.


Hey girls!!!! I got my ab board today from Lipo Express and I'm not sure how to use this thing. I put it in my garment long ways so it goes from my lower stomach to right under my ribs. Is that right?

Also, when did you notice that your butt finally stopped going down?

3 Week Update

Hey girls!!! I'm officially 3 weeks in today and this week my life is slowly starting to get back to normal. Well, work life not social life. Anyways, I changed out of my stage 1 garment 2 days early because it was way too uncomfortable to drive in. I know it sounds weird but the thong was cutting into my incision between my cheeks and making it bleed. Dr. Schulman said it was ok and I feel like a whole new woman with the stage 2 garment. I've worn the ab board for the past 2 days with it and notice a difference already in my stomach. It's super flat and I even have bloating from my period going on, on top of swelling from the sx. The ab board isn't comfortable but it works. I still sleep in the stage 1 with my Vedette on top.

I'm really loving my results so far and I hope things don't change too much. I've had to sit 3 times at work with clients but I made sure to put my weight on the back of my thighs and lean forward. I had tell my boss that I got surgery down there so she'd understand why I can't sit in my car all day unless I have my fitness disc and boppy pillow. She looked so uncomfortable she didn't ask me anymore questions lol.

I'm starting to feel a little bad about lying to my friends when they want to chill because I don't want them to know about my sx. But it will all be worth it in the end. 5 more weeks until I can sit normally again!!! Yay!

Emotional Roller Coaster

I forgot to add the I've never been this obsessed with my body. I measure and weigh myself everyday. I'm so protective of my new booty because I fear something will mess it up... Lol! I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks from 175 right after the sx when I was super swollen to 155 at week 2. My measurements are now 36-28-43

It was a completely different emotional roller coaster before the surgery because it was nervousness and excitement. Now it's curiosity, obsession and paranoia lol

"My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes!"

Hey girls!

Here's my 1 month update:
First of all I can't believe that a month has gone by already. I'm feeling pretty much back to normal. The bruises are now gone with the except of the one on my lower back, where the "scoop" is. There is some discoloration were I had my allergic reaction to the surgical glue but it gets lighter everyday. I'm still a little swollen around my calves, ankles and feet. I'm a lotta swollen in my stomach. I'm actually now considering get a professional massage because I didn't think I'd have this much swelling around my stomach at this point.

As far as sex goes... I did it at day 6 for the first time. But it was with the garment on and I felt like I was losing my virginity all over again lol! I just so paranoid about messing up my new booty but at the same time me and my bf had to "get our rocks off". Anyways, good positions are you on top with your back arched so the booty doesn't touch anything, on your back with a pillow folded under your lower back, with your legs and butt hanging off the side of the bed or from the back but make sure they take it easy back there. Always remember PROTECT THE BOOTY!

As far as work goes... The fitness disc and boppy pillow have been doing me justice. Wearing wide legged pants with long cardigans or blazers really conceals the garment, ab board and booty (if you decided not to tell your coworkers like I did). You just look 20 lbs heavier with all the gear but "who care's?". You know that you are rocking a hot body underneath it all.

I went to my first party this weekend and I must confess I went a few hours without any garments and I felt so free. I did pay for it because my stomach swelled even more. Plus I had some adult beverages and I'm sure that didn't help my situation. I wore jeans with a long shirt and one of my friends still noticed... Lol! I just told her that I have been working out and the jeans I was wearing were working overtime holding me saggy butt up. She bought it LOL!

My measurements have been holding strong at 36-28-42.5. My butt actually feels real again. I actually feel like I was born with it. I absolutely love my new body. My confidence has gone through the roof, even when I'm wearing my big loose clothes to conceal it. I hope things pretty much stay this way.

I'm going to start working out again. Not really any cardio (just to warm up) but weights to tone up.

Thanks to all of my BBL sisters for making this journey so much easier to deal with. I truly appreciate all of you.

P.S. I still don't sit

I only sit for a few minutes at a time with most of the weight on the back of my thighs. I'm still using the raised toilet seat and feminal urninal when I'm home. I'm also still sleeping on my stomach. Dr. S says you can't sit normally until week 8. Sigh!

6 week update

Hey girls!!! I'm a little past 6 weeks and life gets more and more normal as time goes back. Plus you really get used to sitting on the back of your thighs and driving while sitting on a fitness disc lol! Anyways, the booty is still at 42.5 and Dr. Schulman said it really shouldn't change much from here. I wound up buying another garment at his office when I went for my 2nd post op because the vedette is too uncomfortable and my medium stage 2 is too big in the waist. I got the small Marena thong and it's ok. Just a pain to pull up and down like I think I might have pulled a muscle the first time I pulled it up lol. I only wear the garment when I get home from work on most days so it's not too bad. There's still numbness in my stomach but Dr. Schulman that's normal at this point. I also experience those tingling sensations from time to time. But everything is worth it for the body that I have now. Even the ugliest clothes look good on me...LOL! My old pants are a size 8 and they are now big in the waist and legs but not the butt :) Putting them on for the first time was probably my happiness moment post sx. Oh! I've noticed more attention from men and women when I'm out. A guy even came up to my boyfriend and shook his hand to let him know that he was a lucky man... Lol! It's all weird to me because I'm shy and really don't like having attention on me but it's whatever.


Hey girls!!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was getting way too obsessed with my body and had to take a step back. Plus, I got engaged so things have been crazy!!! I guess the booty made him put a ring on it...LOL! Anyways, it's been 13 weeks since my sx and I'm still loving the results. I did have an issue when I went for my post op visit. I had a small lump under the skin on my right cheek and I didn't think anything of it. Well, it got bigger, really red and painful within a few days of me seeing Dr. S! I sent him a picture of it and he thought it was a localized infection and put me on antibiotics for 5 days. It wound up going down a lot but I still have a mark from it. I also still have the marks from my reaction to the adhesive. I'm still using the Bio Oil daily and sometimes twice a day if I'm good about. Things are definitely fading but it feels like it's taking forever. I'm so happy it's not summer.

After the 8 week mark it stopped going down. Honestly it pretty much held steady from about week 6. I've only lost half an inch since then. The only difference is that it settled. I don't have the bubble at the top like I used to. But I already knew that was going to happen because of my loose skin.

I still wear my old clothes but they are really big in the waist. Everywhere else fits fine. So I'm guessing I went from a 8 to a 6. I get compliments all the time from men and women. It's definitely weird to get so much attention. I feel like I was born with this body thanks to Dr. Schulman. Although, the sides of my stomach still feel numb at times and I'll randomly get sharp shooting pains where I got the lipo except in my thighs. Maybe because they have been lipo'ed before.... Who knows? Oh! I never wear the garment anymore. I was too happy to stop with them right after the 8 week mark.

I wish everyone a speedy recovery and thank you to all the girls that were there to support me throughout my journey.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I decided to go with Dr. Matthew Schulman because I did not want to travel and he had the best before and after pictures in NYC. He is a nice guy. He actually remembered me when I came back to his office with a friend for their consultation.

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