29 Yr/old 1 Kid I Want a Booty!!! Dr D Save Me! - New York

Hey everyone first time posting :) I want a BBL...

Hey everyone first time posting :) I want a BBL done i have searched so many diff docs in NYC and I think I am def going to go with Dr D his work looks so good!!! I dont want to travel elsewhere I feel like that would be way more expensive for me :(

I wanted to know if anyone has gotten the bbl done and returned to work after week or so bcuz that is going to be me for sure I really can only take a week off after the surgery so i want to know any similar stories and how things worked out for you i do office work so i am def not going to be sitting most likely standing all day lol

i will post pics soon of what i look like now very squared shape :( i have a lil pudge after my son was born that just doesnt go anywhere so hoping they suck all that out and put it where it needs to be lol

Sooo I need to save $$$$ I am looking to schedule a consult in January and have the bbl in January I want to go to PR in the summer and I want to look like I have some sort of figure -_-

Pics of my no booty self :/

So I want to show some pics of what I am working with ???? looking at it now I may need a tummy tuck ????????

Consultation date!

So I booked a consult finally with Dr Schulman I will start a thread under him since that's the doc I'm going to stick with :D

29 yrs finally getting a booty :)

Hello all!! I am here to let you all know about my no booty - big booty journey lol I want my pre baby stomach back with a little addage in the rear lol so I have my consultation booked for the 9th of November I CANT wait to finally meet Dr Schulman and see what he can do for me I am so excited I am turning 30 next year and this is going to be my xmas birthday present to myself I want to take a trip to PR and I want to look bomb in a bikini :) I will post up some pics of my squarepants self and my wish pics :)

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