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Hey ladies! I don't know where to begin! After...

Hey ladies!

I don't know where to begin! After years of stalking Real Self and debating this procedure, I am finally scheduled for my Brazilian Butt Lift! In fact, yesterday made it exactly 3 months until my scheduled surgery (November 14th) with Dr. Schulman in NYC, so I figured it was time to finally write a review. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the RS sisters who share their stories, but for you guys I would never have the courage to go through with this procedure. It's my hope that my review can be as detailed as possible for those ladies looking for as much information as they can find on the BBL.

Okay so a little about me -- I am 26 years old, no children, 5'4 and approximately 125 lbs. For as long as I can remember, I have always been insecure about my body, particularly my stomach and how it alters my proportions. I am very "straight" shaped, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to a wide waistline. Also, my butt is lacking in fullness which worsens the problem. Overall, I want a curvacious, feminine figure. I want to look like an hourglass from the front/back, and the letter "S" from the side. I've debated just getting lipo and no fat transfer, but I feel ultimately that would not meet my standards. Now because of my career choice (very professional environment), I cannot get a huge butt that would be impossible to cover as I do not want to deal with negative attention and not fitting into suits/dress clothes (though if this wasn't an issue I'd love to have a video vixen booty!). So I am aiming for a flat, narrow waistline, and a heart shaped booty that creates some curves. I am getting my abs, back/bra strap area, and flanks lipoed. Dr. Schulman expects he can harvest 800-1000 ccs per cheek.

This is my first time getting any type of plastic surgery and my first time with ANY surgical procedure EVER. I have never been under anesthesia or had an IV put in my vein. But I am also a Type A personality, need-to-research-everything, OCD perfectionist, so I have dedicated myself to researching this procedure and I can say I finally feel comfortable about it. Of course, I still research as much as I can, with a lot of help from my wonderful BBL sisters.

I intend to be as thorough in my review as possible, not just with the BBL but surgery stuff in general, for surgery novices like me :)

Talk to you later ladies :)

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This!

Hey ladies :)

I wanted to give you guys a quick rundown of the consultation with Dr. Schulman. Okay so I arrived and after a quick wait I was brought into a room. I undressed (kept on my bra and panties) and put on a white robe. Dr. S. came in and I explained the look I wanted. That's what I took off my robe and he briefly examined me. What I particularly liked about him was when I asked if I had enough fat to harvest he made a point to say, "Yes I think so. But that's not to say you are fat! You'd be surprised the amount of fat I can get out of small patients." I liked that he didn't berate me or point out other flaws. Before meeting him I was afraid he'd be one of those plastic surgeons that try to talk you into other procedures. So I appreciated him just saying what he could do and that's it. I think that's important.

Anyway, after looking me over I had some more questions for him. Actually I brought in a book of notes lol. He laughed about that. Ladies, I suggest you make a detailed list of any questions you have beforehand and bring it with you. You are going to be so anxious at the consultation it will be hard to have all your questions memorized. Being new to surgery, I had Dr. S. go through step by step the anesthesia process as well as the actual lipo and fat transfer. I brought a list of complications I was concerned about and he explained to me the causes and percentages of them occurring. All in all, Dr. S. made me feel good and for the first time, made me feel at ease about surgery.

After meeting with Dr. S. I went into a room with his assistant who explained the prices to me. I wanted time to think about it and ending up officially booking my date a few weeks after. Ladies, I stress to you the importance of thinking about this procedure. Even if you are hyped and anxious and afraid a date will get booked, take time to really think about it. I know for me, I couldn't just dive into a date without checking my work schedule. And while there were closer dates, I chose a date further out because it would give me time to prepare. Of course, this is all dependent on your personal situation.

Overall, I had a great consultation experience!

Where are my first timers at??

Hey ladies,

Okay so reality has been setting in. I have surgery in two months! While I had stressed about it for so long, once I paid the deposit and set the date I had this overwhelming feeling of peace that I would finally be getting the body I wanted. But now the nervousness has reared it's ugly head and I am over here stressing about everything possible. Will I get the results I want? Will I be dissatisfied? Will I be deformed? Did I choose the right doctor?

What makes things worse is I am super stressed about the actual surgery itself, especially general anesthesia. Like I have mentioned, I have never had any surgery or medical condition that required me to go under anesthesia or be cut open. I have never even had an IV inserted in me! Also, I have never really had to deal with any great physical pain. I don't have any children, so unlike our BBL mommies on here, I don't have past pain to compare this surgery to. Basically, not even considering the BBL, this surgery thing is all so new to me. Is anyone else in the same boat?

Garment time!

Hey ladies!

So my surgery date is slowly but surely creeping up. I have a list of things I want to buy but I am confused as to the garment situation. Now I know my doctor provides both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 garments, but I am seeking extra compression (I want a TINY waist) so I will certainly be purchasing other garments to wear over the ones my doctor gives me (of course along with the ab board, foam etc). I was looking into Vedettes and Squeems. Has any ladies purchased these garments pre-op? I know I should probably wait until I'm post-op to better estimate my garment size, but I am a little anxious and want to get the ball rolling and start purchasing! Any suggestions welcome!!

