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Hey girls. So I received my brazilian butt lift...

Hey girls. So I received my brazilian butt lift from Dr Kenneth Francis last week (April 7th) and I am now on day 8 of recovery.

I am 5'3", 34d-31-38, 141 lbs day of surgery (my healthy weight is 130 lbs). I received 500 cc in each cheek and a small portion to the hips.

DAY OF: My surgery was scheduled for 9am but I ended up in the waiting room until about 10am, which I didn't mind because the staff is friendly and the office in comfy. I believe I was discharged by 1pm. And getting home was a complete blur. Thank god my friend was with me the whole time. I remember nothing immediately after the surgery, not even the cab ride home. I didn't feel any pain once I was home because the Vicodin had me knocked out the entire day. I woke up later that night and threw up about 3 times.

Day 1: Awful. Lots of tears and lots of pain. I was taking meds around the clock. Peeing was dreadful. One thing I should've bought is a FEMALE URINAL. I ate nothing. I drank two gatorades and some coconut water. Later that night I was able to eat a few bites of a pear. My butt felt like it was going to burst! Also, Dr Francis called to check up on me. How nice!

Day 2: Generally the same. Was able to eat more (saltine crackers, a whole pear and more coconut water).

Day 3: I was supposed to have my drains out by day 3 (Thursday) but had to call in and re-schedule because I was in no condition to travel through the city like this! The staff was very understanding and gave me no problems at all about re-scheduling. I was able to get out of bed without assistance and could walk more. I resorted to peeing in the tub because every time I tried w the toilet it was getting all over the place. I was also able to take my first shower, being careful to avoid my drain of course. I used a sponge and baby shampoo (I guess I should have used Dial).

Day 4-7: Progressive. There were huge improvements each day. Walking became much easier although I still limp a little. The swelling is slowly going down and my garment is getting loose. I'll need a tighter one asap. I could walk around the block and get up and down the stair case. Was able to eat normal foods at this point.

Day 8: Today I saw Dr Francis. My health has improved a lot in the past week but that commute was NO JOKE. I took the train from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side (40 min travel and 3 transfers). The stairs, the a**holes rushing around, and the men staring at my butt was just a lot to deal with. lol Dr Francis says I look good and that my butt looks big. My waist is still swollen, which he says is normal, and my back is numb which is to be expected. Bad news is that I wasn't maintaining my drains correctly so I need to keep them in two more weeks! It was "open" vs compressed this whole time so the fluid wasn't draining out thoroughly. But I have no complaints because at least I have no serious complications.

I still can't speak much on the results because there's too much swelling to know what's going on right now. What I can say is that Dr Francis and his counterpart Anela are very accommodating. There are no hidden fees. The emails are responded to within the same day. I've read some reviews that say their concerns/emails/calls after surgery were ignored. It's the total opposite with Dr Francis. Anela responded to every email throughout my recovery and even gave me her cell phone number. They continue to make themselves available for me and I appreciate it.

I think it's also important to say that I didn't prepare extensively like other girls on this site. I actually didn't get anything except liquids and fruit for recovery. And I put a protector on my mattress to avoid stains. This is just me though. I'm minimal and I prefer to just wing it. I will be buying some scar cream from Dr Francis soon though. ($50 I hear it's amazing)

Feel free to reach out with any questions. :)

10 days post-op

I am now 10 days post-op and feeling much better. I didn't have much bruising to begin with but the little I do have hasn't gone away at all yet. The swelling in my stomach has subsided... unless I have my garment off for more than 10 minutes. The garment given to me by Dr Francis is too big at this point. I can walk fine and my back only hurts at night. I can't walk around the city for extended periods of time or my butt starts to feel tight. I can't I bend down yet but now I just get down on my knees when I need to grab something from the floor.

So far, I am still happy with my results. When Dr Francis said he may only be able to give me 350-400 cc each cheek I freaked out. I told him I need 500 cc at the least and he gave me exactly what I asked for. But I will definitely consider a round two if things don't pan out. When you start with such a flat butt, and have only so much fat to work with, I can understand how sometimes a round two is necessary.

Finally enojoying Spring

My drains were taken out a few days ago. They became such a hassle and started causing sharp pains from being in so long. SO thank goodness that sh*t is over with. (although it was my fault) The nurse was the absolute best. It didn't hurt at all getting them out. I didn't talk to Dr Francis during my appointment because he was running late in a surgery but I'm scheduled to see him May 1st to get measurements, etc.

All bandages are off too. So I feel like a free woman. My butt isn't swollen anymore so I'm finally getting a good idea what we're working with. My stomach looks incredibly smooth and flat, although there's some hardness in certain areas. My back is perfectly sculpted. My butt is bigger than it has ever been, and it seems to be getting rounder each day. Its softer too.

