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I am a 43 y/o mother of two grown and out the...

I am a 43 y/o mother of two grown and out the house kids. I am 5'7", 171 pounds and finally at a stage in my life that I am able to give to myself. I've thought about doing this for years and the time never seemed to be right. Finally, I just decided 'eff it! and I scheduled a consultation. Dr. Schulman was just as the previous reviews stated, very personable, humorous, professional, approachable and very informative as was his entire staff. We decided that a natural bbl, mini tt and lipo would be an appropriate cosmetic strategy for my wants and lifestyle.

Surgery Day was August 9th. I took a cab to the surgery office not too far from Dr. Schulman's main office. Checked in for an 11am appointment, did a last minute pregnancy test, weigh in and had my IV inserted. I met with the PA, Anesthesiologist and Dr. Schulman for some pre-op photos. I had to refrain from taking the hood pic/peace sign up!

I walked into the operating room, laid face up, the PA/Anesthesiologist talked to me as they started the IV drip, they told me to have good thoughts, asked how I felt about 3 times and then I woke up in the recovery room, lol.

My escort arrived and shortly thereafter, she was given all of the post-op after care instruction including meticulous logging of the drainage fluid. Shortly thereafter I was in a cab back home. The cab ride was intense, I had to hold myself up with that handle over the door (thank goodness I was in an mini van cab) to brace myself against potholes and turns. I kept wishing that the ride was over and eventually it was. After making it up one flight of stairs, I was completely exhausted and I got in the bed for a couple of hours and slept.

When I woke up, I was very fatigued but not in much pain, thank goodness for that additional pain medication that they offered me before the surgery, it cost $350 but it got me through what I believe might have been much worse since I had so many procedures at the same time.

When I woke, I remembered that the anesthesiologist told me that it was very important for me to walk as much as possible and to try, as hard as it might be, to breathe deeply to expand my lungs. He also stressed flexing my calves while in bed to keep my circulation proper in my legs as to avoid blood clots.

I was helped up (so tough) and walked, albeit slow, around my apartment for about an hour and 15 minutes. I had changed into a robe when I first came home and now that I was less fatigued I checked myself out in the mirror. Some how they had managed to get me into this black compression knee length compression garment. It had an opening in the front and a thong in the back. My ass cheeks seemed to be hermetically sealed to one another. My ass cheeks were out, remember that Prince 1991 VMA Awards performance with his ass that. They were very swollen and bruised. My breasts were very sore, I assume from the lipo underneath. I noticed two extraction sites under my breasts that were being irritated by my breasts so I put two bandages there to help with the friction. I didn't have on a bra and supported my breasts with my hands as I walked around. My breast seemed to have swollen up at least by a third which is a lot for me. I walked until my soles hurt and then I laid back down. I wasn't very hungry day one, but I forced myself to have some low sodium minestrone soup. Afterwards I had two percocet (you should only take it with food) and it was night night for a few hours. I woke in the middle of the night and felt the urge to pee, I was helped up again (sooooo tough) and used a "go-girl" funnel to stand and pee, I don't know what I would have done without this genius invention, I believe that there are other manufacturers that can work as well. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but I've mastered the technique now.

After a very challenging clean up job after letting out some water, I went back to bed with help, the worst part was lowering myself into the bed and getting my legs into the bed (I cussed a storm). With a previous surgery, years ago, I rented a recliner chair to lie in instead of the bed and I think that might have been more helpful with getting up and down but opted not to as I was staying at my second apartment and only in town for a week. That said, I had help and I honestly don't know how anyone does this without someone there, it makes such a difference.

Day 2 was a struggle, I want to say that this was my worst day. It started off well, I did my check in with Dr. Schulman's office, shared with them my experience coming home, my draining which was over 100cc's almost every hour the day before and into day 2 and how i was managing my pain. I mostly did Tylenol during the day 1000mg when I felt discomfort and 1 Percocet maybe intermittently during the day, definitely 2 every few hours through out the night (I haven't slept a full night yet, but wasn't before). I needed help with draining my fluids, getting in and out of bed, picking things up. I was able to reach over my head.

I wasn't in a tremendous amount of pain the worst of it was relegated to getting in and out of bed. Still not very hungry, made some jello which was very refreshing, had some pineapple which is supposed to be good to help with bruising, gatorade, seltzer water and tea.

Day 3 was better, still rough but better, I was able to get in and out of bed without help for the first time. Feeling optimistic this day, draining began to significantly diminish to 50 to 70 ccs every time I went to empty. Had soup for breakfast, a little taste of a pastrami sandwich (Goodness, it was so good). Still hadn't made a BM, though I felt like I had something inside, just not feeling physically strong enough to embark on that journey yet! My ass was still tight and I hadn't seen any tips that seemed doable as far as having a BM. So Stressed man!

