EIGHT months post-op - Dr. Schulman doll NYC

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I've been researching and talking about getting a...

I've been researching and talking about getting a BBL procedure for YEARS, as i'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat. Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schulman in NYC. I really liked this one doctor located in Miami, and of course the price is a few thousand cheaper, but I decided on staying in NYC because for one, I live here and what better place to heal than in the comfort of my own home and secondly, after tons of research, I feel like Dr. Schulman is the one that will produce the results that I am looking for! Thank you to all who had surgery with Dr. Schulman and wrote their reviews/experiences here on RealSelf, it was VERY helpful! So as I was saying, a few weeks ago I booked the consultation and went on 11/6/15. I really wasn't sure if I was going to book the surgery that same day or not, I really just wanted to learn more about the BBL process, meet Dr. Schulman and then take it from there. So let me tell you about the consultation process. The girls at the front desk were extremely friendly & the waiting room is cozy! I arrived about 15 min before my appointment and I already had the demographic form filled out that you can print right from Dr. Schulman's website. I brought into the back room immediately by the first girl (sorry, I don't know what their official 'titles' are) but she went over the demographic form and then asked me about my expectations. I showed her the Wish Pic that I posted here. She then let me change into a robe and Dr. Schulman came in shortly afterwards. It was very easy to speak to him, I didn't feel rushed, I didn't really have too many questions because they give you a paper that has 'Frequently Asked Questions', which pretty much answers everything! I immediately felt a positive vibe with Dr. Schulman. I showed him my Wish Pic, he let me know what he could achieve, and next thing you know, I met with another girl in a different office and I was booking my surgery! I can't believe that after years of looking at other girls' photos, researching the surgery, 'jokingly' telling my friends that I want the surgery, that I am actually getting it done, and VERY SOON! I booked my surgery on Monday, December 21st. I figured, why not bring in the new year with a new booty! I don't celebrate Christmas so that won't affect me, and I get to incorporate two holidays (Christmas and New Years day) into my two weeks off that I am requesting from work. So technically, I am only requesting 8 work days from work :) Also, my birthday is on December 27th, so Happy Birthday to me! My price includes fat transfer from the flanks, upper back, lower back, and inner thighs. I decided to spend the extra $3500 to also get lipo in my stomach area - why not, right? Lol. So yeah I am pretty much freaking out that years of dreaming about getting this surgery will become a reality in a little over a month! So now I am researching about what necessary items to purchase so I am fully prepared for post-op! I know Dr. Schulman has a post-op kit that he sells for $350 - any Dr. Schulman dolls purchased this? Is it worth it rather than buying essential items separately? The kit includes an additional stage 1 garment, a stage 2 garment, Arnica bruising supplement, one sheet of lipo foam, scar gel, and contouring recovery cream. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I will definitely document my entire journey!


Okay so after researching everything I will need post-op, I decided that I will be purchasing Dr. Schulman's recovery kit for $350, it seems like a great deal. I put what's included in his kit in my previous post. On top of that, I'm thinking of buying the following: Yoga pants/stretch pants, because it seems that I shouldn't be wearing jeans for a couple months and it's too cold for maxi dresses! Benadryl - in case I get really itchy as some girls have said they experienced Multi-vitamins - for pre and post surgery, I see that a website called makemeheal.com has a pre and post multi vitamin kit that I will most likely get. The booty buddy - it's currently sold out! I'm hoping it gets back in stock soon, it looks like the perfect thing to use so if you need to sit, you don't put pressure on the butt! Female urinal - self explanatory lol Pineapple juice - I've read that this helps with tissue recovery after surgery Raised toilet seat - when it comes time for bowel movements , some ladies said this was very helpful Feel free to add to my list ! All suggestions are greatly appreciated ! I feel like my surgery date (12/21/15) will be here before I know it!


So I know that some Drs use a drain and some don't. Dr. S, my doctor of choice, doesn't use drains. Any suggestions of what to do postoperative to ensure there's no fluid build up and whatever other important information I should know about to have the best result possible?? Thanks so much dolls !!

Where art thou ?!

It may sound silly but I'm feeling kind of lonely in RS world because I haven't received any comments yet :( ..just reaching out for some support and encouragement and maybe just a little "hey" so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself lol :) Hope to hear from you soon dolls!!!

Wish pics

I'm trying to find as realistic wish pics as possible to show Dr. S when I meet with him again before my sx. Here are a couple more ...what you guys think? Realistic expectations?

Wish pics

I'm trying to find more wish pics to show Dr. S when I meet with him again before my sx date. What you think about these? Realistic expectations?

The booty buddy!

