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Hi Everyone, I am officially a part of the...

Hi Everyone,

I am officially a part of the Schulman Family, I went for my consultation with him on last Friday and I booked on the spot. I knew I would though, I had already done a lot of background research on him so I knew he would be awesome and meeting him only confirmed by research.

My story goes a little something like this, I've always been the "pretty" girl to others but I have always been insecure about my body. I have NEVER had a butt, and for a long time I felt like I could just buy a pair of jeans to make it look right and that was enough. Well the older I got ( Im 32 now by-the-way) The more insecure I got, and the more I look at my body I HATE it. I mean I don't think I'm unattractive because of it, I just know I could look so much better if I wasn't carrying around a pancake! (hehe) and now that Im older and have had a child my stomach has become a problem , so now I have this 3 month pregnant looking belly and no-butt ( yea.. not really what I see as sexy)

So after looking into this procedure for some time now I decided to have a consult and do something for me. Me doing this is solely for me, my self esteem, and just feeling comfortable with my body.

With that being said I am so excited and scared ... I really can not wait to just finally have a butt lol I know that sounds shallow and vein but it's true ..lol.. I just want to fill out some sweats and be confident with my body in a room full of women. This is what I need.. so pray for me as my days get closer..

When should I start purchasing things?

Hi my fellow BBL ladies I am about 2 months out from my surgery. Im just wondering when did you all start buying things for the sx? Should I start now? Any feedback or advice on what to do pre-op to make my post-op better is soooo much appreciated!!!

Thanks Ladies- I will add pre-op pics soon as well as wish pics

2 months post op - Calling All Vets!!! (Post-op)


Okay so I am increasingly becoming addicted to this site! haha- But No it really is therapy because its therapeutic to talk to and listen to people who feel like you.
Well I come to you in needed!!!

At what point did you ladies start purchasing things for the recovery process? Are the things really expensive? Many people share the same type of list any feedback on "must haves"?

Im all ears and eager to hear back from you ladies

Post op Pic -

As you all can see Im not extremely big but my arms are bigger than I like and I hate them equally as my Butt .. if you wanna call it a butt lol there is nothing there.. I def need some shape add.. I feel like I am a box out-side of clothes... I have no idea how I pull off shape at times..

Wish Pic's

Here are some pics that i feel are ideal for me .. I really hope after this investment I am happy .. so far all my schulman dolls are so I think I will be :)

One pic is a before and after I think I should be able to achieve and the second is just body at its best

Sorry Gals I have been putting Post-Op when I meant to say PRE-OP

lol- I think I have been looking at so much Post-op reviews that I just put Post-op under everything haha- No I am Pre-op .. My photo is Pre-op ..

Before Pics

Hi ladies .. here are some pictures to show you my struggle.. so my stomach projection is ridiculous I literally hold it in all day, so on a normal day its not this noticeable but I know its there and I hate it. I can loose my belly with exercise not gonna lie I have done it before, the problem is when I work out and loose my belly any slight sighting that I have of a butt goes bye bye.. so I just rather keep some weight on so my butt somewhat appears to be present.

Here ya go- I cant wait to be able to compare these to after pics


I wonder what type of reaction girls that have already had the surgery get from people who don't know they had it. Like how obvious is it that a butt has suddenly appeared? I may have to stay off the scene for a while and make like i'm working out and things so its less of a dramatic shock when people see me post op! If anyone has stories please share

Has anyone ever..

I find myself envisioning how everything will fit Post op! lol Every time I get dressed Im like hmm this is going to look so much better post op! I just cant wait to have projection its like a dream come true!

I'm really nervous for post op recovery .. but I am following a lot of Schulman angels they all look awesome and Im definitely taking notes on to do and not to do. So far sounds like week 1 is the toughest and it gets better as the weeks move on.

Glade this is happening in the fall .. because by summer I plan on showing out!! ladies hehe- most importantly Im so happy to have found this site to be able to share my feelings and track recovery and you guys feelings.. love my virtual sisters!!

