Dreaming BIG - NY to MIA

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So, I've been seriously considering a BBL/TT. My...

So, I've been seriously considering a BBL/TT. My sister had a TT done in November and it looks amazing. She didn't want to have the BBL done due to the lack of experience with dr.s in upstate NY. I am ready to do this ASAP. Can anyone tell me how long it would take to get a surgery date? I just sent pics to Dr.Shahine in NYC! Waiting on a reply.

How fast things change

Received quote and not so excited about this particular Dr. Quote was great for what I'm looking for. But no way in hell am I having surgery with local anesthesia. I'm now looking hard at Del Vecchio and Shulman. My gut says Del Vecchio.

Had a dream

OK now maybe I'm crazy, but why was I dreaming about pre op? I woke up laying on my stomach with stretch arms surrounded by pillows!!! Smh...booty goals????


Not cute

Officially a stalker....need my date asap.

Going to Miami Fisher Fisher

Better results for a better price!


It's been a week since I started to get this thing done and over. I've looked at several doctors, thinking I had selected one. After careful consideration, I decided on Miami. I wanted Fisher but he's booked out until September. My second choice was Mcadoo. He has time available in May! So lord willing, I will be a Mcadoo doll soon. I'm so excited and I can't wait. I've decided to stay in a RH, and think I'm using Xanadu(sp). 3 meals daily, massages included, and transportation along with a care team. I was just about to pay $13000 to have it done in NY. I will be walking away with a few stacks to go shooopppping! Hopefully I will have a date by the end of week. SX buddy would be nice!

Bella Donna

Sorry...Bella Donna RH is what I was meaning to say.

Wish pics

Wish pics



I guess I'm getting super impatient. I sent my info and pics to Vanity for a Quote. My crazy ass called today hoping they had something for me. Dr still hadn't given a quote to the coordinator. Soooooo waiting on that. Also inquired about Hassan. Come to find out, he's not there. I see that several dolls have had there sx scheduled with other docs or completely cancelled! His work is amazing but I think he some other things going on with that paper work!!! Anyway, I hope to hear something soon so I can book this flight and RH. Fingers crossed for a May date. I'm so ready. Everything is in place just need date and price. #TeamMcadoo (hopefully) ????

RH Cosmicare

Anyone dealt with this RH??? Package seem reasonable for everything they offer. Any feedback will be great. Still waiting on quote from them also.


Everyday it's something new with this surgery *@$#. Not sure what's up with Vanity. No info yet. Emailed Yily and heard back from them twice today. Waiting for a week for a consult (call) from DelVecchio. Salama sent a coupon. And still no date. Patience is important. So I'm going to be easy and wait. God is going to do what he feels best. ????oh and got a quote (kinda) from Cosmicare.

Booked 5/21

Yes ladies I'm officially on the schedule for 5/21 with Dr.Mcadoo! I'm am so excited. Deposit made and booking ticket asap. Any other ladies scheduled for that time period? Looking for a buddy. I am also looking to book RH.


Anyone on the schedule for 5/21? If traveling to MIA, message me ????

Think I'm going with Cosmicare

I've been looking at the different uncultured houses and Cosmicare looks the best right now for me! I want to be somewhere where it is all inclusive. I'm coming down alone and I do not want to be in a situation where I am running all over the place and paying extra for my massages etc. The package is $1800. Includes meals, recovery kit, massages, transportation and a care team. I am thinking that cheaper isn't always better and I think you ladies should do the math. If you can get everything included why would you pay extra??? Oh and got a great deal on my flight. Things seem to be moving along. 5 weeks til for time!

Wish pic

Cosmicare Lmfao

So what's the deal with no way to reach these people? Will respond to email but no way to speak to a human. Not a good sign already!! Guess I will start looking elsewhere. Sent me a PayPal request for deposit of $275... Ummmm can I talk to somebody first?????????????????????

Heard back from Cosmicare

Heard back from them. Package is booked. SX buddy anyone???

More wish pics


I sure do hope we can fix this!