My booty buddy just arrived in the mail! This is officially my first purchase for the recovery journey :)) Here are a couple of photos of it. It has a removable cover that can be washed and comes with a handle. Very incognito looking. Nobody would ever know what it is. P.S., I plan on telling my co-workers (if anyone asks) that I injured my back while on my 'vacation' (I'm taking two weeks off for the sx) , and that's why I'm sitting on this thing. Although, nobody may realize since I have my own office :) ! Next step is to begin ordering the other things on my supply list !

28 more days to a new me! ...and some thoughts about weight gain before a BBL..and more wish pics!

So first off , I know these 28 days are going to flyyyyyy so I'm starting to get super excited ! I am going to my doc later today to get the results of my bloodwork and then I have to go for the EKG. I'm pretty healthy so I'm not worried about that part. Anyway, so, WEIGHT GAIN ...when I first started this blog, I weighed about 154lbs (I am 5'6")..my goal is to get into the 140's (like 145ish) though because being in the 150's is not my baseline weight! So I know some docs tell you dolls that you need to gain weight but I'm following my docs orders and he said you shouldn't gain weight just for the BBL ..and I weighed myself this morning and now I'm 157! :( ..I think knowing that I'm getting a BBL is kind of messing me up because I find myself saying "I'm getting a BBL anyway, I could eat this!" But I think the reason why a lot of girls on here become disappointed with their waistline or when they still have back fat after the sx is because they are not caring about gaining weight and we have to remember that a BBL is not a weight loss surgery ! So starting TODAY- (if I had a dollar for every time I said that lmao but I'm serious) I'm hitting the gym and eating healthy (thanksgiving will be my cheat day, of course hehe) because I want to have the most stable fat possible going into my booty AND if I get into the healthy eating habit now, it won't be as difficult to do it post-op! Just some food for thought (pun intended ;) lol) So as of today, here are my stats:
Weight - 157lbs
Waist- 34"
Hips- 40"
Are we supposed to be measuring our butt too? If so, where on the butt should we be placing the measuring tape?

It's getting real!!

I went yesterday to pay my final payment and today I got the phone call that my doc faxed over my medical clearance! woohoo! Rachel, the surgical coordinator, said that if I don't hear from them then that means all is good with the medical..so no news will be good news! I also went on amazon and purchased the majority of my recovery items...it's officially the month of my surgery!! and those mixed feelings are starting to kick in! ahhh...well in two weeks i'm going to The Pink Room in NJ to get the ab board, triangle and maybe a squeem? And i'll be meeting my RS girl @Carmel_Barbie at the pink room! Shout out to her btw, she's been that one person I can talk to about this damn process bc g-d knows my bf don't wanna hear about it anymore..he just wants the final product! LOL

MEASUREMENTS...The right way?!

This is the 2nd time i'm asking this question and I really wanna know so I get it right because I want to record my measurements pre and post surgery ....how do you correctly measure the waist, hips and butt?! I put the measuring tape slightly above my belly button for the waist, around where my hip bone is for my hips and I didn't measure my butt bc I wasn't sure where/how to do that. Guidance please?! Thanks ladiessssssssss

A moment of weakness..

So I'm enjoying a glass of wine and started thinking about the sx..and before you know it, I'm in tears. Thinking about why am I spending this much money on myself when it could be going towards bills, etc. I'm complaining that I can't afford expensive gifts this year, especially for my partner in crime who I've been with for 5 years and I LOVE buying things for, meanwhile I'm spending thousands of dollars on an elective sx. I started feeling selfish..uncertain..and then the tears came. So I called the Booski and man do I love him ..it's funny because I'm a licensed therapist and I swear it's true when they say that therapists need therapy LOL ..my Booski was able to make me realize that I'm doing something for ME ..we only have one life and we need to live it to the fullest ..I have great credit, which is how I'm able to pay for this sx and this will make me happy and I do have supports, which includes my man and my parents. I'm good now ..I think the wine got to me :) 16 days and counting ...

Sx dreamzzz......

So I'm at T minus 12 days and last night I had my first sx dream ! Or should I say...NIGHTMARE! I had a dream that my doc, Dr. Schulman, did the BBL sx but I came out with boobs on my back :((( ...he put me in my faja after sx and when I took it off on sx day, I saw the breasts smack in the middle of my back! Talk about a BOTCHED sx! So I contacted my dad and my booski to find out about a lawyer so I could sue the s*^t outta him ..but they both were trying to tell me not to sue and to just demand a revision sx!! I told them, a revision?!?! I have BREASTS on MY BACK! .....I'm scared to have more sx dreams now!! Did this happen to anyone else when it got closer to your sx date?!? I know it's bc this sx is on my mind alllllll day errrrrday !

Got my sx time!!

