Schulman Gal... Almost 2years now

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So I'm really nervous and anxious to get this...

So I'm really nervous and anxious to get this procedure done. I have been doing tons of research and was looking into going to Florida but my husband said "hey there's gotta be a great doctor in NYC that does this" and I think he was right (based on photos and his reviews of course). I went for a consultation and at first I was very nervous- I mean sheeesh the only other man to ever see me naked is my husband and even with him I try to suck it in a bit. Funny thing is when the Doctor came in he said to me "don't look so terrified" I can just imagine what the look on my face looked like to him.. I laughed a bit and that kinda of made me feel better, I dropped that robe.. He was very nice and straight to the point. We discussed how big I wanted to go and all of that other stuff but my biggest concerns to him were my asthma and keeping it under control before, during and after surgery. He reassured me that they would take the precautions necessary to make sure everything goes well. They gave me some dates for surgery, a folder with some more information and pricing. My husband was a bit suprised with the price he thought that it's just such little work being done for a high amount. I mean yes I thought it was a bit pricey myself but my life and health are priceless. I should be booking my date this week, i hope it's still available since it's right around the corner.

I just wish he had more reviews up. There were a few, but the ladies that posted don't seem to keep up with them.

Wish pics...

Obsessed with booties. I'm looking to book my date next week. Here are a few wish pics.

Wish pic

Love her hips

Wish pic


Wish pic

Hoping he can achieve this look fore.

It's official... Booking my date this week! Dr. Schulman

Hubby said we can book this week. Now I just need to get a list if things I'm going to need before surgery. Don't have much time since I'd like to schedule for mid to late November 2013. Any ladies recently gone with Dr. Schulman?

Today would have been the day. I'm one sad gal

I was supposed to go in for surgery today but was unable to secure this date due to some things that came up... I'm one sad gal!!

Hoping to get it done by March 2014.

Got my May Date with Schulman...

After bouncing back and forth with Dr's, I've decided to stick to my first choice... I'm gonna be a Schulman girl.. I've seen more of his work and I think that he can give me the shape I want or at least get pretty close to it. I will now take these couple of months to prep for my surgery. I'm glad I'm staying close to home. I will try my best to keep you all updated.

57 more days to go.... Dr. Schulman here I come...

Already started taking my vitamins, getting supplies ready and have my appointments booked for clearance in mid to late April. I've been seeing more of his work here and he's just getting better and better... Can't wait!!

28 days til I'm a Schulman Gal!!!

Got pulmonary clearance today (was my biggest concern). Primary appt next week, surgery paid in full and I couldn't be more excited. I've been purchasing supplies here and there. I also purchased a ginormous bean bag to possibly sleep on in case I'm not comfortable in my bed. I've also gotta do some spring cleaning and get rid of some clothing that don't fit me now so I'm sure they won't fit after the surgery. I have my moments where I'm like "why am I doing this, what if something goes wrong". I should just be happy with the body I have..... But then I find myself depressed when I have to dress up and go somewhere because I don't like how anything fits me... I'm all over the place... I know in the end it'll all be worth it..

Some wish pics.

Here are a few pics from Schulman's website... I would def like more volume but this is close enough to the waist and scoop I'd like...

8 more days- Schulman Doll

Finally had the courage to posts pre-op pictures. Surgery is in 8 days and it doesn't seem real. There's a ton of emotions that I have been experiencing... All I can say is I'm pretty anxious to get it over with.

Pre-op photos



Tomorrow is the big day... 5/22 Dr. Schulman

So tomorrow is the big day. I hope I have everything prepared. I feel like I'm missing something but can't think of what. My mom will be here along with the hubby to help. I feel like I should be more nervous but for some reason I'm not. I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow as the time gets closer. I'm really looking forward to getting the healing started. I will try to have my mom post photos after the surgery... Thank you ladies for all of your updates and information. It has really made this prep and decision easier... I'll see you ladies on the other side..

I made it to the other side...

Hey ladies, so my surgery was yesterday and I'm so glad it's over with. I was in some pain yesterday from laying on my back at the hospital and the car ride home. Once I got home u had some oatmeal to take y meds and Wales around a bit. Besides the soreness, I don't feel too bad.

I had some trouble getting up for the bathroom where my husband had to help me but I wanted to get myself used to it me doing it on my own. I was able to lift myself up 2x to walk around. Not too bad!

Surgery day:
So surprising to me we got to the office and the entire wait I was really really calm. That actually scared me a bit. I told nurse J that and she said "that's because your ready for this". All that changed when Dr. schulman walked in. Lol .. Knees started trembling, hands started shaking.. But he cracked a few jokes and I was able to calm my nerves.

