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Greetings everyone! I have been contemplating for...

Greetings everyone! I have been contemplating for a year on getting
Butt implants, however I came across the bbl subject and I have to say... I am impressed!

I am 21 years of age 148 pounds solid. I have ran track all my life so my body type is muscular. I want am looking for the hour glass shape. A fuller butt,small waist and curvy hips.

I have looked at a couple of doctors, but I am absolutely sure I will be choosing dr. Yily De Santos. I am overwhelmed with excitement, from her reviews and pictures.

I am planning on getting my transformation done end of June early July. If anyone would like to be travel buddies I am all in! I have not told anyone else except for my husband and sister in law about my surgery for privacy reasons. My husband and sis in law cannot go due to work related reasons. Therefore: I Am a lil nervous about going Alone ( sad face).

I have a couple of questions and would like advice:
-Anyone have dr. Yily personal email
- I want a small waist with full hips, with the information I gave should I gain more weight or loose?
-where do I get good prices for tickets?
-can I take the fat from my cheeks(on my face?)
-what is the difference between fat grafting,lipo and a bbl?

Thanks everyone will post pics in a couple of days

So I have been stalking rs, for the last two...

So I have been stalking rs, for the last two weeks, consequently I don't believe I have enough body fat for the bbl (sad face). I am a exotic dancer and if I gain weight... Well I don't have to get into that.

Here are my concerns with gaining weight
1. I just lost 40 pounds last year!! I remember feeling so insecure, even if its for a little while, mentally Idk if I can handle it

2. If I gain weight when the procedure is done, would I naturally stay the same weight and loose inches or loose weight and inches?

3. Where would I have to gain weight at for the bbl to be the most effective?

I have been nervous to email dr. Yily because i am dreading the worse which is I will have to gain at least 20-30 pounds to get the exact shape I want. Ugh never have I actually been so mad I'm not enormous ugh!!

I have been contemplating bbl with implants but It seems really expensive and hard to come across a great doctor. 75% I have not like the jobs I seen.


I have posted my pics. Tell me what you think??

I have posted my pics. Tell me what you think??

Happy Mothers Day to all my bbl sisters. I am not...

Happy Mothers Day to all my bbl sisters. I am not a mother, however my god daughter, told me If she has to call me mommy then I am considered a mother lol.
I have wasted enough time with debating, driving myself crazy, and talking about getting my bbl. I finally sent my email to Yily!!!
I am planning on going with another rs sister for August 19th who's with us!!

Aug 19 2013!! Yily doll

Yea Yilly lol. She finally got back to me. The wait wasn't too bad

The price for fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist, breast augmentation with implant is 4700$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Only problem is I did not ask for a breast lift or implants. But the good news is she heard my plea!! Yea yily loves me lol. Now I can began packing Aug 19 here I come!

Finally got my quote

I woke up this morning to my phone vibrating this morning, guess who ?? Yes yes Dr.yily with my final quote which is 3350. This is for lipo offull abdomens,waist, back, flanks and inner thigh and bbl.
I was so excited I started scrambling around looking for my passport lol. My husband is happy for me too, however we had to smoke (420 :-) so I can calm my nerves because now I can't find my passport!!!! Ugh angry face.
I am going aug 19 any girls going that week lmk!!!!

Aug 19 or 26??

I just wanted to say I love this page!! Besides the couple of haters, this is truly a place where we can all come together and not have any one judge or discourage us, instead we are all helping each other I love itt!!
Back to the point, so I have officially lost my passport I have to get a new one ugh!! I'm wondering can I still order my plane ticket anyway?? I think I can. So with that being said I have found traveling buddies :-) (I think) hopefully we can all confirm and be bbl sistas!! Also I have been getting so excited that I am saying the wrong date of my surgery lol. I originally wanted to go the 19th. But I think I will go the week of the 26 depending on if I have my RS crew.
Quick questions, there are rumors going around that Jacqueline's is under construction because of bedbugs?? If so ladies where are you staying ?? Please lmk thanks!!

Duran or Yily???!!!!

Hey ladies, I have been reading a lot of post and seeing ALOT of women switching from Yily to Duran.
They are both incredible doctors, the difference I see is Duran focuses on more of your back structure then the front, her hips start way before the hip bones. She gives off a way more animated look. The front view, (my opinion don't attack it) in majority of the post op pics I have seen, she could have done a better job in tighting up more in the stomach/abdomen area. Also her definition of hips are way too high above the waist for me. Yily makes it look more natural front and back. She shrinks your waist phonemically,makes sure your butt is round and plump (she dosent over exaggerate)
For those who more worried about their butt then overall figure I suggest duran, for those who want a hour glass figure I suggest yily. Therefore I'm still a Yily doll won't be switching.
Everyone should be more realistic about there body Duran and Yily are not god understand that, they are giving you close to perfection, it's up to u to enhance it.
I understand how frustrating it is for you not to reach your doctor, yily needs to snap back on her communication skills I agree. Another rumor I agree with is she should not be doing 7 sx a day!!! And to the soon to be dolls ya should not let her. I found out there are 5 other people going. That's too many too especially if I'm not 1st or 2nd. They are no more specials on the sux or recovery houses for more then two. To avoid drama, yily not taking her time, confusion or mishaps. I scheduled for another day. I sent her and the assistant a specific email of my purchased ticket. What time and day I can call to personally speak with yily about making sure I am the first to receive surgery.
Please dolls, there is always an answer to a problem. Don't sit around, wait or blame others. If there is a road block prepare for it and have a plan A B or C.

Sept 10!!

Hey dolls. Hope everyone is staying cool and comfortable. I pray all dolls (Duran included) are recovering well, you guys are looking beautiful!!

Cell: (829) 469-6102 (-uses for whatsapp)
Cell:(809) 963-7740
Office:829 331-5050 ext208

Ladies please purchase whatsapp Yily or Yira. She takes 3-7 days by email. Whatsapp maybe the most 24hours. I have downloaded itranslate to speak to her in Spanish. I'm not sure if it helps but I have been in contact with her for the past three days.

I will arrive in DR sept9 and have my surgery sept10. I am having her lipo full abdomen, back, flanks,armpit,waist and inner thigh=3350. I am considering a breast lift(900$more). I choose to go in sept instead of Aug because Yily is having a summer rush, therefore she has been lacking in performance, communication and patience. She is human too.

I have gained 10 more pounds, and sent her my new pics. She told me I should gain more. So I know more dread gaining the 20 pounds. I'm over it and just want to get this done already!!

Having a hard time with the recovery house. After hearing the ratchet stories of Yasmin I knew I was staying at Angela's. lol wrong!! I spoke to book with her and she's coming to the US for a whole month. GRRR. Debating btwn Angie recovery house or Virginia.

So I had a serious talk with my Agent. He sat me down to tell me he canceled all of my photo shoots for the summer because of the weight gain. I cried a little. He told me not look at it as a lost because once I'm a doll I will be making triple times more. So it's a win win situation. Ugh I feel like a pregnant person without the fetus. Lol
That's all for now will post my fat pics later


Duran or Cabral

Hey everyone happy holidays!! I was soup pose to go to Yilly in August, however due to the ratchness going on at Cipla and not liking Yilys latest work, Ninja (my hubby that's his pet name lol) said helllll nooooo and to wait. So I am changing doctors and will be going early feb late march. I loved and stood up for Yily like she was my damn mother lol. But I'm going with Cabral or Duran

Weight rollercoster I gained 30 pounds to see ms Yily! And lost it all, because of the push back. So moving on Cabral has quoted me 5000 for bbl and Breast lift. I said fuxk it I mines well go out! I'm also having my Labia cut (extra skin) and want my teeth done. I haven't gotten to Duran yet, I'm more in love with Cabrals work.

Still saving in the process just moved to a new apt, a puppy for ninja and I our anniversary, my birthday just passed and we are buying a car within the next two weeks plus Xmas!!! Lol so been having to put this off taking care of priorities right now!! Just wanted to say you ladies look beautiful to those who Are post op!

So I know, I don't need this procedure but I want it! Whenever I lose or gain weight it's not where I want it. I want my teenage body small waist no hips and for my ass to stand out with projection. I'm a dancer so image is very important to me. My husband has stood by my side no matter what, I want perfection!! He wants a happy wife so it's a win win situation.

Getting a quote from Duran will post later Kilo (puppy) keeps knocking my phone out my hand, and ninja keeps saying good boy lol, time to give my guys some attention! I am on this site all day Gwaking at these Barbie doll bodies lol

Forgot this pic


Hey everyone!!! Happy holidays!! So I haven't got a quote from Duran yet, anyone has her contact info??
I'm about 99.9999 percent I'm sticking with Cabral, however you always need a plan b so Duran is my next choice.

