15 weeks post I LOVE MY BODY!!

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I am so anxious for my consultation with one of...

I am so anxious for my consultation with one of the top NYC's Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Schulman. I have been an avid RealSelf user for about a couple months now, I think I have read all of my BBL sisters blogs and reviews on here! Lol. I have researched this surgery and been interested for years, I finally have my own money to pay for it and I couldn't be any more excited. I am confident with Dr. Schulman, I haven't read one bad thing about him!

My weight always fluctuates 10-15 pounds.. I diet and exercise regularly, love my body I do, I just can never fully loose my flanks or the fat that stays in my back and UPPER BACk! I already have broad shoulders so when I gain weight I look even bigger on top! And I have hardly a hip which all causes my little tush to look almost nonexistent :(
I do have natural DD breasts which I love I am blessed they are perky and perfect for me and my long torso leaves me with a nice shape and curvy view from the front; the back view of myself is always what left me self-conscience and I am ready to finally change that!

Some wish pics I am posting now, and hopefully later or tomorrow I will ask my sister to take my own before pics :(

BBL booked November 19-Dr Schulman :)

So excited! This is perfect timing for me. Consult was great, kinda quick but I was so comfortable I just knew I was in the right place! So November 19th it issss!! I'm getting whole back, flanks and abdomen lipo.. I'm still deciding if I should do my arms!!!! I don't want to regret not lipo'ing my arms, I don't want to recover looking great and then still have big arms! Ugh but I'm afraid of loose skin on the arms. Sistas, what are your opinions on the arm lipo with bbl?!!! Help me decide :O

My pre-op pic next to simulated after pic

My unacceptable pre-op back view.. To the right I made with the plastic surgery app. I want smaller skinny back with a nice curve into a booty ;) I know Dr. Schulman can deliver!

Arm Lipo???!!

Sistas!!! I need advice... Whomever of you had your arms lipo'd I have a question.. How long did u have arm compression sleeves on? And they're long to your elbows? My work shirts are short sleeve I'm trying to figure out if I can sneak with long sleeve shirt underneath or do the compression sleeves look obvious? I want to get them done so bad but I also read so many of you say you rely on your arm strength for recovery! And did anyone result with loose skin??! What is some advice or suggestionssss I'm thinking about this 24/7 lol .. I will post an arm pic tomorrow for a better idea of my situation!

Tomorrow is the big day!! 11/19 SCHULMAN <3

All I can I say is thank God for RealSelf and all my sisters here, you've kept me sane so far and thank you for answering my questions, I feel I am prepared for this surgery and recovery with all your tips and blogs, I AM READY! :)

My surgery is scheduled 1pm tomorrow with the amazing Dr. Schulman :) I cannot feel any more confident and happy with my doctor. I am getting full back, flanks, abdomen, and arms lipo with fat transfer to butt! In the beginning I was leaning more towards just natural subtle butt just proportionate to my top heavy body, but hold up! I'm paying 14Gs GIMME A PHATTY... I don't care if people notice or curious, if they find out that's fine I have no shame and you know what, im sure all girls wish they can do this! I know I'm gonna look damn good! I can finally be so confident when there's people behind me now.. I'm so excited to be recovered lol

I took some pre-op pics of myself and I will def be on updating my recovery and some post up pics for all of you. I can't believe the only thing I do not have is my female urinal! I swear I thought it was the first thing I ordered, and apparently not.. Ill have to compromise! Thanks again for all your tips! God bless you all xox


Didn't look exactly at my butt yet in mirror I just want to rest up- took all meds and 2 painkillers pain is manageable. Arms and abs feel like I just been working out allllll day yesterday and that's how soar I am right now, Cannot get up by myself but how i do is i shift my legs off my bed i have a ledge thar bordeers my bed which is perfect ti kneel n then by putting the weight by pushing with elbows and using my core (which I have no choice to use )but once I get up I'm fine.