Video documentation

Decided to video (vlog) my journey. Gives me a way to look back at everything from start to finish. Not sure how much I will post for the world to see but, at least I can look back.

Ready for the change to come!

Just adding a "hell no pic" ????????????


Glad I didn't listen to hubby. Went to Wally World to get a few items and he was saying grab some warm stuff for my trip. Decided not too. I'm in NY and it's just getting nice out. 60's maybe a 70 here

Realistic Expectations

I see that all of us are picking out these beautiful pictures of fat asses and flat stomachs. No problem. But I had to really think about some of the horror stories and realize that everyone is not going to look like the wish pic they show the doctor. I look at my body type and see that my build isn't exactly like much wish pics. I get a little concerned when I see the horror stories and quickly see that these doctors aren't magicians! No shade but u can't expect to go in with a particular shape and come out looking like Kim Kardashian. As we all see, several ladies are having 2 and 3 rounds of surgery. Just like the celebrities. Don't get it twisted, they are also paying a lot more than we are usually. We want the star treatment without the star price. C'mon, we all need to just be happy with our choice to do this and hope for the best. So many mixed reviews, it's scary. Personally I could've paid 13K in NY, but decided not too, just because I wasn't sure if it was going to be exactly what I wanted to look like.For me it was a decision based on chance not money. Seen some great work and also have seen some terrible work. But I think it may be wrong get to quickly blame the surgeon. Every body is different. Heals different. Takes care of themselves different. Many different underlying conditions etc. I've seen posts from women who stopped wearing the Faja a week after getting home. This is a process. U have to follow it through. We should be encouraging each other to follow the instructions. Get the massages. Wear the damn faja. Happy surgeries ladies. Great outcomes. Seay bodies. ????????????????

Preoperative stresses

So I called vanity today to see if I would need to remove my nipple piercings or my Nexplanon bc implant prior to surgery. Was told to use plastic retainers and be implant should be ok. Then I'm told that Dr is requiring a clearance letter from my primary doctor because of my blood pressure. I've never had any issues with surgery and my BP is good. Went to my obgyn yesterday and it was 116/74. Great!!! So, now I'm nervous as fuck. I've told them prior to scheduling my SX that I was on hbp medication. I pray my doctor doesn't deny me this. I feel so discouraged right now. I am a very healthy person but BP spiked during my last pregnancy. I stopped smoking a week ago cold turkey. I'm taking my vitamins and meds as prescribed. Pray with me ladies...Cuz my primary will have 1 less patient. Oh and Vanity gave me my script for blood work. Doing that 21st.

Is he mad???

OK, so hubby is unable to come with me for SX. I honestly feel like he just wants to go to Miami. He acts like he's happy about it but then he says little slick shit. He's feeling some kinda way about this and I know it's because he feels.like my attitude will change. Yes it will! It will give me more confidence. Is that wrong? Love him but this is for me. I'm not rescheduling nothing to accommodate his schedule. And he had to hold the kids down. He made a comment about "us" doing this together. What??? He wasn't with me shooting in the gym!!! Lmao...I go in alone and I come out alone. He can relax. He's pissing me off. I'm thinking he's starting be become a HATER!!!!! U r husband tho? Not cool. I pray that this works out for me cuz I have someone really praying for it not to work. Not cool

Lab Day

Sitting here at 7am getting my labs done. Fingers crossed.

Ready ready ready

I dunno just anxious for these labs and my primary clearance. My sister Kimmy40 (real sister) offered to come with me. Now just need to go head for doc!

Good morning

I am so anxious. I feel like it's been forever since I booked my surgery. It's only been a week. I need to calm down and relax.

Weight gain

I went out to eat twice yesterday. Trying to gain a few pounds for my SX. Still praying everything goes off without a hitch. Blood work done and waiting on clearance. But stuffing my face....

Recovery House

I have my RH all set. One step closer????

Big booty clothes!

I have been searching the Internet for clothes that a flattering to the "bigbooty" figure. I found a few sites that have cute, inexpensive items. By the way...I am not affiliated with any of these sites. Just spreading the love to my Dolls.

Nastydress.com (lol)

Naked truth

Blood work in!!!