Cabral has given me a new quote bbl breast lift and I'm having my labia cut new quote is 5800.

I have some worries about my breast lift (haven't spoke to Cabral about this yet) that saying one side of your body is longer then the other? Well I am pretty sure one if my breast is longer (ugh saggy tittes lol) then the other, and when he does the lift will it look lopsided ?? Or should I get a very small implant to even them out?? I'm very skeptical of DR doctors breast lift in general, it's like they work so hard on your body and don't take enough time for the breast. Will discuss with Cabral later.

Might have found a buddy for sux!!! Now I'm just ready to plan and get this done!!

Happy New Year

Happy new year dolls!! From now on I will be posting more, I'm on this site every day lol, so my current update, I have sux buddy (round2boo)!!! And I am so freakin excited!! Originally we were gong the 17th, however the King Cabral gave us the 20th. So I have three different quotes, 3500 for bl+thighs, 600-700 for a Labia cut and if i want a breast lift all togather 5600. I started wanting all three, and I never thought about how the heck am I going to sleep! I don't deal with pain well and I always put way too much on myself; this is my health in another country so I'm not going to get the lift. I will get my breast done another time. My sux buddy said I will be fine and have nothing to worry about(this is her second round) but I told her she's a super hero, after she told me about her post op healing in dr. I really hate being in pain and I worry all the time.
Plus I KNOW King Cabral is no angel, so I will take all health precautions. I don't wish for a speedy recovery I want a safe one.

So I'm buying my ticket this week off of cheapoair it's 469 and I got two discounts! So it's 450.00!! And re applying for my passport this week.

2months, 1week, 6days, 4hours, 3minutes and 18 seconds!!!

Blood work

Hey Dolls!! So I got my blood work back and everything is average. My hemoglobin level is a 13.5, going to try and raise them anyway.
Only downside my AST (determine if damage is done to major organs) and VLDL (bad cholesterol) was low.
Which is not a bad thing but my AST indicates I'm dehydrated and I need to drink more water.

I will do my
Blood work again two more times before sux. I need everything to be perfect for king Cabral. #norisk #imalreadytakingone #survivalofthefitest.

Also gained 5pounds!!
Have a great week dolls!!


Hey dolls, nothing much going on just a snow storm. Changing surgery date to The second week of April. Feels like forever! I just want to get this over with!! Looking at gorgeous body's all day, this is what a predator looks like lol. Uploaded some wish pics

Count down!

Hey dolls! Gained another 5 pounds(10so far) on my fgs(fatgirlshit), don't think I need any weight gain pills. I usually only eat half of the food on my plate. Now my man and I plates almost look identical lol, more starch, red meat, lots of chocolate!! And deserts.
I have exactly 1month, 4weeks, 0 days, 6hours and 36mins from this post. Got some great news, my husband got a bonus check, and I'm getting way more then what I expected on our taxes. My hubby agreed to pay for the surgery and I would pay for after care. However his job had cut back on hours, but now his bonus check and our taxes, will cover pre-op and post op. Very relieved, because now we can work on our vacation In Miami and start looking for a home!

Posted another pic from King
Cabral ig. Also my buddy and I have changed our date to April 9.
That's all for now. Everyone stay warm and safe the snowstorm is coming!

1 month, 2weeks, 4days, 4hours and 21 min

Hey dolls, can't believe time is flying, about time I start packing
And ordering shitttt lol. So I want my breast done. I'm 22 and they are just too saggy. Hubby
And I got into a huge disagreement. He feels I should go back at then end of the year,
He isn't coming with me, and thinks that would be way too much to handle. I said no childbirth that's when you need to be holding my hand. It was a joke..,he didn't think was funny. I don't have any kids And he said that was ignorant. It probably was but I don't like seeing him get too worked up over my safety.
I gained another 3pounds,
This weight gain is a little harder then I thought. I'm in the fridge looking like a Cookie Monster.

I got a couple of Pms about my *alternative life style* let me say
This stripping,
Dancing whatever you want
To call it, has it's cons and it's pros. I started dancing to pay off a 25,000 school loan to finish my degree. It's been two years I have been dancing and my loan is all payed off, last year alone I made more then what my degree would get me. Now this year we ready to get into property and owning buildings. I am only 22. Let me say this, relationships are a NO go. I listen to all my friends experiences with men and women: it's hard to be taken seriously, especially If you make more money then your partner. Also if u care about what others perceive you as and what
People think,'this isn't for you. Yes 8/10 you have to look the
Part, but nothing is more sexy and attractive to a man, then confidence. I am fortunate because my man only use to date strippers. We have been neighborhood friends for
8 years. Before we became lovers, he was a client and now we are married. That is the basics. No I don't fall in love with any of my clients. That's the dream I sell. I've
Had a crush on my husband sense I was 12.,lol. I am very outspoken and
Could care less about
What you, channel 9 or ya momma thinks of me. Everyone is trying to find what I already have which is happiness. What works for some can't work for everyone. New pics me doing the damn thing.

Cabral not honoring quotes tisk tisk

Hey dolls!!! I can't believe it 4 more weeks 2 days, 3hrs and 58 mins!!!!!! Alright alright alright!!! Thank you everyone for your compliments and Pms!! I'm at work on my weed break as I type now, so let's get too it. Ordered my passport and ticket! Still can't get ninja to agree to a breast lift he Is not having it. Tomm no more weed! Want to be the Virgin Mary for the king haha.
I hit Cabral up in whatsapp to do a checkin make sure he is still honoring my quote, I checked out some girls going later then me and I see he is charging 3800? Without the clinic fees! He tried to tell me 3800 as well, after he told me 3500, thank Steve jobs (rip to a real ni*** lol) and the apple team for screen shots! I sent him a pic of our earlier conversation in January and he had no choice but to say bien!! Make sure he is honoring your quote ladies!!!

Still haven't bought supplies yet, will start this week. Ninja and I just bought a drop top, we riding out!!! Also ladies I just started my own business it's called légendarie (French for legendary) will be completed after surgery, of course clothes, I make my own outfits and wigs. Love being creative and def will need a couple of models!

Also bad news???????? I was very sick this week lost 6pounds, still have a belly.

Hope everyone has a great week that's all for now.

Three weeks!

Hey Dolls so it's three weeks left, I am stressing out! Trying to make sure everything is going
Smooth. Me being
Sick set me back ALOT, so doing a lot of running around and moving.

So as I was talking to my sux buddy last week it dawned on me that I would have to spend 9 days away from my husband and puppy. I started crying and hypervenlating, tryna make plans to at least bring my puppy with me. My man and I are taking two vacations this year one to Miami the other to Trinidad,
So he isn't able to take off any more days. I have never spent more then 2days away from him or my puppy. I calmed down after a blunt or two, yes yes I know but this is harder then I thought
To break this habit! My nerves always get the best of me

I have gained 15-20 pounds more,
I will try another 10 but I doubt it. Honestly this weight gain for these couple of months have been a disaster to my alternative night life lol. Ironically everyone likes the weight I put on, but I have been making less money. For the present it's annoying, but the future brings so much more! It will be all worth it.

Tomm calling Cabral headquarters to make sure my date is still locked in, I see a couple of girls going the 8th 10th and 11th but not the 9th. Applying for
Insurance, and will start looking Into recovery houses.
My buddy and I will do 1-2 days with Cabral 3 at a recovery house and the the rest
Of the days at the barcelo hotel.

16 days y'all!!!!

Hey everyone!! So dolls this has been a stressful month for your girl! So my husbands baby mother (skitzo and angry hippo those are her names) heard I am having surgery and has been acting a fool!!! My husband and I have been planning this for a year and granted yes his son gets a party every year which does not usually cost him a lot. But skitzo is trying to throw a 5000 party and she dosent even have a job!! Ugh , I never let her see me sweat so she keeps it coming till she sees I'm not budging and eventually goes away. But dolls she is breaking my balls here lol.
2nd ninja and I have not been seeing eye to eye. I will admit I am wrong in this situation but I'm not in the mood to be deterred from what I want. Sense the weight gain I have been very insecure around him and not wanting to have sexual encounters. He has never seen me this insecure and told me if I can't love me right now the way he does then he isn't paying for it. I got so pissed off I been working every day. I'm not in the mood to deal with skitzo or waiting on him to pay for anything. So these last two weeks I have been going HARD. I put some miles on these heels lol. But fortunately I made the sux money and we came around and talked and worked things out, so know we just have extra. Ugh stressfull

But besides that my buddy and I are set for the 9th and 10th after surgery we are staying at ANGELA recovery house for three days and the rest at the barcelo. Also I won't be buying my
Faja or meds from Cabral. Angela informed me we can go to a pharmacy for 70$ and the faja there is a store right next to my house that sells them.

That's all for now!!