Dr. Schulman doesn't tell you what time you'll be scheduled for until a week before your sx..they called me today and said I'm scheduled for 12:30pm. I have mixed feelings about that time ..I kind of wanted it first thing in the morning BUT, I believe what's meant to be, is. So I will take advantage of my afternoon time and sleep in and take my time getting showered and dressed :) On another note, I'm feeling completely overwhelmed thinking of all the things I still need to do this week before my sx! So I just accomplished one thing tonight, which was get all my post-op supplies together and organized ...I got 99 problems but my post-op supplies ain't one!! :D

Getting my eulogy ready ...

Today was my last day at work and I thought to myself , "this is the last time I'll be in this office with this body!"..now I'm at the hair salon and thinking the same thing. So I'm getting ready to say R.I.P to my natural born booty ...3 more days ...

My last pre-op post!!

So it's 1 AM the day of my surgery. I have to be there at 11:30 and my sx time is at 12:30. Thank you ladies so much for the support, all the tips, advice, etc. etc. I don't think I would have felt as prepared as I do now without the RealSelf fam!! And Carmel_Barbie, who i'm so thankful to have met, came up with a great idea! The idea is for any RS ladies in the tri-state area to meet up this summer and go for drinks or the beach..or both LOL. :)) Anyway, I've had my bursts of anxiety here and there but surprisingly, i'm ready (as of now)..tomorrow morning on the drive there will probably be a completely different story haha. So i've taken my shower tonight, will take another one in the morning. I'm wearing comfortable loose clothing of course and packed a bag with a couple of things like Pedialyte, fresh undies, my meds, etc. Here are my latest measurements:
Weight - 158
Waist - 36"
Hips - 41"
Butt (i measured in the middle of the butt) - 43 1/2 "

And here are a couple of before pics of me in a spanx thingy majiggy ..I can't wait to see the difference when I put it on post-op!! ..I bought it to wear in between washing my garment but I will be heading back to 'The Pink Room' on Sunday the 27th (which also happens to be my birthday! yayy) with Carmel-Barbie and will get measured for a stage 2 faja.

Thanks for reading ladies and I will write my first post-op update as soon as I can! xoxo

One more before photo ...

I woke up this morning to a text from my Booski , of course wishing me luck and he wanted to remind me of why I wanted to do this ..he ended up sending me this 'back shot' of me and it is HORRIBLE! I didn't realize I became so spongebob square pants ...LADIES, taking before photos definitely helps!! And I'll be looking back at these photos when I'm feeling down in the dumps post-op or if I experience that infamous booty greed ....

First review post -op and a day 1 post op pic

So I didn't think I was going to write my review tonight bc I was so messed up from the anesthesia and pain that all I wanted to do was pass out. But I took a pain killer and boy oh boy does it work good ! :)) So here we are ...this first review will be about my experience at the OR:
The nurse was right on time with bringing me in and she is a SWEETHEART! She had me do a pregnancy test and then gave me Tylenol extra strength, Pepcid AC (for being on the stomach too long during sx so to prevent heart burn) and something else ..an antibiotic? I forgot. Then she stuck the IV in me for the fluids.
Next person to show up was the anesthesiologist...another sweet heart !!! He helped calm my nerves and I knew I was in good hands ....then my main man Dr. Schulman came in! We discussed what I wanted, which I told him not too big, I want it natural looking, fill out, a slope NOT a shelf, and that cute heart shaped bottom :)) He then took before pics and marked me up. Again, he calmed my nerves by having such a kind personality. Then a nurse comes and brings me to the OR..and what's playing in the background? TRAP MUSIC! Yes, Dr. S listens to trap music ???? I loved it ! ...and next thing you know I'm knocked out.
-Waking up from the anesthesia was THE WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER FELT. This has NOTHING to do with the surgical team, it's how my body responded ....I woke up with a heated blanket over me (awesome!) but I was shaking like craaaaaazyyy. My lips were numb and I was just in so much discomfort. The nurse checked on me several times, gave me some apple juice and some bite size pretzels with the peanut butter filling - O-M-G ...it tasted like heaven at the time. Luckily, looking at the bright side, no nausea was experienced at all. It was then ready to leave, the nurse got me dressed, and walked me outside where my wonderful supportive dad was waiting with the car.

Shout out to my boobs..

I naturally have a very small chest, an A cup (although Victoria's Secret says I'm a B cup but I need that push and cleavage so I wear an A lol) and WHOA AM I LOVING MY SWOLLEN CHEST RIGHT NOW! Does it have to go down?

Day 1 update after the sx...

