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Up coming BBL 3/34/2014 a little anxiety but...

Up coming BBL 3/34/2014 a little anxiety but soooooooooooooo excited!!!
Dr. Schulman and staff where very friendly and kind. Dr. Schulman totally answered my questions. Having 4 wonderful kids is a blessing. Each one brought change to my body. I rock in my 40'ties but I want to rock and roll! I want to enlarge my booty and curve out my square hips.

6 More Days until my BBL Big Day - 3/24/14

Can't wait to get on the booty train...lol....I will put up my wish list photos.

5 More days until My BBL Day - 3/24/14 with Dr. Matthew Schulman

Trying to keep myself busy this week and especially this weekend. . I'm preparing my list of items to support me in my healing process. So far so good. Definitely praying....so happy a dream is coming true... I have good support from my husband who loves me with or without BBL.....

4 More days until My BBL Day - 3/24/14 with Dr. Matthew Schulman

Did I tell you how excited I am that my day is getting closer. Well let me tell you again I'm soooooooooooooo one more o, lol......Thanking God for a dream that will come true. I will post b4 pics and eventually after. I try to post wish picks but I didn't see them up!

3 More days until My BBL Day - 3/24/14 with Dr. Matthew Schulman

You can't help but love Dr. Schulman staff because I called them with a lot of questions through out my journey and they answered all my questions and so pleasant! They called me with my scheduled date and time and list of hotels. Plus emailed the info as well. (Yes, I live in New York but after surgery I'm going to a hotel to rest for one night) My husband and daughter are my escorts (I thank God for my family support) .......now yesterday I received a phone call from the facility that I will have the actual surgery in and she went over details from point a-z confirming information that I knew and a little bit more.

2 More days left until My BBL 3/24/14 - with Dr. Matthew Schulman

Hey RS, I had a nice start to my weekend went to a (SWV) concert with some girlfriends. Laughter and food afterward. Today I started taking Arnica Montana as instructed 2 days before surgery to reduce bruising and soreness. Thank you Jesus for all things.

1 Day left until My BBL Day 3/24/14 with Dr. Matthew Schulman

Okay I'm super excited.....I did some last minute preparing today for tomorrow. I'm the first patient of the day. Sooooooooooooo I doubt if I will be sleeping tonight. All I can say is thank you Jesus bless you Holy name, thank you for keeping me. RS, ladies you all rock!

BBL Day 3/24/14 - Happy Happy!!

Good Morning RS, I'm in the car heading to my appointment for BBL with Dr. Matthew Schulman. After surgery will be at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel for one night. Almost there. Thank you for your prayers...

Day after surgery 3/25/14

Good Morning RS, okay less loopy today. My nurse Jay wad wonderful and took very good care of me explained everything that I needed to know. She also started my enter venous in my hand. My blood pressure was slightly elevated. Dr. Schulman took pics and drew me all up and answered some more of my questions. Spoke to the anastegologist who was also nice and asked if I had question and explained what he was going to do. After surgery Dr.Schulman said to me that 1400cc went into both sides. Okay the excting part is when i walked pass the mirror in the hotel I just stopped in my tracks. I can see the hour glass shape already....I'm able to Se my butt from the front. I know I'm swollen but he gave me what I wanted. My husband and daughter was like wow the Dr. did such a good job. Very sore now but my husband and daughter is taking good care of me... will put up after pic in a few. Thank you again for all your helpful post and updates
Most of all thank you Jesus bless you Holy name. No way I can are it without you.

Shower day Tomorrow 3/28/14 : hip hop horray!

Hey RS, Family I received 2 phone calls yesterday one from Dr.Schulman's and the other from the surgical office. They called to check up on me and asked questions about the pain and if taken my meds on time......I can really appreciate how much concern they have for me........because ladies the first 3 nights is off the hook! I also guess it depends on where the artist Dr.Schulman need to liposuction you. I can't wait to take a shower tomorrow. I will post some pictures ... a little less swollen today. I can not lay on my stomach to long. Before the procedure I laid on my back always. This is not easy but when I look in the mirror it's worth it...Tummy Tuck 6 months away. Thank you Jesus

Shower oh Shower wow you feel so Good!!

