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Hey girls! I am 5ft tall & 145lbs. I'm planning...

Hey girls!

I am 5ft tall & 145lbs. I'm planning on going to Dr. Schulman for my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I've been stalking this site for quite awhile now, I feel so grateful to have found this surgeon. I have really high hopes for him, tomorrow morning I will be calling him to set up a consultation, if he has a date available this summer I think I'm going to skip on the consultation and go straight to booking my surgery and payingthe deposit fee. I'm not sure how much it costs to add lipo to the arms, so I'll ask tomorrow and let you all know :)

I thought this was really cute..

Schulman Dates & Quotes!

I'm really excited at this point, I received an email this morning from his office and he said he had a July date, thank you lord! I have school in the fall so getting this surgery done before then is a must! I'm doing everything I can to keep myself from bouncing off the walls.

As of 2014 these are his prices..

Surgery-$10,500 (flanks, inner & outer thighs, lower back).

Arm Lipo-$1,500 (upper arm)

Abdominal-$3,000 (I thought it was strange that he'd charge for tummy fat but he said the most effective fat is in the back.)

The Pictures Sent to Schulman.

Hey ladies, I hope all you are doing superb. These are the pictures I sent to his office, now I'm just waiting to hear back from him. I've decided to go ahead and do lipo to not just what is included in the package but to my arms and tummy as well. In total the whole procedur will add up to $16,000.

Wish Pictures!

I'm going to limit my wish pictures, just because it seems like there usually are more of those pictures than anything else on the reviews and I'd really just like focus on my actual surgery.

During my consultation I'll be bringing these pictures in but will be asking Dr. S to put in as many cc's in each cheek and hip as he possibly can(:

Consultation Date set!

September 5th!
I'm back on track and more excited than ever. His office will contact me if a sooner date opens up. *fingers crossed!* I'm really hoping to get this procedue done before December!

Earlier Consultation Date ???? & Surgery Date! ????

I had my phone consultation yesterday afternoon with Dr. Schulman and it went very well. He gave me the earliest surgery date available which is September 8th (September 5th is my new Pre-op appointment.) I'm so excited! I'm just hoping I can get my blood work/Surgery Clearance done as soon as possible.

On a side note his staff...
Is phenomenal, I talked to Rachel Raza, she was the one to get me my date set. She was so kind, his whole staff was and even him. I'm just so grateful to have found Dr. Schulman, I'm 100% site in making the right decision.

Surgery in 15 days!!!

Hey everyone!
I'd like to start off by saying that I SWITCHED my surgeon to Dr. Fisher. I simply couldn't afford Schulman anymore and I started to like the way Fisher molds the entire body more. I will be going in for my surgery in September 15 days!

My new stats...
Age: 19
Height: 5'0ft
Weight: 147lbs

Im so excited ladies, I'll keep you all updated.

Massages in Miami, HELP???

I hope everyone is having a nice day today :) I have a question for vets who had their Lipo or BBL done in Miami.
I'm looking for someone to do my massages while I'm down there, any recommendations? I've heard bad stuff about Marian so I'm a little worried about having her do mine. I'm planning on getting a massage every day I'm down there... Any advice/recommendations/anything helps! Thank you! xoxo


Turns out they were burns. The girls let it slip today.

Surgery Day..

Hey ladies, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting I've just been waiting till I started feeling better (I don't, I feel worse) but I don't want to keep you all waiting any longer.

I arrived in Miami at 8:45am on my surgery day, I had told Vanity a week in advance that I wouldn't be in Miami until the day of my surgery around 9am yet they still decided to give me a 7:30am surgery on that day... Okay? So when I got to Miami and finally turned my cellphone off of Airplane mode I had a bunch of frustrated voice-mail 's asking me where I was, that surgery was at 7am, etc. I literally still have the texts I had sent my coordinator telling her that 7am wouldn't work for me...

So, I get a cab and drive straight to Vanity because that's what they wanted and I felt bad about keeping them waiting even though it wasn't my fault... I get there around 9:15 am and they rush me out into the back. I fill out a bunch of paper work, take nude pictures and after half an hour of sitting in a hallway half naked (because one of their offices was turned into an operating room so I had to sit in a hallway that had curtains) I got to meet Fisher.

Meeting Fisher : I loved his personality, he was funny, he explained everything to me, he made me feel so comfortable. If I could rate him I would give him a 5 just for that. I told him what I wanted, "I don't care if it looks fake I just want it to be dramatic, I want that insane hourglass, put as much fat in as you possibly can and then some!" he laughed and told Yuliette he liked me lol... He told me he wouldn't be able to see me the next day because he's never in on Wednesdays... I wish I had known that before hand but whatever it was too late...

Then I was taken into the surgery room, anesthesiologist hooked me up, made small talk and that's all I remember lol.

Waking up : I was shivering, I was in an immense amount of pain, I was dehydrated, I had to keep asking for water. They helped me get dressed and then I had to kneel on a chair - it was the worst. They couldn't find my mom in law out in the lobby (they checked the patient lobby NOT the main lobby where they made her wait!) so I told them twice to check the main lobby and they did and they told me that she was getting a taxi and they'd help me get in. They were all super sweet, but they got annoyed when I started to cry lol...

Later that night : the garment felt too tight, I felt like my skin was tearing and burning but I couldn't get my garment off.

Swollen and Burned Day #2

Booty Pic. :)


Booty, Burns, & Swelling.

