Finally On the Big Booty Train - New York

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After meeting with 7 surgeons in 3 states, I...

After meeting with 7 surgeons in 3 states, I decided to go with Dr. Schulman. I really like him and his office staff. I also like the technique that he uses for BBL because I think it will give me shape and size.

He has a really good reputation and I truly feel that he is going to be the next big thing in BBL (no pun intended). I am glad I found him because it saves me a trip to Miami. There is a few month wait for surgery with him, so I got in the first available date which is in March. If someone wants to change her surgery date with me, let me know because I would do it asap if date becomes available.

Great news for me! I got a sooner surgery date...

Great news for me! I got a sooner surgery date because someone wanted to switch dates with me. Now I am scheduled for middle of Feb. Yay, so excited.

I had my surgery this past tuesday. It went better...

I had my surgery this past tuesday. It went better than expected. I arrived the surgical office and his nurse got me ready. I expected to be really nervous but his surgery staff was so good at putting me at ease. Dr. Schulman came and drew on me with a marker and we talked again about what type of curves I wanted. Then we went back to the operating room and I remember getting on the table and the anisthesia doctor talking to me and then the next thing I remember I was awake in the recovery room. The pain was not bad at first but I was pretty sore that night and the next morning. I took my pain meds which made it bearable. It is now the fourth day and I was allowed to shower today. That was such a relief! I am really swollen and bruised but I can already see how much bigger I am. I know the shape takes time so I will be patient but so far so good. I forgot how many cc's he put in ( I know he told me after surgery but I forgot to write it down) and will be sure to ask him Wednesday at my appointment. I am so happy that this date finally came and the experience so far has been really good. WIll update again soon.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I've been stalking the BBL forums on here for about 6 months but never posted anything, just read. I saw a bunch of the docs that people talk about on here and decided that Dr. Schulman is the one for me.

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