MOST PAIN is my swollen groin and crotch area !!! Ladies when can I start icing that ? Should I hold off???

Oh I ate 2 hard-boiled eggs and some unsalted crackers before my painkillers and then
I been drinking bottle water and bottle Of pineapple juice back to back

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your WELL WISHES and prayers I truly Appreciate it

Will check in soon- shout out to my girl MGBWM27 who had Schulman bbl today too!!! Hope your doing good girlie xox


Feels like a week ugh the days are dragging, I guess bc I am so bored and uncomfortable. Just been drinking alot of water, pineapples and pineapple juice, low/no sodium foods, and peeing a lot. I get bored and comfortable when I'm up and I get bored and uncomfortable when I'm laying down (on stomach of course) I keep telling myself just few days and it gets better! Keep picturing results! :)
Still no BM yet:O I took a laxative last night and some prunes this morning. Lol Im dreading it but I know everyone says they feel so much better afterwards.

Took some pics for u guys, I am very swollen and I have foams under my garment. Doc said he used 1100cc in each cheek! :)) oO baby can't wait to recover

Day 3.. MUCH better!

Ok so yesterday, day 2, we all know is the worst day with the swelling and everything- I felt HUGE I was swollen everywhere even in my legs around my thighs and knees (I didn't get any leg lipo) my ass was tremendous ridiculous looking yesterday lol and i was soo uncomfortable all day I felt the physical expansion of my body parts it was so uncomfortable--I did end up getting my period that night and also what attributed to all that was prob that i still couldn't BM! I finally forced myself last night I just sat all my weight on thighs and arms holding me up and pushed hard enough to finally release a BM. It was not a lot but I immediately felt the difference afterwards. I did need to take a painkiller after bc of the strain and pushing (which is what is supposed to be prevented by the stool softener but I guess not really working).. So I felt better after that.

Sleep was again every hour and half or so I slide out of bed to pee and drink water and walk.

This morning when I got up I felt SO much better. I wasn't as heavy and bloated swollen feeling- I even BM'd easier and with no help was able to clean up nicely. I'm feeling less soar just still drinking water alot and walking everytime I'm up. I'm finding it easier to get in and out of bed- maybe I am getting used to it or hopefully I am less soar.. The swelling def went down in my butt today lol I'm more lively and comfortable today than the last 2 and half days. Hopefully just keeps getting better from here!
Dreading my shower tomorrow and taking off these foams :( but it's all a step to recovery!


Ok well ima jump back 3 days I haven't posted my review about my first shower! Oh boy was that a project..

So DAY 4 I can take my first shower- I took 2 painkillers about an hour before my mom and I started. First the garment removal- did this close to my bed with a water and Gatorade near. Must unhook every hook SLOWLY and slowly let the sides of the garment open, took a minute in between each hook bc I felt the release between each hook I didn't want so much pressure release and faint. So when it was finally all of I did feel very weird and seeing spots I needed to take a break and lay down for 5 mins. FOAM/ADHESIVE REMOVAL here comes the scary part..it actually wasn't thattttttt bad: I played some house music in the background and took deep breathes and exhaled slowly when my mom slowly tore off the bandages and glue. We were compressing them with a hot rag in between. When she got to the one above my butt where my 'scoop' is ... Oh god as soon as that came off I seen spots and needed lay down take break in fear of passing out... Drank water and layed down for few mins till I was up to it again. So i decided to just get my shower over with and left the 2 foams left on my back and one on my arm so the warm water can soak it off and make it easier for my mom to take off- which yes it worked I think. Needed to lay down again after about 5-7 mins of shower to get ready for the garment. Now getting the GARMENT BACK ON: my legs were fine I did not have any thigh lipo the only struggle was getting it hooked together! Oh god was this tight I literally pulled one side with my two arms to meet the other side which my mom was pulling in with two arms, e finally got the bottom two hooks together then I remembered I had a foam sheet I put in front of my stomach (still waiting for my package I ordered some more for back) and so after it was all zipped and tight back on I FORGOT MY COTTON BALL :( for my belly button. I was NOT undoing that damn garment, ill wait for next shower I hope it doesn't effect my belly button shape :(
SO after that was all said and done i did feel Sooooo much better I rested some more drank lots water some Gatorade I was Soo drowsy from the painkillers but I stayed up for little longer, and that was the first night I finally slept longer than 2 hours :)