Made list

Hey dolls! Another stressful day but getting sh#% done! Here is my packing list so far
(2) stage 1 faja (not From Cabral)
Target brand baby wipes
Compression socks
(3)Maxi dress
1 pair of sweat pants and pj pants
(2) pair of lounge shorts
Alcohol pads
4x4 gauze pads
Medical tape
Antibacterial soap
Boppy pillow
(3) packs thick Kotex pads
Toothbrush/tooth paste
Ponytail holders
Female urinal
Wash clothes
Arnica tablets
Small fluffy blanket!

Will buy stage two and foam pads/lipo boards and other things when I get back.

Today I am purchasing medical insurance.


Ticket confirmation!!!

Hey dolls,
going in with the post my time is almost here! Ninja and I worked it out as we always do, still no breast lift though. We did come to an agreement. If I wait till Next year when he gets to take a whole month off for vacation I can get all the surgeries I want lmao!
However it isn't like I can't get the money myself to get a breast lift. He is just very concerned about me making back, and frankly am I , so I will get the bbl and lipo sculpture for now and next year all the surgeries I want lol.
So I'm feeling bad but I think I will leave it this way, there isn't a lot of people who know I'm having sux. is my twin best friends, my strip club friends (yes we can be best friends In the club but on the outside I don't even know there real name lol), my 2sisters in law, a couple of friends and that's about it. No one in my family knows, they don't even know I dance. Talk about Double agent life lol.
My Philosohy for life is don't ever lie to yourself. Forget everything you tell everyone else don't let your lies consume you, that you start to believe them and become In denial with YOUR own truth. For example let's say you got into a fight and didn't win. Whatever you tell people is your business but don't forget that girl whipped that ass lmao!
In return my family is my family I love them, but I do not depend on them that's what I have ninja for. So if they aren't paying these bills and I'm not in they pocket I actually give them money, so it's no one business because I am independent and responsible. If I don't need your help I don't have to lie but I damn sure don't even have to comment or give you a response. I told them I work at a strip club but I am a bartender and hostess, so either they know what's up or they are naive. But I'm not the flashy type or flamboyant. I spend my money on stuff that's going to last, because real talk ya this money won't be here forever!
So I also had a consultation with a surgeon here about weed. I have not stop and I think the most before surgery I can stop is three days. He told me it be better to stop but I can purchase a cleansing tablet and need to stop for at least 4days. That's cool with me!

That's all for now have a great day dolls!


Hey dolls I have gotten x2 Pms about the cost and Cabral info

If u purchase whatsapp he answers quicker (809) 707-2325 and the number his office is 1 (809) 565-6173

This is an estimate because Cabral is changing prices and I'm not sure if I'm forgetting anything.
Duration is 10 days, 9 nights
Bbl+lipo sculpture+thighs 3500 however Cabral did try to change my quote to 3800 so I might have to pay a little extra.
Consultation fees+lab work 140
According to Angela I can buy med meds at a local pharmacy 75.00
Two nights with Cabral (surgery night is free) 100.00
Buying two fajas In the United States (110.00)
Three nights at Angela recovery house (65x3) 195.00
Four nights at the barcelo hotel with my sux buddy (75*4) 300.00. My buddy and I will split the cost of 300.00. Which would leave me to only have to pay 150.00
Massages estimate cost 100.00
Food estimate cost 200.00
Taxi estimate cost 150.00
Extra money 700.00
Plane ticket 457.00
Estimate total cost 6147

I did not include the items I will be bringing with me but they could be another 150-200.
And the medical insurance 10-20.00

Night dolls


Panties with faja?? How does that work

Hey dolls!!

So quick question to anyone who is post op, after surgery post opp nine days, did you wear any
Underwear with your faja? If so were they panties, boy shorts or thongs? And is it mandatory that you wear them. I seen on another dolls page she wore Cotton thongs? But truth be told y'all, I hate underwear I hardly wear them unless they are getting taken off lol. So I'm not sure if it is I'm my best interest to start now? Lmao,
After sux and I come back to the United States I will. But during this faja, my skin feels like stone stage, idk??

TODAY I SPOKE WITH CABRAL. Yes yes the man himself! I called four times before getting through, it seemed very busy so I tried to through my Spanglish (Spanish/English) on and it didn't go to well, so I spoke regular English and he understood. I was trying to set up taxi service and make sure he kept my quote the same.

Anyway got a couple of items from target today id say I spent about 30.00 and another 4o on amazon. No fajas yet. My passport also came!!!! I look crazy in that photo kevinhart voice *no I wasn't readyyyy lol.

Have not purchased insurance yet, I'm still trying to get my medical insurance straight in the us before I go out there.

That's all for now night dolls!

6days left!!

Hey dolls!!
So I have been extremely busy trying to make sure everything goes accordingly. A couple of days ago my buddy stopped answering her texts. I started freaking out!! Yesterday I just said fu** it. No offense to shorty but I didn't need her to began with and I don't need her now. I love the idea of a buddy but this is what I was afarid of happening. I'm planning my whole stay revolving around someone and they don't show. This show is about me and it must go on!! That's why you must have a plan a b and c.
So I am no longer staying at barcelo or Angie recovery house. I will do two days with Cabral and and the other 8 days at Angela silhouette recovery house. 65.00 per night everything included except transportation. I believe it's 70.00 extra. I would love to stay at Angie's recovery house, she sounded so sweet and caring but if I am going to be alone in another country I need someone to take care of who me where there isn't a language barrier, because truthfully this is where infections and complications happen and if you can't verbalize it will be dismissed. I have been working on my Spanglish but um... It's not going to well lol.
I have also decided to buy my fajas with Cabral. It be a waste of money to buy a garment that Dosent fit!
I have a couple of more items to get and I'm ready!!

I have so many feelings and they are all overwhelming me but for the most part dolls the closer it started getting, I felt selfish for wanting to get this surgery and started talking myself out of it, but then you know I started thinking, I deserve this and this will be the most money I have ever spent on MYSELF, this is something I want for me.

So ready for this transformation!!!

Three days left turn down for what??

Hey dolls so two days till I touch down to dr and three days till Cabral uses those magic hands!!
Just getting in from work I am so tired!!! Dolls I was going so hard tonight I got splinters from the stage on my leg. I have actually lost 5pounds sense Thursday smfh, I usually chill every other hour and smoke, however I quit the weed (yea me) on wed. So Idk what to do with myself but go hard! lol I wasn't hearing nothing but dollar signs this week lol.

I purchased these cleaning vitamins from gnc it's a 7day cleanser it cost 30.00 without the membership, hopefully I don't wake up during surgery and it clears the weed out my system. I am packed and ready to go! Only items I don't have is my vitken, a small blanket, travelers insurance and a small container to put my soap in.

I have been considering getting my arms done however it's really not fat,it's mostly muscle, my man has put his foot done and refuses for me to get anything else done, I'm pretty sure I can work them out and make them more lean.

Dolls I'm so readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Delta flight the Mad dog.

Greetings dolls!
Can't believe my time is here! I am flying delta. I will arrive at SDQ airport at 1pm, will try to keep you guys updated on the process! I have spoke with Cabral again, and he has promised to keep my quote the same 3500(including thighs) and also the extras. Last time I called his assistant told me 220 for a faja! 200 for medication, and 215 for the bloodwork I stopped her in her tracks and said I will speak with dr.cabral because I was not told these prices in January.
I cried a lot In the upcoming hours because my puppy and husband are not coming with, but as always he is my superman and surprised me he is flying with me!! I have a layover in Atlanta for a couple of hours so we are going to enjoy for a few. Then he is going home and I will cry again lol.
Alright dolls here I go!!!


Hey dolls flight was fine. Enjoying the day with my husband in Atlanta. Delta is horrible!!! Left 6am and they overloaded the plane. We were soupose to be here at 828 am, not only did I miss the flight but they are trying to make us go back to New York, and then go to santo Domingo!!also we were soupose to have a layover in Miami!! And they switched us here at check in So we are hanging in the a for the day and I will be arriving at 650am tomm in santo Domingo. I'm not too mad because I get to spend more time with my hubby, but we could have been getting our bump and grind on in the house lmao.

Also clarification, I thought I was staying at Angela sillhoute recovery house, however I believe she had a new # or maybe she is called upscale recovery house?? Any who i am staying with ANGIE, she is so lovely and I haven't even met her, my husband is half Dominican so he speaks Spanglish not Spanish Spanglish and he explained to her the situation, she was already cooking a big meal for me and got me flowers!! I feel so loved and I haven't even met her! Will let you guys know when I touch down. I'm safe for now!


Hey dolls,

I made ittt!! Got here around 12am last night, thersea and her husband were already there waiting for me they gave me big hugs and made me feel so welcomed. Angela house is gorgeous, I took a shower when I got in. I have been more excited and in awe. I only cried when I had to watch ninja get on the flight back home, and when I finally Layed down and there was no one beside me I cried, and ended up falling asleep was so tired.

