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I'm 10 days post op and I am not sure how I feel...

I'm 10 days post op and I am not sure how I feel about my butt. The Dr. initially told me 800 cc's, but when I woke up he said he could only get 550 cc's in each cheek. I have been in the worst pain of my life, and I've had a rhinoplasty (2 revisions) and a breast augmentation. I was so bruised, especially on my legs, all the way down to my ankles. My butt is yellow and black and blue. I am praying that this all settles and I get a good result. Not feeling optimistic right now. I am 5'6" and 158 was my pre op weight. I always had a booth, but it just got really flat. I feel likes its so tight and still flat. Feeling bummed.

Swelling subsiding. Still stiff, but the pain is also letting up a bit.

Just took a shower and applied my Arnicare gel (highly recommended: the gel is cool and dries quickly) and Prescribed Solutions Slimming and Contouring Cream. I still haven't figured out how to sit properly, so I went out laying flat in the back of the car to the store to try and find a suitable chair that I could modify for sitting. No luck there. Anyways, here are some updated pics of me laying down. My hips are on fire and I have little lumps, but that's to be expected according to my surgeon.

Trying to be patient. Feeling like my right hip area is flat and the left one looks nice and rounded.

Ok. So let me start by saying that I had a lymphatic massage last night and it was heaven! My Dr. doesn't recommend them, but as the massage therapist said, they even offer them in lipo packages in 3rd world countries. They are necessary. I was skeptical, but I now believe that massage is a must after this procedure. I have better mobility, I urinated a lot and immediately afterward, my skin was not hot to the touch last night, my swelling had gone done significantly (my Stage 1 was loose thisormkg and I have 6 days to go before I switch into my Stage 2), and most importantly, I SLEPT! Ok, so enough about the massage. I am slightly concerned because my right hip area is flat and my left is nicely rounded. I am assuming that my right side isn't going to magically fill out, so I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Have any of you ladies had this experience? Also, my left cheek is flatter than my right, and where my thigh meets my butt, the crease doesn't go all the way across like it does on my right side. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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