How many of you thank God for water?? Listen, I want heaven to be my home cause he'll is hot and there's no water there! I took almost 2 hrs in the shower my husband helped a lot. The foam was the hardest to peel off. Your skin is extra sensitive but the warm water and bacterial soap (Dial) felt great! That foam just don't pull off so easy. Okay I'm thanking God for all things. Love you RS family. Also, I'm so real with myself that I'm posting a picture just before getting into the shower so no panties on this time. Still swollen but less swollen than 4 days ago..... A second garment is great to have for your first shower!!! Will take front in a few days Dr. Schulman curved out my hips no more square mom square pants....hehehehe

Also concerning my new booty

As I read the post op instructions and just about all the paper that has been given to me, per instructions you may fine your butt lumpy or distorted but it's only TEMPORARY. The garment is so tight....okay family just wanted to share

This is a Big night 3/28/14 - Big hour 10:15pm

I made a BM.......at about 10:15pm. ....my back and around my waste feels sooooooo soooooooooooooo Relieved right now!! I'm sorry but who other then RS fam know what the relief feels like through all the pain and discomfort....okay love and peace . Sharing is caring. Good night!

Happy Birthday to Me 3/30/14

First I have to give praise and honor to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to see another Birthday!! RS family today is my birthday! Even though I spent most of it on my stomach, my husband and kids made it very special. I had a big breakfast back on my stomach, nice little party and back on my stomach. .......you see the pattern right! Another BM today hip hip hooray!! My BBL was a gift I wanted before my 47th birthday (thank you hubby). I'm posting another picture. Just before my shower today no laughing still have foam left on me from last shower!

3/31/14 was my Last Day of meds.

So glad that I'm done with my antibiotics. Well still taking or have some Doclex. to take which is just stool softner. I have made several B'S in the past few days hip hip hooray. My husband and me went to Target yesterday, it was so much fun to be out and about but I was tired. I could have over done it!

Coming along!

Monday 4/7/14 I will reach my 2 week mark! My period just left! Feeling good......of course still swollen but able to move around much better. Follow up with Dr. Schulman coming up this week!......will by stage 2 garment.

Today I reached my 2 week mark !

I don't know if it's me but this garment feels even tighter.....okay I'm dealing with the stiffness when I wake up but it feels like the garment has gotten tighter. As the swelling goes down do the garment get tighter?? Maybe I'm having one of those day!

Okay posting updated Pictures

Hey RS , I was asked to post front pic before and after.....Please keep in mind that I decided to have a BBL before a TT! My reason, I wanted Dr. Schulman to get as much fat as possible transferred. I plan to have a TT in October, 2014. Before my BBL surgery we also spoke again concerning my TT and Dr. Schulman suggest I wait until all swelling go down 3 months but (6 months) for me. He wanted to make sure he can pulled down as much skin as possible. I hope I was clear.....and didn't confuse anyone.....lol....

One more thing, about Food!

I have continued with my vitamins, I use my nutria bullet I prefer to drink my fruits and vegetables. ......lol... I know that it enters the blood much quicker.
I usually mix and drink, baby spinach, a greenish yellowish banana, strawberries, blueberries, flax seed, raw almonds and water. I hope this helps someone. Drink plenty of water. Okay sharing is caring!