Woke up at 5am to ninja face timing me and of course he made me feel better. Thersea was at the house at 630 am and we arrived at CIPLA around 7. From here I have wrote in my notes. I'm going to copy and paste. Sorry for the mixed up sentences dolls. And will update when I am out of surgery. Thank you everyone for all your support!

Copy+paste from notes**
Woke up @ 5 spoke to hubby, thersea drove me to CIPLA, Cabral has a beautiful office, Maria very stern. Please ladies don't forget white beaters I was not aware that is what you wear under faja. 185 for blood work + consulation. Maria is very stern and unless you are smiling first she is not playing any games lol. Payed her she gave me a receipt, went back to the first floor to have my blood work done . Very hungry right now.
A couple of other girls, the needles are nothing like us needles! And they hurt(no tattoos)
After I did my blood work went back to the 5th floor, I was the first girl here so hopefully I will get seen first or mayb second. It is now 727 am Cabral won't be here till 830. So the wait game begins
Not to nervous,just trying not to cry, because my ninja isn't here. Just imagining him here next to make making me laugh
Also please ladies make sure you get it in writing from Cabral all the cost. They definitely tried to make me pay 220 and I informed her that's now what Cabral and I discussed and she quickly changed it 45 for the consultation and 140 for the blood work, EKG, and cardiologist. She got over 7.oo on me but I don't mind I won't be petty. I'm American hehe. Make sure you get a REcepit for everything you pay!! I understand prices are going up and they def charged two other girls 220. I was nice enough to say hola and they act like they didn't hear me so I'm going to do the same.

827 3mins early the king of barbies is here!!! He walked in and I never felt so relieved to see another man who wasn't ninja. Dolls his smile is every thing. He made sure he greeted everyone in his office personally and he's ready to get to down to business

925 I'm all marked up and ready to go. I was the first to speak the king Cabral he told me I have a beautiful body and took pics of me, most likely I will be on his insta, he asked me if I wanted hips I said yes and he smiled. While he was marking me up I said don't forget this and that lol. We laughed and he sent me to get X-rays and to the cardiologist all is good to go, just waiting for surgery

So Angela is great so far, I was preping myself this morning and she helped me as well. Thersea drove me to CIPLA and she has been by my side all the way till know because I will be having surgery. She has been so helpful and held my hand every step of the way.


Hey dolls 139 pm still waiting for Cabral to transform me. So important please

I have met ALOT OF YILY dolls and she is not joking about your blood levels she has turned ALOT OF girls away, it dosent matter if you are 1 point away they will give you a iron treatment and tell you come back tomm and Duran and Cabral will not take you as well. When I left New York my hemoglobin level was 13.5 I had my test done and it's 12.6!! I am also a couple of days away from my period, so please dolls these iron levels and blood transfusions cost money!!!!! I have seen about 2o girls so far and it's less then 10 that made it to surgery today, these are for all the doctors Cabral, Yily and Duran.
Please dolls have your shi**** togather

Other then that the experience is great got to to talk to dolls post and pre having a great day so far just ready for him to use those magic hands

Recovering and ready to twerk

Dolls please ask to use my pics on ur page if u choose want to give u guys the best updates and experiences will post my experience later sorry about the blood

Cabral booty


Pics pics for now too much pain right

After surgery

Hey dolls feeling a little better so first things first CIPLA is everything people say it is horrible. finally gave me my own room,
Also new rule In CIPLA, seems like to get more $$ if you don't have someone to stay with u, they will provide you a nurse who will stay overnight for 50.00. Thersea left around 12 and told me she will be back tomm morning to get me.

Chillen listen to music right now, probably will leave my room and go back in the waiting area where there is wifi or play candy crush.

343 blue pill feeling dizzy night night

I was u up during half of my surgery keep you informed me because I didn't stop smoking earlier that I would definitely was going to be awake. I re member is screaming out big but small wasit and each time he held my hand and he said okay okay I was out of surgery at 11 PM when I woke up they have provided me a nice and she was the best one I couldn't sleep couldn't turn over all I could think about was the pain she held my hand each time and every time I wanted to turn she got up to help me Feels like I got ran over the car or be at with a baseball bat, she loves 6 o'clock in the morning and that's when the trouble begain I remember screaming for nurse for about an hour I didn't put on the garment peace till about 10 o'clock by the time Cabral came in my room to come check on me he said you're doing well I gave you big butt by 1 PM Teresa was there I said thank God I was starting to lose hope will post more later

Carmen,Angela, and massage lady to the rescue

Hey dolls!
So the first two days post opp I have never been so Dependent on narcotics and Angela. She will let you say no a couple of times and then she's not having it lol and we all need that some times. Yesterday we did some leg excerises and I was feeling good! I was bending over, touching my toes, popping one but cheek at a time lol. During this time my pads began to move out of place, once I was ready to lay down the faja was burning my skin!'
Ugh I had such a uncomfortable sleep, bad dreams and I cried the whole night. I didn't even answer my ninja phone calls because I didn't want him to worry.
6am Angela comes downstairs to make me breakfast and she sees me crying, she was stressed for me. And told me don't cry this happens to everyone. We took m faja off so Carmen Could wash It and changed my pads.'every
Time i take this faja off I'm ready to pass out!!
I didn't even want to eat I just wanted meds and to sleep. Of course Angela told me no I must eat. So I forced myself and took the meds
And I was sleep.
This is the mesg I wrote to my
Husband because I was not answering his calls:

Hi baby
Have a great day at work last night. I thought I was strong and my faja was moving around off the pads
It started to burn my skin I had a uncomfortable sleep woke up in so much pain I didn't want to pee fluids began to build up inside my stomach
I took my medication earlier then usual and Angela cuss me for not
Drinking any water at all
Her worker came in and cleaned my
Faja felt much better and slept better
Angela woke me up a hour
Ago and cleaned
Me forced me to ex cerise
I was crying
So much and she gave
Me a hug and said she can't let me go home until I
Can walk so we excerised for a hour
And I sat on my but didn't hurt to much
She said the muscle In my butt is going the wrong way, and I will have my first massage today
Feeling better will get up and excerise again later I love u baby. Trying
To be strong

Dolls I have never cried while getting a masg, she was hitting them spots and I just tried to stay still and let her work her magic. Afterwards I felt better, but Angela made me excerise. Consequently my husband called her and she explained the situation and he told her do not send me
Home if I can not walk stand or
Sit as normal. He dosent care if it takes a month he will send her the money and get me a ticket. Here I am thinking I'm hiding shit lol. She told me if I don't excerise I can't go home. I felt like a little girl and broke down in tears and she hugged me and said this is for you. So I got my shit togather and I am doing much better, every two hours I am walking, eating my food and I'm feeling much better one step at a time. This lady is truly a saint

Faja photos

I am wearing a large. Angela said Cabral give you Bigga butt more pain. Today Carmen told me less pads in my faja more compression. In a couple of days this faja will be too big and I will need a small or medium. That's it for now
Night dolls

Throw that back!!

Meet dolls,

Feeling much better, a lot of bruising, will try my hardest not to pose and stand straight when taking the pics. Tomm I will see king Cabral and receive another massage. I'm so happy I can finally sing with Beyoncé I WOKE UP LIKKKKEEEE THHISSSSS lol


Hey dolls!!