Pre-Op: 141 lbs
Post-Op: 133

This weight difference leads me to believe I could have gotten more cc's if I had asked for them. My advice to anyone reading this is to get as many cc's as you can because you can always work off what you don't want. It's always better to have too much than to be on the fence about your size. I am considering a re-touch to add more volume, not because the Dr did anything wrong, but because I should have asked for more size from the beginning. I did not "lose" any volume, I just don't have enough for my preference.

Before and After

My last post seemed rushed. I meant to say that around 550 to 600 cc should be the absolute minimum (and that's for women who want conservative results) I've seen recently that women who receive 500-600 usually go back for round two. Which there's good chance I may too. It's not like I wanted a Kim K booty but I do want some noticeable volume. Dr Francis does a fantastic job at listening and giving realistic expectations for your surgery. He will not, however, push you to do anything you don't express interest in...including going bigger!!! I should have said, "Let's go as big as we can." Maybe I would have walked out of there with 800 cc. But I was not direct enough with my wishes and that is my only mistake.

As for my results, my butt is looking good. My shape looks so nice in jump suits and high waist pants. The only time I feel it's not big enough is in yoga pants when I want it to really POP. My waist is incredibly smooth and flat. Still so much numbness. But no pain. The drain hole looks disgusting...

It's a huge change going shopping now. Especially with my boyfriend who wants a 360 view of everything I try on. I never used to turn around to show him pants or dresses. Now every angle looks proportionate and I love it. Because of my work, I wear a lot of lounge wear, and those fitted sweat pants looks amazing (Zara)!! My butt also ripped a $300 swim suit I was trying on lol...not that it's huge but it's just funny that I don't know my size anymore. I used to be a 4 in dresses and now I'm easily a 6. mediums and larges in most bottom. I can't wait to have my waist measured at my next appointment (May 1).

This has been such a long time coming. I've been wanting my butt done since 2009, before the procedure was as advanced as it is now. I had terrible self esteem issues as a teen because of it and had still struggled with confidence in my 2o's. I think all the women on this site should be grateful for the opportunity to change something that directly affects how well we feel each day that we wake up. I've seen improvements in my overall attitude because I simply feel better about myself.

Appointment on May 25th

My last appointment went well. I lost 3 inches to my waist and gained 2 inches to my butt. Dr Francis has recommended massages to rub out the pain in my lower back. He says I can sit now and work out. But I'm still going to avoid lower body work outs for a few more weeks.

Things are shaping up

It's been a little over a month since surgery and I'm happier with my results than before. I haven't been very active because I'm afraid for my butt but I'm starting with a trainer as soon as I feel comfortable. I want to really embrace this flat stomach and try for some abs this summer. My butt is much softer, and basically feels normal now. Still so much soreness in my midsection from the lipo (burning mainly near love handle area) . Slightly sensitive to the touch. My boyfriend loves my butt but says my back is his favorite part...no more love handles! I also bought a butt lifter, which has been working miracles in dresses (never would have worked before with my flat butt!!).

Here's the link for anyone interested. I'm 5'3" 133 lbs and a size Medium works well for me in these. It does a great job of emphasizing what you already have.

Anela continues to be available via email for any questions I have. The office is so great. I still have round 2 in the back of my mind, maybe even a small round implant...but I obviously have a year to think about it.


The attention a nice behind can get has astonished me. I did this for ME, but the whole world is noticing.

I feel that some women work really hard in the gym, and yes they may lose weight, but they still have an unflattering frame. I experienced this myself. I was always athletic and kept in good shape. Yet no matter what I did, certain curves just weren't there. I feel that with this procedure, you're able to manipulate the silhouette in a way that the gym simply cannot do. Since my surgery, I went back to a regular fitness routine -- my stomach has never looked better. My back looks great too. And lunges and squats are not in vein anymore because now there's actually something to "lift".

I get compliments constantly on how fit I look. Everyone wants to know my secret. But Pre-Op, even at my skinniest, no one was asking for my secret. It's the new silhouette. The curve in my waist, which I'm obsessed with. Not to mention my pillowy behind. (lol)

I spoke to Dr Francis about a round 2 and he'll give me a good deal if I go through with it. I may lipo my inner thighs and arms. Then round out my hips and add a bit more projection.

But overall, I am 90% pleased. I'm actually shocked that it came out so good. I had my doubts in the beginning, but Dr Francis really knows what he's doing. And I appreciate how Anela is ALWAYS available!

Haven't found an effective solution to my scars but they don't even look that bad. Will keep you all posted.
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Dr Francis and Anela are very accommodating. There are no hidden fees. The emails are responded to within the same day. I've read some reviews that say their concerns/emails/calls after surgery were ignored. It's the total opposite with Dr Francis. Anela responded to every email throughout my recovery and even gave me her cell phone number. They continue to make themselves available for me and I appreciate it.

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