Any ladies required to stop birth control before their BBL?

Hey ladies,

Quick question to my BBL ladies on birth control pills. Were you required to stop taking your pills prior to surgery? I have an email a while back from the patient coordinator directing me to stop taking my birth control 30 days prior to surgery (which will mean I must stop on October 14th). But I was wondering the exact rationale behind this and if I should further explore this directly with my doctor. Because my period tends to be very sporadic when I am off the pill, I am afraid I might randomly be menstruating during the surgery (I specifically scheduled my surgery knowing I would be finishing up with my period a few days prior but without the pill -- aunt flow is liable to come around at any time!). Has anyone had their period during a BBL? I would imagine it would be very uncomfortable and potentially harmful if you are the type (like I am) to bleed a lot during menstruation.

I will definitely be following up with my doctor, but was wondering if anyone had any input about this topic. Thanks!

It's official now - I got my medical clearance!

Hey ladies,

Today I got my medical clearance from my primary care physician and paid my balance...I'm officially getting my BBL!!!

Even though I've never had any health problems, for some reason I was really paranoid about the blood work and convinced there would be something wrong with me that would preclude me from undergoing surgery. But I am happy to report my blood test went great. I feel like now I can finally allow myself to be excited. Any other November BBL sisters??

The days are flying by!

I am almost two weeks away from my surgery. How did my date creep up so fast?!?! I feel like I have so much to do. I still need to fill my prescriptions and pick up some things on my list such as - boppy pillow, plastic mattress cover, ab foam and board etc. I have a list with about 20 other things but I don't know how useful they are. I have been SO busy with work that this surgery has sort of been on the back burner. In one way that's good because it gives me less time to stress about it but at the same time, I am very OCD about being prepared for things so I don't like feeling rushed. Oh well - two weeks to go!

One more week! The supply purchases continue...

Hey ladies,

So one more week until my BBL! I filled my prescriptions and was very pleasantly to find they were very inexpensive without insurance. I've also began to get some last items on my list. I am not completely done purchasing but this is what I have so far:

Arnica gel and tablets
Scar Away Silicone Strips
Rubbing alcohol
Baby wipes
Bio Oil
Coco butter
Benadryl tablets & anti-itching cream
Boppy pillow (This one isn't the brandname "Boppy" - Is the brandname really all that different?)
Foam mattress cover (If I don't drain the first night I will take this off my bed and fold it up to sit on - it's super comfy and fluffy!)
Lots of comfy T-shirts, baggy sweats, and camis (for under the garment) to wear post-op.

My remaining items I haven't purchased include: urinal, compression socks, ab board, ab foam, extra pillows to sit on, and extra garment to wear over the Stage 2 my doctor gives me. I think I am going to hold off on the garment, boards, and foams until I am post-op, as I know my size will be changing. I am going to ask my doctor if compression socks are necessary. And in regard to the urinal...well I'm just dreading having to use it lol so maybe I am still in denial that I will need it. I have a post-op appt with Dr. S. tomorrow and will ask him all remaining questions regarding this stuff.

Am I missing anything important?

Guess it's time to finally post some wish pics...

Final pre-op visit

Hey ladies,
So today I had my final pre-op visit with Dr. Schulman. I asked him some remaining questions I had about the procedure and we took pics UGHHH. I promise I will post my before pics after my surgery. But right now I can't even look at them. Dr. S. said I will get a really good result and assured me things will be okay. I really like his demeanor and I love how sweet and friendly the staff is. Being a newbie to surgery, it definitely helps.

Anyway, for the first time since I booked the surgery I can say I am more excited than nervous :D

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

I truly cannot, nor do I ever think I will, believe that I had the nerve to go through with this. But here I am...waiting on tomorrow morning to come so that I can get my much awaited BBL! Ladies, you have no idea how long this journey has been (though I know you can relate). I always hated my body and now I finally have the chance to do something about it and reach a goal that exercising and eating right could not meet. I remember when I was a few years younger, plastic surgery was just a pipe dream as 1) It was seemingly so expensive and 2) I didn't think I ever had the nerve. To finally have not only the financial stability but the courage to do this makes me feel like I've reached a milestone in my life. Not just in terms of the physical - but meaning that I am finally taking a proactive step in my life to attain something I have always wanted. I know it seems silly to be proud of plastic surgery, but after working so hard (grad school, student loans, clawing up the ladder in my career) and sacrificing so much for work, school, and other people, I am very proud for taking the time out and treating myself. And as I know many of my BBL sisters are hard-working individuals, mothers, and professional women, I say that we ALL deserve this.

