brazilian butt lift beginner. New York, NY

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Hey real self gals!!!!! I'm 19 from the NY area....

Hey real self gals!!!!! I'm 19 from the NY area. I'm 5'1 171lbs. No babies and cosmetology graduate. I would like a Brazilian butt lift. I've been looking as different doctors work but none have caught my eye. I would prefer to stay in the states. I'm willing to go as far as Florida. Getting this kinda of procedure done makes me want to stay close to home. Do y'all know any doctors in NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, CONNETICUT, PHILIDEPHIA OR SOMETHING. I'm willing to pay $3,000-$5,000. I would also like to know what supplies I would need to take with me when I do find a doctor and set a date.

Be careful and do you research

This isn't to scare anyone it's to bring awareness. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY !!!!

Finally coming to a conclusion with who I want todo my procedure

After doing my research the doctor that has caught my eyes is Dr James S. McAdoo. Why? His work is phenomenal!!!! I've heard nothing but good review about him. However in hearing that seduction cosmetics isn't too good. I'm in the process of doing my research about seduction cosmetics. If anyone knows anything about seduction cosmetics please feel free to fill me in. Thank you

Dr James S. McAdoo for BBL AND LIPO

I've been doing my research for a couple months now and the doctor that has caught my eye is Dr McAdoo in FL. I'm currently working on selecting a date and starting payment. I have also been trying to bring my Bmi down. I would like to know if anyone has been to dr McAdoo can answer my questions. 1. What are the supplies I will need for after the surgery? 2. If you had scarring after your surgery what did you use to get rid of scarring? 3. Should I get my faja in advance or closer to the date?

19YO, 5'1 , 177lbs McAdoo Doll To Be

I'm completely in love with the work McAdoo does!!!! I'm not to sure about seduction cosmetics though. Still doing my research. Also in trying to find a picture that best describes the booty I want. I'm 5'1 so I'm short. I don't wanna a booty that's too much and I don't want a booty that ain't enough!!
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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