Surgery is over, I'm home now, and it's Friday. Still feeling sore but bearable. I'll update with more details later.

Again thank you ladies for all the support.. Xoxo

Day 3 & 4

So day 3 had to be the worst day everrrrrr. I was nauseous the entire day. I couldn't keep anything down. Then the worst part was when I actually threw up ohhhhhh lord the pain. That happened about 2 or 3 times. That for me was the worst.

Day 4: no nausea and the soreness is much the only thing I'm experiencing is like a pulled nerve pain under my left arm. I have been massaging it and putting ice it feels better but the pain is there. Like a pinching. I have also been feeling like I have to go #2 and I'm hoping I can hold off till tomorrow since it's SHOWER day. I'm really looking forward too getting these pads off. Other than that all is moving along... I'll post pics soon.

Excuse any typos...

Day 6

So today is day six feeling a bit better I had my first shower yesterday and my first bowel movement. I was also able to remove all of the foam after my second attempt later in the day yesterday with my husband he had to pick up some unisolve it's the same thing as medisol. Helped wonders we were able to remove every single piece of foam feel much better I don't feel so tight now.

Have my first appointment with Dr. Shulman on Thursday hopefully I'm healing as expected.

My appetite has not returned but I have forced myself to eat whether it's fruits, cereal, toast and eggs making sure I always have something in my stomach. I have been taking my meds I stopped taking my pain medication a couple of days ago because it just wasn't agreeing with my stomach so for pain I just take Tylenol Extra Strength. Recovery hasn't been as bad only when I was nauseous the worst part I would have to say is not being able to sit. I have to figure out a comfortable way to sit down and maybe eat I usually eat standing. Wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and all these angels on real self you guys have been wonderful giving me all this advice talk to you soon....
Excuse any typos...


More photos

Here are a few more photos...

Follow up later today....

So today is my follow up appt. I'm excited to hear how I'm healing. Last night was a bit rough with the swelling and stiffness. But after moving/walking around for awhile, I felt better and was able to go back to sleep. Waking up every 3-4 hrs now. I nervous to go outside but I guess that's expected. Haven't brushed my hair in awhile. Lol.. Can't wait to get back to the normal simple things like that. I go back to work in another week and hope by that time I'm outta this garment and in another style garment.

I'll keep you ladies posted about post-op details. Thanks Dolls xoxo..


Here's the pic of the seat my uncle picked up for me. Seems to work butt off chair..

So far so good...

So I've been walking more and more everyday. It feels good to walk. I honestly think the worst part of the surgery is not being able to sit. Other than that it's been tough but not as bad as I thought. I was trying in some bathing suit bottoms and the hubby was like Omgeeee I have to take a photo so here it is.

VS bottom

Been back to work for 1 week now, my 2 week.

So Ive been back to work for 1 week know and all is well. First couple of days I swelled up some especially my legs and feet. This is my second week and I feel about 100% back to normal. Only problem is not being able to sit normally. Other than that I feel great. I have def lost some projection :( But I guess that was expected after the swelling went down. I've already had 2 follow ups with the Dr and he said I'm healing wonderfully. I must say he was very discreet with my incisions. I can barely find them. (He hid some in my tattos). He told me he got 5.3 liters of fat from my belly and back. He injected 1075cc into each cheek (I was hoping for more). But all in all I must say he did a great job. The hubby seems to be very happy with the results so that's a plus. I haven't measured myself nor do I want too. I think I'll drive myself crazy if I lose an inch.

Finally some jeans.

So I decided to swear some jeans to work today (with some stretch) while I am happy with my waist and overall procedure. I can't help but feel like it's getting much smaller. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I can't help it. I have been following all the rules especially no sitting but I don't know. I'm already thinking about a 2nd round.... Sheesh...

So many emotions..

So I'm into my 5th week I've been in a roller coaster of emotions. I think between pmsing and not being able to sit my mind has been on a roll. I know it's probably to soon to tell what my body is going to look like but you can't help but wonder and fear that after the recovery and money spent you won't get what you want.

I've decided to not dwell on these things anymore. I have my health and a better figure than what I had before and I have to thank the good Dr for that. I also want to thank you ladies here on RS for giving me piece of mind.
I must say that I did go to the beach and def got a lot of attention in my 2 piece. I must say that they are obviously seeing something I wasn't.

One thing I didn't get was a booty shot- Next time..