So today was my first day out the house, wearing my faja without
A lot of padding,a bra and a dress. I was soupose to see king Cabral for a follow up and have my
First massage with the machine today.so I was very excited to get
Out the house earlier. Also have some company a soon to
Be Baez and Duran doll arrived last night so we were ready
To go.
A little pee'd about sitting on my butt today but whatever, the car ride was cool at first
Then it got uncomfortable I just
Wanted to lay on my stomach or stand up scared my
Butt will get flat lol.
So dolls I felt so beautiful puting
On my dress today I loved
Every curve he gave me!
We get to CIPLA around 8 and it's already 50 people waiting
For him as well!! I am still In pain and I knew I would have to wait
A whole but I wasn't
Prepared for this. Some girls post and pre op were there. A lot of
Girls told me he did his thang
Others just rolled there eyes. So I choose to see him another day I wasn't feeling the vibe and just
Waited to be drained and
Massaged. It was very
Overwhelming I had a lot
Of girls asking me to go In with them for consultation so they can tell him that's what
They want and I just wanted to get out. I had on way to much compression, dehydrated and should have taken my pain medication before I got there because the pain started to get worse.
I also was overwhelmed because I met a lot of dolls who were unhappy with there shape from Cabral and Yily and kept wanting to touch me, I tried to stay calm and be nice
And give them kind words but
It was just too much!
I sat with one doll and conversation and I showed herbs pic of me naked and she said your pic is In my Facebook group.
I was so pissed not with her but whoever did it. I don't mind but damn JUST ASK.
I finally was next to get drained,
And when she took my faja off I almost fell to the floor, and I needed water quick! I couldn't really feel
The needle just like a pinch, but sitting down was just too much for me. My anxiety was really starting to mess with me.
By the time it was time for to wait for a massage I couldn't even sit
Down I just wanted to go back to Angela's quick!! I waited
For an hour and finally got my massage. It hurt like hell my
Inflammation was serious!! I couldn't control my nerves and my
Legs were shaking
So bad. She was very
Patient and gentle with me and after the massage I felt better, and the fluids in my stomach and legs were starting to disappear.
After that I just wanted to get out and go to sleep. It was too much for me today.
I am very happy and fourtante Cabral made love to my
Body with those artistic hands. But I knew the moment he made me take my clothes off and said beautiful I'm going
To make you more beautiful and started snapping pics of me, he was going to put in some extra work. I felt
Comfortable then and now I feel comfortable in my own skin,
Hopefully tomm I will not
Cry when I give him a big
Hug and thank him. I finally measures myself today my ass is 44inches and my waist is 29. Going under I was 158 and
Know I'm 170 pounds. I thought
Everyone else was over exaggerating when they said he gave me a huge butt. I'm like naw this is normal lol.
I will no longer be posting naked pics untiL PEOPLE CAN ASK.
But I love posting on this site
Because this is how I got where I am today. Thank you everyone for your compliments and prayers.

Cabral cleared Me to fly, Yily dolls out Of control

Hey dolls
So before we get negative let's stay positive.
Today I seen king Cabral so he
Can clear me to fly, all is well but a couple of mistakes on my part DOLLS PLEASE DONT MAKE MY MISTAKES.
I asked my questions first which is when I can I light the blunt (no I did not ask in that manner lol),
how many CCS did he give me,
Post op medication and care
Doctor or masseuse In the New York area
He first informed me that I still needed to be drained (this is my third time this week), he put 1350 ccs in EACH CHEEK (very excessive but I'm not complaining happy customer
Here), gave me a list of post op meds to take home and a business card to the place in New York where I can continue to get massages and be drained. He also informed me that I had a lot of good fat and he could have gave me more ass, but I would have went into cardiac arrest, so he stretched it out. He started with my
Back fat, lower stomach, then underneath both of my breast. He did not get to touch the top center of my abs and informed me I still would have enough fat for a round two if I wanted a bigger booty. Instead of leaving the top center fat how it was he stretched it out, so it can be used as a water weight and will disappear with the right eating habits, or ab workout
He examined my body and noticed a couple of issues: I am burning my skin with the faja, he said om gosh mami omgosh noo. He showed me the burn marks and I said I thought those were dirt marks lmao.
He said you no feel burning I said yes all the time in pain. My skin is
So sensitive and I need to put arnica on and a lot of pads until I stop waking up In pain. Ladies that's where I messed up because I ordered the arnica gel on amazon and they waited till the last min to tell me it was out of stock. I have been using another cream not as strong so please dolls get that gel don't be stupid like me. Then he looked at my incesion marks and he said no no why no clean, I had on the wrong gauze pads. He took care of it right away, he said STERILIZED GUAZE PADS. The ones
I have on are not he said this is like paper, and will cause infections.
Luckily I only had those on
For a couple of hours. I thanked
Him and told him in my
Professional opinion he should
Be more clear and make
Time for post opp apoit because this is my second time at CIPLA and
What if I would have had an infection? No ones fault but mine. He said
Thank you I agree. So after getting drained he came back and asked me if He can follow me on Instagram.
We had also talked the night before on what's app and HE ASKED ME if
It was ok to put my pictures on his
Instagram. I am happy and pleased
With Cabral but ladies I don't
Care how busy that man is, if you are leaving soon DO NOT CLEAR YOURSELF you sit around and
Wait for him to make time, get
Your body examined and
Let him clear you to fly. I got
There at 8 and didn't speak to him till 1030.
After all this is said and done, I ran into another Cabral doll, we were chatting
It up when two unhappy Yily dolls rolled up on us, with the only
Attuitde "oh who ya went to Cabral, let me see what you look like, you got
Any booty turn around" I ignored
And dismissed them I am tired
Of these unhappy bitxhes not
Knowing how to talk to people because there angry. This was my last straw. They stood there waiting to be acknowledged and I finished my convo with the other Cabral doll, and sent her on her way. I was on my way to the
1st floor. So they are
Like you don't hear me? I snapped
I said I'm not your fucking child and YALL. need to learn how to talk people.
they got nicer and wanted to see a picture of me naked, so because they fixed up I showed it to them. This amazon looking wildfire bitxh in the face gonna say, oh you don't look like that In your dress it look like you might have something
But idk, then the other one looks to inspect my butt and says it's ight it's something back there. Why don't we look like that this bullshit. She not even all that cute. Dolls had we been in NYC I would have tazed both of they asses yes with my tazor and walk away like nothing happened. I lost it. I said both of ya ungrateful hoes should have saved up more money and went to the king. Ya too busy being peasants and that's why ya still look like peasants.
Ya got on them big ass dresses because ya spent all ya money and still look like how ya walked in here ratchet. Don't embarrass ya selfs no more by disgracing the 5th floor with ya presence go home with ya flat looking asses. And then I nicely wobbled
Onto the elevator with them still talking shit standing there. I'm sorry idk wtf Yily is doing but it's not my
Problem and I am too threw with
Yilly dolls bringing they noteamsurgeon asses with they horrible
Attitudes to inspect what's going on on the 5th floor. This was my 3rd or 4th altercation and I had it!! They think because there is two of them and one of me they were going to downgrade me to make themselves feel better hell no. I don't even like talking to girls, but I felt good being surrounded by
Other women who we all share the
Same goal: tryna get straight for the
Summer. Idk if Yily lost
Her touch but she needs a vacation
Because she is fucking up a lot of people's life's who came to her
To get a new start.
If you are thinking about going
To Yily please
Think twice matterfact three times.
She is not who she use to be right now.

I'm off this dolls, time to speak with my ninja.

Home NYC!!! Review on Angela recovery house p

Hey dolls!

Back in NYC, that plane ride was so uncomfortable!! By the time I got to ninja I was looking like I just came from a funeral. He was so happy to see me and I was too sloppy kisses and all lol.
He had kilo there as well and kilo was so excited he peed lol. I love and miss my guys. Kilo wanted to show me his new tricks, be picked up, run around in circles he was looking like he had ADD LOL. So the min we got to the car I said pull the meds out. He was laughing but I was serious. So I told him I don't think I can sit on my butt again. And tried to dive in head first to the back seat. He's soppuse to be helping me all he could do was stare at that ass. Lol also idk why I thought I was going to fit back there we have a coupe mustang. So we ended up getting me in the front seat, it was very comfortable unlike the plane. But this man was driving crazy!! We go from 0-70 in like 5 seconds he dosent understand the word slow. I was cussing him bad and he cussing the potholes I can't with him.
We got home and he hasn't been tryna let me lift a finger but I told him I have too how am I gonna get better. He then told me his new nick name is periphecies my ass is all in his peripheral I can't with him.
So happy to be home!! I called the # Cabral gave me they have a very nice deal going on. 450 for 10 massages with the machine 10 by hand and two for free. Individually they are 60.00, i start Saturday because they aren't open tomm due to a holiday. But I need a massage asap, I didn't get to get one when I left, so I will also check out this spa on Instagram rejouvabody something
Like that they charge 45.00 for the same massage, not sure if they have any packages.

Dolls, I just wanted to give ANGELA RECOVERY HOUSE 5++++ that lady is a certified grandma/mom/nurse/gangsta/cook/ your everything while you recovery. At one point when I was talking to ninja I would say I'm going home. If you are looking
For affordable,more one on one/hands on this lady does it all. And her worker Carmen, the sweetest and most helpful, these women are truly saints and she does this work with her heart not money. It is always clean, she does not let you pop your pills by yourself she puts you on a schedule, she explains everything to the t with the Spanish barrier and all. If you cry or stressed it hurts her and she is strong
For you. She gives you the determination to be better. She is always happy and will bend over backwards for you. The food, omg she was spoiling me. I came home telling ninja well Angela cooked me this and and Angela said that and that's not how Angela did it lol. I have been mixing her and Angie up. But I stayed at Angela's recovery house. If you or her can't
Find the answer she is on the move calling doctors and the pharmacy to figure it out. This lady made me feel so loved and I have never loved someone In that short of time. She would get on FaceTime with me to talk to ninja lol she is just all and more.
Again thanks dolls. Probably won't post till the massages.

