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Hi everyone. After stalking this page forever I've...

Hi everyone. After stalking this page forever I've decided to finally call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Schulman. His work is epic and from all the reviews I have seen here, he can definitely do the best job for me. The only issue I'm have so far is weight loss. I need to loss 100 lbs ASAP. Not only for the surgery but also because I'm going to be a court officer soon. So does anybody have any ideas or tips on how they lost the weight quickly? I'll post wish pics and things. I look for to keeping in touch with all of u ladies....especially my NYC dolls.

Started working out

Hi y'all. So I signed for a weight loss boot camp and started yesterday. I'm super sore already. Its 2.5 hrs everyday for two weeks..... meal plan water supplements etc. I'm sticking with this til o hit my goal loss of 80lbs. The trainers are so confident in the system that they say I should hit that by August :-0

We shall see. In the meantime I've been watching YouTube videos of ppl changing their dressings and massages to kinda desensitize myself and my mom( we can't stand blood Lol). I'll keep y'all updated on my weight loss.

I wanna get both bbl + tt the same day

So I follow Dr s on snap chat and he said something that almost broke my heart. He doesn't like to do a tt + bbl at the same time. He feels that Ur gonna sleep on your butt. I'm not gonna have time to get them done in stages. Anyone have doctor suggestions? Someone that does both at the same time and it's great work?

Switching to Dominican republic

So at first I was set on staying in NYC, but then I stumbled across Yily and was like ddddAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNNN. So I've started my research. The prices are unbelievable. And most are all inclusive with the rh. So far I'm leaning towards Duran, Baez, Almonte, Robles and Ferreras. If you have gotten your surgery from them let me know cuz I'd love to pick Ur brains lol.

P.S. I kinda feel like I'm talking to myself on here. Don't really get a lot of comments on this nor in the forum. I'll live lol.
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