I'm no doctor but I think they are going to say I have a UTI. Waiting to hear back from Vanity. Everything else is in normal range. Go to primary tomorrow for blood pressure clearance. Fingers toes and eye lashes crossed!!!

Cleared by Vanity

Got an email saying labs are OK. So I guess I'm cleared. Just need the go from my primary!!!

Move with expectancy!

The Bible says God wants us to move with expectancy. To be ready for his blessings. Amen, amen amen.


Heading to see my primary for clearance. Good vibes. Keep u posted


Yessssss! Cleared by primary. It's official I'm good to go! Big booty here I come

Booty Buddies Which One???

I'm digging Dr.Miami Super Booty Buddy

These sites!

Why is it that the product I want can't be ordered. PayPal has it restricted...not cool.
Thanks Drmiamibootybuddy.com


One less worry

Video on Instagram Cosmic are Miami

I believe this is Cosmicare Miami. #Serious

Wow 23 days!

Call me the "mad poster", "Stalker"whatever...u can't help myself

Rah Ali Is Badddddd!


Booth Buddy Ordered!!!!


Tummy Tuck

I'm in debate mode. I'm thinking I might want/need to get the Tummy Tucke done also. I don't want to keep booking procedures. I see how plastic surgery can get addictive.


No hips No Ass

Took this picture NYE...Can't wait to fill this outfit out.


I have 3 weeks til my flight leaves!

Goooooood Morning Dolls

Another week down ladies. Closers to our dates!

Friday Night

I was on the phone with one of my girls and she's as excited as I am. I would usually be having a sippy sip sip but no alcohol for me. I'm officially 2 weeks smoke free and haven't had a drink in almost a month. I want my body to be as healthy and ready as possible. But boy I can't wait until this is done and over with. Partially because I want to get back to my weekend chill mode. Plus I have a few "walk thru's" coming up. Sighs.....also random...
Got a call from Alvarez coordinators asking if I'm interested. They gave me an amazing price. Running specials. Buuuuutttttt, I am set on Mcadoo. Everything is done and the Rollercoaster is almost to the top. Don't want to start over. Mcadoo I'm all yours... see u in a few weeks.

Our choice!

I've been reading posts (instagram) from ladies who are having surgery over seas, saying that doctors in the US cannot give good results. Honestly women make their choice based on several factors. I personally don't want to leave the country for 10days and have no FDA over site. I've read some things about needing MRSA shots and other stuff just to go safety. A colleague of mine had her surgery done in a foreign country and it looks amazing. She was terrified because she ended up with an infection. A young lady perfectly healthy and ended up having to go back for follow up. She was living in NYC at the time and her family just took her to the hospital. Her procedure was botched. She's good now but if she could change it she would've done it here. Listen, I'm not throwing shade but just like everything else. There's always going to be competition. You can get a car without going to several dealers to get the best price for what you want. Don't feel as if you have to do what others are doing. Make this choice for you. I have children and I don't want to be away from them in another country 10days or more having surgery. My choice!!! Yes we all make our decisions based on personal stuff. I'm posting this because I think the US doctors are under rated. It's going to be interesting in the coming years to see how much the price increases for the US doctors. They are doing phenomenal work. I could be dead assume wrong but the first US doctor to make his mark was Dr.Jimerson (curves)! He's been pumping out video vixens for years. His prices have gone up significantly in the past 2 years. Because his work is bomb! I am one of those women who wants to enhance my features. Not to have a 60in ass and 24in waist on 2 chicken bones for legs. Some girls are doing WAY TO MUCH. Keep it cute. Keep it sexy. And don't be moved by price and hear say. Including what I'm saying. Be happy with it. It's your money. It's your life. No regrets. Congrats to all of you Dolls having surgery here and abroad. Be safe and support others. We aren't in kindergarten. No need to say "my doctor is better than yours ha ha ha" that is little girl playground shit.

More wish pics

Or shall I say, would like pics

Another day down Dolls

So another day gone. Another day closer to our dream bodies. Another day in a dream body. Prayers to you all. Big Booty Dreams Dolls. Xoxoxoxo

Booty Buddy is here

Don't know how to use it but it's here!


