Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction -New York, NY

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I have my appointment with Dr. Schulman for August...

I have my appointment with Dr. Schulman for August 7th, I hope I would be able to get a surgery date before the end of August. I am super nervous, but when u see pics of the result from other people, I try to remain positive. Would keep you updated all thru my journey ????. I've been talking to some1 in his office which is super nice and sweet. My next review would be after my first appointment.


Sorry I didn't write anything yesterday on my consultation, I had 2 catch a flight to Atlanta almost immediately after.
The consultation
Drs is amazing, very down to earth and understands what you want, I wasn't shy to tell him he big I want my butt to be and he said we could work with that, he isn't want to see ny wish pix yet. Talk about the whole procedure and how it goin to take, and the healing process too, I got a date for sept 3 but I was told if I wan it on Monday the 12th I would be paying some thousands extra. I really want to do it as soon as possible cause am traveling back to my country on the 27th of this month. I've done my blood test already and done the paper work. Am just trying to finalize payment and hopefully I would make it on mon.
Am really excited

Early date

Please if there anyone that can give me their date in August I would really appreciate it. You can send me a message here. Thanks so much

My doctor

My doctor is actually Dr Matthew Schulman I made a mistake on the name and I don't know how to edit it, I've paid for my procedure and am booked for September 3rd

2weeks before I get my new shape!!!

It's exactly 2weeks before I get my BBL and Abdomen liposuction done, I have a lot of mixed emotions and anxiety. I have never had any surgery before so this is my first. I am pretty excited.

The soon to be old figure

Counting days.............

My sx is next week Tues. yay!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what I would look like. I pray everything goes well. Amen. I haven't heard anything from Dr Schulman's office but I would call them later today. I've started dreaming about my surgery #bigsmile. I would be adding some of my wish pics

Booty already knocking on the door!!!!

I got a call from dr schulman's office confirming my surgery for 2:45pm on Tuesday. I wish it was earlier. Reality is checking in, am coming from another state so I really Dnt know what to bring along. I got some ideas from my RS sistas here. Ny other suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks

It's 2day!!!

Would soon be leaving for my sx, I am meant to get their for 2pm, surgery time is 2:45pm. I would update as soon as I get myself together. I pray everything goes well, am nervous and excited. Please say a prayer for me. Thanks

It's official

I Made it! Would update tomorrow

Thank God

The pain isn't so bad now so let me do my review.
I got to the office at 2pm , signed all the paper work, I did pregnancy test, then was asked to come into a room so each person on the team would talk to me and tell me what they would be doing.
First the amazing sweet nurse, can't remember her name but she is so sweet, told me she d b putting IV On my wrist dat am in very great hands and she feels good even working with Dr Schulman. We had our chit chat, she told me to change into the surgery outfit, I was very nervous but she tried calming me down. It helped a lot
Second Dr Schulman the came in with a big smile on his face, explained the whole procedure to me, marked me down, I show me my wish pics , he understood what I was talking about and said the anesthesiologist would be coming in next
Third the anesthesiologist comes in makes me laugh and told me to think of something beautiful before going to LaLa land. Lol
The nurse come bac to the room after the anesthesiologist leaves and takes me to the surgery room, I lay in the bed their with nice music she puts warn blankets on me, I was chatting with every, next thing I woke up in recovery, with a very cute male nurse beside me. He was awesome too. They dressed me up back in ma clothes and the nurse Said u have the small waist and butt u asked for, I Dnt no how many cc DrS put in ma butt but he removed about 6.7 liters from my body. Wow that's a lot. So I didn't wake up until after an hour and 30mins after the surgery. The make nurse held my hands and too me to get a cab with my cousin. The entire team were off the hook. I would update pictures later on today, I've eaten, tried walking about any time I woke up. The pain gets a lot sometimes and after walking for some minutes it's goes down. Am really happy I did this. And I give all thanks to God everything went well.

new me


Hello RS sistas! Please how do I take off the foams from my back? It's so difficult taking it off, any post op tips? I really need them. Thank
I took my first bath today, it really felt good.


Appointment with Dr Schulman

2day i had a 9am appointment with Dr Schulman and he said I was healing pretty well, he took of my stitches that whr left, he said he put 1000cc on each cheek. Said my skin was tight so he couldn't add more, well am perfect with wat he added for me, and loving my results already, I purchased my stage to garment cuz I would be going my to my country this weekend, he gave me tips for my flight bac and said I should be in contact with him and pop in when next am in NY. He showed me the picture he took me on the day if the Sx and I was like SO I WAS THIS SHAPELESS??? I love the new me nw, I can't wait to be completely healed and start showing off#bigsmile. I would keep updating pics of my journey. My body is not as sore as before and less stiff.

Before and after

2 years post after bbl and 1 year after liposuction

My butt is actually very nice, the only problem I have is my tummy. I'm considering a tummy tuck early next year. Apart from my tummy I think I look great.

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