Okay now let me update ya'll after leaving the facility. The car ride SUCKED. Laying on my stomach in the back seat SUCKED. I ended up getting on all fours and putting the pillow against the window and leaning my head on that and it was so comfortable believe it or not lol. Finally got home, downed some pedialyte (shout out to carmel_barbie for the pedialyte idea)..it gave me LIFE. Then warmed up chicken soup..shout out to my mom for making me some bomb ass chicken soup that I can just warm up for the week. Ate some pineapples..shout out to Costco for having some bomb ass pineapples lol, then took an antibiotic and a pain killer. I used the "go girl" to pee..ended up tinkling a little on my self :/ ..completely diff experience when using it with the faja on bc I thought I was a pro at it when I practiced and nailed it lmao. Im feeling good now that I took the pain killer , im walking around every chance I get , and deep breathing every chance I get. I hear day 2 pain is the worst..so I'll continue to update ya'll, as promised :)) Love you ladies!!

Posted pic on IG..

Here I am :))

The cons of drinking tons of liquid ....

GETTING UP TO PEE SO MUCH!! damnit!! It's 2AM and I'm definitely waking up every couple of hours to pee...it's clear though, which means I'm drinking enough :))

Next day post op measurements..

Thought I'd share ..my pre-op measurements were:
Weight- 158 lbs
Waist - 36"
Hips - 41"
Butt - 43 1/2

Now I'm one full day post-op. Measurements are:
Weight- 168.5
Waist - 34 1/2
Hips- 46 1/2
Butt - 47"

Swollen booty..

My booty is super bruised and swollen today. The pain is worse today but I'm managing. My coochie is swollen and the area right above is swollen the most ..I'm trying to massage that area lightly but damn that ish hurts!! Kudos to you ladies who go for massages right away..I think I'd punch the masseuse in the face ! Lol

Had a fever...

It's 2:00 am and I'm walking around right now for a little bit. Took about 2 1/2 hours to break out of a fever. Started with a 99.6 then jumped to a 100.1 I have a portable heater that I put close by where I'm sleeping , drank a lot of water and then sweat it out. I'm okay now. So far, day 2 has been a nightmare. Hoping that day 3 is a better day for me ...

Fever won't break ...

Any suggestions how to break a fever ?! I've had a non-stop fever all day ..between 99 and now it's 100.7 ???????? helpppppp

White bumps ..

If it's not one thing it's another lol. Still struggling with the fever and now I have small white bumps on my face. They look like white heads but when I pop them they reappear ...any idea what that is ? Is it from sweating so much? Are they from the fever ? This has been the worst week of my life but I continue to stay positive! ..however, I don't recommended this sx for the faint of heart ...

Feeling better!!

So my mom brought me a bagel with cream cheese and lox because I needed something more than what I've been eating and LIFE entered my body , I then took two ibuprofens (225 mgs each so a total of 450) Booty4Real I know you said no ibuprofen but I got desperate ..Tylenol wasn't doing shit :( ..and let me tell you ..I started sweating more within 20 min than I did all together the past two nights and my fever finally broke! So between the good food and the ibuprofen ..hopefully it's only uphill from here ...Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it!! And thank you everyone for your support! Xoxo

Holy s*^t !!!

I just had my BM !! 3 days post op and it was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I think I preferred experiencing the fever I had for the past two days. The whole process took me an hour..I had to kneel on th floor, stand back up, lay down on my bed from dizziness, and it was RIGHT THERE but wouldn't come out. Finally it happened and I felt like my ass was giving birth to sestuplets ..I think NOW it's only uphill from here for me lol, looking forward to shower day tomorrow !! Oh P.S- I took my garment fully off to BM..there was no way I could leave it on. So I took the opportunity to snap a couple photos while I was naked ..I can't wait until my body starts taking shape! Oh and I think I need a tighter stage 1 faja already....

A new issue ..

I feel like all I'm doing is discussing my problems each day :( The fevers are gone , the BM has been achieved, I still have those little white bumps on my face but I'm not stressing it - I'll give it a few days to hopefully clear, but now here is my NEW ISSUE. I wasn't in a lot of pain physically , which I was so grateful for..but now ..ever since I removed my garment to BM yesterday and put it back on, the pain I'm feeling, mainly on my stomach, is EXCRUCIATING. The best way to describe it is it feels like it's on fire ...is this normal?! All the foams were placed back and I even added the ab board for extra compression - it felt like it was on fire before I added the ab board and I thought the ab board would help but NOPE! :(

Today is a GREAT DAY!! (Shower day)

First off , I want to say THANK YOU to all that have "been by my side", as my first few days post-op were HELL. Today is my post -op day 4 and lemme tell you ..I had the BEST shower experience. I was prepared for the worst and it's been the best thing since my recovery thus far! I removed my garment slowly, the foam fell right out ..it wasn't attached to my skin as I was expecting so idk if Dr. Schulman never did that or if he recently stopped attaching it? Whatever the case, I was pleasantly surprised (which I actually knew yesterday when I removed my garment for the BM). The only thing I had to remove were the gauzes/tape that were over my incision sites (10 in total) and it barely hurt bc my skin is so numb lol..then the shower ! Felt so great, I massaged my belly a little while in there. And bc I feel so good, I got dressed and am able to go to my sisters house for Christmas for a little bit! (Everyone other than one sister and my parents think I've injured my back so I'm covered lol) ..and here's another snap shot before I got into the shower :)

Day 6 mini update..

