April 1st soon to be a Duran doll :)

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I wanna do bbl, I'm 5'2 about 135-140 and I had...

I wanna do bbl, I'm 5'2 about 135-140 and I had "butt shots" about 9 yrs ago I was wandering if there's anyone out there that has both? Lmk ur experiences ladies it mixed reviews from doctors. Some say its no good, others tell me depending on wat the specific Dr tells u or ur situation.... HELP :) :)

Future duran doll April 1st need a buddy :)

Got my date about a week ago April 1st can't wait, so close yet so far. I'm planning on sharing my experience w all my real self fam :) I also was wondering about my date, I never got a confirmation email I jus spoke to her assistant Yasmine and she gave me the date after I sent my deposit. Was this anyone else's experience? I hope it's a sure thing, I've been trying 2 call but I haven't been able to get in touch w them n 1 of the numbers was changed so now I hav 2 and no1 is picking up, should I still book my flight? Idk. I'm looking 4 a buddy or 2 to travel with, anyone goin around that time? I'm not sure if she wil giv me fat transfer to my butt cuz of the shots (previous review) I hav a butt though I'm more interested in having it put in my hips. To all my Duran dolls or bbl dolls who had transfer to the hips how did it hold up? I hear it doesn't last very long. Anyone hav the fat for a year or more? I'll keep everyone posted, any info is appreciated :)

Still looking for a buddy for April 1st goin to Dra. Duran

So my date is for sure I spoke to her assistant this week n she confirmed :) yay I'm so excited, so much to do any suggestions on fajas n wat to pack? I've never been out the country that's y I rather go w someone. I do speak Spanish though so that's a plus. I want to stay @ a recovery home I heard about a few, any suggestions? Also anyone get chin lipo that has any advise? I'd Nike to slim my face a little. Thanx RS ladies

Did anyone receive a message from Duran saying she was robbed?

Hi RS ladies :) ok so I checked my email this morning and saw I had a mes from Duran, of course I opened it rite away n it said she was in Limassol and was robbed! Omg this sounds crazy but its the same email I used to contact her. Does anyone know wats goin on? Did anyone else relieve ths mes?

April 1st Duran doll 2b :)

Omg this is gettin so real. I can't believe in less than 2months ill b in DR gettin my bbl I'm so excited! I'm going to buy everything in my amazon cart next wk. I have my passport n am going to book my fight this wk. I called armonia n as soon as I book my flight I can book my room. I'm also talkin 2 a girl that's having sx a day after me so hopefully we can buddy up I soo don't wanna go alone. Has anyone had chin lipo w Duran? If so how'd it go? How long do u need a chin strap after lipo? I'm gonna start my vitamins on Monday. Any suggestions on wat I should bring wen I go? I'm really hi maintenance lolz. Goin 2 get my physical next wk also wanna check my hemoglobin n c if I'm good. Wats the level number does anyone kno? Anyway I'm gettin lipo of stomach n back n bbl to butt n hips. n I'd also like chin n mayb inner thighs for the triangle gap ;) I'm trying to gain weight by eatin like crazy n I'm about 2 go in on the ensures. Any suggestions I'd like to gain 10 lbs in the next month n a half...HELP. Im postin a couple of pics n wish pics. That's all for now ill update as I go along ladies... Xox
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