Cost, massage t

Dolls I was actually In the middle of posting a review, and thank god we were parked a car lost it's control and hit us from the back. It's nothing severe we don't have any damages and the car wasn't going fast, but our airbags popped out and it hurt my stomach.
Everyone is fine except for the driver of the other car, my ninja spazzed so bad and I didn't even have the strength to hold him back. Consequently it's a guy who lives on our block, and he was driving drunk, my ninja broke the guys left arm and fractured his right rib, and this is why I call him ninja. My legs are more swollen but other then that I am fine.
I knew he was going to loose it. He asked me if I was fine. I told him I was ok, when he came to take me out the car I couldn't move my legs and he asked if I had any feeling and I said yes baby they just hurt more. He ripped my clothes off so fast, I thought we was about to have sex and he seen my legs were more swollen then when we left the house. He pulled me out the car sat me on the side walk told me don't move.
This whole time the other driver never got out the car. He made sure I was ok went up to the other driver and this nigga was playing the window making it go up and down. I could tell then he was drunk, and I think that's when ninja lost it, only because he was drunk. He punched the window in, pulled the man out threw the window and went to town on his ass. Yes that man deserved it but I knew it was only
Going to get worse, and I was in no shape to stop him.
They took him to jail for assault and because of his record he will be spending
The night In jail. My girl friend is coming to take care of me, so dolls I'm sorry I won't be posting this week. Very stressed right now

Reviews first

Hey dolls,

So much has went on these last 5 days but I will start with the cost of my trip, review on Angela recovery house and two spa's

CUstom few 10.00
Plane ticket 457 (round trip bought a month before)
Products for post surgery 250-300
Clinic extra fees 260 (consultation 45+ faja100+ bloodwork,EKG 110)
--DOLLS PLEASE BUT THE FAJA DURAN has. Hers is 150.00 but it has way more compression.
Procedure 3500 (inner thigh+liposculpture of back, stomach and bbl)
Medication 200
Angela recovery house 735.00 (10 days, 9nights at 65.00, 150 is for unlimited transportation during your stay)
Massages 100.00 (only got three)
Post op massages for NYC 450 (10 massages 45.00 a piece)
I bought 5600 dollars and this was just enough, ninja had to end up sending me 200.00 extra, dolls please be prepared especially if you are anemic, iron and blood transfusions cost anywhere from 100-300, also please be aware BLOOD IN DR IS NOT GOOD, you are better off going home and trying again.

This lady is a saint, I have never loved a female in only a week. She gets it done and she truly does it from her heart. If you don't know the answer she will find it out for you. Your in pain she's In pain. You cry she's trying to make you stronger, Carmen her worker, is also a great care taker, they are there 24/7 so you don't lift a finger untill it's time for you to excerise. I am so happy I picked Angela's because she does not take on more then she can handle and if she dosent like your doctor you aren't allowed to stay there. You want one on one treatment prefect place


I let this fakeass schemin chic have it. I seem her post on Cabral ig a couple of times, before Cabral had given me a place to go to. While I was at Angela's I discussed pricing and packages, I Will also post the lies from the mesgs. She told me 45.00 per massage,
She also informed her they do drainage as well. Before I left I set an apoit with her. I was going
To try out REJUVEabitch spa first, Velvet Healing(Cabral referral), and Josphine Spa. From there decide which one I would stay at. So I'm ready to make a apoit with REJUVEabitch spa and she changes the prices, now they are 50.00 for a package of 10 and 60 to try her out and she does not drain it's a nurse who does it,
Because according to her In NYC it's illegal for a masseuse to
Drain. So I said why didn't you say that In the first place,and tell me the cost for the drainage. She said she does not know because it depends on how much I need to
Be drained. I told her politely thankyou I will not need your services never mind. She then keeps constantly texting me and also gives me a price for the nurse which is 125 and she will come to me. I cussed her scammin ass so bad ladies do not trust her. She's a liar and a thief, very petty of her. I had to block her.

645 Melrose ave. 152th st bx ny
347.271.4220 cell 646.702.7342
Ladies this is my third massage I also bumped into the doll I was speaking too before the wildfireamazonbitches got cussed. Excellent 5 stars love this place. Alma is the owners name she is bilingual,knowledgeable and very helpful. I bought 10massages at 45.00 three hot wax ( pour wax on your lipo areas very very good) treatments for free. She let me pay 250 for now and won't ask for the other two untill the 6massage. Please go here if you can, only down flu is her fajas are expensive I bought the same one her and Duran offer for 84.90 off eBay. Alma charged 135 Duran charges 150.

New pics

Sorry for the typos my phone has it's own lingo lol faja pics and I took pics after my last massage. I'm sorry ladies I won't be posting naked pics but I will post some in my new faja.
Should be here today!

Update on burn+faja pics

Hey dolls,

Everything is going much better at the home front. The dum drunk driver is in jail, our car is ok, ninja might have to take anger management classes, he was just protecting his snugglebump (that's my nick name lol).

So update on my burn, a couple of days ago the skin completely peeled off just fresh meat. Yesterday we went to the doctor and the nurse cleaned it with iodine, it dosent hurt, just burns with the faja compressed against it under the gauze. She gave me a cream they give to patients who suffer third or five degree severe burns. At this point she is unable to say if it was caused by Dr. Cabral or faja. However she is leaning towards the faja, again dolls my skin is very sensitive,
So sensitive I can only take a 10 minute shower a day or I will have alligator skin. My dermatologist suggest not showering every day (not happening). I was going for more compression less padding; I will be going back tomm to make sure it's nothing worse.

The pain and stiffness is still there at times, but I am now walking straight I can lay on my butt without extreme pain and I can walk regular again!! Finally, also doing this without pain meds. If I am out all day by 8pm my pain is back to 9-10. If I move around all day but take naps, the pain is 4-5 but very tolerable, more just worn out.

Confession!! Ninja and I got xrated. It was short but well NEEDED. For the both of us, it's seven days out the week... It's not enough days or hours in the day for us to get our rkelly on lol. I very much forced it, he was afraid but I wasn't having it. Afterwards I felt like a fool cuz my butt nor me wasn't moving Lmaoo!! He said umm bay what you doing your not moving. I said "but my butt moving though" he looked at me and said no, but don't worry I got this. Lmao as Denzel would say my man. He was very slow, so we were ok. All is good over here!!

Review on faja, love ittt, the butt lift is ++++ compression a+, after my massage it took 30 mins to put it on. Downside it has a detachable thong , but I don't like the thong period so I cut it off. It's in my way when I have to pee and especially when it's time to drop a turd!! Today it took me 20 mins by myself to put it on, only on the first row.

Have a great weekend dolls!!

Chillen like a sexy vixen

Hey dolls!!

Hope everyone is well. I haven't been posting because besides massages and taking care of home, I haven't been doing much and, I don't have any clothes to take pics in!! Lol none of my jeans fit my hips are way to wide and my shirts are too big. Finally went shopping the other day so will be back on sooner then later.
So the pain is way less and much more tolerable. My biggass is finally soft and moving, only my hips stomach and lower back are stiff. All togather on my 5th massage. Loving it! Finally I can bend low enough to shave my calfs. I still can't touch my toes and need help putting on my socks, sneakers and tying my shoes. I'm walking normal and drive every now and then. The only thing that hurts is sitting in the faja. The indentations are so serious it makes my stomach look deformed lol. I can also sit and lay on my butt, but only lounging not sleeping, still have some fluids building up in my back, but dolls I won't lie guilty pleasure I need to stay away from juice!! It's so hard to not be on my fgs {fat girl shit}, I'm use to men staring, but women, and there eyes pop out. I run into the store to start hiding because the staring is more then I thought I could handle lol.
Tomm I will start my first day working out. So I'm more then satisfied with my body, except for my thighs they are still huge. I know it takes 6months, but my thighs probably won't get any smaller. So I will do leg work outs, squats and ab workouts. Very light calisthenics and cardio. I haven't purchased a squeem yet. Dolls this is my first time bragging, I got bragging rights now I LOOOK GOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD. Lol I think if my waist gets any smaller I might looked photoshopped when I take pics lol. I don't want it to get any smaller but whatever happens happens. Every day it's shrinking, so I'm not sure if I want to purchase the squeem to improve it.
Last but not least my burn. DOLLS BEWARE THE PICS ARE GRAPHIC. My doctor said it's healing fine, it's getting smaller every day.



Hey dolls!!