I want to thank all of you RS ladies for your warmth, compassion, knowledge, and support. You have all provided me a support system that I wouldn't have otherwise had. Yes, the doctors perform the BBLs but it's YOU that make the surgery. I have learned so much from all of your posts. If it wasn't for all your insight, I would no doubt never had had the nerve to do this. Since no one really knows I am getting this procedure done, it's comforting to know my RS ladies have me in their thoughts. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

I don't think I will be sleeping tonight but I don't mind. I have to be up by 6 am anyway. I am scheduled for surgery at 8 am. I will try my best to update as soon as I get out.

Wish me luck!!!!:):):)

I'm on the other side!!

Hi ladies!!

I did it!!!! Mission BBL accomplished! Thank you so much you beautiful ladies for the well wishes! It made my day. Sorry I didn't update sooner. I got home around 4 pm...took my antibiotics and pain meds...and since then I've been out in lala land. I've been feeling incredibly nauseous but after some throwing up I feel much better. I am so swollen! But that's to be expected. Now I don't know if this was really told to me or not as I was so loopy in the recovery room but I believe Dr. S took out 6 liters of fat and injected 1100 ccs per cheek (what happened to a conservative booty, doc?! Lol). I'm dying to go over every detail of my day with you but I think I'll save it for when I'm less drugged.

Thank you again for the support! Love all you ladies!!

Recovery update & recap of surgery day!

Hey ladies!

So today I am feeling a little better. No more nausea even though it's still difficult to eat. The worst part now is having to lay on my stomach since I am very sore there. Also the position hurts my neck and arms very badly. I'm taking the pain meds about every 8-9 hours and they help a little.

Anyway so onto the actual surgery day...

I arrived at the facility at 7 am. It's a quiet and cozy little office. The nurse, Jay - who is phenomenal! - was the only one there at that time. We went over the post op instructions and I filled out paperwork. Being this is my first ever surgery I told Jay how nervous I felt and she held my hands and reassured me I would be okay. She was very sweet.

I also met the anesthesiologist prior to the surgery and like my girl Booty4Real told me... He really is a vet in his field. I never been under anesthesia before so I was more nervous about that than anything but he made me feel better.

Okay so next thing I know I'm getting the IV inserted in my arm - another first for me! It didn't hurt like I thought it would. They hooked me up to fluids and gave me some "happy juice" to calm my nerves. At this point, Dr S came into the exam room, marked me up, and then I headed into the operating room. It was freezing in there!! They gave me some warm blankets and Jay put the oxygen mask on me. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room...

My memory is a little fuzzy but I know I was sitting in a reclined chair and felt very drowsy and nauseous and it hurt to sit on my butt. Jay was right there and said everything went great. I was nodding in and out for another hour or so. They may have given me more nausea meds through the iv but I don't quite recall. The worst part was I threw up (I HATE vomiting). After a little while they placed me in a wheelchair and I got wheeled out to my bfs car. My ass barely fit in the wheelchair! I had my boppy pillow in the car for me to sit on but it didn't do too much good.

When I got home I took two pain meds and my antibiotics. The nausea was out of control and I threw up again. The first night was rough as I was very swollen and in pain. I never realized how much I hate sleeping on my stomach. Once I am allowed to sleep on my back I am never sleeping on my tummy again! The pain in my neck and arms just from that position is unbelievable!

These past two days have been a little better. No more nausea and the swelling went down. I'm making sure to drink a lot of water and I have been urinating every hour!

As for the results...obviously I can't tell anything yet as I am very swollen. My ass is huge and my lower abs are swollen too but I do see the difference in my waist. By the way, like the other ladies have warned me, my pubic area was sooo swollen the first day which made urinating very difficult. So I took a clean shirt and folded it up and stuck it in my pants as a makeshift compression piece. It actually did the trick and in a few hours the swelling was gone.

I feel a lot better today and I am hoping I can have a real meal at some point.

Thanks again for all your support!!


So here I am two days post op. Don't mind the lotion on the butt...that's my old faithful arnica gel. As you can see I'm very swollen but thankfully not too much bruising. Shout out to my bf for editing the pics for me. :)

Crawling by...

Okay so here I am on the third day. Overall I guess I'm doing decent. The swelling all over has gone down and surprisingly, there's no pain by the incision sites. It's funny that there's no bruising on my butt yet my breasts and underarm areas are completely black and blue! It looks like I got a boob job! That's bc Dr S made an incision right below each breast for the upper ab lipo. I can't complain though - it looks a lot worse than it feels.

The worst part about this is the nausea, not eating and not being able to have a BM. While the nausea isn't like it was the first day, I still can't stomach real food. I've been eating toast and crackers. Last night I got a little brave and tried angel hair pasta with some spinach leaves but I couldn't stand much. I'm a big veggie eater and it kills me to not be able to stomach my go to meals (broccoli, spinach, kale...all that good stuff). Not only am I losing out on the nutrients I'm used to getting, I'm not getting the benefits of all that ruffage and fiber to help me go to the bathroom. Also, I'm usually very regular when it comes to BMs (sorry TMI) so to go this long just feels so wrong. But of course, I need food in my system before I can go. This whole digestive issue has definitely been the worst part of sx so far.

