BBL, Tummy Tuck Scar Revision, Lipo on Arms, and Lipo on Whole Back - New York, NY

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This doctor is truly amazing. He was very honest...

Dr. Taranow is a true perfectionist. He prides himself over his work. It is still early for me to say anything about the BBL because it's still swollen and what not but the lipo done on my arms are great. I can already see a difference, this will definitely boost up my self esteem. He also lipo my sides and whole back and I can tell you, the shit looks great. I just hope the BBL comes out good and if it doesn't, I will go for a revision with him. See with the BBL, it was like a 50/50 chance of getting good results because I had drastic weight loss after a sleeve gastronomy in 2014 and then the tummy tuck in December 2015. I was not happy at all with the tummy tuck because the scar has to high and long and my bubic area seemed thicker than a mother. I hated so much that I didn't even keep pictures. But, then I found my saver Dr. Taranow and from the moment I met him, I felt this good vibe. Dr. Preminger from Harlem hospital was the one who had did my tummy tuck and when I told her I was going to get a BBL with Dr. Taranow, she tried to say he wasn't license and to be careful. I spoke to Dr. Taranow about it and he assured me he was certified. And, yes he is board certified and a better doctor than Dr. Preminger will ever be. Dr. Taranow is very understanding and his prices are very reasonable. Also, he prescribes great medication and has his staff call the pharmacy and make sure they have it and it's filled. He also gives you his personal cell number so you can reach him whenever. What else can someone ask for, he is simply the best.

What I want my behind to look like

This is what I want my butt to look like but Dr. Taranow said I have to much loose skin and we either need to add more fat or cut some skin off. I will see him tomorrow and see what he says in person.

After my tummy tuck but before the BBL

This is how my butt was looking after I had the tummy tuck with Dr. Preminger but before the BBL with Dr. Taranow. Does it look like I have loose skin? I don't think so.

Side view before BBL

Now I have to wait 6 months for the revision


I think in 6 months my revision will be done with Daniel Del Vecchio, MD. Will try to schedule with him for December or January.
With clothes on I look okay but with out it you can see the bulge of fat right on top of my buttocks. I but cheek seems to look better than the other while the other one needs more fat on the side and bottom. Will add a pic.

Post Op visit

Just came from my post up visit with Dr. Taranow. I feel so ashamed, this man it's just a GOD. I thought I needed a revision on my BBL when it turns out, I just need to give it time to heal. The bulge on top of my buttocks is called swelling and should go down in a few weeks. I need to give my booty time to heal and if I feel I can perfect it a bit more than I'll just add more fat. When I have my clothes on, my booty looks damn sexy but in the future, I want a strippers ass with no dimples. Lol. Will add more pics later on

Some promised pics

I'm only 7 days post Op and already out and about

More pics

You guys judge them for me

All about the booty

It looks nice with clothes on

Just feeling optimistic

My emotions have been going up and down since I had the surgery. However is reading this, I want you to know that Dr. Taranow is a awesome doctor. My arms and stomach looks great and I owe it all to him. The attention he provided to me is priceless. I was new to the whole BBL thing and I thought I was going to come out like a Barbie. I have to have an open mind and be realistic. The doctors don't know what they are really working with until they are on that operating table. I know for a fact Dr. Taranow did his best with my BBL and now I just have to give it some time to heal. I'm going to start my massages this Sunday. That will probably help distribute the fact. Going back to my tummy tuck scar, Dr. Taranow really did more than what I paid for. I wish I had a photo of the ugly scar and patches of fat Dr. Preminger left on my tummy and sides. She even left me with the thickess pubic area ever. Dr. Taranow removed more fat from my tummy and gave me my sexy punany back. I will love that man for ever for that. He also did wonders on my arms. I was thinking of getting an arm lift but I did not want the scar so I told him we could do the lipo on arms instead. He said he wasn't going to be aggressive with the arms because he didn't want it to get even looser and he was right.

My ass is on fire right now. Can't wait to see the final results. The booty is the only thing that I cannot see the results right away and I hate that because I am very impatient but everyone is telling me to wait. So what I'm going to do is wait and see the results. I already gave my doc info to my friends so I hope my booty starts looking better.

Feeling better

Some swelling is coming down and I'm starting to look better naked. I knew my doc won't put me down. I need to kiss that man. He will definitely do my revision to add more fat in certain areas though. Will start planning for January.

My visit to the ER

I don't know of any other hospital in the US but in Lincoln Hospital in NY, if you mention you are in pain and had plastic surgery, they will automatically try to reject you and treat you like if you had surgery in Dominican Republic (no offense). I had to lie to them and tell them my doc was on vacation: It's a weekend for God sake. We anyways, I went there because I was vomiting and had these piercing pain in my stomach that wouldn't go away for shit. I thought I probably needed pain killers. I was given nausea medication and injected with some type of pain killer. I reached out to my doc to update him on the info and he responded to my text instantly, on a Saturday a weekend. Now isn't Dr. Taranow your dream doctor? Instant service, who can beat that. As it turned out, I'm constipated due to percocet. That is what is giving me the stomach bug. I'm definitely stopping the percs and took a liquid laxative. Hopefully that will make me feel better. Other than that, I'm okay, the swelling continues to go down. No photos on this post because I'm not feeling good but next time. Have a good one dolls and let's continue to work on those sexy bodies. Oh, I almost forgot, I booked my first massage with rejuve face and body for the 30th.

This doctor is truly amazing. He was very honest with me from the beginning all the way to the end. He revised a tummy tuck that I had done with another doctor who had left me with an uneven scar and a very thick pubic area. Dr. Douglas called me at home to make sure I was ok and sent me messages via text. I recommend him for any procedure.

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