I feel it was all up hill from there, I been feeling better and better everyday thank God :) I'm walking normally, BM'ing normally and getting up and down from bed much easier - haven't had a painkiller since my shower experience- not even a Tylenol (3 days ago) Just taking my make me heal vitamins twice a day, my arnica 4 times a day and still on my antibiotic I think today is last day. I am eating no/low sodium and drinking water like my life depended on it lol yes it's annoying to keep peeing but it's making me feel better and better.

I want to take another shower later this afternoon and hopefully get out of the house try to figure out how ima get in the car to go to the mall (if any sistas wanna leave their car ride tips) I prob need to find some pants to fit around my lifted big butt. The swelling did go down drastically thank god but with the stage 1 garment it still makes it so high lifted and stuck out, can't wait for the stage 2 lol will update soon for u guys and will post some pics soon I promise, if I don't get on here for Thursday I wish HAPPY THANKSGIVING and happy healing to all my sistas:) couldn't be doing this recovery with out all your reviews xo


Ladies I need your recommendations what kind of AB board to buy from where what site and for those of u girls that had arm lipo.. How often did u wear compression sleeves? I do not have and I am stressing my new arms are gonna look the same as old fat arms :( I have these little individual ones but they slide down its annoying I want the real ones that hook behind my back and cover my whole upper arm, and how do I know what size to get?... Should I start lookin to get my waist cincher? I'm 8 days post op my post appt isn't until next Wednesday.. I feel my current garment is already looser on me


Feeling pretty much back to normal since about 9 days post- besides the not sitting of course- but I'm so used to it and I started training for a new job which is all standing all shift so it's good. Bruises are less and less everyday. I just took a shower and I am able to do everything on my own I feel completely stable to do so. Yes my stomach still feels weird from the lipo and lumpy when I massage my bio oil, but after I visit Dr for my post op I'm gonna book massages just to help.

SO I went to THE PINK ROOM today in Elizabeth NJ....AMAZING! Loved the service the 3 women there were extremely helpful and knowledgable. They were so pleasant, I got my arm sleeves that clasp in the front under my boobs, which I like bc it adds compression to my upper back where my bra rolls would be.. I got a waist cincher which feels amazing- I am just 11 days post op but my garment is not tight on me at all so why not start my waist cincher to add compression?- I also got an ab board it's like a diamond shape that covers my whole abdomen- question ladies what side do u put face down? One side is kinda of cushioned I put that on the outside? And inside my garment. So I did my garment(still stage1)over my ab board with the flat harder side on my stomach- then my arm sleeves and my waist cincher. I feel great very compressed I just wish I had more compression on my pubic area which seems to still be swollen but my garment in that area is so loose it does nothing, so I positioned my ab board low enough so when I lay it should compress it. I also purchased the dry calendula flower leaves to make tea. I alsoooo got a stage 2 garment size size L which looks so tiny but she said is def right one for me (my stage 1 is an XL). Ill bring these all with me for my post op on Wednesday for the doc to approve. Oh so I bought ALL of that for just $151!!!!! They had a 30% off sale today, I totally scored and I love everything. I would def recommend this store if your in the area!
I tried to take some pics of myself to show u my new getup lol

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.. I skipped it this year my mom told my family I was sick since i wouldn't be able to sit at dinner lol I am hiding this from most of my family. So my boyfriend came over with some turkey and a tray of food and stood and ate a thanksgiving dinner with me :) boy, am I thankful my man