Today was my 1st follow up appt. With Dr. Matthew Schulman

Hello RS, I just had my appt. with Dr. S today and he told me that I'm healing well in all areas. Kim at Dr. S office measured my waist for the 2 garment, are you read for this, ((30 inches))!!! And the swelling is not totally down yet! The garment they put on during surgery was a large. Dr. Schulman recommended a size medium. You are also given a choice of 2 stage 2 garments. I chose the waist thong garment with your butt cheeks still out, straps include but optional to wear. The other almost like the original but your butt cheeks are covered up. The summer will be approaching why not get all the air I can.......lol..........I'm unable to wear this until my 3 week which is this up coming Monday. Dr. Schulman went over my before pictures again and showed me what he did and what I can expect in the up coming weeks! I love Dr. Schulman. ....he makes sure you understand everything! He also told me that I will need a size small garment eventually. I also brough his Bio Corneum plus SPF30 with instruction, recommended. ....so I will try it......garment $80......Bio $70......next appt. , in May...... ( I wore a maxi dress very fitting for the weather with a short black light jacket (biker) look! Sexy look! Hugged me in all the right places.......P.S. Dr . Schulman said I can resume having sexy again........hehehehehe....... (sorry hubby not yet)!!!.......lol....hope this helped someone.

The itching! eeeek....lol

Hey RS Family, I can appreciate the itching because its letting me know that my nerves are connecting and all that good stuff! Benadryl help at night but I can't use it during the day.. If I do I will sleep the day away...Monday I will be trying my stage 2 garment can't wait....In the meantime just dealing with it! Posting pictures that wad taken last night....

Just update pictures

Sharing is caring.....lol....just some updated pictures


Hope you can view this one!

3 Week in recovery - Stage 2 Garment

Hello RS Family, I'm in my 3 week of recovery thank you Jesus....my last visit at the Dr.S office I brought a stage 2 garment size medium. I had to have my husband help me into it! I think if he didn't help me I would have struggled! I can appreciate the tightness because it helps with the swelling..... Most of my swelling is on my lower back in the middle and abdomen. I'm still itching and trying not to scratch but to rub and massage the itching areas. Posting pictures I just took. (((Hugs)))

Into week 5.......only at night!

Hello RS Family, This past Monday, April 28, 2014 made 5 whole weeks!! On (April 24, 2014 made 1 full month since my BBL!! Okay, I am now able to wear my stage 2 garment only part time lol.....seriously at week 5 you are able to wear your garment half a day or at night.....I'm still swollen, for me mainly on my lower back which is slowly going down. Well my sides and abdomen are still moderately swollen. I think the biggest irritation (for lack of a better word) is the numbness, itching and electrifying healing sensations. I realize how my body became adjusted to wearing my garment. I got up about 7:45 am on Monday took a shower very happy because I was freeing myself if only part time. I moisturized my body and the massage did me very well as usual. When I got dress, the feeling or the sensation I felt can only be described as, have your hand ever fell asleep and you know it's numb and it tingles but if you touch material it feels really cool and a little weird. ( okay this is how it feels for me)!.... I had Chills most of the day not to be confused with being sick. More like having goose bumps! I find that I will get chilly periodically. Also those unexpected shooting healing pains......I welcomed my garment when night came... okay family sharing is caring. Hugs

Week 6 !!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! 5/6/14

Good Morning RS, Okay just wanted to give you an update...I'm in my 6 week, 2 more weeks to go before I can sit again and totally no restrictions. Yes I never sat down, either I am standing, kneeling or laying on my stomach. No boppy pillow for me. I want all the fat cells to set right! Yes I still have swelling but by looking at me you cannot tell but of course I can. My mind have not caught up to my nice plump booty....I walked into Marshalls just to look at some jeans, but I kept walking pass the mirror in the store looking at my butt ...lol...lol... I love my new and improved sexy booty in which that means I need more room in my jeans, I use to be a size 4/5 - now 8.......butttttt, I really don't want to buy much of anything because I'm looking forward to my tummy tuck in October/November. I know my size will drastically change again. Okay thats all I have to say for now and remember Sharing Is Caring!!....Hugs

Booty ? by Schulman!

