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So here I am trying to decide if I should...what I...

So here I am trying to decide if I should...what I should and with WHO I should. Decisions I start my research and here I find Dr. Matthew Schulman...I see his b4 and afters and I'm like wow...I need to see this man...and no thoughts I go for my consultation and I think he's great!! Work my numbers see if I can work this out financially and by some surprise I what's the hold up???? I start to get nervous....this wouldn't be my first surgery this would be my 4th. And not for my own choices.

10yrs ago I went for surgery for tt lipo and was horrible. I had surgery with Dr David Ostad...who was known as the park avenue butcher..he messed me up..but I was grateful cuz there were more women worse than me that couldn't be fixed and from my understanding one even passed away during surgery. It was a very bad time for me but I got thru it. I was grateful to be alive and able to fix what he I had two surgeries after that with Dr Rappaport who I have to tell you ladies is great!! Love him for all he did for me and his work is great...he fixed me up the best he can...and now I still have a few odds and end to finish and I will be able to finally close that chapter. So here is the time and Dr Schulman is my man. And if you asking y I don't go back to Dr R it's cause he doesn't do bbl. and I really want to get this if I'm going to do this might as well go for it all.

So here I am...sharing this with my new RS guys have helped me decide and get through my battling thoughts. See after my consultation I found RS and I was sooo happy to be able to see all these reviews. But how I found u wasn't cause I was searching for myself I was actually search for a dr in DR for a friend of mine who said she is going there for a bbl. so I wanted to research the dr. And that's how I came across RS. And of course after looking up drs in DR and coming across reviews with girls who went and got beautiful results..I'm like wait...ummmmm mayb I can go to DR too....lolol...and now I'm lost. I was loving Duran till I read haz_love review it scared me and I'm still thinking bout her hoping she is doing better...than I came across Yily...omg!!! Her work is sooooo good. I would love for her to do my bbl BUT I can't I can't..I'm just afraid and I give you guys sooo much credit and blessings for doing what u felt and going with it and getting it done and getting the results you wanted I wish I had more courage but I think being I had such a bad experience already I'm just more afraid. But I wish I had it in me to be part of the Yily after thinking long and hard and knowing this was something I couldn't bring myself up to do...I made my deposit w Dr S and even tho part of me says I want Yily I know this is what's best for me...oh and mind u Yily would have been like more than half the price..but...Dr S it is. I am very sure he will produce...

I am going to have a bl with implants..right now I'm a 38DD want to go down to a full C being I was never suppose to be a DD. I'm worried bout the scaring...being I scar very bad...but we will hope for the best and I'm also doing the famous bbl....yaaayyyy oh I can't wait. I have noooooo butt(pic will be posted soon) it blends w my bueno. Sooo at first I was like yea you can put a little fat just to define my arch well ummmmm yea after seeing all these beautiful bbl b4 and afters....I'm going bigger...yessssss! I mean if I am Going to spend that kind of money I should just go for it...right??? So I am. And I can't wait. I'm excited. And I want to thank you guys for all you great helped me decide what I want and with who. And I'm sure will also help in me in preparing for the surgery and recovering. Cause let me tell you, a lot of you amaze me with all the stuff you know to use and take etc. the girls that go to DR man lolol...when I see your bags with all the stuff I'm amazed...I need to know all you so I can heal and recover like you.

I will take any info advice instruction and knowledge you want to apply to me..please. My surgery is the end of December so I think I should start prepping myself now. Don't know if I shld start supplements or shld I buy garments....I don't want to wait last minute...cuz I am Very famous for that . Would love to see b4 and afters from anyone who had surgery with dr S...

Again thank you guys for all you great reviews.

Nerves are getting the best of me!!