So may 9th I will be officially one month post opp. I can't believe how far I have come *drizzy voice ni%%a we made it!! Lol My second stage faja I started wearing April 24 or 25 it has 4 lines, today I am on my second line. That's exactly 14 days! Next week hoping to be on the third line. Again dolls I am wearing a small faja with all this bigga-ass and hips, before this month over I should be in a extra small.
So thank you dolls for your compliments, comments, feedback, and prayers. Let's be like future; I'm just bring honest. that damn Cabral burnt my ass!! Lol. I was hoping it was the faja, because explaining this to ninja would have been difficult lol. But ladies again I'm just being honest. I'm not mad at all. I knew the risk, and precautions messing with the king. Ninja and I had a long sit down. And dolls this may sound vain but you have to be ready to think like this. I'm being serious. I WAS READY TO DIE FOR THIS. god forbid. But I never thought how I wanted to die, but if I did get to choose I want to die doing something I love or believe in. So let me just say I'm grateful for coming out ALIVE AND NOT DEFORMED. Im in a utopia every time I look at my body every time I touch my hips. And most of all when I catch ninja staring. No pain no game. Sometimes you got to get wounds to be a warrior.
So dolls I did a very light workout today. Stretched for 20mins two laps of walking and another 2laps of slow jogging. I wasn't sweating, but I was tired. After I got home took a shower then passed out.
Got some workout pics for yall. Have a great night dolls

Forgot this one


Hey dolls,

Firsy Happy Mother's Day to all the pre and post opp ladies, hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
So April 26 made a year, I have been on realself,and May 9th I'm officially one month post opp!!
This experience has been everything, I'm healing very well, still sore at times but I can finally bend down and put my shoes on and tie them SNAPS SNAPS. Lol. My measurements when I first cane out of surgery and swollen
Were 46' butt waist 31 stomach 30. April 16 before I left dr the measurements were 44' for the butt 31' waist, stomach was 30'.
The last two weeks, 42' on the booty 30 on the waist. 28' on the stomach. also I am on the fourth hook of my faja and will be purchasing a extra small this week along with the squeem. I only had 5 massages and will only have two more. I found all the same products on amazon less then 200.00 and once I test them out first I will give a review.
4 days ago was my first day back to work. Let me just say this Ladies recovery is no joke. If you can please try and tAke anywhere from 2weeks-month off after you come back. For the dolls who had to work straight after more power to u! Besides walking around just to get the blood moving I couldn't imagine trying to do any thing. Cooking felt like a real job and I would be so tired just from standing. However ninja was getting on my nerves a little bitt. After the accident he took a couple of days off and even had all his family here mon-sun to make sure I was never alone. It feels good to be loved but I was a little tired of talking about surgery. Dolls he made a calendar of who should be here what day, what to feed me and the time they can be *released. He had taken his role far and I love him for it but I had to get better, you would have thought I was prego or had a serious illness.
Due to the accident we got a little low on funds and we only have liability on our car, so I decided I was going to work thrus fri and sat. Ninja wasn't happy about this, but we needed it and due to all the days he took off his next check not looking pretty. So my plan was just call my clients, and those are the only people I will perform for. It's too much work for me to be moving around in high heels!! Lol. That was the plan. I went back to my first club haven't been there in a while I got there around 5 so I can leave before 1am (after 8 you have to stay till 4am) dolls the min I got dressed to the time I left I was busy!! I loved every min of it. I had a couple of shots, most of my clients loved it. Two of them were upset because I'm not slim anymore. Whatever, two lost and more to gain, I had a great time. Friday I went in at 7 and stayed till 4. However Friday I was starting to see My body puffing out and I was tired so every other hour I put my faja on And rested. I was a little upset but I need to heal, health is more important! Saturday I couldn't do it. We decided to go to my friends loft party in bklyn. I needed to relax. And today another pArty. Collectively I made the same as being pre op and that's because I strictly was staying with clients. If you weren't there to see me I wasn't walking or talking to them. Friday collectively I only worked for 4 hours because of the pain I had to sit down. So I made 1500 within two days. That's good not great, again dolls this is what I made pre op, so once I'm ready to start moving around I will do better, plus I was stiff with the lap dances. But my but is soft!! And it's jiggling. All over the place my clients could care less how stiff I was dancing. They just wanted to caress and in shock.
Today I have another party to attend so will post those pics later. Here are the ones from work


I had to do it!

Hey dolls!!

Thank you for the compliments and I just have to address the last two post. I had gotten more then 1pm about the money situation, most were bigging me up, and they were a few haters who basically said that's impossible to make that much money in two day. But one individual in particular was just straight hating. I'm use to it, but they all had to be put on blast, and feel embarrassed. One of the haters actually apologized and now wants to be down. Haha. That negative energy and doubt people have just makes me nor hungry because it's probably more out there who just weren't bold enough. So I had to do it ladies, I'm not the one to be quiet for too long. But I deal with enough day to day. I won't tolerate it here. This is where my transformation started; my home away from home.
Back to reality! So I went out last night with ninja another couple, and three friends. We were celebrating Mother's Day and my girl birthday. About my muffmuff (that's what I call her, the birthday girl)
She has agreed to let me tell her story, so at the age of 8 she was sexually molested, by 16 an alcoholic, 17 pregnant. Married at 18 because she didn't want to live with her family and continue to live wild while her hubby took care of their child, he had a gaming problem they lost there home. Things got physical they split and he left her and the child in the street. She then had to get her shit together, by 22 she started to work for the irs, didn't work out and became a stripper. 23. She finally had her own home. She is 27 with three cars, two homes, her own business and a daughter who Is graduating a valedictorian. Joking around I said I want to be like you when I grow up, and she said no I want you to be better then me. That's real grown women sh** and those are people I love to surround myself with. All the negative energy it's bad for my skin color. So dolls no matter what your situation is how bad it may seem always remember every mistake is Not a mistake it's a lesson learned. Untill u keep repeating that shit over lol, I can't help u there.
So we went to a party in bklyn. It was cool everyone was staring, but I had a great time and got drunk. I partied the night away with my girlfriends and my ninja. We turned it up in the VIP, it's been maybe a year or two sense I went to a regular club.
I was moving around a whole lot but I paid for it this morning. been in the bed all day. Also my first time wearing sandals to a club. But I would have hurt someone or something with heels on.
Pics as promised!

Almost two months!

Hey dolls!!

So I'm almost two months post opp loving my results still. Still in pain but it's tolerable. Parts of my stomach are still swelled and my lower back, my thighs are looking better. I was not happy at first but now my cellulite is gone, and they are more toned.
My measurements are pretty much the same still, except my stomach is in Btwn 28-27 and my butt 43-44.
Im wearing an xs faja starting today and finally made up my mind to purchase a squeem. Pretty much done with my massages, but might do another 5massages.
So Cabral did his damn thing, but I want to look natural, so besides my alternative night life I work out three days a week. Abs every morning 1day jogging 2nd day squats 3rd day yoga.
Dolls if you love to workout or just want more of a lean look please visit beachbody.com they have the best trainers and workouts you can do straight from home!! I have been using there progamd for four years and counting. Tony Horton is extreme! You can YouTube his p90x workouts; if you want beautiful abs in less then a month look for ab ripper x, this is the best ab workout I have ever been introduced to. If you like light but great cardio I suggest turbo fire.
I work every other weekend, which has been going great, but I am not able to do any pole tricks or move on stage like how I want, so it's just a little frustrating but no one else is complaining lol.
Ninja bought another dog so our kilo can have a life partner and start making babies. That's pretty much the highlight of my month.
I will not give or highlight the drama on my newsfeed, because I stay by word and my review. Other then that I'm soo happy! Pics

Two months post opp/ online boutique

Hey dolls!

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer! June 9th made me officially two months post opp! I have been super busy I almost forgot.
My body has been healing fine. The swelling In my leg is just about completely gone. My warrior wound is just about closed up and I will be moving on to a XSS faja tomorrow. My stomach is 70% back to normal, a couple of areas still swelling but minor pain. I haven't got to do my measurements yet but they are pretty much the same. A couple of negatives, not too much noticeable. My inner thing lipo the skin is a little saggy, and certain parts of my stomach, mostly my lower back are darker then my skin color. The top part of my abdomen on my stomach, when I sit down it's a small roll. When I stand up it gives the effect that I have a light abs which is Awsome.
Besides that everything is going well with the healing process.
I just can't wait to stop wearing
This faja like a pamper! It's getting hott ladies and I'm ready to show some skin lol. So I have admitted to my family about the lipo, and they are taking it better then I expected. Ninja has gotten a tad bit more involved in my day to day wear love it. Sometimes I wake up and he already has my outfits ready. Some times he will tell me to change and put on a dress more fitting lol. However his baby moms is off the hook! All of a sudden she is calling more then usual once in a while yes to send pics of their son with her titties all out. At some family functions she tried to bump me, and of course ninja handles that ass and the family has told her, if she keeps it up she won't be allowed to family functions. So it's cool everyone has my back in that matter. I still work every other weekend which has been great. Everyone is ready to go get lipo lol but I told them don't ask me 10000 questions and you don't have a plane ticket so that had calmed down. For the most part people who knew me before they just look very puzzled and assume I work out 7 days straight. Everything is so good so far!
Ladies I have a boutique website coming soon rather in July. I have promo pics on ig this screen name is legendairellc. It has been going great pushing orders left and right, but my cousin has launched her jewelry collection and I have been receiving most of my clientele from her. I will need a couple of promo models in the middle of July for a photo shoot please pm me if you are interested. I haven't taken any recent photos. The one I'm posting is two weeks old. I will post more this week.

forgot pics from last review

Hey dolls
Updated pics taken today of my burn and healing process. Have a great weekend

Summertime fine!!!

