34 and No Longer Putting Myself on the Back Burner. New York, NY

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Had my consult with Dr Schulman today 1/29/16 and...

Had my consult with Dr Schulman today 1/29/16 and it was a pleasure. I was comfortable in his presence and was able to ask every question I could think of never feeling rushed. I also got the chance to meet Tami and Amie. Both ladies were very welcoming and sweet.
Dr S examined me and gave his best opinion on what he believed he could do for me. I will be having a Brazilian Butt Lift, Abdominal lipo (extra charge) and arm lipo (extra charge). I want to go fairly large and with a realistic mindset, I think Dr S can achieve what I am looking for.
My goal is to book the SX around the third week or March pending on how fast I can pay the 10% deposit fee assuming I don’t lose the date I chose. Fyi ladies if you are financing your surgery you must pay the deposit check or credit/debit. All the other fees can be charged to your Care Credit, etc.
I decided this morning to share my journey on Real Self (after asking thr hubby 220+ times) since this is where I found Dr S in the first place. Along with his amazing credentials, tv appearances and his personal surgical techniques, reading the reviews helped me feel that I have chosen the right surgeon to transform my body. I want to be able to help other women the same way you all helped me.
Please stay tuned. I will be positing photos and more comments soon. I will also take you along before, during and after assuming I will be feeling well enough after the fact.

Night before surery

It’s the night before surgery and I finally started to get nervous. I am not necessarily nervous about the procedure but more of something going wrong. I totally trust and believe in Dr. Schulman and his skills however there can always be a complication during surgery no matter how routine the procedure is or how great the surgeon is. I just keep seeing my hubby and little girls face and want to make sure I come back to them safe and sound.
I am not looking forward to the pain. I do have a high pain tolerance but from what I have read posted by the other ladies here on real self, that goes out of the window. I do have all my prescriptions and pain meds ready to go. I am also scarred this pain med it going to keep me nauseous. I will probably switch to Tylenol right away!
I’m late but I finally posted some before photos. They are super zoomed in so you can see all the detail. I can’t wait for my new big ol booty and flat tummy. I have been waiting for more years than I can count for this day since I became aware of the bbl. Real Self is a blessing. Being able to read all the stories out there (negative and positive) really helped me make my decision then choose a great surgeon. I hope I get close to the results I am looking for.
I don’t think I will be able to post or show photos after my surgery since I won’t be getting home until sometime in the evening. I am scheduled for surgery at 11am so most likely when I get home I will just sleep. I will post photos again and share my experience as I got thru it as soon as I can.

Before and after fron Dr S Insta

Wont be able to remove my garment until shower day so in the mean time check out this before and after. Unfortunatly I may need a tummy tuck which I will show photos of my belly at a later date. This healing is no joke!!

First before and after

Since I cant remove my garment until shower day, check out this before and after from Dr Schulman's Instagram.

My day 4

So I cheated and took a shower last night...a couple hrs ahead of the scheduled day I was told. In my photo you can see lots of bruising, swelling and that lopsided/uneven butt your told about. My right side is rounder and nicer shaped than my left. I was so stick with a back rold but nothing like what I had before lol I hope everything takes shape sooner than later. Its so hard for me to look at myself and not think -why did I do this to my body. I know in the end I will have great results but my judgment is a tiny bit clouded. The pain is on a steady 5 out of 10. I am back and forth bet Motrin & Tylenol. The pain meds were making me too sick. I had a movement in the bathroom which was pretty normal since I have been taking stool softeners. The only thing that sucks is taking the damn garment on and off to wash up and "go".

Items I got from Amazon

I did not find out about Dr. Schulman's bbl kit until too late so...I decided to get what items I thought I needed most. I have been using these dis-solvable tablets and ointment for a couple of days and I feel they work great. The combo really got rid of the major bruising fast. Not all is gone but a lot better than what I had before I started. Both products are natural and homeopathic so it is okay to take with your prescriptions. I have had zero side affects since I started. I highly recommend. P.s. most of the bruising is from the garment. Extra lipo foam will be needed. I hope to get some on my post opp appt.

Second round

I will be going back for a repeat bbl in the next few months. Unfortunately the projection I had did not last after the swelling went down. I want Dr S to go in and fill in some spots where the fat dissolved. Also, I had arm lypo and too much was taken off on my left arm which he will now fill in. I sure hope this is my last try bc I wont have any fat left to remove :/

At some point I will follow up with a TT. I had lypo to my tummy as well and it reduced a great amount however I was left with some loose skin.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr S is kind, funny and comforting. He is thorough when answering questions and gives honest, realistic goals

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