Hello my beauties....not much going on on my end. Been trying to get supplies for my surgery here and there. Can be very I'm just trying to do it slowly. I started with vitamins thanks to all your reviews I kinda narrowed down what I felt would be best for me rite now.
Women's mutivitamin
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Folic acid
Chelates Zinc
B-12 b-complex
Only thing is I haven't started my iron pills cuz I'm waiting for my blood work to see if I need it. I don't want to take them and it's too much. Yeah I know some of you are probly saying is this girl crazy....lolol well yeah I am but that's not the point...lolol I just want to bcarful I don't mess my self up w too much with me here,,,lolol

So other than vitamins I've just been trying to get my head together and prepare for my day mentally. I'm very nervous being as I told you guys b4 it hasn't been a good road. But I need to be positive. I'm telling you I hv lost sleep thinking bout this..,crazy. Smh...but true. I've been reading about everyone's recovery and I'm sooo afraid I won't hv that support of someone being there to take care of me...being that I am in a Complicated relationship and they don't support I can't depend on them helping me..I'm actually scared to ask for there help. Sad but true...which is putting a strain on my looking forward to this big day :0( but I do believe it will work out. I have to tell myself that this is for me and if they can't except this and put there personally feelings to the side than mayb I need to rethink this whole situation I'm in. I need to be positive for positive results, and I know it's a challenging recovery I'm in for so I need to get my head straight and be ready....sorry guys didn't mean to go off corse. Just my head is weighing heavy....and you guys are so great with supporting each I guess I feel comfortable venting....

So..back to trying to get myself ready,,worried, excited..uncertain of wat I should go terms of how big..lolol I'm telling u I've lost sleep thinking bout this. And wats crazy is I can't wait for the day!! I go to see Dr S on the 11th..have to make final payment and sit with him with my 101 questions...lolol. So I hope after that I will feel more at ezzzz.

Thank you guys for all you reviews...its like when you read them you feel like ur going thru it's great to be part of RS family. Talk to my beauties soon. Stay strong guys and happy healing.


Wishing all my beautiful RS angels a Happy Thanksgiving. For everyone who is recovering....I hope you able to enjoy your day and have a Happy HEALING Thanksgiving Smooches xoxoxo

What is fluffing??

Can someone plzzzzz tell me what is fluffing..and I see girls saying they can't wait for the fluff. What that meanssss. Lololol educate me...

Got me some supplies!

Ok my love I went yesterday to the pink room store in jersey and let me tell u it was the best thing I did. Maria was great. I had spoken to her on the phone a few times and she said yesterday they was having a sale so I figured good time to get me some things. Everything was 20 to 30% off GREAT! So I was able to basically get wat I will need for a few weeks in. Let me tell you ladies there customer service is incredible like you ask as many questions and there more than happy to answer you. So anywhooo I got me a sitting pillow ( much firmer than the boppy) a stage 2 faja, a surgical bra, some pretty undies that were on sale for 1.99... Got that tea thing...what you call it again..yea well that to help with the healing, got lipo foam wrap, lower back board and oh yes a gel to massage on my body at night. I think that's all. I still need to do a walmart run for some mecical supplies but I think I'm almost there. Lolol getting very excited. Crazy how I loose sleep thinking bout I crazy ???? I don't know....just consumes me...I guess cause m so worried an anxious.
But I'm sure before I know it I will be on the ther side with all my beautiful RS sisters. Hope everyone is well and healing.
Smooches xoxoxo

My supplies so far.

Sick from vitamins!

Hello my bootiful angels. Just wanted to ask if anyone experienced sickness when they took there vitamins? I've been trying to do the right thing and take them but is believe it's the B-12 making me soooo sick. And isn't that important to take??? I had to break them down taking one a day to see which it was and I believe it's the b-12 B complex. Errrr makes me soooo nauseous. And yes I take it with bueno.

Aside from that I've been doing good getting myself mentally ready anxious to see Dr S next finally show him my wish pic and see wat his opinion is on it all. Hope everyone is healing well and feeling great. Will cont to keep you guys updated with my journey. :0)

Oh and want to also thank my cake for being soooo great and helpful. Smoochies!!! Your the best!

Half way there!