Today was (is still lol) my birthday and I spent it with my Booski, parents and the one sister that knows about my bbl ???? Each day finally gets better and better ..Sleeping has been difficult for me so I still take a pain killer or two for that but I stopped taking pain killers during the day on like day 2 when my fever started. I'm still very bruised but not nearly as bad and I have a serious lump on the left side of my waist but I'm confident it will dissipate on its own ..I don't feel the need for professional massage at this point, my swelling and any fluids are getting better each day as well. I think my self massage is good enough for me! I'm excited to see what my body will be looking like in clothing ..maybe I'll try some things on tomorrow for my 1 week post op :) Hope you ladies are doing okay, RS was down for a while !! :/

Working out?

Hi ladies! So my doc says that "light workout" can be resumed after three weeks and I can't wait to get into the gym! Those that have worked out after a BBL ..what work outs did you begin with? Is doing squats okay? Obviously I won't be doing any exercises on the machines that require you to sit on the butt lol ..any suggestions please ! My Booski is a personal trainer and I just want to give him a better of idea of what kind of routine he can put together for me initially. I think I'll be his first post-op BBL client ;) lol ...oh and did ya'll work out with your garment on or you took it off for the gym? I recently purchased a fitness thing that goes around the waist and gives such good compression , I've been wearing it on top of my stage 1 for extra compression but I'm going to wear it for working out as well :)

Lower back board ..

Ladies I think I've been wearing this board the wrong way? I have a triangular shaped lower back board and have been wearing it under my garment with the triangular point facing upwards. Am I supposed to be wearing it facing downwards ? And can someone explain to me why? Thanks !

One week post op pics :)

I put on the same under wear I wore in my pre op pics ..then tried on this red skirt that I never wore bc I felt like I looked horrible, between my muffin top and my yucky booty but I kept it hoping that one day I would look right in it! and the black and white dress is one of my fav summer dresses :)) Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment at my docs office ..Will let ya'll know how it goes!

First post op appt ..

Nothing much to report. The first post op appointment was with the physician assistant ..she said everything looks to be healing very well..I was told I can begin using the scar cream on my incisions as well. I purchased a stage 2 garment at the office and I plan on purchasing a second one from The Pink Room next week, so I can use one for when I work out. So I'm moving along !! I have my post op appointment with Dr. Schulman scheduled on Jan 15th. That's where he will probably take after photos and tell me how many cc's he injected, however, I really don't care about the #, as long as it looks good but I'll find out for curiosity :)

Tomorrow marks the end of week 2...

I will be starting work tomorrow and officially be entering my week 3! I'm anxious to begin work again and have to use the pillow to sit, and all the questions I will get - not from my co-workers - but from my clients! (I work with middle-school kids) and you know how observant these kids are ..so I'm picking out my outfit for my day 1 return and it's so hard to contain this thing even in loose tops! It's because I still have to wear the stage 1 garment for one more week and this garment has the booty out and really makes the butt pop. Once I'm in my stage 2, which covers the junk, it should be better lol. So here are a few photos of my day 1 outfit. I posted a pic of my booty in my pants (wearing yoga pants) if I weren't to cover it lol and then my booty with my shirt and sweater if I were to close up my sweater in the front ..so my solution is to remember to keep it LOOSE and not pull my sweater to the front and then it looks pretty normal, as shown in the third pic I posted lol. For those of you who don't know - I haven't told anyone at work about my sx so I need to hide it as best as possible..wish me luck ! :)

Back to work day 1!

So I started work today for the first time since my sx. I posted a pic of me sitting on the pillow I purchased called "the booty buddy"..as you can see, it definitely works to keep my booty elevated off the chair! I couldn't sit for longer than 20 min intervals though because my thighs became very sore and stiff..other than that, overall, it went well! I just can't wait until the next 3 weeks goes by ..as my doc requires at least 6 weeks of not sitting directly on the booty and sleeping on the stomach ..which, by the way, SUCKS - I'm so tired today because I wake up from being uncomfortable throughout the night - *sigh*..the price we pay!!