Explicit - Click to view

I can't wear a faja until Monday because of my burns... My swelling is getting out of hand and I think it's even making my burns tear...

Day #4

I've attached a little update on how my burns are looking on day 4. They hurt, right now I'm laying on my tummy and each side feels very hot, tingly, slight burning sensations as well. I took a shower an hour ago so I'm feeling a bit better. :)

Late Night Thoughts...

It's 2:19 am, I can't fall asleep, I'm in pain and I'm uncomfortable.

I regret ever going thru with this surgery, if I would've known that I'd end up burned I would have never even made that deposit.

I know there have been RS sister's who have been thru worse burns and injuries and I can't help but admire their strength and wish I had that kind of strength, but I don't... I'm trying to stay optimistic but I've fallen into a pretty deep depression it gets worse every day. I was diagnosed with severe chronic depression when I was 15, but managed to better myself when I turned 18 so to see myself back into depression is weighing so much on me.

I wake up wishing I hadn't woken up, I know how horrible that is but I can't help it. I hate feeling this way because I feel like it's showing my family that I don't appreciate everything they've done for me, especially my mom in law who had literally been waiting on me non stop.

I'll try to keep updating you all on my results and my burns, thank you for following my journey...

Quick picture update..

Hey ladies, just a quick update as I got hit hard with a cold lol can I catch a break? Lol anyway here's a picture and also I wanted to thank EVERYONE for their kind words and support on my last post. I'm feeling better emotionally, taking things one day at a time. My measurements are 38-30-41 my butt fluctuates from 41in-42in . I started getting lymphatic massages - they're super weird I'll review them later but they aren't anything like what vanity does. Anyway kisses!

Burn update.

Hey everyone, I wanted to do a little burn update. I made a little time line to show you all how the burns have progressed. I wanted to do this to help anyone who has been burned, to let them know what to expect in terms of appearance.. Hopefully no one else has to go thru this but if you do find yourself in this position these are some of the changes the burns go thru...

Week 1 (day after surgery)
The burns are very bright and tender, it's best to keep them free from constricting clothes or the faja to keep the burn from worsening or getting irritated (I didn't wear anything unless I was going out).

Week 2
By now the skin starts to retract and the burns seem to get smaller, the skin starts to form boils, the burns as well as the surrounding skin begins to harden and become VERY tender but not painful.

Week 3
Thw boils have begun to pop, this luckily didn't hurt at all. The liquid inside the boils is a bright yellow. The skin is still very hard.

Week 4
The small layer of skin holding the boils begins to peel and reveals the underlying layer of skin, it's pinkish red, HARD to the touch but not painful unless you press down on any surrounding skin. Discoloration surrounding the burns is slowly fading.

Round Two?

Here's some booty pictures for a change lol so, I'm officially 5 weeks post op. Due to the lack of compression (literally none whatsoever) I'm still very swollen and I think I have a seroma on my tummy. I'm going to make an appointment in the morning for that.

I'm feeling a lot better although my left butt cheek is still sore and hard, it's slowly starting to round out but it's nothing like my right butt cheek. I've included some pictures, it's more noticeable in person but the left cheek is lower than the right and it's somewhat flattened on the side... I think it might have been due to the burns and swelling because the burns on that side were super hard. If the left butt cheek doesn't even out more I'm going to get a round two :) Yuliet told me to wait till 6 months but I don't have time for that lol I'll probably go in for a round two (or a revision) at 4 months post op.

I Need Advice! PLEASE!

Hi everyone! It's been so long since I've updated or posted anything. Tomorrow I will be posting some pictures!

I've been M.I.A because I've been struggling a lot, my results have been nothing as I had been hoping and I've kind of just been feeling done with everything...

I contacted Fisher and he told me I had to wait a YEAR before he could revise my body; because I still have "swelling" ... Ugh, I was so frustrated... As the months went by I started to notice (as did EVERYONE else) that my left butt cheek and hip are drastically smaller and shaped differently than the right. It's been so bad that I haven't even been going out and when I do I wear huge sweaters to hide my butt. On two separate occasions I've had people laugh and make fun of the fact that they look so different from one another. One random couple made me burst out into tears at the mall once because of the things they were saying... I'm telling y'all it's noticeable... and it's bad... I just want to get it fixed so I can live comfortably in my body and move on with me life.

I'm thinking that instead of a revision I'll just go in for a round 2, I've gained 10lbs since post op :( I know how bad that sounds lol it was the depression, I eat my feelings.

I need advice on finding a new doctor for my round 2. I want someone who can really give me something close to my wish pic... and who's somewhat good at lipo... I contacted Salama and he said he can do my SX at the 10 month post op mark... But I'm a little unsure about him... What do ya'll think? Do you have any recommendations? Thank you lovelies!


Literally just got off the phone with Cynthia, I set a date for August 26th with Dr. Salama! I'm so excited!
I think I'm going to start a new RS account for the Salama review mainly because the email on this account is no longer working so I never get notified when I get any new notifications :(

An apology & new profile for my round 2

Hi ladies, I wanted to apologize for not answering your messages. I dont remember the password for my account and even though I'm logged in it asks for my password whenever I try to get into my inbox :/ so I've decided to start a new profile where I can actually get into my inbox.

I am 1 day post op from surgery with Salama and that's what my new profile will mainly focus on. Once again thank you all for all your support and love!
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