Hola my beauties. Just went to get my physical results. And so far all is good. My hemo is 13 so thats good. Everything else was great. Just need to go for a second mammogram cuz the first one was unclear. So I pray all goes well with that. So Wednesday I go to see dr s and I can't wait..seems like this is just brushing thru so quick. The thing is Im here focusing on my surgery and ummmm I need to get ready for Xmas...lololol been trying to some shopping here and there but man it's only a few weeks away. So I need to get that going as well. I'v been doing a lot of thinking about the massaging, at first I was very strong bout getting it done since I see so many of you ladies get them done. But from what I've read and I will confirm, my dr doesn't feel the massages are something that has to be done. So I'm going to talk to him about it and if he says no than I'm not doing it....I feel I should follow what dr s feels is best for me to do. So I will follow up on that. And let you guys know what I decide. Plus it would save a whole lot of money in my pocket. Lol

Anywho I hope everyone is doing well and all in recovery hope your getting thru it and feeling better each day.

A lot going on tomorrow

Hi ladies...hope everyone is healing and feeling well. Tomorrow I have my appointment w Dr S can't wait...but also have my second mammogram in the morning. I hope all goes well with that. I'm praying. Today I've been feeling a lot of diffrent emotions. Sad happy confused which leds to anxiety. Not good at all. Not questioning my choices just wish things where just more easier. When it comes to US doing for ourselves...y is it we always second guess it. Or have to make sure everything else and everyone else is ok before we make ourselves OK and HAPPY...or maybe this is just me and I need to learn to sometimes make myself FIRST. I was feeling sooo excited and anxious and now I don't feel it. I'm soooo happy for everyone else and so glad to see others healing and recovering and looking great but yet I should feel that I CANT WAIT FOR MY TURN feeling. And I don't. And it makes me sad cuz I know it's cuz my concerns lie on everyone around me. Yes...I'm questioning myself :0( I'm Having that feeling of being selfish......asking myself am I kidding???I'm too old to do this!!! I don't know....mayb after tom hoping I get good results from my tests and than seeing dr Schulman I'll feel better and more positive of my choices. I think I just contradicted myself...sorry I guess I am questioning my choices. Don't mean to sound so negative when I should be here being positive and happy for everyone else. I apologize...just how I'm feeling today...
I hope tomorrow will be a better day.


I'm so happy my mammo came back all clear!! That was just a relief for me felt like a. Building was taken off my shoulders when they told me my results. I'm so glad!! Now I can look forward to my app later w Dr S. And hope that all goes well too.

Paid in full!!

Hi ladies, how are you? Hope everyone is well. Sorry I haven't been on updating you with my journey..just been dealing w some stuff that has kept me mentally occupied...but thanks to my sistas gotthacake increaseme and msisiskali I got thru it. Thank you guys for being there and helping me get through a hard time. Love you guys for that. Now as for my journey...I finally got to see Schulman after missing my app on the 11th due to crazy crazy traffic in the city..and they don't wait for you so I was out of luck. So it took me hours to get back home for nothing cuz I didn't even get to my app..smh so I went Friday and decided I would take the train to avoid any lateness happening So I got to see Schulman and discussed everything showed him pics and he was like don't worry I know wat you want...lolol. Told him listen I don't want no Nikki and I don't want no Kim..and he laughed...just making that clear...lolol... Soooo he took my b4 pic and went into a lot of detail bout my breast and the size etc. very worried bout that. Just dnt want them too big or too small. I pray it comes out right. I don't think I can deal w anymore disappointment....but he is so assuring,,,but I still worry. Right now I have 400cc he said he going to but 250cc I hope that enough I want to be a full C cup...I think I said it 100x so I'm sure he heard me...lolol but I still worry, was thinking omg is 250 going to be too small???? Smh and as for the bbl I'm leaving it in his hands I showed him pics showing exactly the size I would like and he agreed it was perfect size for me so that's that....I just need to relax and breath, soooo nerve still hv things I need to get trying to narrow my list down cuz he told me not to go crazy buying so much things..not necessary...glad he said I'll focus on wats important. So for now ladies my goal is to finish up my Xmas shopping and get everything in order so I can than focus on my big day. Hope everyone is healing well and feeling great. Talk to you beautiful ladies soon. Smoochies

Merry Christmas

Just want to take this time to wish all my RS sisters a very Merry Christmas. Hope everyone who is recovering is doing well and gets to make the best out of there holiday tom. Smoochies xoxoxo

Omg the day is near!