But swelling is down

My butt went down for sure, thank god bc it was lookin ridiculous big lol but I loveeee it now I hope it stays :(
About 4/5 days ago I went to the mall to buy a pair of pants to fit bc my regular size 12 pants did not come up over my booty- so I purchased a size 14... I felt comfortable in them bc they were real easy to get on and off and because they were loose around my thighs and leg area it doesn't make my butt look as huge...
So back to todayyyy (12 days post) for the hell of it I wanted try on my size 12 pants and they fit! It was a tight fit tho, soo snug and just made the button (over garment and squeem-no board) I LOVED LOVED LOVED the way I looked!! The figure I've always wanted :)
But I decided to take them off for I wasn't ready to wear such tight pants yet I was paranoid it was pressure on my beautiful fat grafting so I took them off, and the damn pockets left an imprint on my big stiff cheek, which thankfully went away soon enough ugh. But yea ill hold off a little longer for tight pants! Here's some pics!

Why do my pics looked cropped? Ergh

17 days post

Feeling normal, except for the fact I can't sit or lay on back, but I am so used to it it doesn't phase me much. my swelling has gone down a lot, just my legs and feet are swollen, and what I thought was my back swollen is just fat still >:(
I had my first lymphatic massage tonight and since I couldn't lay on my back he was unable to do my stomach which was my main concern of getting a massage in the first place, whatever. Gonna call different massage person tomorrow for next one, hopefully with a better technique to accommodating my situation. Ladies how do y'all get your massages if you don't lay on your back?
Im posting Some Pics I took playing dress up after my shower today :) I love the way my butt looks, I think it's still gonna go down unfortunately but I can't wait for fluffing! I'm starting to get bad anxiety, I just want to be fully recovered already :( such a process!

17 days post

4 weeks post!

heyyyy so today marked my 4th week post. like ive said i feel completely normal as normal was i was pre-op living lol despite the fact still not sitting nor laying on my backside- which ive become to accustomed to it doesnt even phase me. i love my new body love my butt, im lookin and feelin better everyday. just couple things that bother me:
1) my damn garments, and my wasit cinchers, are not tight on me at all, even on the last hook my cinchers just feel OK, i am missing that tiiight squeeze- could hardly breath-uncomfrotable feeling! like how it feels the day u first buy it! well yea! i just bought another one last week bc of this, and it felt perfect then after a couple days its literally like feeling normal, its easy to get on and thats bothering me, like how do u ladies keep up with this? ive been measuring im not loosing inches not that fast, maybe im just getting used to it ? breaking it in? but i def cant afford to purchase a new $70 squeem every damn week! i am currently wearing my newest one and then my other one on top both on tightest hooks, my outter one i have pulled down lower to get the rest of my torso since it is long :|
& #2) ladies who have gotten AB lipo... how long until you noticed smooth even results? when does the hardness and bumps really go away? i have been self massaging every day, but im not noticing any significant results yet.. i actually started to think my stomach was appearing more distorted than last week, im hoping its bc im getting my period this week? maybe i am bloating?

ooohh and how about the swollen vajayjay.. ive been battling a new bulge these days, and its not pretty! lol when does that settle down?! i cant get any garment or foam to compress tight enough on that area :( me and my bf make fun of myself lol at least we have some enterainment for these few weeks.

ahhh its true, patience IS a virtue.
happy healing and blesses on your journeys to all my sistas ;)

15 weeks post op I LOVE MY BODY

Words can't express how happy and confident I am, the bbl procedure with Dr Schulman was the best decision of my life. So beyond happy I went through with this and with the amazing surgeon I chose. no regrets!!!!! Sorry I been ima not really updating that often, but I am completely back to normal everyday life and routine (been for about 2 months now) every day I feel and look even better and better!!!!!! I wish and hope everyone the same happiness and peace with their results!!! Xo
New York Plastic Surgeon

Love of my life ! I thank him every day for my beautiful body haha #teamschulman. He is AMAZING.

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