37 Yo, 3 Kids, Need a Booty! Pls Help Dr Schulman!! - New York

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So, I finally scheduled a consultation with Dr...

So, I finally scheduled a consultation with Dr Schulman after stalking this site and also many different PS instagram and snapchat accounts. Initially, I was considering going to Miami or Beverly Hills but when you factor in the travel and aftercare costs, I think it makes more sense to go to NY. Plus, I am very impressed by Dr. Schulman's work. I'm 5'2 168lbs. Had a tt and breast lift/Aug 8 yrs ago. I have hips but I'm missing the booty. I have plenty of back fat for him to harvest!! Before pics coming soon!

Consultation tomorrow

Well I'm very excited to have my consultation tomorrow!! For those of you who have already been there, done that please tell me what it's like. Does the doctor check out your naked body?? What can I expect? Are you supposed to bring Wish pics?

When to my consultation ????

I had my consultation with Dr. S. The office was very efficient and running on time which is always good. After checking in and paying the consult fee($100), the PA briefly went over my MED. history and asked what I was interested in. After a brief chat she gave me a robe to change into (bra and panties on). I thought I had to get buck naked!, So, I was kinda relieved. I told Dr Schulman that I wanted my butt as big and possible and my waist as small as possible. He told me to keep my expectations realistic and not to assume that I would turn into one of the instagram wish pics. That was a lil disappointing bc I DO want to look like a wish pic!! lol. But I guess it's good that he is straight forward and honest. A couple of days later I called and booked my appointment. It's official!! So excited. Aug can't come soon enough. I will post some before pics soon so you can see what I am starting with. The price for bbl is $10,800. To add Abdominal lipo extra $3,500. To add arm lipo $1,750. I only booked the BBL right now but I may want to add the arms.


Has anyone had a breast lift with implants redone? I had that procedure 8 years ago and I need them lifted again and I would also like to swap out my old implants for smaller ones. Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good doc for this. Any help appreciated. Thanks : )

Had the surgery done today

I just had my BBL done today and my butt looks just as flat if not flatter than before. 1200 mL were injected in each cheek . Does it look like this just because it's very new or can I hope that it will change? Please see attached pic

Some before pics

The first three were taken by the surgeon in his office

During the surgery

Some after pics

Different looking sides

Hopefully the run side will get more normal. The right side is looking really strange. It looks like it comes to a point at the top. Anybody know if massage would help??

Day 2 post op

The pain is BAD

I'm on day three post op and I feel so miserable. So uncomfortable and my head is just throbbing. I drink fluids constantly throughout the day but I still have dry mouth and migraine headaches. I don't like the way the painkillers make me feel. Do you know if it's OK for me to switch to Advil? How long does it take for the serious pain to go away??????

Feeling a little better

Thankfully the headaches subsided. Now I can feel the body aches but they're more tolerable than the migraines. My swelling has reduced some and I finally went to the bathroom yesterday!! I can finally see the light!! Today I slipped on some stretchy jeans just to check everything out. I like the size that I am now hope my butt doesn't go down a lot. Fingers crossed... I wish I took more before pictures. My butt was really flat.

First post op appointment today

Have my first Post op appt today. Still very sore everywhere lipoed and injected. I did my arms and inner thighs, back and flanks. I had skipped on my stomach because it is pretty flat but I had hoped to get a more snatched look as far as the width with the side flanks.. (Questioning my decision now). Not sure if it will go down more with the reduction of swelling. I had hoped to have more roundness and projection in the profile. I know it's still too early to judge the shape. We shall see..

Doesn't look too bad in Colombian jeans

But shape still not run but looks a little better and Colombian jeans. What do you think?

Shape improving

The weird shape is starting to go away thankful ????. Conflicted about whether or not I should go for massages.. Dr. S doesn't recommend them. What do you think?

Starting to like how things are shaping up

3 weeks tomorrow and I am really loving the new shape. I went for a massage today. It was a little painful mostly on the arms and sides. The therapist recommended that I get a better compression garment that covered the whole back. So I went to the Colombian store she recommended and bought a $110 garment. It is closed on the but like the stage 2 garment. Just hope it's not too tight on the new booty. All the Lipo areas are still very tender and sleeping comfortably doesn't exist. Hopefully this will improve soon.

Loving the current shape!!

I'm only three weeks but I pray that the shape and size hold up ????????
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