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Hi :) .. I'm 23 and was 134 lbs...well still am...

Hi :) .. I'm 23 and was 134 lbs...well still am but most of the fat is in my butt lol.
I decided to wait a few to write this review because I don't think anyone is 100% happy the first few weeks after surgery due to pain and swelling. .. my goal was a small waist flat stomach and a cute round booty. I didn't really want a huge exaggerated video vixen butt as i have a small figure and thin legs I'm pretty sure anything wuda made a difference on me. Well I went into surgery Jan 17 in the morning it was pretty quick . My doctor marked me up and I went into the O.r it was so cold and it made me more nervous but I got the anesthesia right away and I was out. When I woke up I was in pain but I kind of only remember bits and pieces because I was still half knocked out from the anesthesia. I didn't really feel the ride home and when I did I just felt like I got hit by a bus lol. I don't know how I managed to go up the stairs when I got home I was moaning so much from the pain even laying down was so hard. I took 3 percs and fell asleep. When I woke up the pain wasn't too bad. But when the meds would wear off the pain was all in my butt I felt like my skin was gonna rip open. Honestly it was so fucking painful :/ recovery for this is no walk in the park..but its because its worth it. I peed the next day I struggled so much to get up my mom had to help me with most of my weight I felt extremely dizzy standing up I had to lay down right away. I didn't go to the bathroom to pee I used one of those medium soup containers that restaurants usually use for to go orders. I had baby wipes to clean myself since u need to keep the area down there extra clean. To lay back down that first time I was crying so much lol my mom kept saying "its gonna be okay don't think about the pain you can do it just think how pretty you're going to look !" LOL the first 3 days were the worst after that ea day gets better. By the fourth day I was able to get up by myself and walk around really slow and I was walking like a penguin lol. I had my first post op app. On the 6th day due to the snow here in NY. My drain was taken out that day it didn't hurt at all. My lipod areas weren't as bad as I thought i was just sore. Honestly I thought that was going to be the worst part but it actually wasn't the pain is all in the butt. After the first week the pain was very bareable the only thing now was sleeping...since u have to sleep on your stomach and that position is superrrrr uncomfortable my neck was in so much pain my knee joints as well I really couldn't fall into a deep sleep I cried a few times because I was so tired and I couldn't fall asleep confortably. I went to the mall w my mom the 10th day still walking slow and a little off. On the 15th day I took the train to buy a new garment. I was walking close to normal that day. And thia past Sunday I went to my friends house for the super bowl but then i realized I should take it easy and spend more time resting because it stared hurting after a while since i was standing most of the time (I still haven't Completly sat). Recover after the second week is just extremely boring :( I'm not a big TV person and recovery is just bed and TV . And I'm good enough to walk around and walk close to normal but im still not ready to go out and do stuff :/. I can sleep on my side now even tho the sides of my butt hurt a little when I sleep that way but its better than neck pain. Zz quil and tylenol help to sleep. In conclusion this is a serious surgery..recovery is really painful the first days in the middle it gets easier but really boring next week ill be going into the 4th wk of recovery I believe ill be alot better by then.
As for the results my stomach is super flat ! Lol I wasn't fat but I didn't have a flat stomach my lower back is superrrr curvy and defined I really like it and my waist is smaller but now as small as I wanted it but I heard u can't judge lipo until the 3rd month so hopefully its just swollen. My butt its very firm and perky I had 330 round implants and 360 ccs of fat on ea cheek. There seems to be more volume on the top of my butt the bottom seems a bit flat :/ but my doctor said that my skin still needs to stretch and that the implant n swelling will go down to fill the bottom. ..other than that Im pleased with my results. I hope my review helped since there aren't many implant reviews, feel free to ask questions:)

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