OK vets...so what do I need? I purchased a LipoBelt. Any suggestions?

Questions/Pics Dr.Miami Booty Buddy

So ready!

It is getting so real

Reinventing Yourself

I wanted to put a question to you ladies. Do you find yourself wanting to buy new clothes, shoes etc? I personally have taken the money that I was planning on spending to have my surgery in NY and buying other things that I want. I saved close to $8000 by going south for this. I feel like I might be going over board. I have packages coming daily and I know that I am feeling like this is the beginning of a new me. Not that I didn't care before. Now I know that I will be able to wear different clothes. So I'm buying them. Keeping receipts of course! But I literally got 8 pairs of shoes in the mail today and had to sneak them in the house. I don't have anything delivered home at this point. Everything goes to my granny house. I feel like I'm sneaking and buying shit. Even tho it's my money. I bust my ass working and I'm thankful that my career is lucrative. I just feel like I'm doing too much. Or maybe I'm just letting my husband get to me. Oh and yes I brought me some cute hair girls....love me some rpgshow.com!

I will be in Miami in 2 weeks

I can't believe it...it's almost time.

Time off from work

Curious to know how long everyone is taking off. I was originally thinking 2 weeks. But now I'm thinking 3. I'm in the car 90% of the time traveling between clients. Don't wanna mess up my new ass.

Happy Mothers Day

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



I don't think she read past the first 2 paragraphs.

Ohhhhh Shit!!!

I'm 11 days preop!

This week is almost over

I'm so excited...I've seen Mcadoo do his thing on a few dolls recently and he is really getting better with each doll he does. I am so looking forward to this. I have exactly 1 week left of work before I head out. I will be packing my bags this weekend. Oh and I saw a post from a Doll who had her brows microwaved. Finally got my appointment booked with Joanne. Her work is amazing. I'm really doing all of this for me. I'm doing things that I've put off for one reason or another. It's my time.

Finally A Mcadoo Doll!

Kept it quiet for a few days....but I'm finally a Mcadoo Dollar! Will post pictures as soon as possible.


I can't stand it


So much to tell

Ladies let me tell you...Do your research. I'm gonna keep quiet right now but I will be going in on this bullshit as soon as I can.

Taking it easy....

I will be updating with a full review of my "RH", when I get a good amount of time.

Other than that, I'm feeling ok. My ass and hips are huge! You know how they say so much ass you can see it from the front???. Yup. I'm 5 days post op. I came home yesterday and I have to admit that my flight home was the absolute hardest part so far. I upgraded to first class but the plane was full so I was bumping into ppl and things the whole time. My Dr.Miami Booty Buddy wasn't as much of a help as I imagined. I'm assuming it was made for someone with a conservatively sized enhancement. I had to take it apart and rig it to make me comfy. The funding airport in ATL, was the worse. Had 3 gate changes in an hr. Back and forth....from gate 7 to 21 and back to 7. Not cool! Then my drain valve popped opened and leaked all down my damn leg and refused to stay attached to my Faja. So it was swinging like balls. By the time we boarded I was so done. I popped a Perc and tried my best to enjoy the ride. Got home and my daughter was nice enough to wash me up. Hubby had a time putting me back in all the padding. He's been helpful tho. I'm still swollen and sore. My stomach doesn't look flat tho. I'm thinking because of the fluid. I have massages and contouring with the Columbia's in NYC, starting tomorrow or Saturday. I will post more pics when I get this thing off and see where I'm at.


Check Mcadoo IG for pics

Found mine

Eating healthy is that bad!

Hubby is making this recovery sooooooo much easier! And here I thought I was gonna have to kill this dude..lol

Cosmicare Miami Scam!!!!!!