I have a whole list of what to get- I just dont know when I should start buying what- so any feedback on that would be great..

Talk to you all soon - and I will post updated pics soon as well

Wish pics

her tummy is a little smaller than he may be able to get mine but I want her sized butt.. not to big.. but projection and appears realistic!

Check out my wish pics

Quick Question Ladies

Did Dr. Schulman say to anyone if he prefers you use the butt in or butt out garment? like what his preference is? I am having lipo to my arms so I want a garment that covers my arms but also has the butt out- I feel like the butt out would just be better but I dont know- any feedback on this ladies? I would really Appreciate it..


Got My Physical and Blood Work Done!

Hi Ladies just a little update - I am about a week shy of being one month away from my sx date. I had an appointment with my PCP the past Monday on the 13th of Jan, which is the week before I hit my one month Mark- I told her I was having Lipo and that I would be needing to get the pre-surgery blood work done and a full exam- she gave me the exam and said she could most likely take the blood as well. Well I called Doc. Schulman office to make sure it would be okay and not a problem if I got the physical and blood work done a week before 30 days and he said it is not a problem at all!

So I have gotten my physical and my blood work - this weekend I will go the hospital that my PCP is affiliated with to get my Chest xray and the EKG.

Time is winding down and I am getting really excited/nervous- I have a mix of feelings- I have gained a little weight I was 170 now Im 180 im 5'6 though so I dont look fat but outside of clothes this gutt!! Is Killing me- and I hate that my butt does not project and match the size of my hips! Lets pray Schulman fixes that. Pics coming soon. Trying to wait till Im 1 month out to post pics.

Exactly One Month Post-OP Shopping Time

Hi Ladies,

Okay so I have begun my shopping for some of the things that I feel would benefit me most post op, Today I got gauze pads, tape for the gauze pads, peroxide, gloves for my mom- she will be taking care of me :) , my Arnicare gel for the swelling, got a gentle laxative in case is have issues with moving my bowles, dramamine for nausea,and I started taking my multi vitamin (Nature Made Multi - for her). Online I am purchasing my foam pads to sit my thighs on so my booty can hang off and not have pressure applied, a female urinal, and last but not least Medi-sol!

I think Im off to a good start- Ladies if you think there is something that I'm missing that I really need to have - Please let me know

Thanks to my ladies that have put up list and guides on what is needed - Very! Very! helpful!!

25 Days Post OP

Okay ladies my time is winding down like crazy!! Only one more week left in January and then I am in my surgery month! Feb!! I'm just honestly ready to get the recovery on and going, I have lots of support from my mom and sis, absolutely no-one else knows! I have been taking my vitamins and I think that I am just ready. I have an appointment with Dr. S feb 7th to meet one last time before, after being on the site and really analyzing my body I think I have a pretty reasonable expectation of what I want.

I really more than anything want this stomach gone!! and some projection! I trust that Dr. S will hook me up. Ive posted some more before pics .. Thinking these will be my last- Till I do the big reveal- Hay that less than 30 days away!!

Very excited as you all can see- Talk to you all soon xoxo


So I forgot to give you all my Post op Measurments
Doubt they change much from today to surgery day
Height 5'6
Weight 180 lbs ( no-one ever things I weigh this much) I guess I carry it well
Bust 39
Waist 35
hips 43
Arms 13 1/2 - top middle of arm (between shoulder and elbow) - I am having them lipo'ed

Okay so I am having Lipo to my flanks, upper (bra roll) and lower back, stomach, and arms. (no thighs) my thighs are fine- I only want fat taken from my upper body and whatever can be used for the bottom - Filllllerrrrup!! haha

After surgery and healing I'm looking to measure
Height 5'6 ( I don't plan on shrinking in height) haha
Weight: between 150 and 160 max (this is my usual weight before I got bigger)
Bust: 36 or 34 (should loose back fat inches across my back)
Waist 28 or 29 ( I know this will require Gym and exercise)
hips between 45 and 47 ( lifted with projection)
Arms: between a 10 and a 11( I hate big arms, hopefully they get even smaller, will be working these out as well)

I wont start any working out till atleast 6-8 months post op, I think its best to just try to eat good and heal for the first 6 months - I will do light cardio like power walking, but most important the way I eat will change.