Lumps :(

Ok ladies, so I know lumps are normal in the areas that were liposuctioned and it takes time for them to smooth out ..those lumps I'm not worried about and I've been massaging them everyday after I shower. However, those lumps are not visible..I could only feel them. After shower day and I removed my garment, I noticed a big visible lump on the side of my stomach area. I didn't think anything of it because I knew lumps were part of the process..but now that I'm into my third week post op- I'm starting to get nervous about this one lump. I think it's stayed the same size since the moment I noticed it. I massage it everyday and nothing. It doesn't hurt but I'm afraid of it possibly being fat necrosis??? Any ladies have any experience with this. Side note: I have a post op appt with Dr. Schulman next week so of course I'll discuss it with him but until then ....comments? Opinions? I posted a picture for you guys to see.

Missing those jeans ?

Hey ladies ! Just wanted to share that if you miss wearing jeans because it's still too early , I bought these cool 'jeggings' from bed, bath and beyond (weird, I know ..but they really do have everything and beyond there lol) and they look like jeans ..for those of you in cold weather like myself, they are lined with fleece on the inside so they are warm, and high waisted :)) Just make sure you wear a long top if you're trying to conceal the booty !! :D

Three week post op update

Today marks the exact day to the end of my three weeks! Swelling is definitely still there, bruising is almost completely gone, and soreness is there in certain spots. That lump that I mentioned two posts ago - definitely is looking better, so that's a great thing ! I'm now wearing a stage two garment that I purchased from my docs office - it covers the butt and has less compression - which, I'm a little confused about since I'm told the stage two should have more compression than the stage 1? (Not on the butt obviously, but everywhere else) - I will definitely ask Dr. Schulman about this at my appointment with him this Friday.
I have been keeping notes of my measurements since day 1, for those wondering about volume loss, a smaller waist, etc. - my stats the day after sx were as follows:
Weight- 168.5
Waist - 34 1/2
Hips- 46 1/2
Butt - 47"
At three weeks, my current stats are:
Weight - 158.4
Waist - 29.5 (although when I was recently measured at 'The Pink Room' she said I was a 28 waist but I'm going by my own measurements)
Hips - 42.5
Butt - 44
I'm expecting my waist to go down even more, as I am still swollen and I'm hoping my hips/butt stats are here to stay - I've measured at 44" butt since day 9 post op so hopefully she is gonna keep holding! :D I'm loving the results so far , I can't wait for the swelling to go down , the waist to be more snatched, and my butt to continue to take shape but I know I have to be patient patient patient!!

Stage 2 garment concerns ..

Okay ladies, for those of you that have become an expert on post op garments - this one is for you! I was wearing a "stage 2" garment from my docs office but it was not giving me enough compression in my waist area ..I will discuss that with my doc when I see him on Friday. So I purchased a d'prada stage 2 garment today and I love the compression it gives because I'm swollen as all hell so that's why I need more compression..but I'm a little concerned about the butt area. It does have the softer material for the butt, however, it does not cover my entire butt so some of the more compressed material is covering my butt. Is that okay? The girl that helped me said it was fine but I'm having booty paranoia..here are photos for you to review. In the first photo where my fingers are is where my booty crease is - so that's covered. And in the second photo where my fingers are is where the top of my booty is - so that's covered. Yay or nay ?! Thanks ladies ! Btw I'm in a size XL bc nothing smaller was getting past my thighs/butt! So if worse came to worse my plan was going to be to get the waist area tailored once it became too loose ..

Post op w/Dr. Schulman ..

I had my post op appointment today with the doc! He said everything is moving along smoothly ..I said, "feels pretty lumpy to me" :/ lol ..but of course he confirmed that's all normal and that lump that I showed you guys in my previous post - went down a lot by the time I went to see Dr. S , but he said it should go down significantly (hopefully completely) within the next month. Paaaaatienceeeeee !!! Regarding my stage two garment (the D'prada) - he approved it and he approved wearing a waist cincher as well. So the STATS - 4 liters of fat removed and injected 900 cc's into each cheek. I figured it out to be about 8 to 9 lbs of fat removed and about two pounds injected back into each cheek ..this guy is a SCULPTOR. He truly knows how to create the slope and bubble booty even when he doesn't inject a crazy amount of cc's! I'm very happy so far and cannot wait to continue to monitor the booty progress. Oh, and I have another follow up appointment with him the first week in March (I will be about 10 weeks post op by that time) and that's when he will take some nice after photos. And when I need a reminder ...I snap a photo of the booteus maximus, just to see all that projection even when I'm laying down :D

Waist training ..