Anybody else experience these eating issues?

What a day yesterday! My first shower

Boy oh boy...that shower experience was no joke!!!!

Okay so yesterday afternoon I had my first BM. It was a few hours after taking the stool softener. It took a while but I felt so accomplished when I finished..the things that make me happy now lol. I went with the garment on and there was ample room..no mess at all. But I still wanted to take a shower so I told my mom it's time and she helped me out of my garment.

Ladies, this was by far the scariest part of recovery. Once the garment came off I got EXTREMELY dizzy. As my mom was taking off the bandages and foams I fell to the bathroom floor...semi passing out. At this point my boyfriend got involved too and helped lift me (naked on the bathroom floor in front of my mom and bf...not my dream scenario lol). Drinking some water helped but the feeling was still there. My mom was struggling to remove those foams - what a pain! She got off most of them but at that point I couldn't take it anymore and began to shower with cold water. The cold water helped revive me and I slowly began to make it warmer. After washing up the best I could, it was slightly easier to remove the remaining bandages but there's still a few flecks of foam on my back I couldn't fully scrap off. I'm hoping I get them off by my next shower.

After the shower I covered my incisions with Nexicare bandaid strips, put on a camisole (one of those tight tummy shaping ones) then on went the garment with little difficulty.

When I had the garment off, I didn't get a chance to view my body in the mirror. From what I saw though, it's very scary because I'm all bruised and swollen on my lower abs and the bandages left marks. I'm trying not to work myself up it's just hard seeing my body in such a state. My abs are very sore and semi numb. Also my butt is still swollen and numb. I hope it goes down a lot. I keep reminding myself it will. Maybe today I will try to take more pics.

Anyway, recovery is going well but definitely slower than I expected in comparison to the other ladies.

What a difference a day makes!

Hey ladies!

Let me start off by saying I feel like a million bucks! This is the first day since my surgery that I feel like myself. It's due in no small part to finally having a decent BM! Ladies you have no idea his important going to the bathroom is during this surgery! Especially if you're the very 'regular' type like I am...going this long without regular BMs was wrecking havoc on my stomach. But today I finally had a normal BM and I immediately felt better, lighter, and less nauseous. Yay to BMs!!

My appetite is slowly creeping back up and I have little to no nausea. It's amazing how much easier it is to deal with pain when there's no nausea involved! But I'm not experiencing much pain anyway. Just a soreness in my abs and butt which limits my range of movement. But I'm just happy I'm finally only feeling things that one would think ab lipo felt like opposed to wasting all my strength battling nausea. Also, I'm off the pain meds.

I took another shower today and opposed to the first disaster..this one was GLORIOUS! I had my mom over just in case I fainted but none of that. The only weird feeling is that my abs feel numb and tingly without the garment but I know that's normal. It felt so amazing to have a proper shower. I even did my hair and nails. I feel great!

As for the body...it looks much better and I'm feeling confident I will get the result I want. Despite the swelling and bruising in my lower ab/pelvic region, I can see my waist's shape take form. I am no longer scared to look at myself without the garment! My ass is still huge so my only concern is that it doesn't come form but I keep reminding myself of all you beautiful Schulman ladies who got the exact booty they wanted.

Anyway, it's been a great day!

Updated pic


Hey ladies,

So here I am one week post-op. It's been a crazy week filled with ups and downs. But I am so happy I reached this "milestone" and I hope the 2nd, 3rd, 4th week and so on and so on comes even quicker. If you follow my blog, you may recall I am a novice to any and all surgeries. So not only was my BBL my first plastic surgery experience, it was also my first experience going under general anesthesia, being surgically cut, and it was even my first time receiving an IV! In preparation for my BBL, like many others, I scoured RS and other sites to learn as much about the procedure as I could. Even though I never had to deal with pain in this context before, prior to surgery I psyched myself out and believed I could handle whatever the post-op pain was. Did I fulfill my promise to myself? Sorta kinda. I have learned that there are two types of pain during the BBL post op recovery. 1) Pain I associated directly with the procedure itself (i.e., pain from the actual lipo and fat transfer such as pain at the incision sites, soreness, etc) and 2) pain that I did not directly associate with the surgery. Now this might be because I am a novice, but I compiled a list of 5 of the worst "surprise" pains that have affected my post-op recovery, oftentimes outshining the pain of the actual surgery. Here they are -

1) NAUSEA - As you may know, I suffered from nausea since the moment I woke up from general anesthesia and I vomited in the recovery room. Now I was expecting this part, as nausea from general anesthesia is common. What I did not expect was for the nausea to continue throughout the next 5 days post-op. Mind you, the nausea I have been experiencing was CRIPPLING. It left me unable to eat anything but unsalted crackers, all the while sticking to my medications. This created an ugly cycle of not eating from nausea, taking medication on an empty stomach, which made me more nauseous and unable to eat. Also, this prevented me from getting nutrition from all of the fresh and delicious veggies I stocked up and usually love to eat. The only thing that calmed my stomach was sucking on ice chips (Thanks to Elli890's great suggestion!). While my stomach is usually super sensitive and I am prone to nausea, I did not expect it to last this long. As I type now, however, I feel okay and I slowly feel my appetite coming back.