Welp wish me luck - I have a plan - lol - hopefully it works - you know what they say "If you fail to plan... you plan to fail" lol

Above is Pre-op Measurements not Post- Sorry Ladies..

Thats suppose to say Pre-op measurements

Paid in Full- Went to Pic up my Prescriptions

hi Ladies so I am 12 days Pre-op! Wow - My day is approaching- I cant really explain the feeling I have inside- I'm Anxious, yet Nervous as hell, I've read so many stories and honestly healing can go one way or another - I do wonder how many ladies started taking the Arnica Forte before, and after and if that really helped with the progression of healing.
I know that many factors play a significant role in healing like "smoking" if you are a smoker you should have quit atleast 1 month before sx- and at least 6 months after- They say smoking can stop you from retaining the fat.
Sitting.. Im going to shoot this question off to Dr. S office, but I'm curious to know what the myth's are and what the pure facts are- Like do you have to wait a month or two months what is the true waiting period on sitting, and when will it not make a difference.
I am just praying for good results, My next post will be on the 14th of feb. Valentines Day!! Wishing you all a very happy Valentines day that day, I will also be pre-paying for my alternate stage 2 garment, and stage 1 that day, and then just picking up my very last minute things before sx.
Well happy Journey to everyone!! Almost to the other side :)


Oh yea I know ppl complain about the pain- Dr. S prescribed me Hydrocodone- did any of you take this? how did it work?

And the anti- biotic - do you all feel it helped with stopping infections? I know some ppl were victims to infections that they had to treat- wondering if those ladies were on an antibiotic and if so which one.

6 days till SX- Im Nervous!!!!!!

hehe- hi Ladies!!! So my time is coming faster than these snow storms we keep getting on the east coast! lol - I am nervous, yet very anxious, and curious to see exactly how horrid by recovery will be.. I'm praying that it is quick and that I don't have to much pain, I trust Dr. S I know that he will do me well.. I will be crossing over to the other side soon ladies!! Is there anything that you feel I really need to know? Please Share

3 days!!!!

Ladies .. It's getting real!! In 3 days I will of have crossed over to the other side!! OMG to not be the girl with the flatt butt (as I was just telling my sis Ellie890) is going to be a dream come true.. I am excited and I just cant wait..

Here is a little info- So if you Choose Dr. Schulman as your doc. you will recieve a call from Rachel - The patient coordinator the week before your sx- I just got mine last week. She will give you your sx time. I was told my sx time is 8am but I need to be there by 7:15 so Im guessing I will have a final consult with Schulman see the anesthesiologist, and fill out any additional paperwork between 7:15 and 8. At 8 transformation begins!!

Now I don't know how well they will be with sticking to the schedule- But I will let you all know how it goes afterwards.

I made it to the other side!!

Hiiii ladies everything went we'll n mom is taking great care of me. Thank you for your we'll wishes n when I'm better I will share more

Update-day 2 post op

Okay so this recovery is no joke! Lol mainly because you are stiff as heck. So far drinking lots and lots and lots of fluids have been helping As we'll as the arnica gel in the bruising. Pain meds not really working , the hardest part is getting in and out the bed. Omg because it hurts so much to use your tummy muscles at all. I've been drinking water, ginger ale, and ginger tea. I don't really have a appetite but you have to eat with meds so I try to eat fruit and boiled egg and my mom has made me a big thing of homemade soup (no salt). Oh and ice packs! Lol they are helping some with the swelling. I will try to get pictures up as soon as I can thanks girls.