Hey hey RS Family, I had my last appt. with Dr. Schulman on yesterday (5/7/14) and received my Booty ? by Schulman pantie as a parting gift. Per Dr.S . I'm healing well and I can wear my stage 2 garment either before I go to bed or all day but off at night!.. I understand that the fat has set and no more shrinking but in these remaining weeks the fat cells are forming their own blood lines. So these unexpected sharp electrifying and the itching people the itching is all just coming together in the healing process. Dr.S. suggest that I come back in September to schedule my tummy tuck. So happy!!! This up coming Monday will make 7 weeks, I can't wait to sit again! Sharing is Caring......Hugs

Sitting day 2 days away!!!..

I can't wait!!!! 2 more days to go....I can't wait to sit at my dinner table with my husband and kids. I'm usually standing or kneeling down to eat while were all talking about our day.... As instructed I wear my stage 2 garment only at night. Okay RS family sharing is caring! Hugs

Cause I'm Happy...........Sitting down on my Booty!

I'm sitting on my butt....yes mentally you can't wait but now that I'm here sitting it feels unusual to me. I was up early this morning took off my garment laid on my back. I was so uncomfortable, my husband said try placing pillows underneath your back. That was much better, my mind starting think I'm going to ruin the fat cells or tissues even though I know better. That's why it's important to research and read up! So I put that fear away quickly however I will sit on my couch for 10 minutes then walk around in the house. Sit down fo 30 minutes then get up. I try to sit a little longer each time. I do notice that I'm stiff when getting up from the sitting position, and my body welcomes the motion of sitting but reminds me that there is still some swelling. Okay RS family thank you for your support and encouragement. Plus all the wonderful advice and answer to some many questions. It's been a journey....Dr. Schulman will be doing my Tummy Tuck in October, that's the month where shooting for Lords willing! Love you all! Sharing is Caring.

It's A Big Deal !!! 5/21/14

Good Afternoon RS Family, Yesterday I sat in the front seat of our car on the passenger side for the first time after my surgery! I'm sharing because it's a (big deal) to me. No matter where we drove to, I was on my knees in the back seat. Yes I know safety first but I wasn't sitting on my Phatty for nothing.....lol.... I just asked my husband to take it easy on the bumps in the road. Yes he normally helps me in and out the car but he had to be a little more extra helping me in and out of the car ( it doesn't help when you have a suburban) cause you have step up to get in and step down to get out! We both was happy that I was sitting in the front seat cause every time he turned around my booty was in his face......hehehehe.....really funny! I realized that we have not been out together to dinner or lunch in 2 months. So we had brunch at Red Lobsters and it was great. My husband so supportive kept asking was I okay how I'm I feeling. Well I may not look swollen, but I am my lower back and hips. I feel sore in the sitting motion because I became so use to standing. The soreness isn't a dramatic feeling at all, not even close, however you will feel in your booty where he did the surgery but it's so manageable. The stiffness you feel getting up makes you get up slowly. I came to realize the more you sit the easier it becomes. I will tell you the true I find myself standing in my bedroom or in the living room and have to remind myself, Girl You Can SIT DOWN NOW!!! When I sat at the table to eat with our boys for the fist time, the smiles they had just made me feel good. So I encourage you to sit especially if you followed Dr. Schulman instructions to the letter. Let sitting be a PROUD accomplished moment for you, why because you've come along way! Enjoy and taken in every milestone from getting the surgery done, your very first BM, stage 1 garment, graduating to stage 2, post op follow ups. Most of all, yes most of all, the wonderful beautiful women that I had the pleasure to be in contact with and share my journey and reading past and present journeys, with all the great advice to read. You women are all awesome!! I'm enjoying every bit of my journey. Sharing is Caring ......Hugs
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. MATTHEW SCHULMAN is the best, very down to earth and caring. His staff is wonderful...I just love Dr. Schulman he answered all my questions, he cares about my concerns before and after surgery. My surgery went well, I see the results every time I look in the mirror. I am very pleased and satisfied with my results. Dr . Matthew Schulman is an artist. Dr. Matthew Schulman you rock!!!

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