2) CONSTIPATION - Okay ladies, this is Real Self so gotta keep it real. Not having a BM was KILLING me!!! I think constipation is one of the hardest and unexpected parts of recovery. Your body is full of all these toxins it wants to rid, yet those very toxins prevent it from cleansing itself. Stool softeners help but for "regular" BM going ladies, like myself, it just isn't the same. Now my particular situation was certainly worsened because I did not have the appetite to eat anything that could help the situation. I would definitely recommend that if eating isn't a problem, eat as many green leafy veggies (spinach, kale, etc) as you can and pair it with a fiber (quinoa or brown rice) if you can. I was dying for these things but my nausea prevented me from eating.

3) NECK/SHOULDER SORENESS FROM SLEEPING ON THE TUMMY - Now I was fully prepared to feel more than my fair share of soreness in the areas worked on (back, abs, butt) but the last thing I would have guessed would hurt me the MOST was my neck and shoulders! From sleeping on the tummy, your neck has to constantly be turned one way or the other. It also causes the shoulders to sort of curl up in an unnatural position. Sleeping on the tummy even takes a toll on the arms, as my arms are constantly in a folded position to hold my head. Elli890 posted some great "face down" pillow options which I highly suggest you ladies purchase! Who knew sleeping on my tummy could cause this much pain??

4) KNEES - Ladies, be good to your knees! You will need them for lots of things. Your knees are what helps you climb into bed and pivot into the correct positions. Also, sometimes sitting on your knees is the only comfortable "sitting" position available. I know my knees certainly got abused this past week - they are aching!! Never would have thought I'd need a knee brace for BBL recovery!

5) SHOWERING - Okay so this isn't exactly a "surprise" but I want to reiterate how potentially painful and downright dangerous that first shower can be. If you read my previous post, you know that I had a very rough time the first time I showered. I experienced the dreaded light headedness/dizziness and fell to the floor. I needed the help of both my mother and boyfriend. It was very scary. And while the danger of showering alone is something occasionally mentioned, I think this issue actually should be one of the first points made post op. Even if you are one of the many ladies who do not end up experiencing this, DO NOT SHOWER UNATTENDED during your first time. Also, on a related note, it is always good to have someone with you to help remove the bandages and foams. Recently, two of our sisters (AssAtLast and Lemi720) experienced horrible reactions from issues stemming from these damn foams. Why are these foams so difficult and irritating to remove??

So there's my list of personal "surprise" pains I have experienced post op. Any other unexpected issues arise with you ladies?

Post-op visit!

Hi all!

So yesterday was my first post-op appointment. It went GLORIOUS to actually wear clothes (well, long thermal shirt, leggings, and Uggs lol) and leave the house. I didn't see Dr. S for long. He told me everything looks good and advised me he lipoed 6.6 liters of fat out, and injected 1100 ccs each cheek. He didn't remove my stitches and said since there is only one stitch in each incision so they will fall out on their own. Anyone else told this?? Also, I purchased another backup Stage 1 garment, and two Stage 2 garments (one thong, one bodysuit) for a whopping total of $235!! These damn garments...

Oh and while I was there I finally saw my pre-op pics he took. Omg ladies I didn't recognize myself. I LOOKED HORRIBLE! Now while I have always been straight, I looked straight up FAT in those pics. I didn't take them with me nor do I ever want to see them. Even though I am post op with a recovering new body, those pics really disturbed me and left me feeling very depressed. I NEVER want to go back to that again and seeing those pics made me so much more confident in my decision to spend the money and go through with this surgery.

Anyway, aside from the post-op visit, I have been walking around a lot and it feels great. I am still moving pretty slow but it makes all the difference when I go to lay down at night - much less soreness. Though I still have to get into bed with my knees and lay down by doing a plank position first. I can't wait until I am able to sleep any way I want!

Oh and my ab board and foam finally arrived. However, I am waiting a day to wear them because the new Stage 1 I have on is super tight and needs to broken in for there to be a little room.

How is everyone else doing??

Some pics

Sorry I'm slow on the pics. Because I am neurotic with privacy concerns...I like to photoshop my home out the background.

Coming along

Hey ladies!

Sorry I've been M.I.A...it's been very busy around here! I hope everyone had a wonderful, booty-ful Thanksgiving...especially to my girls so soon post op. I know this holiday I am very thankful for my RS fam for helping me through this recovery. :::hugs to all:::

Anyway, so recovery is going pretty good. I'm still technically off of work but I've been doing some work at home which tends to tire me out. I'm still sleeping on my stomach which is the most annoying part of recovery. So I'm not sleeping so good.