First shower Was Monday

Ughhhh girls where do I began?!?! Lol okay So Monday Morning I removed the garment for the first time oh and btw still no bowl movement.
This booty is huge! Lol he took out 3 thousand cc of fat from the front upper body and 4 thousand cc of fat from the back upper body.
He was only able to fit 1250cc in each check but let me tell you he got my waist really small and this booty is soooo big lol it has to go down some.
Now back to the shower I stood up n held on to my mom while my sister unbuttoned n unzipped the front of the garment. I then layed face down while they pulled the garment off. Next I used all 3 bottles of the Medi-sole n removed the foam. Which was a task but def. helped. You literally can not get it off without that stuff. Now after you take it off there may be a clear like sheet still left on your skin. Try to get it alllllllll off before putting the garment back on or like myself you will regret it because it will irritate your skin. I'm taking care of it tho so it's only a minor set back.
So far I love the results I just need my booty to go down a little lol it's huge girls lol. We'll any questions let me know.

And just in case I do not post by Thursday I want to wish my sistah!! Elli890 a safe and speedy recovery n blessings that everything goes we'll on Thursday.

Talk to you all soon and as soon as I'm able to edit my background I will post pictures.

Here are the Pics!!

Lol okay ladies I hope you all can see we'll I tried to capture it. I took one in this skirt i have to show how it is in clothes. My waist is small as I heal I will get better pics.

First BM!! And Requested Pics

Hi ladies okay so yesterday I had my first BM! Thank you Jesus! Lol happened for me on day 6! I was starting to feel like it was never going to happen! And yes it makes you feel a little better. My experience was I didn't want to go with my garment on. I had my mom pull it down, she laced the tub with garbage bags I sat on the edge of the tub on my thighs booty hanging off and I let her ripppp!! Hahaa tmi I know but just sharing how you guys that have not had it yet may want to plan. It was a success and my mom was able to easily discard.

I also have pics of me before and after of my arms and my hips from the front n from the side.


You see more of the difference in person. They def. were bigger than they are now. But you can't tell that much from the pic. The hip change is much more obvious.

2 weeks today!!

Okay ladies so it's Thursday n today officially marks my 2nd week post op! My oh my it's been a process. Okay so at this point getting in and out of bed although still not back to normal is better than it was and I don't need any help. I still have bruising on my arms and my upper thighs near groin, not a lot but some.

Didn't realize how badly I would just want to sit the hell down normally! Lol I've been working from home since the Monday after my surgery and doing assignments from school online. I did not have a problem with doing either. I have another week or so working from home which I think will be enough time.

This Friday I have my follow up with schulman. My butt has went down a little n gotten softer. Still not completely soft but def. making progress from where I started. My stomach feels hard n tight allll the time. It's like the last very uncomfortable thing. Stage one garment I'm still in I guess I'll see about sizing for stage two Friday.

Welp that's about it ladies any questions feel free to ask. :)

Booty pic

Here is a the booty ..I have on a bathing suite .. Fits nice girls lol... But here is a pic this is me 2 weeks post-op my first follow-up visit is Tom.

Awesome Follow-up Today!

Hiii My Dolls!! Today was really good. I'm not in pain or anything like that I'm actually like 80% back. I still have tenderness on my tummy and my sides :( good news is my butt is actually getting soft and feeling like a normal butt! Hehe!
Today I went for my follow-up with Schulman, I got my second stage garment and some scare cream. I also have the epidermal scare silicone I'll let you all know which works better.
So dr. S let me know he took 7.5 liters of fat out all together and he put 1250 in both cheeks :) I gotta say my butt really fits my frame. He was soooo amazed with the size of my waist! Lol he said I'm putting you on my website! Lol I think he managed to impress himself! Hehe .. He wanted to wait until next visit to take pics n such so we will see how much smaller this waist gets.

Overall good day, and I'm feeling good I'll just be happy when the lipo'd areas get softer and I can sit!!!! Week 8 where are you!! Lol gosh i can't wait to lay in my back n sit!! Lol
Any questions just ask below ladies:* smooches to you all!!

almost 3 weeks gang

Okay ladies so I have started to go out and drive! lol I have been using a pocket book filled with towels, I place it under my thighs and sit with my booty hanging off! works like a charm. I feel normal guys But I still have soreness on my stomach and under my arms. No pain just sensitive to touch and a little sore. I start my second garment this thursday but I know I will still be in my stage one as well.