Hello my beautiful RS sisters. So sorry I haven't been writing much about my journey. I'm not too much of a blog writer more of a one on one writer,,lol sometimes it's hard for me to write about everything when I'm going threw so many diffrent feelings. But I have to say I've been having super support from my sisters helping me get thru this...even to the point of almost canceling the whole thing. You know who you are and thank you thank you thank you loves! So now for the exciting stuff. Yes ladies MONDAY is my day. Feeling ALOT of different things..scared I think is over powering all of them. I'm soooo worried. Man!! I just want everything to go good. I can't believe this is happening..I honestly can't. I've thought bout it for sooooo long and here it big day is coming, feel like I need to talk to dr s real good b4 this goes down...lolol need to feel real confident that me and him are on the same page. I'm sure you know what I mean. I have that uneasiness bout him knowing exactly what I want. Just some polishing so I hope I have that opt b4 anything. I can't even look at people's posts anymore it makes me more scared. So this weekend gona clean up my house,,,and I think mayb get me something for my bed..not I or should I put something on my bed to protect it? Will I leek on my bed?? I don't know...I just don't want to ruin my mattress...lolol so a little advice on that matter please. And also when should I start taking the bromelian pills? I really can't drink pineapple juice cuz I get heart burn from too much acid so thinking I'm better off with the pills. Ladies plzzzz give me some recovery tips..plzzzzz I'm soooo worried bout it!


Hellllooooo my beauties!!! Yesssss my day is very very near. Tomorrow. I don't even know how to feel. I am soooo scared and soooo nervous. I'm feeling like this isn't real. Like this is really gona happen. WOW! This big day that I've been waiting for for so long! Soooo nerve racking! I pray it all goes well with my history I'm super nervous bout that. I can't deal with that again ever. So I have to stay positive...have to.
So I did all my cleaning that I don't have to worry bout room is all ready for recovery. Now the question am I? Ummmmm NO LOLOl But I know I have my sisters here to help me thru it..thank god! It's amazing to have such beautiful people there for you helping you and keeping u strong and positive thru your journey. AMAZING thank you guys for your support and for those of you who kept me positive when I was ready to give up have a lot of love for you. Gracias. And yes I will be posting before and afters after my surgery. Actually will be doing some b4 later wen my sister gets her. She will be taking me to my surgery, I am the first one on his schedule have to be there at 7 surgery at 8. Sooo unreal. I will post some pic later and keep you posted on my journeys. Any last min advise plzzzzzz do so...I need all you have. Smooches

Made it the other side!

Hey beauties ......I'm home....hard to get comfy cuz I can't lay on my breast ....all went well.will tell u all bout it when I'm feeling better.

Here r some b4 pic will post after tom. Xoxoxo

No back photo

No back photo yet..hv allot of tattoos need to edit. Sorry


So sorry I haven't osted anything been trying hard to deal with this discomfort and pain. Tell me this gets better plzzzz. Starting to feel down.

Pain on side

And I feel like I have gas pain on my side anyone had this feeling..mayb drinking too much water?

Lots of swelling

Guys my legs are so swollen. Is this normal?

Feeling little Better

I sorry I'm not updating the the moment I feel up to it I promise I will. Just been trying to take care of myself and get thru these first few days. Today Im Feeling a tiny bit better. Happy to be able to say that. Gona have me some calendula tea and lay dwn...been taking my arnica and eating pinapples can't drink the juice cuz I'm afraid of it giving me heart burn...less o dilute it? Would that be ok ??

Here are some after

I'm Sorry I couldn't take better pics. But will soon

Shower tomorrow

Hello my beauties....just wanted to see if any of you can please give me some tips on my big day shower. I hear it can be really bad. But how can u prevent it. They said for me to lay down and take garment of slowly but how am I suppose to lay it ok to lay down just to do that?? How did you girls do it???

Day 5

Hello my beauties...feeling better each day. Today I took my shower and have to say wasn't so bad. Took my time and did everything slow and it worked out. My only problem is wen I took the garment off I got do much more swelling in my legs. So bad. Sucks. Looks like hams. If I could just get rid of some of that pain from that swelling I would be fine.
Been feeling down trying to get through this. Difficult when I feel like I. Alone doing this. Don't get me wrong my daughter is here helping me as much as she can..just wish my bf would be here giving me some support some company to get thru this...would make it so much ezier. Tied of laying down and walking around. Haven't tried to sit cuz think it's to soon to do it?? And on top if it all I got my period so that's just great! Sucks!! And I also haven't gone to the bathroom....which is something I want to get over with. Guess cause im stressing it. But overall my day today is better. Shower was great and actually do feel better after taking all that stuff off and cleaning up and putting on a fresh clean garment.