I keep sitting at a minimum but when I do, I sit on a boppy on my kitchen stool so my butt is hanging off the stool and there's no pressure on it.

As for the results...the butt is going down and I'm sure in the upcoming weeks it will go down enough to my liking. My abs are still swollen and lumpy which gets me paranoid but I keep reminding myself it's too soon to tell. Also, some of my stitches are still in as Dr. S told me they will fall out on their own. Anyone else experience this?

I wear the garment 24/7 with my ab board. Underneath everything I wear a spanx-like, body shaper camisole to protect my skin from the garment. When I take the garment off to shower my abs and back feel very tingly and sensitive. Also, I don't have a full range of motion. I can't bend from my waist fully and I can't stretch my back. I hope I'm healing okay.

Pics soon I promise! I hope everyone else is doing fantastic!! :)

Day 17 post op pics

Happy 3 weeks post op to me!

Hi ladies,

I can't believe how quickly 3 weeks flew by. But at the same time, it feels like I got this surgery ages ago. I am still concerned about my ab lumpiness and shape, my butt size (it's huge) and my stitches (there's still a few in). Also, I am still very achy and find it difficult to sleep. I sleep in 3 hour increments. Then I have to get up to stretch. My body is so achy that when I get up from prolonged laying I actually hear my body cracking. The yoga pose "child's pose" seems to help. My arms, elbows, neck and shoulders are still on fire from my uncomfortable sleeping positions.

On another note, I tried on my Stage 2 garments today. Or should I say, I attempted to try them on. Neither of them fit over my thighs or hips, and there was NO way they were fitting over my butt so I gave up and stuck with my Stage 1. As I said before, I purchased the two Stage 2 options Dr. S's office offers. One is a full body, butt covered body suit, similar to the Stage 1 in my pics but it does not have zippers and hooks and to put it on I need to slip into it. IMPOSSIBLE. The other garment is the same set up (no zippers and hooks - gotta step into it) but it's a thong. I am so mad because these garments were expensive. I wonder if Dr. S's office will give me a refund?

Anyway, recovery is coming along but I am definitely jealous of you other beautiful ladies who have had seemingly easier recoveries!! :)

First time trying on jeans

Almost at my one month mark!

Hey ladies!

So I'm almost at the one month mark and things are looking good. Today was my first official day back at work. Up until now I have been working from home. I spent some time catching up with my boss and I don't believe he noticed any changes in my body thanks to my long chunky sweater.

This was my second time driving since surgery. Although I have used a yoga mat under my thighs when I sit in the car as a passenger, I find it doesn't work when I am driving. It props me up too high and I feel like my head is nearly hitting the car roof (I have a tiny 2 door coupe). I actually found it to be very uncomfortable when driving bc I didn't feel like I had proper control of the car. So instead, I took my nice and fluffy down jacket (it's 20 degrees in NYC so you know I stay bundled up!) and I fold it up
to sit on. My butt doesn't touch the seat this way but it's still comfortable to drive. Luckily, I have a very short commute.

As for the results...it's pretty much the same. I've been self massaging but I still feel lumps and hard spots on my abs and back. I'm still sensitive to touch. The butt went down and could afford to go down further.

I'm still wearing the Stage 1 with ab board and foam. I ordered a Squeem which I am waiting for. Coincidentally, I realized I had some old Vedette garments from when I was into wearing them as body shapers so I wore one to work instead of the Stage 1 to get myself ready for my Stage 2 squeem. But I still feel like nothing compresses better than the Stage 1, board and foam combo.

Since my surgery, for the most part I have avoided trying on clothes as I did not want to get myself upset if things didn't fit correctly yet. I've been living in loose shirts and sweatpants with the occasional pair of leggings. But in preparation for my return to work and out of curiosity, I decided to try some work clothes on. Surprisingly most of my dress pants and pencil skirts fit!! Grant it, they look very different on me than they once looked, but I'm relieved I don't look abnormal not to mention I'm happy I don't have to completely rehaul my wardrobe. So from work clothes I went to trying on club dresses lol and bandage dresses...fitted skirts...cotton summer dresses...all that good stuff that I once felt insecure wearing. I'm happy to say I love how I look. I can't wait to go shopping for more clothes. :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi ladies!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone is doing fantastic. I will update on the booty this week :) love y'all! xo

Here's to a Happy, Healthy and Bootyful New Year!

Hey girls!

So this Thursday will be 7 weeks post-op. Sorry I have been slow on the posts. Between work and the holidays, December flew by!

Anyway, so as to the results - Okay ladies, believe it or not I actually have booty greed! LOL. Yes the girl worried about having "too big of a booty" is now stressing her booty went down too much. Also, I am afraid one cheek is smaller than the other.

