32 Years Old, 2 Babies and Finally Getting Curves - New York, NY

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So I used to go to the gym before I had my 2...

So I used to go to the gym before I had my 2 children, but now it's impossible with work and taking care of the household. I tried doing it, but going to the gym on a regular just wasn't consistent. So now that my baby is 1 year and I've decided that I'm not having anymore kids, I made my decision that now it's time I take care of myself again. I went to see Dr. Michael Schulman on 5/20/16. I originally called on 4/26/16 and this was the soonest appt they had available. I went and he was friendly and professional. He said he could get 1000cc in each buttock. But reminded me that 30% could be lost. I'm excited getting bbl and Lipo 360. He's also taking a little bit of fat from my inner thighs. The cost is $14,400 including $100 from the consultation. He's more expensive than some doctors, but I feel he's overly qualified and that I'm in great hands.

Before surgery pics

July 2016
173 lbs
5 ft 4 inches

Butt with jeans on

Lack of projection

Medical clearance??

So I was officially cleared today. Tomorrow is my pre op appt with Dr. Schulman. I'm super excited! Can't wait till tomorrow.

Today is THE day

Nervous, but ready. I'll update later.

Day 1

It's been less that 24 hours that I got surgery. Let me tell you that the first few hours were no joke ????????. I was the first patient of the day as I requested so that I didn't have to starve and the doctor was fresh and relaxed ????????. I got there at 7:00 am. Kristen the nurse greeted me and gave me paperwork to fill out. She was so nice and friendly. She told me to relax that everything was gonna come out great. After that, we went inside to a room where she gave me a robe to change into (no bra, no panties). She went over the paperwork which asked about my medical history. She weighed me and took my vitals. Then, she looked for a good vein to start my IV. Now, she got the PA Tammy just to make sure so she didn't have to stick me 2x. Tammy was also very nice and kind. Putting in the IV didn't hurt. There they also added an antibiotic to the IV. They left and shortly after came in the anesthesiologist. He also asked some medical questions. He reassured me that they were a great team and that I was in great hands. He also looked older like in his 60's which made me feel he had much experience and put me at ease. He left and finally came the man I had been waiting for: Dr. Schulman???? ????????

He marked me and again asked me where did I lose weight from cuz I had lost about 8 lbs since my pre-op consultation. Mind you, I had started weighing 175 and today I weighed in at 167 lbs ????????. He asked if I wanted big and I said YES. I explained give me a waist, hips and the biggest booty 12, 13, or 1400 cc's. Now, I said this because I know his big booties are not outrageous. He explained because of my list of fat, he would try to do what he could. I was ok with that because I know he was gonna my body to the best he could. And his results are forever!!!! His booties don't deflate or come out lopsided like some other doctors work are. I walked into the OR. Had small chat with Kristen, the Anesthesiologist, and last with Dr. Schulman. He asked me if I was excited and that's the last thing I remember.

I woke up feeling soooo tired. My eyes couldn't stay open. The pain was like a 5 from a scale of 1-10. My husband picked me up and I laid on my tummy in the back of the car. I felt like I was sleep walking from the car to my mom's apartment.

Now, I felt like THE WORST PAIN EVER was my uterus!!! It was burning up and I wanted to pee so bad, but nothing would come out. Even while sleeping under oxycodene, that was the pain that would wake me up and my butt, too. I was like that for like 2-3 hours. Finally, I peed and felt soooo much better.

So far, since my surgery it has been about 12 hours and my pain is like a 3 (10 being the worst). Here are some pics....

Day 2

So today I feel like I got hit by a truck. I am very sore and stiff all over. Today has been more difficult getting on and off the bed. I am swollen all over including my face, arms, hands, legs, feet....???????? It's a mission to get on and off the bed. Although, yesterday I was able to do it on my own, today I couldn't.

Sleeping on my tummy has started to get very uncomfortable. My neck and my chin hurt a lot and I've been waddling around slowly to ease the tension and soreness.

This morning, I felt nauseous and I threw up that acidic yellow liquid. I also burped up gases and that made me feel a lot better. I'm still taking my medication including oxycodone. I'm praying tomorrow is a better day ????????

Night 2

So on night 2, I woke up with my heart coming out my chest and a really throbbing headache. I tried to relax, drank some fluids, but still feeling horrible. I took my bp and it was really low 86 over 66 and heart beats per minute was at 121. I tried laying down and at 4 am I couldn't. Something was wrong. I called the 911. They checked my vitals: the bp was a little higher but still low, and the EKG showed my heRt was going to fast. So, I went to the ER. I left messages, but it was after hours and the doctor never got back to me.

At the hospital, my temp was 100.5 f. They did many exams, including CT-Scan, chest X-ray, EKG, rectal exam and blood labs. Everything came back normal with the exemption of my blood labs!!!! My hemoglobin was at 7?! I had anemia ????????. By this time, the doctor had already called me and the ER doctors had gotten in contact with him. I was in so much pain, weak, and devastated.

It all made sense now. My period had been so heavy 5 days before surgery. I had modified my eating to 1700 calories daily 3 weeks prior to surgery and now it I was suffering!

I have been feeling so weak...no matter if I'm laying down, standing or kneeling down my heart is beating super fast. I'm really worried and wish to feel better ASAP. I'm eating protein rich and high in iron food. I've been getting a slight fever today on Day 4.

Also, I showered today on day 4. I thought I was was gonna die. I almost fainted. Thank God my husband, mom, dad, and sister came to my rescue. My sis gave me 2 nausea pill to put under my tongue, dad got my ginger ale, hubby held me up and told me positive words, and my mom gave me alcohol to smell. I literally said I'm going to pass out ????. Thank God I didn't ????????. I did feel like I had to do a BM. TMI.....so I was still holding on to my husband standing in the bathroom. I got in the bathtub, mom put a basin and I did my first BM. It was so much and like rocks. My face was green they told me. I was sooo scared.

Today was a really hard day. I'm praying that as the days go by, I start feeling better and my hemoglobin goes up. Please prayers up. I never knew this was going to be so hard ????.

Day 9: Finally feeling better

So today has been the first day I can say that I'm feeling better. I did wake up with a headache and stiff neck due to sleeping on my belly. But, I am starting to feel stronger and my appetite has gotten better.

I was concerned about my lower abdomen right on top of thigh crease. That's the place where I see significant swelling and like a bulge. I'll be sending pics to the doctor today so let's see what they say.

7 months

So my hips disappeared and my butt is almost all gone. Now, I have to worry about getting a TT because my skin is loose around my belly button and lower abdomen. When I'm standing, it's ok. And if I wear my stage 2 faja, after taking it off I look ok....but then I go back to my loose skin. Specially when sitting, it is very noticeable creating some rolls. I don't have the 2 indents on the sides of my butt, but it is just barely noticeable that I got any work done. I spent so much money that I thought I was gonna be content with at least having a little more curves. My waist to hip size is back to being the same as before the surgery. I just thought I was gonna be snatched. Now, I'm looking for a Dr. for round 2 lipo and definitely getting a TT....looks like it'll probably be in COLOMBIA.
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Correction- Dr. Matthew Schulman

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