Hey dolls!

All is well. July 9th I will be three months post op can't believe how time flys! A couple of times I decided to go outside without my faja. Just to get the full effect, my ass and hips are all over the place! Ninja said I need a new walk I should vogue down the street. Now every block is a catwalk and I am my own attraction! Love it!! However I think I will be keeping a faja on till my dying day lol. When I Left THE House My waist Measured 27 BY THE End Of THE day my waist was almost a 30! Also it is so easy to gain this weight back I have been literally measuring myself every day! I'm mad but happy cabal cared about my life I am wishing he would have removes that top abdomen fat because I see small rolls. And I Am Working Out overtime to keep the fat away lol. My thighs I regret getting lipo because I really don't see a difference. My friends and ninja said my cellulite is Gone and they look more tone andt I wanted this thickness to go away
! ! Also I decided not to wear a XXS faja and get the XS taken in and wear a squeem. When I was wearing the XXS my but went down three Inches hell no!! I rebuke that faja lol.
So I haven't decided where but I am definitely going to get my breast lift next year. Right now I am 95% in love with my body but might get a mini round 2 with only lipo to my stomach and the top fat of my thigh that connects to my but and a nose job. Yes yes it's true once you get plastic surgery it is addicting. Now ninja agreed to let me have all the surgeries I want, but idk if he's going to let me touch my face..he is still very much aganist my breast lift and feels I'm going to get implants. I already have good size breast, DD34 I just want bam bam and pebbles to sit up right lol. Yes those are the names of my breast. Other then the My Small Minor PRO blend I'm Still Happy!


Idk why I can't add photos with my review lol but these were taken last week the shorts I'm wearing are a size 9. They fill my but and hips perfectly. But my waist is no where to be found lol I'm guessing my waist is maybe a size 6

three.months post opp

Hey dolls still loving me!
Hope everyone is enjoying there summer. Quick side note. I gained 5 pounds to see if it would look a little natural. My waist is officially 28 and butt 43. The weight went to my thighs arms butt and stomach. Don't really care for it . Tell me what you guys think. Keep or loose it. I'm leaning towards loosing it. To the naked eye I feel it dosent make a difference. But Because Everyone Is Staring It Will lol.
As always I have no complaints. Loving me!! One of the best investments I ever made!!

4months post opp!

Hey dolls,

Everything is still going great. I decided to loose the 5 pounds. Every now and then sleeping without my faja. Hurts a tiny bit when I wake up. Other then that I still walk around with it at least 3 days a week.
Measurements waist 27 butt 43. Loving me.

5 months post opp

Hey dolls!!

Hope everyone had a great summer! Everything is pretty much the same in btwn 27-28 waist. Booty 42-43. Ms. Busybooty over here. Also have some regrets so let's start from the top.
I understand what cabral ment when he said I can get a round two and I probably will be. After the swelling went down and massages I have two small fat rolls. Now everyone says I'm tripping because cabral did such a good jobs it looks like I have fake abs. However when I sit up straight and I look down u see rolls and I Am not satisfied with that so first I am going to do my p90x for three months intense straight and If I can get rid of it myself then fine. Also I am going back April 9th to get a breast lift so if my waist isn't a 26 by then I want cabral to only to do lipo on my stomach. Nothing else. If I achieve the goal myself I will not be going to cabral for abreast lift. I want to go to a lady named Disla (not sure if I spelled that right)

Other then that I am satisfied. Loving me


Can't Upload Pics AND updatE At THE Same time

6 months post opp. Planning next trip new blog

Hey dolls!!

Just want to say to all the ladies who were pre opp during my procedure....you dolls are looking great.
Tommorrow I will be 6months post opp. Still loving me. However I am making a new blog because I am going back to Dr April 9th to get bam bam and pebbles (my tittes) a new look. I'm getting a breast lift and a nose job. Maybe lipo to the stomach. My waist is a 27 I would like it to be 25. However I have been working out constantly and I have almost lost a half a inch. So hopefully I can just work it off.
Healing process is going smoothly. I cut the legs off my faja started wearing it again last week.

See you dolls soon


Recent pics



122 estimated days till my next surgery 8months post opp!

Hey everyone!

Sorry time is always passing me by, I didn't get to update last month.November was my birthday and anniversary month 23years young and loving it! Still happy with my results however I do want more lipo. I lost 5pounds sense my last post but my waist is a 29 now ????. Going to keep losing the weight. But if I'm not at my final weight and waist size by next April I want more lipo. Not aggresively. As of right now my date is for the same time I got round 1,April 9th. Two of my friends are going to get breast implants so this time I have company.
As of right now the confirmed Surgery is a breast lift and a nose job. I have always wanted my nose done. From the side nose looks perfect. But frontwards its so huge! I hate it. I spoke with Cabral on WhatsApp and he told me no to lipo...I didn't even know that word exist in his vocabulary. He also didn't give me a price. However I am still in btwn Cabral.and Contreas. two unconfirmed surgeries I want is more lipo to my thighs and stomach. Nothing for my booty. That thing back there is serious! Lol. Starting a new blog for my second journey!
Also dolls if you of any other doctors I should be looking at for my nose please lmk.

Officially Last Post. New blog for round 2

Hey dolls!!

This is officially my last post with pics. Officially 8 months post opp waist 28 butt 43. I woke up like thissss (sense April 9) lol.
My only complaints is some times I feel like I don't have as much energy as I use to? This could be for a # of reasons. But Im usually at 110% every day with at least 5-7 hours of sleep. Now imat 90%. Ninja say I'm just aging I should see gray hair soon lol. I'm only 23 . also before surgery I was 166 pounds. When I got back to the Us. I was 173 pounds. After the swelling went down I was 156 pounds. 2months ago I was back at 166 pounds now I'm at 160. So maybe it could be the weight too idk.
Also if I do a lot of driving my lower back tends to get stiff. After I put my faja on our use my massager it feels better.
Last but not least my scar has healed very nicely. Its a war wound but I'm over it.
Successfully I am very happy with my surgery! I got everything I wanted that I asked for which was a bbl and lipo to full back and full stomach.
Cabral already warned me I would have enough fat for a round 2 so I'm back at it. Again in going back first for rhinoplastic surgery along with a breast lift. If I am not at 150 pounds or less before my next surgery date (April 9th 2015) I want more lipo to the stomach and thighs.

I'm almost 90% sure I'm going to Dr.Edgar Contreras. I know Cabral is the king of barbies but I haven't seen much nose work and breast lifts (no implants).
I was able to find Contreras work and I must say I was sold from the first girl I seen. But I will do my research and quotes and then I will make my decision. Im not to keen about having another doctor besides cabral do lipo. But I have also seen his revisons and even that was spectacular! Only thing I will say is he isn't too much of a hip giver, and when I did wake up (I'm also glad I woke up idk why but I am. Don't judge me lol) during surgery with cabral I told him more hip and ass. So I'm happy Cabral was my doctor.

The battle of the King Curves have begun lol.


Hey Dolls!

So happy to give you guys my 11 month update. I said I wasn't going to post anymore but I can't stop! Lol. So quick update before I signed off my waist was a 28. I am officially the waist size I wanted to be and I'm at 25inches...and a 1/2! Soo my friend and I came up with the greatest invention of waist loss in the quickest format. I can't tell you guys everything yet. Legally. But just know as soon as I can I will def update.
Also will post pics to mm.
In my last post I also said I would be going back to Dr to get a breast lift, rhinoplasty and maybe lipo to my stomach if I couldn't loose the weight by April 2015. Being I am successfully at my desired waist size I will not be getting any Lipo. Ninja isn't committed to the rhinoplasty so we agreed I can do the invisible braces. I only need them for 6 months, and regular braces 3months, but I can't see myself with braces on in my profession, wouldn't be comfortable. So April 13th 2015 my friend and I will be leaving from JFK to Santo Domingo. She's getting breast implants with Dr.Baez and I am getting a breast lift with either Dr.Baez or Doctor Contreras. We haven't decided if we want to do a recovery house or hotel and we are only staying for 5-6 days.
Everything is going well.Still loving me and will post pics tomm.

pics as promised

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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