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Hello RS! I have been researching BBL surgery for...

Hello RS!
I have been researching BBL surgery for the last few months, and I've decided to just go for it.
I mean, after 3 natural births with no meds, I think I can take whatever pain/discomfort that comes with FINALLY having junk in the trunk! Originally, I was going to try Coolsculpting to get at least a better shape, but after looking into it, I was going to end up paying almost as much as a BBL. With no butt...

I'm from Miami, so it was the obvious choice, but my husband asked me to stay in NYC so he can be here for me if I need him. So... my method of locating a surgeon here was to go to as many consultations as possible. After my third consultation though, I decided I didn't need to go any further! I found Dr. Taranow through RS. Not so much because of his photos, but by how often he replied to questions here. It says a lot for a Dr. If they take the time to read our (sometimes crazy) questions and concerns.
Once I met him in person, I was totally at ease. We were laughing and talking about our hobbies and my insecurities flew out the window. I put down a deposit then and there!

My Sx is scheduled for Aug.16. Preop is tomorrow, hope all goes well!!

WBC was high, retaking labs today.

Ugh. My primary care physician didn't send lab results to surgeon until this morning (after my pre op!) and the doctor asked me to retake the CBC bc my white blood cell count was 12.6, which is only slightly elevated according to reg doc.
So I'm going in now to retake it and pray I get cleared for Friday!!!

Ready to go!

Labs came back normal! Sx scheduled for 7am tomorrow morning. I got a ton of work done today because I expect to be out of commission for a couple of weeks.

Ashley from Dr. T's office called me on her way home and gave me the run down on anything and everything that I needed to know for the morning. Anti nausea pills one hour before Sx, no food or water after midnight, wear something loose and comfy.

Because my BBL is "modest", the doc said the surgery shouldn't take more than a couple of hours... He's taking fat from my back, flanks and bra line only. Does that sound normal?

Well, wish me luck! I'll post after pics as soon as possible.

The deed is done!

It was pretty simple and I'm surprised how decent I feel so far. I'll post more about surgery later, but in the meantime, here is a before and after shot from today.

Day 3, got to shower!

The swelling is going down well. Haven't had a bowel movement yet though...
I'm taking the VitaMedica Recovery Support Program and I highly recommend it. Dr. Taranow called me yesterday to check up on me and chat for a bit, which I thought was really sweet.
Taking off the garment for the first time to shower was heaven. I'm getting more and more excited every day and can't wait to see the new and improved me!

1 week post op

Hi y'all! It's been a long and crazy week but I made it!
I wanted to stay home and rest and all that good ish, but I have a couple of work projects that needed my attention, so I was back at work on Monday (3 days post op!) The pain meds got me through the day, but I had my husband and kids massaging me when I got home from the soreness of running around all day (I'm a designer/construction project manager).
Nonetheless, I feel healthy and strong.

Had my post op visit on Wednesday the 24th, got stitches out, brought a fruit/chocolate basket for the Dr. office :)
Bought a tighter compression garment from Dr. and a Fajate one with open butt check holes, but there's no way my new a** will fit in those tiny holes!! What do I do?!
Here's a few more pics. Xoxo

2 Weeks post op!

I'm healing really well, no drains were used and two tiny incision marks are barely visible. Finally having proper(ish) bowel movements now that I'm off prescription pain killers. I went back to work (I'm in construction and design) about a week post op, but it's hard to take it easy like I know I should be.
Feeling super tight and hard in certain areas of lower back and lower abdomen, but gently massaging myself with lotion really helps. Hubby is happy to help with massages too ;) Also stretching as often as possible and swimming.
I've gone through 3 compression garments so far. The first one from doc became super loose within 3 days post op. I got a size smaller, which lasted another 5 or 6 days, and finally bought a Fajate brand one with cheeks out (I had to cut the holes bigger, lol). Still not sure if I like that one, but I'm super picky. So I use all three depending on how I'm feeling that day and on how much strenuous activity I will be doing.
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