After pic

Hi ladies...hope everyone is well. Been here getting through this recovery. Not ez...but getting it done. Just been very tired..don't get much sleep. But other than that everything else is good and coming along well.

Almost at my 3 wk point

Hi beauties....yes it's been awhile....been dealing w my recovery. Let me tell you it's very real..lolol. No joke. I give it to you ladies that was up and going writing and posting the day after and so on...I dnt know how u did it. I bOw down to you...lololol..But you know everyone is different and we all
deal with things differently...including recovery. I prepared myself for the worse and really the pain wasn't so bad it was the discomfort that drove me up the wall. And still is. You know I read on someone's page how they wer bothered by some of us who don't post pic or blog rite after surgery..that it's not fair to the RS family...obviously this person hadn't had surgery yet...but either way you need to be considerate and understanding to everyone...not everyone is quick to post and write. I wasn't up for it..didn't feel good to write or post pic. So if I offended anyone well I'm not sorry, lmaooooo cuz you shldnt be..wasn't personal it was just hard for me. So on that note.,.lolol. Thank you my sisters who supported me and kept me going during my journey. Im Feeling good and happy with my results. My only thing is I'm kinda claustrophobic so being in this garment sometimes brings me that's a struggle for me. So I can't wait to change garments....hoping my stage 2 won't be so much worse. That's wat has me soooo errrrr. You know...smh but I'm doing it.,,lol trying.
Since I didn't fill you in on my surgery date I can give you a brief detail...dr s of course was great. My sister took me to my surgery so I had her there to keep me ok....the crazy thing was I had noooo butterfly's or anything, dnt know y...I was calm but nervous at the same time, jay his nurse was great took great care of me and always made sure I was good. When Schulman came in I felt some kind of relief..he was great made me laugh and assured me everything would be good, he marked my breast to perfection and that made me very comfortable cause that was my main concern with this surgery. Everything was so dam fast...before you knew it I was ready to go and walking in the surgery room. Boy did I feel it than...I was like ummm can I use the bathroom ...and I went to the bathroom asking myself if this is wat I really want...talking to myself ...lolol. Smh and saying ummm your not walking out now so get your ass in there...ok so I peed and went...they told me lay down on ur stomach which freaked me out...y cuz I was face down and I feel closed in..not in I'm not So that was it ladies...that was my release. I started to myself not letting them see but jay noticed but didn't say anything she covered me w blanket embraced me put her head on the back of my shoulder and said don't worry everything will be ok....and at the point the anesthesiologist was saying ok gona give you something to relax you,,,and suddenly felt sooo calm and that was it! Woke up in recovery. Recovery wasn't bad was there for a couple of surgery was 5 hours. So they said I was doing good considering how long I was under. Again jay was amazing she got me thru my recovery took such good care of me...and wen I felt up to it was sent home. And it was hell from there..lololol
But I'm happy to say I got thru all the challenges...taking my shower taking foams off..omg..smh I had to stay in shower and let water run on it and my daughter took off very and my BM yesssss was the best, and still is a great relief when I go. And back2me45 it was on my 6day like you said....lololol thanks. So once I got thru those things I felt a relief...but still having a hard time w comfort...and sleeping,,,noooo sleep up every 2 to 3 hours...omg drives me crazy, now I'm finally sleeping more like 3 to 4 so I guess it gets better.
I'm happy with wat I'm seeing which is great being I'm only 3 weeks in. He did an amazing job with everything. I had a slight irritation under my breast but dr s told me was normal cause if the area the skin takes long to heal I think it was also the rubbing of my garment. Other than that that's the only problem I had. I email Schulman with any concerns and he gets back to me right away....which I think is great. I'm very happy with him and sooooo glad I found him.
So rite now I'm dealing w the garment change and trying to figure out how to drive. Plzzzz ladies tips on driving, how do you girls do it??? I have nobody to drive me around so I feel forced....don't want to mess up my booty...lolol I really need to get out my house...I'm loosing my mind. I go back to work next week....would like to drive to work if I could just figure it out.
Again thank you to my sisters who helped me out and guided me..and understood my time to guys are amazing and I'm sooo happy I found RS. Hope everyone is doing well and healing quickly. Smooches xoxoxo

Here are some photos

More pic

Don't know why I'm feeling this way.....