So, I told you ladies that I would be writing a full review of my fake ass recovery house. Yeah I said it, fake ass recovery house. I have never been so pissed in my life. Wanna hear a story??? Here it goes... I land in Miami at noon. I had texted and emailed Keisha, several times with no response during the travel from NY to MIA. Once I landed I received a text saying that she had an emergency and was sending an Uber to pick me up. OK no problem. I get to the surgery center and was there for a few hours doing my pre op. Kesha and I text back and forth during that time. After my business was completed, I waited for her to pick me up. She arrives in a mid size car, which I personally thought was weird just because I had seen girls need to be on their stomachs afterwards. Ok..what do I know? She's the expert right? OK so she shows up looking a hot mess, saying how her day was so hectic. We go to the Walgreens and get my rx's. The whole tile she is telling me how she was so stressed. I ended up having to wait for one of my scripts and I had mentioned that I was starving. She offers to take me somewhere for food. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant where she proceeded to usher me in to buy my own food! What? Once you pick me up, my meals are on you. Needless to say I paid for my food and kept my mouth shut. Now my father was coming to Miami from northern Fl, so I had booked a hotel for him close to the surgery center. Based on the website, the surgery center was only a few miles away. So I figured that would work. He's asking me where I am and I'm explaining that I was waiting to get my rx's. I asked Kesha how far we were from the house and she goes into telling me that we are staying in a hotel because the "house" lease was up! What??? I looked at her ass confused. She goes on to tell me that the lease was up June 1st and that she had movers that could only move her this weekend. I immediately thought it sounded like some bullshit. The story just kept getting more and more outrageous. She then proceeds to tell me that I still have my own room and that there was another girl at the room. Basically made me think she was crazy and by that time I was just ready to meet up with my father and get the surgery done. I ended up booking him a room at the "NEW" location which was 20 fucking minutes away!!!! That was without traffic. We get there and go upstairs. When i got to the room, i received my COSMIKIT. No faja! I was told that she wouls need to grab me one and that i would have it thw following day for surgery. Met my surgery buddy, her aunt and the CNA, put my stuff in my room and went out to meet with my father. Came back around 9pm. The CNA, was making some kind of beef with broccoli and I was to excited and nervous to eat so I didn't. I showered, chatted a bit and went to bed. I received a call from the surgery center around 4am asking if I could be there by 6:30am. Now when I walk out of the room I am expecting to see the CNA. Who do see all cuddled up on the couch. Kesha. OK it's 4am so I'm boutique to get ready. I woke her her and we headed out. Small talked during the ride and arrived as scheduled. Once there the pre-op staff told her that she would need to get me a fresh squeezed juice from a juice place when she picked me up. Even Google the shit for her. She was acting all interested in this juice bar. Anyway I went in and spent maybe 2 hours waiting to meet the doctor for markings and then off to surgery. I woke up around 1pm. Called my family and texted Kesha to come get me. She arrives an hour later, and walks me to the car. I'm looking for my fucking juice. Lmfao....nope! She parks at the end of the lot damn near and I walk down to the car. She's putting a drape on the front seat. I'm like, what's that for? I'm not riding like that. So I got in the back. The stupid ass car had the nerve to have a hump in the middle. I was sooooooo uncomfortable. Then the ride took forever. Finally get to the house and get upstairs. Only people that were there were my SX buddy and her aunt. I ended up going to the room and laid down. Called my dad down and sat and talked with him for a bit. The adrenaline must have been pumping because I started walking the halls. I felt pretty good. I begin to wonder where the fuck was the 24 hour Certified nurse care that I paid for. During one of Kesha's smoke breaks I got a a chance to speak to my SX. Come to find out she had been moved 3 times before I came. Now I can't speak to her experience before I arrived but what she told me had me