24 Yr Old with 3 Kids! Need to feel sexy again!! :) - New York, NY

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I have been researching this procedure for about 1...

i have been researching this procedure for about 1 yr and until this month I decided that I HAVE to get it done, I am obsessed with the thought that I might actually be able to look and feel good about my body again. I sent a consultation request to Dr. Matthew Schulmans office and am anxiously waiting they're response!

Finally got my consultation date!

I finally got my consultation date although I was very disappointed about having to wait until August 19th to meet Dr. Shulman :( I was told I would get a call back in case someone else cancels before that date but who knows! I have become obsessed with getting this done and over with, I can't even sleep at night thinking about how my life will change for the better after this! I wish it were as easy as getting it done next week lol. I hate how I look and don't want to feel like this for another second. I know it sounds stupid but my self esteem has really gone down hill and the situation I'm in at home with my bf isn't helping either. He has been making it a point to make me feel as low as possible. I'm praying to God everyday that he guides me through this tough journey. I know that once I start feeling better about my self things will start changing. I'm confident that everything will work out at the end! Ugh if only I could see Dr. schulman faster and get this done something like TOMORROW!?? Haha

Got a call from Dr's office!!!

so I was originally scheduled for a consultation on August 19th but was told they would call me if anyone canceled before that and guess what!! Someone did and they were able to give me an earlier date!! I was able to meet with Dr. S today and I am anxious to get this over with. I payed my deposit and saved my surgery date on August 11th! Everything is coming out just as I hoped it would! Thank god!!

Surgery paid in full! The waiting begins

I have paid my surgery in full, scheduled for August 11. I am a little nervous but confident that everything will come out great! I can't wait Till this is over with. I really hate the body I have right now, I hope that everything comes out the way I hope so I can start wearing dresses and skirts again! I want to feel sexy and right now it definitely isn't happening.

decided to put up some pictures :/

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Very nervous right now, I can't believe I'm actually getting this done! can't wait till its done and over with, the scariest part for me is having to lay there unconscious for about 3 hrs?? Lol I'm going nuts just thinking about my results and if I'll really be in a lot of pain or just slightly uncomfortable. Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to find out! Wish me luck and please pray for me. I have kids I need to care for so I'm praying I wake up and come back to them. This is very nerve wracking.

extremely excited and already love my body!!!

so I got to the surgery place at 10:30 am and my appointment was at 12 but had to be there an hour before, at 11 Kristen came out and handed me sheets of paper to sign (by the way, she is AMAZING, literally calmed my nerves and made me feel sure about the process and I was not scared at all as I thought I would be, can't express how happy and grateful I am that she was the one by my side helping me prepare for surgery!!) I signed papers, got IV put in, took pictures, saw Dr.S (amazing and friendly doc as well, I definitely chose the right doctor) the anesthesiologist was also very friendly, I should just say they all were great! After everything was ready Kristen took me in to the surgery room, layed me down and before I knew it I was knocked out, of course to me it felt like seconds after I was up again and it was all done. It was so uncomfortable to be in the recovery room because I had to be on my back and my butt is hard as a brick so it def was achy. I moved over to my side a little and it was somewhat better. Kristen and Tami then gave me juice, Meds and made sure I was comfortable, it was about 6pm by then, my poor boyfriend and friend waiting for me the whole time ????. I got very uncomfortable and asked to leave so they helped me dress and then quickly got my paperwork together and away I went. Ride home was 1 hr and some but it was hell, I kept kneeling in the backseat, Laying back on the seats then getting up again ugh it was bad. When I finally got home I NEEDED soup to take pain med so my mother in law made it and I was able to drink my meds. I was in so much pain and then every time I had to pee (in a cup) I started noticing a lot of oozing from one of the incision sites, and I mean A LOT, called the doc and left a voice msj, 10 min later he was calling me back and said it was normal the first day so that made me feel a lot better. Now it is 11:46 pm and I barely feel any pain, I'm just laying on my tummy answering txts and writing this review. I keep looking at my self in the mirror and already love my body! Thank you so much Dr. schulman, Kristen, Tami and the anesthesiologist! You guys are great and amazing at what you do, couldn't have chosen a better team.

Doing great!

So it's the 2nd day after my procedure and I am doing fine, barely any pain just discomfort, I am fine with sleeping on my stomach though my neck hurts at times. Had my first bowel movement last night. I can't wait for Saturday when I can finally take a shower. My butt is still hard as a rock :(

More pictures

recovery not as bad as I was told it would be :) can't wait till I can finally sit though

Trouble uploading pics

More pictures!

Feeling good! I was able to take my second shower today all by myself. I love how my body looks in clothes, just feel like my butt looks a little too big? Hehe anyway hope once the swelling goes down my butt will start looking a little more natural

Can't stop looking at myself :))

I can't wait to be out of this garment so I can start wearing normal clothes! On a good note I love to look at myself naked! I don't feel disgusting anymore! Posting more pics so rs can see how great my doctor is ;)

7 months later!!

I love my body! Couldn't be any happier. I gained a little back fat though which I thought I wouldn't but I guess that's my fault. I have no regrets about my surgery, it has been a life changing experience! I look at my self and can't believe it's me.

More pictures

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