Goodmorning my beauties! Ok so ever since last night I've been feeling a certain kind of way. Paranoia!! Omg!! Don't know y all of a sudden I'm letting myself feel this way. I'm feeling my bootie is getting really small. ???? I'm starting to pay attention to every move I make thinking I'm doing damage to it. I read so many do' sand don'ts that I'm starting to get paranoid. When I went to see Schulman he told as soon as a week after my surgery he told me it was ok to sit just to sit on my thighs and nooooo pressure on my butt. Which I sometimes do at home to give myself a break from walking around the house and standing. And I'm reading girls saying sitting kills the fat!!! And I'm feeling my hips went down a lot and thinking mayb it's cuz somtimes wen I stand I put my foot on the bottom of the chair foot rest to elevate my feet. So mayb that add pressure to my hips and that's y they went down. Errrrrrrr or mayb all this is my being paranoid. Idk...I just don't want to loose anymore...cuz I really lost a lot already. Is this oral to feel ladies. You vets out there talk to me...lololol ok I don't like to feel this way....noooo bueno!!!

7 weeks

Hello my beauties! Hope everyone is healing well. Sorry I haven't been on for a while just been dealing with my healing. I can't believe I'm at 7 weeks! Yaaayyyy. Let me tell you this journey has been real!!! Again to you ladies that were up and at it at 2 week I bow to you...cuz it took me this long to start feeling some kind of normalcy! I finally feel good..and move around sooo much better. My only problem is sleeping..cuz sleeping on my stomach kills my lower back so I'm still waking up numerous times thru the night. But other than that I have to say I'm good. Itching isn't so's there but bearable...pain very very minimal basically I'm going thru the nerves waking up and feeling those pinchings and pulling. Ouch!!! But hey I'll take that over wat I felt with the first few weeks. Believe it or not I'm not driving still cuz I just can't be comfortable sitting in traffic and worrying I'm crushing my butt...lololol (I hit lotsssss of traffic going and coming from work) so I've been taking public transportation which is good cuz it's a lot of walking and works out good for my recovery. So overall it's good.
So as for my Breast r still healing..smh sooo annoying...the incisions still have some openings..makes me feel so grossed by it..cuz it's soooo ugly..but dr.s told me cuz of the area it's take a lot longer to I'm trying real hard to be patient ...been taking care of it and doing wat I have to do...but other than the opening I'm happy w the way the breast look..BUT yea BUT I do see one bigger than the other and more fuller..soooo yea I will be addressing this on my next following up. I mean the size is perfect exactly what I wanted...but to me it's too much of a I will see wat he has to say about that. And as for my's coming along. Looking good, still have some flat spots...hoping they full out...other than that perfect. Love it, it's crazy I can't believe it's and I need new jeans..omg...none of my jeans hardly fit but I'll manage. Now I do have a huge issue w my hips...they r not full at all. I told him I wanted my hips filled in..cuz I hand dents...and I still have the same that has me bothered, cuz I was really looking for that full round hip look...and I showed him pics so I don't know if mayb the fat didn't take..cuz let me tell you they I know he did something to them...and even now my hips I don't get it. But again will address wen I see him....I'm not trying to get myself crazy and fall apart from the stuff I seeing that I'm not happy with..I'm trying to be patient and give it time. Mayb cuz of all I've been thru with my past surgeries...this don't compare ...cuz I am happy with the results...just some things I need to address. U know. This is my fourth surgery ladies and believe me not all my choice. This one half yes and half no...lolol...boobies and lipo had to get done cuz of my past surgery mess ups and booty was my oh and I think I mentioned earlier In My review about the hole pocket I had in my stomach and the Huge lump of fat on my upper ab left from the butcher who did my tummy tuck 10 years ago..well dr s fixed that sooooo good. Omg I am amazed how he fixed that...smh so glad I don't hv to look at that anymore. So understand that yea I may have some issues but compared to what I went thru this is
Other than that's journey cont's....I hoping I don't loose anymore fat in my'm always looking in the mirror making sure it's there...lolol like omg is it going down??? ..lolol but I'm hoping at this point this is wat it is. I will post some pics that I took during the week. I hope everyone is doing well and you ladies who just had surgery...stay will be all worth it In the end. Smoochies....xoxoxo