furious. She was basically moved from the recovery house like a thief in the night. She was one day postop and was moved in 30 minutes. This was either Tuesday or Wednesday before I arrived. So Kesha knew there was an issue before I came on Friday. She said nothing!!! So for the remainder of the day and evening Kesha basically provided our "meals" and that was it. I have to admit I was scared as hell. I was leaking all over the place and thought that she knew what she was doing. Come to find out, she has absolutely no medical training! None! Did you hear me? NONE! She proceeds to feed us nasty ass sandwiches on Walmart Great Value bread and salty ass chips. Apples and peanut butter. And a spinach dip from a jar. Oh how can I forget the new addition to the menu with Cosmicare. The Mr.Peanut Butter Cup protein smoothie. That shit was a chocolate Ensure with peanut butter thrown into a blender. Nasty. So Sunday night rolls around and still no sign of a CNA. My SX buddy aunt offered to cook since we had been eating like college students in a dorm. She made some Mexican rice , corn and I was give fried Talipia. Freshly cooked by Kesha!. Here I am in pain, and I had sent my father home because he was starting to get upset. I don't need him getting his pressure up. I had no choice. I had been given several glasses of Gatorade, being told it's good for you. At my follow up appointment on Monday morning, I couldn't even stand up. I was advised to immediately stop drinking the Gatorade. It was and never has been advised to drink after surgery during to the high level of sodium. Smfh...but Kesha is the expert. RIGHT?? Her "Janky" ass had handmade vital sheets. Never kept a schedule at all. I started taking my own mess by myself. Oh how can I forget, I had to take Heparin shots daily. She had the nerve to try to administer my shot. Had no fucking clue how to do it. I ended up doing it myself. So now it's Monday. MY SX buddy, says let's go down for breakfast. Oh did I neglected to tell you ladies that Kesha was bringing up breakfast that's was provided by the hotel. Yea...after we paid for 3 prepared meals. So now here we go, compression socks and drains heading down for food. While it's all of 8am and Kesha was sleeping on the couch. Smfh....when we returned the CNA was there and our masseuse was coming to start our massages. Kesha was gone the whole day. I ended up ordering a Salad instead of eating what was offered. Wet ass tuna wrapped in lettuce. Kesha shows back up around 6pm, with a few items from the store. Hair dye, a brush, and a liter of apple juice. Love and hip hop comes on Monday and everyone is talking about the episode. Kesha asks me if I need to use the bathroom and proceeds to stay in the bathroom for almost 2 hours while she does her fucking hair and makes a mess in the bathroom. When she comes out in closed my door and waited for to go smoke. I come out and the CNA sees how mad I am. I take pictures of the bathroom and it gets cleaned by the CNA. Did I mention that it was cleaned after she sat and watched love n hip hop? I'm on fire now. I didn't say shit, until Tuesday. I ended up going off on her. She listened and acted as if was truly concerned about my concerns. I just let he know that I was requesting a refund for some of the fee for services un rendered. I expressed my disgust with the situation and how upset I was knowing that I had no nursing care for the first 48 hours after surgery. She put my life in danger. Oh did I also fail you mention that she brings me a Faja that had coochie stains in it???? I'm getting so angry writing this. I ended having to get 2 massages in one day and one right before I went to the airport. This fucking business is terrible. The word was that the apartment she rented found out that she was running a recovery house and kicked her out! So she is a liar. On my way to the airport I made sure to discuss the refund again in which we agreed on an amount. She dropped my ass off and peels off like the Fast not the Furious. I sent her an email regarding our discussion once I arrived home and was settled. I sent her an invoice thru PayPal for the services I didn't receive including the Faja. She send me a nasty message back basically stating that she will put something together and get back to me. Don't worry boo boo, I'm coming for you and your business. I want my refund. If not, then next stop will be Instagram. Then better business Bureau, then court. Don't give her nothing! Go to a house that has reviews. I was sold a lie. Stay away from COSMICARE!!!!!