Almost 6 weeks

So here are a fr photos I took. I a few days shy if 6 weeks in. I've been experiencing some burning sensations on my back and sides (I hear it's normal). I wear my girdle almost all day and night switching between stage one and two. My husband had to take in the stage one 2 inches on each side (he used to be a tailor) . I wasn't trying to spend another $100 on a smaller one. I'm looking into finally purchasing a vedette waist cincher.. All in all I'm feeling good. Earlier this week I had to sit in the car for a 10-15 minute car drive. Nearly lost my mind. But I had to sit since I was with my boss on my way to a mtg. Couldn't ask her to let me lay down in the back.. Lol..

I have anoth appt on the 11th. Can't wait to finally sit in 2-3 weeks..

6 weeks in...


So I have a wedding on the 4th and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to sit without looking awkward.

I'm obsessed with my waist, I really love how my body looks naked (and in clothing). I have ordered my vedette 102 in a medium. I should be getting it this week. Ive been feeling that burning sensation a lot in my lower back but nothing I can't handle.

Have a wonderful 4th ladies xoxo

Dress I wore to wedding

Here's a pic of the dress I wore to the wedding...

12 weeks today

So my bootytang is 12 weeks today. She's held up pretty good. I have my days where she looks smaller and my days where she's just perfect. I guess we all go through this roller coaster of emotions. I still wear my waist trainer, and girdle at night. So far so good..

Schulman booty 3 months old.

So I finally made it to 3 months and it looks like this is the final size. I learned to love it. At first I thought it was on the small side but I think at this point it fits my body frame. Overall I'm satisfied with it. Clothes for so much better and my bikinis. Haven't really gone shopping yet. I wanted to wait until my final results.

4mths and 1 week old. She's holding up...

Booty is holding up. At this point I must say I'm overall satisfied. Clothes look amazing and I don't hesitate when purchasing them. Before going out I would change about 3 times, now it's the very first thing I put on. Oh and it's a major bonus that the Hubster is OBSSESSED!!!

A few more photos

Some before and afters.

Holding up

I don't have much to say other that my bootay is holding up.

More photos

I hope you guys don't get tired of me posting photos, I just like to keep everyone updated even if just with photos..

Nothing much to say but here's a photo..

Full back and hips.

Here's the best back shot I got, hips have held up..

Vacay pics.

Some vacay pics, wish I had taken more photos.

ABS are showing.

Abs are showing... Waist getting smaller.. Loving my shape.

Love my results but already thinking about 2nd round.

I have a love/like relationship with my results. There are days I'm extremely satisfied with my results and some days I'm looking forward to a 2nd round. I knows butt is bigger than what it was but I think I want it a little bigger..


She's still there but I get a bit obsessive.. I'm almost 7 months in..

I'm loving these jeans.. Soft stretch.. Booty looking nice.

Happy holidays ladies. Just wanted to update you all. It's been 7 months since me procedure and I'm pretty darn happy with the results. Although I go through my mixed emotions about it, I can honestly say Dr. Schulman did a fantastic job. Hope you all have a safe and healthy New Year..


Hope you all brought in the New Year with happy thoughts and with fan and friends..

8 months post op

She doing well... Haven't gained nor lost any weight.

Just 1 more

Just one more back shot for today.

9 month review...

So I think I've officially gone through the "fluffing" stage. Booty has really formed into my body. It actually looks bigger and better. Before I would see it with different clothes and it always looked sometimes bigger sometimes smaller. Now it looks the same in everything big and round. Couldn't be happier..


Just looking back at photos.. AMAZING..

11 months in.. She's really filling in.

On April 22md she'll be 11 months old. She's really filled in and rounded out. I feel like my shape just gets better with time.

Front and back---Schulman did that..

Before and after in bathing suit

So you guys can really see the transformation..

Side profile

Not the best or clearest, but you get the idea..

Almost bikini season.

I would NEVER have worn this before. EVER..My husband loved it so much he ordered 2 more.

Can't wait to be on the islands...

Almost 1 year later

So it's been almost 1 year. I just recently went in for after photos with Dr Schulman. Although I have been posting quite a few here, I'm anxious to see his before and after photos. Here are a few I've taken myself..

Still going strong..

Not much to say but wanted to share some photos.

Almost 1 year- 9 months later..

It's been almost 2 years and she's still hanging around. Not much to report. Just wanted to add some photos..

1 year- 9 month update.

Just some more photos.

Thinking about round 2 but still extremely satisfied with my results behind.

Just adding a few photos. It's be 2 1/2 years approx.

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