Now as we all know, most of the greed comes from being used to a huge, swollen booty, so that once the booty swells down and some of the fat reabsorbs, I felt like I was "missing" something (despite still having a bigger booty than pre-op). It's funny how our minds work - how a little over a month with my post op body can make me forget exactly how it felt to have my old body. Part of the fault is my own...for not taking many pre-op pictures (at that point, I was so disgusted with myself I didn't want to look). Without the side by side contrast of pictures, it's easy to feel like I've had this body forever and the booty is not as big as it should/could have been. So yes, I know that a good portion of this booty greed has to do with my own mind and the mental tricks your brain plays on you when you get surgery.

That being said, and sorry to be negative in the last day of the new year, but I am slightly side eyeing Dr. S. on this one. I find it hard to believe that 1100 ccs were injected into each cheek. I know it is somewhat impossible to predict how much fat will reabsorb in a patient, but I find it concerning that I can't get a sufficiently big booty with those ccs (and the booty I wanted is on the smaller side of the spectrum in comparison to many of the other ladies). This is also concerning for patients that don't have much fat. Because if I wanted more fat injected, I don't know where I would get it from. I don't mean to demean Dr. S's work this soon in recovery, and I hope I am wrong about everything once my booty settles.

I have a post op appt this Friday so hopefully I will have a better understanding of where my results are at.

Also, I am attaching a pic of the booty in leggings. I like the shelf, but I don't like how the booty doesn't really pop out at the bottom. Like there should be a bigger curve between the bottom of my butt and my thighs. So either I need more fat or the butt still is too high and hasn't settled. Anyone know what's up with this?

Anyway, complaining aside, I want to wish all you beautiful ladies a very happy new year!! Can't wait to see all the fabulous results of yours in 2014!

6 weeks post op

7 week post op visit

Hey ladies!

So this Friday I saw Dr. Schulman for a post op visit. He said I looked great and he addressed some of my concerns. First, he said the lumpy areas (around my belly button, lower abs and back) are normal as these are areas where the swelling tends to pool. Interestingly, he said it would eventually dissipate with or WITHOUT the garment...and even though the garment helps, at this stage I need not be wearing it 24/7 because I don't want to be too dependent on it. He said I don't have to sleep in my garment. I was very happy to hear that because I still wear my garment 24/7 and I think it's irritating my skin and nerve endings. Secondly, about the butt size...he said it looks like it shouldn't decrease more but bc it is still high and firm he said it might drop or fluff as us bbl ladies say. I expressed my concerns that my butt will completely go away (I know it's paranoia talking) but he assured me that's not the case and showed me my old pics to see how far I've come. Also, I can sit normally now though I think I have forgotten how to lol. I still put pressure on my thighs and probably will sit that way for a while just to be safe. All in all I think the booty greed moment has passed as long as I keep perspective (and my booty doesn't go down anymore lol).

On another note (and I probably should write a separate review for this), during my visit I also got Botox injections by my eyes/crows feet area. I feel like this surgery has aged my face as sleeping on my face for so long has caused all sorts of swelling and weird creases. So I needed a little pick-me-up. I'm happy to say the little lines that have been forming around my eyes are pretty much gone. So shout out to Dr. S's Botox skills :)

Hope my ladies are doing fantastic!!

Happy Two Months To Me! Need help loosing more inches!

Hey all,

So tomorrow will make me two months post op. And so far, each day has been very conflicting. I like my results generally, but I know I have a long way to go until I see my final, FINAL results so I don't know what to think.

Okay about the butt...yes it went down and yes I have booty greed. I find that certain jeans tend to make it look smaller (usually jeans with thicker material that don't have much stretch as it tends to constrict the butt). But other outfits make it look BOOM POW. Also, it looks more obviously big when compared to my waist, so if I am wearing a form fitting outfit all around, it stands out more, but a tight pants/loose shirt combo doesn't make the butt look that big since you can't see the waist comparison. I have my days where I feel bad and wish it were bigger but at the same time, I don't know how much bigger I could have went realistically without looking ridiculous and being able to fit into clothes (I can't fit into the majority of my jeans).

The lipo has been rough as my back has felt like it's on FIRE. I think it has something to do with the nerve endings. Also, there are "pockets" around my lower back of what I think is swelling (at least I hope it's swelling and not fat!) which are very tender. My abs have the same fluid-like pockets by my lower abs and belly button. Ladies, at this stage (over 8 weeks) how have you been combating swelling? I feel like the garment doesn't work anymore!

On the garment topic, I have been wearing a size small Squeem for the last 4 or so weeks. My waist was at 27 inches when I purchased the garment and I bought the size small according to the size chart. The first few weeks the Squeem was painfully tight so I wore it alone, but as it began to loosen I've been wearing it with my foam and ab board (the board is BY FAR the best combatant against swelling). Now at over 8 weeks, I am still 27 inches yet my Squeem feels loose so I suppose it's bc it stretched out. So it looks like I will be buying a new one I guess in another size small. It's frustrating though because I would really like to lose a few more inches and get down to an extra small Squeem. I've been at 27 inches for WEEKS and I am wondering if it is too late in the game to loose any more inches. I would be willing to put my abs in any contraception to get myself compressed enough! But the garments don't seem to help anymore. Any suggestions??