Foams, belts, faja's, and waist trainer

I see that I am not the only one confused. I feel like I have on so much stuff right now. I'm glad I'm in the house it's 90+ outside today. They say a month with foams and 3 with faja. I assume the waisted trainer will be for at least 4-6 months. I don't know...just hot and venting....

What do you do when you aren't sleep?

Hey Dolls, So I have heard so many conflicting answers on the sleep method. Some doctors say sleep between 2 mattresses butt in middle. Others say always lay on your back. I'm so confused. And even more aggravating when I'm not sleep or can't sleep I find my self roaming the house. Leaning up against my daughters high chair and rocking back and forth. I am up every hour going to the bathroom. I made a booty out lawn chair. I have a mattress in the living room. Needless to say I'm confuzzled! I'm aggravated. I slept so good on the couch last night. But I would like to hear some feed back if possible.

Still swollen and bruised

But he's giving up hips like crazy...I can't wait to see final result

"What Waist" Waist trainer

Has anyone used any of the products from them? I've seen rave reviews and looks like a lot of celebs get trainers from them. Any thoughts???

Drain out

Wasn't bad at all...no pain! Thanks hubby for the help:)

Put on clothes and went out for the first time!

Heads were turning...it's all starting to come together.

When does it drop???

My ass is huge. OK cool. But it is still very high. It looks like it's bigger on the top. I'm hoping it drops into place. It's way to high. Anyone else experience this??? :(

Loving my Ass more everyday!

It's looking better everyday. I am wrapped with my lipo belt. So much easier than the foam sheets.

soooooooo....when can i sit???

Ive read so many conflicting answers. Most are saying 2 weeks. Im to scared to sit. My booty buddy goes everywhere with me. They say it only takes about 10 days for the fat to attach? to the blood vessels. I am not rushing it, just would like to ride in the car without my head touching the ceiling! My butt looks different everyday and some days itlooks flat in the middle. In only panties it looks perfect. I wish there was an easier way to guage the healing process....scared to mess this up...

Trying on shorts.

Ignore the faja...lol. I was trying on shorts for a trip next week. Anyone know about shorter faja's?


I've been taking pics in all my favorite old panties...they look sooooo much different with ass in em


Any post op ladies getting it in yet? I'm going to be honest and say I have. Nothing crazy. The Faja seems to be made for easy entry. Ripped 2 garment tho :( he's buying replacements. Lol

Bathing suits

Had to try a few on. The swelling is real ladies...can't wait for my abdomen swelling to subside. Shrugs and sighs


If you looked back at your wish pics, your before pics and after, do you think the surgeon did what you asked? How many weeks are you post op? Are you considering a round two?

I personally think I got exactly what I showed him. I'm 23 days post and I'm happier with my butt than my stomach. I'm still swollen on my back and abdomen. My Ass is Awesome! #teammcadoo


A great day as a McadooDoll

Looking good from the back lol

Back in Florida for our 7th year anniversary. Such big kids!!!

Swelling going down a bit

So I'm 4 weeks post op today! Hard to believe it's almost been a month. Tummy is looking better

Would love to see more pics dolls!

I think we should all post pics more often. For support, questions and to plain Ole smile at how good you look!

Who says US doctors can't give curves????


It's so funny watching these dudes break their neck. I had a whole family male n females looking earlier. Nice asses get much love down here in NC! My ass is on another getaway. Summer will be over b4 you know it. Glad I had my surgery in May. I'm enjoying some of this summer...shiiiiit...lol

Faja oh Faja

I just want to say...it's too hot for this shit!

So are any vets sitting yet?

I will officially be 8 weeks on Saturday. Are any if you ladies sitting yet? I am still sitting on my booty buddy to drive and sitting backwards on chairs. Feedback ladies...


Booty booty booty

Happy 8 weeks aka 2 months!

She was born on May 21st! All I can say is I love her...lol!

Looking right

Faja life!

A few updates...this Faja. Gurrrrrrrrrl

Mcadoo No Longer At Encore

He will be practicing at Seduction by Jordan's Cosmetic Surgery 18205 Biscayne Blvd. Adventura FL

Going back in for more work!!!

After waiting 3 months post bbl, I've decided to do what I should've done initially. Don't get me wrong but my stomach should be flat right now. I followed directions and my ass looks great. But my stomach doesn't. I am seriously contemplating DR. I'm stalking Duran right now. Her work is CRAZY!!! I'm going to get a tummy tuck breast lift and additional liposuction and fat transfer to hips. Mcadoo did a great job but I wish I had done what Duran advised. So new journey.

Dr.Mcadoo was very down to earth and personable. He was smiling and full of conversation. I liked that he quoted a bit of scripture before surgery. Two thumbs up! Encore staff was all over the place. Most of them were very pleasant.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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