Some pics at my 7 week mark. mad

I just wrote a long review bout how I'm feeling and it got erased. With how Im Feeling rite now this just upset me more!!!

So unhappy

I'm so unhappy with my results. I can't evens statrt to write everything again. I'm feeling horrible and been breaking down. My breast look like I was 70 and had a lift. You would never think I had implants in them. I got implants put in to get that fullness and shape I wanted and what I have r low ski sloops. Smh....and the fat under my armpits was suppose to be lipoed out and the fat looks more and falling over my bra. Disgusting. I can't. The top of my body doesn't go with my bottom. It's two months at this point this is wat it is...cuz everyday there healing N just falling more. I didn't have a lift to say in a couple of years I'll have another one. Noooo that wasn't my plan. I'm 43 yrs old...I'm not trying to having surgery the rest of my life here...I can't deal with this. I'm tired of dealing with my breast. And I know you can't expect results to be perfect..yes I know,this..but satisfaction I expect. And I'm not satisfied at all! I hate them! The widness was a big deal to me...told him I didn't want that look...omg...I look so wide...cuz the breast r low and the top is flat so the widness goes straight across the chest...I'm sooo upset. Cried yest and today. Having anxiety cuz I already know how this goes. There will be reason and I will be stuck with this and fix them again. And mind you I still have openings on the incisions. And pain on one of them. I can't! Just too much. As for everything else,,,the lipo on my back and stmk is butt still has flat spots on both sides n the bottom ...hips never filled out. Guess the fat didn't take. Just not happy with everything...upsets me. I tried hard to stay positive and not judge myself but now I'm seeing stuff and I'm Not liking it and at this point i should be liking wat I see. This journey isn't ez...and to go thru it to. To be satisfied w your results sucks. Not sleeping pain..discomfort..these dam garments...doing it all rite and than to see results your not happy with..just sucks really bad. And I've been thru it, mentally I wasn't expecting any miracles believe me...but I also was expecting disappointment. I'm sorry ladies...I hope I didn't offend anyone but these r my real feelings. Just really not feeling good at all.

I hope everyone is doing a lot better than me and healing well.


I WASNT expecting disappointment.


Here are before and after if my hips. Tell me wat you think ladies plz.

The same....

If you see yes my waist looks smaller but my hips r the same.

Been a while!

Hello my beauties! Yes it's been a while and I'm sorry I haven't written any updates. Just been trying to keep to myself because I didn't want anyone thinking I was nagging or trying to feel sorry for myself cause believe me I wasn't. I was just expressing my feelings to my true sisters and being real which is what this is all about. Thank you to my sisters who checked on me and supported me and keep me thinking positive....I thank you for that.
Right now I'm doing much better than I was when I wrote my last review, my feeling remain the same towards my breast but after my last follow up with dr S I feel more confident that in the long run i will be happy...dr s is a great dr and he didn't make me feel uncomfortable for feeling the way I did, and he highly expressed that HE DID NOT want me unhappy. So we are waiting for them to heal more to decide wat will be done. And I feel positive he will do w.e he can to make me happy cause he can't have alllllll those 'patient care' awards if he didn't have it....lololol. I'm just saying.
Anywho I figured I write a little to let u guys know I'm ok..OH and my butt is doing great...lolol have lost a lot of volume but still good. Hips did fluff out some but yes still would like more rounder hips.
Ok so Ima post some pic so you lovely ladies can see how my booty is doing...lolol thanks guys for being there, and I will be sure to post my review after my next follow up w dr s letting yo guys know wat I decide to do. Smoochies

More pics

31/2 months

No before pic...smh

Wow I just noticed I don't have any before pic up..I will show u some befores. Sorry ladies

4 months tomorrow!!