Day 4

Everything is itchy, my back, my TT incision line, my legs where they did the lipo...I rubbed my skin lightly over my compression garment and the packing which provided some relief, but not much. I ate half a pastrami sandwich to ease my pain... it was so good but I know I am going to pay for that later. Drank a lot of Gatorade, Pineapple Juice, watermelon juice, seltzer water. I'm getting very good at this peeing standing up thing. The only thing is that when I get the urge, it's NOW. Like, I literally have 15 seconds before I need to be near the toilet. I felt the need to make a BM annnnnd my ass finally loosened up and there was space in there. I took this opportunity to clean myself as best as I humanly could. I felt like I could hold my BM because I really didn't know what to do, the PA at the surgery center told me that her patients suggested getting in the tub and squatting over a garbage bag to relieve oneself, I got the bag, got in the tub and damn near had an anxiety attack trying to do this. Not today dears, not today...

Wiped up as best as possible, laid back in the bed, watched some benign reality tv. More Tylenol, more Percocet, more pineapple juice, repeat.

Day 5

Poo is happening today. I did the garbage bag in the tub technique again, I took my compression garment off down to the legs so that my ass was technically thong free. I couldn't squat low, so I got in the tub, leaned my back against the wall, pulled the straps to the top part of my compression garment to the side for dear life and waited for nature to take its course. This was by no means dignified. Poo really isn't but you don't realize how much appreciation you have for a toilet until you aren't able to use one. Poo happened. It was an impressive amount. I hadn't taken the Colase prescribed because I honestly was stressed out about doing it but I did take it regularly after since the initiation. I can't imagine having to do this for 5 more weeks. Gracious.

Day 6

I feel dirty. I have done my best to clean up with a damp cloth and wipes but I swear I can't wait until this drain is out and I can take a shower and clean myself thoroughly. I decided to change my compression garment, I bought the bbl kit that Dr. Schulman's office provides for after care. It includes a compression garment, extra lipo foam and some after care creams that you will need to shrink post op skin and address scarring. I took my garment off completely and honestly for post op day 6 given what he started with, I was impressed, my belly button was intact, my curves were there, I was still swollen and I still have stretch marks, hopefully that will diminish with the creams, but it is still significantly less that what I had pre-op. I attempted to duplicate what the office did with the lipo foams but since there are 5 foams left over, I know I didn't...hopefully day 7 when I have my post-op they will replace them for me.

I will post pics soon. I have to transfer them from my phone to my computer.

BBL/TT/Lipo - New York -43 Y/O Mother of two

Day 7

My post op day! I'm still moving slow, but each day really is better than the last. I'm taking multivitamins to maximize my healing process. I finished my percocet and my antibiotics. I never needed the anti-nausea meds.

Tami the PA did my post op check up, She checked my stitches, everything looked good. She asked how the drainage had been, I shared that it was really at the bare minimum now. She checked the lipo extraction sites and removed the bandage coverings. She removed my drain and let me know before hand that it doesn't really didn't. It was all of 2 seconds and I felt nothing. I asked about sleeping on my back with the bbl and protecting my fat transfer, she said that as long as I sleep with cushion under my back and thighs (I bought a boppy pillow) that I should be fine. Sitting at work definitely has to be done with the boppy pillow or a pillow roll under my thighs with my hindparts suspended. This is going to be a challenge. I purchased the BBL kit so she also advised that I can begin the skin creams that were included. I totally forgot to get the B-12 shot before I left - Schulman's office suggests that it is a good idea to get to increase your energy/stamina during the healing process, dammit.

Traveled by rail back to my primary home, 3 hour ride ahead of me, I got the red cap service which was a blessing but red cap never showed up on my arrival side so I had to get my own luggage. I did it, walked slowly and made it to a taxi. I had the nicest driver and he helped me into my building, Thank God for him!

Got situated in my apartment and literally put my bags down and went back outside for a walk since I'd been sitting with the boppy so long. When I returned, my colon was fully activated! I attempted due to the sense of urgency to use the toilet, which actually worked, I think in the first week that the garbage bag method can be helpful but I basically squatted and held my weight over the toilet. so as long as I put a layer of tissue in the toilet before I go, I don't experience splash back (learned the hard way...) and I'm good. Took my first post-op shower today, my goodness, that was the best shower I had in my life. I am using Hibeclens in the shower so I'm hospital clean! I smell hospital clean also. I will move on to Dial Antibacterial next week. I realized this evening that I can't lotion my feet and legs... though I can squat, I can't maneuver my body in such a way to get my feet properly. Ugh. I really couldn't get situated in bed properly and didn't fall asleep until about 2am. I woke up at 7 needing to make a BM.

Day 8

Another shower this morning, no lotion...I finally went to the supermarket today to get a spray bottle and some Neutrogena Body Oil light sesame formula, I later mixed it with about equal parts water maybe a bit less shook it up and sprayed my feet, my feet were like "AHHHHHH".