R.I.P. Squeem! :(

Hey ladies!

How's everybody been?? I feel like I haven't updated in forever.

Well the booty is doing well. I think I'm at my final results almost. I'll post pics soon. It's still pretty high and firm but most of the cement like hardness dissipated. One cheek is slightly bigger/higher than the other which is annoying but not very noticeable so oh well. I still really love this booty :)

But I'm very sad to announce my beloved Squeem broke :( I started wearing the Squeem vest at week 5 as my stage 2 and I instantly fell in love. It provided awesome compression and was easy to put on as it's a vest and not a full body slip on garment. At first I had to struggle to put it on and didn't have room to breathe but eventually I was able to wear it with my ab board and foam. The combo was great and helped flatten out the remaining lumps on my abs. But now the metal pieces that make up the structure of the Squeem are ripping through the bottom. I've been trying to live with it but now it's at the point the metal pieces are stabbing me. Also now it doesn't provide as much compression as it got stretched out and - dare I say - as my waist got smaller. I think it's a sign from the Squeem gods that it's time for a new garment and to graduate to a smaller size. So I just ordered a new Squeem vest in an extra small (my first vest was a small). I can't wait for it to arrive. I will keep you guys posted on how it fits.

R.I.P. Squeem! :(

Extra Small Squeem Arrived!

Hey ladies,

So my size XS Squeem arrived finally! :D it doesn't look pretty but I squeezed myself in it. It feels sooo good to finally have some real compression especially being that my back area has been really sensitive and swollen this past week. It really is worth the investment to buy another garment once the previous one gets too big.

Hope all is well with everyone! Xoxo

Long time no see!

Hey ladies!

I've been a very bad BBL sister and haven't updated in SO long. I apologize :( I hope all my sisters are doing great in their various stages of post op. Anyway, in two days I will officially be 6 months. My results? Ehh...I'm conflicted. The booty definitely went down a lot (new pics coming soon I promise) but I think it's basically suitable for my needs (anything bigger, like when I was swollen, disables me from wearing dress pants, suits, and all other functional work wear so I guess it's best I'm back down). My abs/waist is another story. I feel like overnight I've experienced swelling. Not just to the abs but to the sides as well, so I don't have that snatched waist look. I hope I am not gaining back weight. Also, this past week has been one of the first warm and humid weeks we have had in NYC all season (It's been a longgggg ass winter as my NYC ladies go). Once I started noticing the swelling, I immediately strapped myself into my Squeem with ab board and foam and I noticed a significant decrease. But I am still battling with the idea of a slight revision to the lipo. Anybody out there contemplating that?

Overall, I am happy with the results but I feel like I may need more lipo around the waist. We shall see...

Shout out to all my ladies who have been recovering and for whom I have not been around to support :( I hope you all are doing fabulous!! xoxo

6 month anni

miss OLD booty

Hey girls,

I know, I know - I am horrible with the updating!! I apologize. It's funny how I almost forget I have this surgery and forget I have a new booty (I guess it's getting older as the days goes by). Anyway, so far so good. In a week I will be 8 months post up and overall I am very happy. I don't know why I was stressing so much about the size of my butt. I feel like it's fine the way it is and depending on clothing, I can make it look bigger or smaller to fit the occasion. So overall, happy with ms. [almost 8 month] booty :)

I also wanted to give you guys an update on my lipo. While my stomach is definitely a huge improvement, I have two concerns - my belly button area and the sides of my waist. Right above the belly button I still have 'pooling' of fat. Kinda hard to describe. Also, I think the sides of my waist expanded so they don't go 'in' as much. Also kinda hard to describe. But anyway, I have an appt with Dr. S. about this and I am seriously contemplating a revision/2nd round of lipo to my abs. Does anyone have any experience with this?? I don't want full lipo (last time I had several incisions in my back, front abs, lower abs etc) and would like to get this done while being as minimally invasive as possible. I know the belly button thing can even be corrected under local anesthesia. Any advice is welcome! I will update once I talk to Dr. S in a couple weeks and see what he says.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy 4th of July! :)

Ladies I need your advice!

Hey girls,

Soooo I spoke with Dr. S about a possible revision to my tummy. He said there is not much fat to take out - about a liter - but he can do further ab lipo and see if he can widdle away my waist that much more. I was quoted $5,000 for the lipo (and an additional $1,000 if I want it transferred to the booty, which I am not sure I would do). Anyway, I am conflicted. To be quite honest, I wasn't expecting that high of a quote since I have heard of girls getting full BBL Round 2's for about that price. My waist is much better than what it was, but it's not that tight, fresh-out-of-surgery-and-a-garment snatched look anymore. Am I being too much of a perfectionist? Should I let the thought of a revision go? What would you do? Any advice, comments, thoughts appreciated!
New York Plastic Surgeon

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