My booty has definitely went down, but now its more soft and and the size is reasonable, because that thing was bodacious out of surgery lol I was like is this thing going to go down!! hehe- but yes it did a lot!! I was a little paranoid the other day.. I told my mom I hope it does not go down any more.. the size it is now is good If it goes down more I could potentially be disappointed.

So hopefully I don't loose any more booty.. with my waist being small if def. helps I think I will take measurements at like the one month mark. Well thats my update ladies any questions feel free to ask below.

My question to my vets is- when did the lipo areas stop being sore? and when does fluffing start? and T what week would you say your booty was constant from- like you stopped loosing at what week?

Tom. Makes 3 weeks thank you Jesus!

Hehe 3 weeks down 5 more to go before I can sit -_- lol .. Like really?! I feel like it's been months!! Lol

You now how we get when we feel better! Lol we want everything back to normal! Lol Anyhew I'm sticking it out!

I wear my garment every day! Night n day I live in this thing. Tom. Is my last day in my stage one during the day. On Friday I switch to my phase 2 during the day, but I will be wearing my stage 1 at night to bed.

Here are some pics at 3 weeks I'm not gonna post pics again unless there is a true change in how I look now. We'll not until like week 6 or so almost at the 8 week mark.

By that time we will see if in about the same or if there is significant changes in the booty.

Week 6!!! Moving into Week 7!

Hiiii ladies okay .. So let me just say my recovery has not been bad .. It's actually been rather good.. But with that said there are hurdles!
Week 3 I stopped waking up every few hours I started sleeping through the whole night around week 3.
Week 4-5 My mind was playing tricks on me!! Sometimes this booty looked big and nice and sometimes I felt like it was shrinking!!! Lol I was feeling a little down about it going down to much but that was all in my head the booty is fine lol.

That brings me to week 6! Here are my updates
Sleeping is not a problem
Booty not a problem
Sitting lord I'm so ready to sit! I have not sat and applied pressure to my booty since I had the sx.
And let's just say we all have different situations we will be in where you will need to sit! Let's just say you need to be creative and wait the 8 weeks!
Now the Lipo areas! Basically my upper body arms, stomach, flanks, all that HEADACHE!! Lol I mean I'm just ready for it to be healed. I'm not in pain in those areas but I am sore as heck!! And very sensitive to touch! Messages probably are a good idea.. I personally message myself but I think I'm going to get a message soon.
I spoke to Dr. Schulman during my last visit which was last Friday and he told me the Lipo areas take months!!!! To heal! Ughhh
Outside of the soreness and tenderness if my upper body I feel 100% back to normal!

I exercise once so far and kept it light .. If I push it to much I know I can still swell so I'm gonna just wait the 8 weeks before doing by anymore .. And let me tell ya!! Lol I tried to run!! hunny this booty felt so heavy!!! Lmaoo I had to stop it feels very funny when I run.
Welp that's about it.
As far as garnets I'm wearing my stage 2 during the day and my stage 1 at night. Dr. Schulman told me to stop wearing the stage one ughhh I'm trying to ween off I guess.
We'll any questions just let me know ladies I know it's been a while since I checked in but I'm here ????????

8 Weeks!!! I Can Sit!!!

Lol so thank The Lord the time had come 8 weeks post op and hunny I'm sitting my butt down. It's the last peice of normal life finally returned. I am 99% back! My tummy area still feels tight n a little sore but it's not unbearable.

I am just using stuff for dark spots now they trying to get skin nice I use biotin.

Here are my pics! Any questions let me know xoxo n happy healing to you all :*
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Matthew Schulman is the truth ladies and gents! He listens, he knows his stuff, and he is highly respected by his peers! (That's important!) most importantly he will make you looking Amazing!!! This man changed my life his skill set is beyond words and I highly recommend him to you ladies looking to enhance your beauty.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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