Hello my beauties!!! 4 months tom!! Yaaaayyyy!! And tom I also have my follow up w dr S and I can't wait. I don't know ladies I read a lot that fluffing happens around 4 months. Not sure if I have. Lolol. But I want tooooo.....lolol
I will let you know how my app goes w dr S wish me luck guys!! Smoochies

Having a revision.

Hello my beauties, sorry for the delay on my update...but like to be alone when I write my reviews...and I haven't had much time to sit and write, so here I so my app w dr s went really well. I will be doing a revision on my breast and some lipo on the side if the breast as well. Dr Schulman wants me happy and feels I will get better results with a revision even tho he felt my results now was great. But is willing to lift them some more so we are... Im very happy. Just praying it all goes well and I have no regrets after. Dr s really is a great dr...I mean he sat there w me and talked it all out with me and we discussed everything calmly and with lots of thought. Made me feel really lucky to have fond him. I did ask him about filling the bottom of my booty being I feel it's flat...he said it could be my skin...that even if he filled it it may still take that shape but he wouldn't be able to do that now and also said he would have to see where he would get the fat from to fill idk guess I have to see where that goes. But in the meantime I'm happy for my revision. Glad he agreed! Other than that...I am Healing fine, still very very sore on my butt...can't believe how sore I am. I forgot to ask if this was normal being I'm already 4 months but I forgot....but I figuring it is normal so I'm dealing.
So that's it for now...I will keep you posted w my revision. Happy healing everyone...smoochies.

Revision all done!

Hello my beauties. Yesterday was my revision. Like always he was great. I went in at 11:45 his staff remembered me and treated me so good. Love j! And Kirsten is awesome. I had my breast redone cuz I felt I wanted Tighter lift. I did dr get to see him after the surgery cuz he had a segment to do with ABC so I emailed him today thanking him for everything. And he emailed me letting me know what he did....he told me he did more than He intended to to give me a better lift. He actually removed my implants and fixed the implant pocket inside to give me that tighter lift and removed some breast tissue as well. This wasn't spoken about before surgery when we did the markings he said he was just going to lift more from the bottom. He also removed 1 liter of fat from my bra line, all I can think is omg all that wasted fAt...lmaoooo I'm in a lot of pain but It all so worth it. He went over and beyond what he had to to try to make me happy and I appreciate that so much. I am slightly smaller In Size but that fine cuz it's wat I wanted from the start. I'm sure I will be very happy with my results. Feel like I have a cow sitting on my chest...bruising is t bad at all. Yesterday the swelling was crazy...omg I looked like someone taped two hams to my sides...lolol was crazy I frecked out but knew it was from the lipo. But when I woke up it was waaay down. So that good. Still have to fix my doggy ears he says he wants to do it in his office is I guess that will be my next step..right now I just want to Heal and feel better. I posted some pic. Can't really see too much...brushing and swelling not bad at all.
Hope everyone is doing well and healing good. Smooches

More pics

Hi everyone

Sorry i haven't written I. A while...just a quick update. Been recovering well. A lot if the pain and discomfort has faded. Stitches have all fallen...scare looks great. Just need to heal and wait for everything to settle. Haven't taken photos yet, waiting for better results. Will post as soon as I feel I'm ready to show them off. Rite now what I'm feeling is I should've went with a bigger implant. Cuz I still lack that fullness on top which I probly will never get without an implant to fill it in...I shldve looked at the size of the implant before agreeing to it..smh I went from 400cc to 285cc that's a big cut. Lol so let's see how they heal and I will determine what my next move with be. But for now I AM happier with
them than I was before, so that's a plus.

Hope everyone is doing well and healing fast. Smooches!
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr Schulman is one Of a kind. He is a great ps. I've delt with a few and he is by far the best one. He listens and makes u feel very sure of your choices with him. And the most important thing is he has excellent patient care. He doesn't blow u off after or not. ale time for u. I had a lot of concerns and he was there every time I had a question. So I. Very happy with him and his work. And his staff is awesome especially his nurse jay. She is the best.

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