So I was asked by the lovely Booty4Real to go into more detail about my waist training experience thus far. I began wearing a sports waist trainer in the beginning because I didn't want to wear anything with those "bones" too early on. I posted pics wearing my sports trainer, which I will also wear while working out, and also pics in the regular waist cincher. The sports waist trainer was perfect to wear initially because it is Velcro and you can adjust it using the Velcro accordingly. Very comfortable - I purchased it from the Pink Room. There is Velcro for the front of your belly and for extra compression there is adjustable Velcro on both sides. I began waist training with the waist cincher after 3 weeks, when I switched to my stage 2 garment. I purchased mine from a store called Ska Studio. It is a very soft latex material, has three rows of hooks and the 'bones' are plastic so it does not dig into the skin (although I'm wearing it over my stage two garment). Using the sports cincher and the regular one has helped tremendously with swelling and lumps. Dr. Schulman approves of it and says you can't do any harm by waist training early on. I'm currently on the first hook in a size small. After a week of wearing the regular one, my waist has gone done an inch already. I could already tell that my waist is going to be snatched once fully healed! Thanks Dr. S! :)

On my way to the store ..

#ButFirstLetMeTakeABelfie :))

4 week (1 month?) post op

I was having this discussion with Carmel_Barbie since we both had our sx's on the same date (Dec 21). Have you ladies been going by the date (i.e, Jan 21 would be my 1 month) or by the exact week? I've been going by the week bc there are mainly 30 and 31 days in a month so eventually going by the date will be a little off. Lol anywhoooo ...I am 4 weeks post op and just took my measurements ..my waist is currently at 28 inches (pre-op was 36) and hips have been fluctuating a lot ..between 41-43 inches, not sure why that's happening but my butt has stayed at a steady 44 inches since day 9!! I'm hoping that means it's here to stay :) My next mission is to get my legs more slimmed out/toned so my booty could really pop!! But 'till then .....

Pics 1 month

They didn't post with the last review ...

Pre op vs. Post op ..

So pre-op I purchased a spanx type garment that I can wear under clothes ..I posted pics wearing it pre-op several posts ago ..yuck! Well I just tried it on for the first time post-op and, well, see for yourself .. :)

First time trying on clothes at a store ..

Tried on jeans yesterday ..very stretchy..high waisted ..size 11 ..before sx I was wearing size 7 (sometimes a 9 after gaining weight) ..never double digits ..these particular jeans fit perfect on the booty and good enough on the waist - the waist part is an elastic type material so I think that helps. And dresses - that's a whole other monster..yessss i'm loving it!! Anyone in the NY/NJ area I can tell you which store I got them from ..Cost for Jeans: $15 , Dress: $25..holla for a dolla! :D


I think I have major swelling in the area on my stomach right below my belly button and nothing has helped ..not my waist trainer, not the ab board, the compression ..nothing. Is this normal for 7 weeks PO? It's frustrating bc it looks like I have a fat stomach in that area :(

8 weeks PO - massages ..

So at 8 weeks PO i am still extremely swollen in several areas ..ankles ..abdomen ..lower back ...and have lumps here and there. I haven't gotten massages, as Dr. Schulman doesn't find them necessary. However, I decided to go for it. I had my first massage today and let me tell you- it felt AMAZING. The woman also told me that I should have been receiving massages beginning 7-10 days PO and that if I had done that , I wouldn't be as swollen or have lumps today. Oh well, lesson learned. So for you dolls contemplating massages - JUST DO IT. I know it's pricey but look at me 8 weeks later I'm ending up spending the money anyway and now I will be going 3 times a week to "catch up" basically. I purchased a package of 10 sessions, which includes 1 free session, so 11 in total and a free ultrasound at the last session. I believe the ultrasound helps tighten the skin? I'm not too clear on this but I've read good things about it so if it's free, why not lol.

2 months/9 weeks!!

Today is exactly my 2 month booty anniversary/finishing up my 9th week since sx. I'm still swollen in abdomen and back. A little lumpy in the area under my breasts ..the lump I had on my side that I posted about is almost completely gone. I've had 3 massages and they have been amazing and I believe are helping tremendously with any swelling. I'm sitting on my booty regularly now but when I sit for too long it feels weird and I have to stand up for a few min ..I still sleep on on stomach/sides. So far, I am very happy with my results ..do I see areas that I can perfect? Sure I do! I guess that's what round two's are for lol. But my shape, projection etc. are all wonderful and I can't wait to see how it continues to shape up. I've been working out here and there ..oh and I get a burning sensation on my back sometimes. But overall, all is well! I haven't measured myself recently, I'm going to wait until my 3 month mark when docs say is when we see the more 'permanent' results ...until then! :)