I bought a few things to be able to nosh on like tuna fish that I will make ahead, bought some Special K and some almond milk, some Stouffer's ready made meals (probably too much sodium but I will try to drink more water), gatorade, seltzer water, fruit, crackers and cheese.

Got some work done today, I stood mostly thankfully I have an office, once home set myself up on the couch with pillows, the boppy and a gatorade - I'm about to buy another boppy for the office as not to make a spectacle of myself everytime that I walk into the office. Took 2 extra strength tylenols and I'm pretty good. I try to get up every 20 minutes to a half hour. I still haven't felt motivated to put my eyelashes back on again...Will update soon!

BBL/TT/Lipo - 43 Y/O Mother of two

Day 9

Today was better than yesterday, I've decided that I'm going to take colase at night before I go to bed so that I can just go in the morning and not worry about when a BM might hit during my work day...hopefully.

I'm getting the hang of sitting in my office chair with the boppy pillow, it actually is easier sitting in the office chair because it is firm than trying to sit on the couch with it. The couch is virtually impossible and I have been relegated to eating my meals standing up, thank goodness I have a standing bar counter around my kitchen or kneeling on the floor in front of my coffee table. I am sure to lose weight with these two methods of unpleasurable eating.

Walking is such a relief. For my lunch break I walked for about an hour, I think I will do so again this evening. Finally have some photos to post, see attached for the chronology of before and 9 days in...

BBL/TT/Lipo - 43 Y/O Mother of 2

The back of my thighs are annoying me. I'm still sore which makes sitting and balancing on my boppy unpleasant. Today I walked a total of 3 hours during different times of the day outside, when home, I may recline for about an hour or so and get up and walk around the house for about 15-20 minutes. It helps to relieve the tightness in my butt. I thought I needed to take the colase but I don't. I hoped to regulate my BM movements by taking colase at night but it doesn't really help with regulating. I go at least 3 times a day right now and it is quite explosive (why???)

Today I went to my local gyn for my depo shot, because I had the the surgery during the same time that I should have re-upped I was a week off schedule and had to take a pregnancy test (ha!) It was negative of course, but it got me to thinking, what if someone went through all of this and it turned out that they were pregnant. I can't even imagine where my head would be. Ugh.

I wore sun dresses all week, today I went out without my back lipo foam under my compression garment for my doctors appt and got some nice complements from other women! It was nice because I feel so out of whack esthetically right now.

After getting back in this after noon from my doctor's appt I had a tuna fish sandwich and some dried chickpeas. I don't know if it was being out in the sun and walking for so long or the sandwich (carb overload) but I promptly fell into a 3 hour nap. I took an hours walk after I woke up and picked up a slice of pizza (a little change of pace). Today was a good day (In my Ice Cube voice)


Day 11

I woke up around 7am from a dream. I was in a casino and stumbled upon a bakery, I wanted to have something sweet but the sprinkler system went off and there was water everywhere. Thankfully, I woke up in time to get to the bathroom, lol.

Took a long morning shower, put my scar gel and my skin tightening lotion on, let that dry and switched my compression garments. Did my set up, bed rest lounger (kind of the top half of a seat

BBL/TT/Lipo - 43 yo mother of two

So today is officially my 2 week mark. I am so much better than last week this time, it's not nearly as difficult to get out of the bed. I can go to the bathroom without a prayer before hand, the only thing is that I am peeing a tremendous lot, I am drinking more water but what's coming out seems to be more than what's going in...since returning home from surgery till now, I have lost 15lbs, which I don't know if that's just swelling and fluid, it has to be but I haven't been this weight in more than a year.

I did have pizza over the weekend but for the most part I am eating oatmeal for breakfast, fruit or raw almonds for a snack if I get hungry in between and salad and some kind of a protein for lunch and dinner. If I drop to the 150's, I'm going to have to change my eating because I don't want to lose too much weight/size.

I don't have a taste for fried food, wine or desserts, I tried a pastrami sandwich a few days after surgery and it didn't sit well. Food isn't as enjoyable as it was pre-op...

Productive day, I washed my hair around 5am for the first time in weeks, so that was refreshing. I don't know what to do about getting my hair done other than keep putting it off until I can sit for a couple of hours. I really don't feel like getting into the details with my hairdresser about why I can't stay all day long...

I think I have a hematoma between my rib cage and under my breasts where the compression garment ends. I try to loosen the garment from under my chest when I lie down because that's when I have the most discomfort, I've started massaging it with the hopes that I can break it up somewhat.

My work involves going to a lot of events which is starting to begin again for the fall season...trying to stay off this butt as much as possible until then.

That's about it.
New York Plastic Surgeon

My interaction with Dr. Schulman thus far has been nothing short of excellent. As I mentioned in my review, he has been professional, approachable, open, candid, humorous, and helpful. I never felt pushed to do anything more than what I wanted and he even let me know that I didn't need a full TT. I'm still early in my post -op so I will update my review as things progress.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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