3 Months PO update!

Okay ladies, I'm officially at my 3 month mark! As far as my butt goes, it has measured the SAME since day 9 PO! So very little volume loss for me, which I believe has a lot to do with Dr. Schulman's technique. Swelling - I'm still swollen in my lower and and waist mostly, I received 11 lymphatic drainage massages that helped tremendously but I think my body is just prone to swelling so it's taking longer than it may take for others. Oh and the massages totally helped with any lumps! As far as my waist goes , I would like to see it smaller but I'm remaining patient, as I've heard that you continue to see the results from lipo anywhere between 6-9 mos PO so I love that the results will only get better!! Faja - I'm SO OVER the faja life. I stopped wearing a faja consistently at around 2 mos PO ..I still wear it when I'm feeling extra swollen from drinking alcohol or eating high sodium foods. I wear a waist cincher every day, which definitely helps with the swelling in the waist and lower back. I also still experience a burning sensation here and there on my lower back so my body is definitely still in the healing stages from the lipo. The booty - as I mentioned, I haven't had much volume loss. It's still slightly firm in some areas so I don't believe it has "fluffed" yet. I will keep ya'll updated on any fluffing! So far I'm very satisfied with my results and now that I know my booty isn't going anywhere, I'm going to go harder in the gym ..by June my goal is to be more sculpted in my legs, butt and abs! :) Any questions, feel free to ask dolls :)

When you finally love to try on clothes :)

It's a problem because now that clothes look so much better, you end up buying everything! Oy vey!!!

Almost at 6 months..

Hey ladies, it's been a while! I've just been living my life as normal ..look out for a full 6 month review next week!! I can't believe I'm almost at my 6 month mark! Everything is all good but I'll be more detailed at my full review..but here's a few photos for you in the mean time! Xoxo

6 month PO update w/pics!

RS review Okay ladies! Where do I start ? Lol ..I can't believe it has been six months already! Recovery is hard..both physically and mentally ..ladies make sure you have some type of support in your life, whether it's a family member or a friend, whether it's in person or online, you need someone to vent to, to keep you in check (mentally), and to overall be your motivator to remind you why you spent all this money on this surgery! ;) I'll tell you , I've always said that my lasik eye surgery was the best money ever spent, now this is #1 on that list! Recovery is not only hard, but it is LONGGGG ..I'm still in recovery phase. I still feel swollen here and there, I'm currently treating a couple scars under my butt cheeks, the skin on my stomach still needs to tighten and my body just changes constantly! Now let me get to the mental..I gained a lot of weight ..me pre-op and post-op weight was in the 150's and I ended up in the 160's after gaining weight ..which, I definitely did not look the weight that I was - being that most of the weight is in the booty. And yes it's true - the butt does grow when you gain weight, BUT, you WILL gain weight in other areas! My arms, face, upper back rolls..those areas all were getting a little out of hand, so be careful ladies! You're going to want to eat because mentally, you will be scared to lose the booty, but beware! Trust me, once that fat in the booty sticks - it's there to stay! Here's my proof - I'm going on vacation for a week , leaving this Sunday so I wanted to do something quick to lose the weight i gained. I ended up doing 'the master cleanse' and I lost 16 lbs in 10 days! I ended up about 10lbs lower than my pre-op weight and guess what? The booty is still there and still plump! As a matter of fact, these photos I posted were taken after the weight loss, so you can see for yourself :) Am I 100% happy? Let's be clear ..Dr. Schulman did his thing. Is it perfect? No. If I were to get a round two, what would I do? Schulman is the master of projection and that slope booty. But I would like more in the hip area. Also, the lipo work could have been more. I don't think he touched my upper back bc I still have fat in that area and gained weight in that area fast (you don't gain in the areas that you were lipoed as fast) and the stomach could be flatter in my opinion. But nothing I can't work on in the gym! And this is why you see many many many round 2's ladies, once you get the booty, you begin to want PERFECTION. Just remember where you came from!!! But those would be my only complaints. This booty is hard to hide, people tell me I've gotten "voluptuous", people ask me what I've been doing in the gym to get the booty (tons of squats, duh!! Lol), and the attention you get is crazy! I recently went to a little kid birthday party and I wrapped a shirt around my waist bc I felt like the booty wasn't appropriate for the party lol! I cannot wait for vacation and to show everyone what I'm working with! Will I get another surgery? If I did happen to save up money for another surgery, I'd get my boobs done way before I'd get a round 2. That's how not necessary a round 2 is (although if I had the money, I'd totally do a round 2). It would strictly be because I want to perfect what I already have. Nothing can fully prepare you for the BBL journey, not even the most detailed review, but I hope all my updates have been helpful! Any questions, feel free to comment or PM me! Xoxo ladies :))

8 Months PO

Hey ladies ! No crazy updates ..booty is fatter than ever ..probably the fact that I've gained lots of weight has been contributing to that fatty lol! But I really need to get more consistent with going to the gym and eating better because it's beginning to go to the stomach too ..but I'm so happy! I look amazing in clothes and my booty is always the talk of the party ..which I hate, but it comes with the territory! Any questions, feel free to ask! These photos are from a couple of days ago before heading to the beach :)
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