3 months post op, LOVING the results. Period. -New York, NY

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I've been checking the site out for months and...

I've been checking the site out for months and months and finally decided to write my own review. I had my surgery about 2 weeks ago (3/19/13) with Doctor Schulman and I am totally loving the results so far. There are some days where I want the booty to go down some and some days where I wish it would stay right where it's at.

I'm of Korean descent and it's rare for women of our breed to have a lot of booty. But, I am on the thicker side and decided a booty is what I wanted!

I'm posting some pictures so you all can see for yourself the journey I've been on thus far.

I will try to answer as many questions as possible. I'm still on my stomach and out of work so I have some time on my hands!


Brazilian Butt Lift with fat taken from upper and lower back, flanks, arms, outer thighs, inner thighs

removed 6000 cc's of fat. That's a whole lot of fat

Doctor Schulman injected 900 cc's on each side.

3/29/13. Went in to get my stitches removed and Doctor says I'm doing great, will retain about 80 percent of what he's injected. I'm all for that!

Day 13 and I was able to stand for about 5 hours...

day 13 and I was able to stand for about 5 hours today. I'm telling you ladies, it certainly does get better each and everyday. uploading a few pics from this morning. I notice that the place where the foam is placed on my lower back creates a dent on it (i Know everything will even out once my stage two garment kicks in, in about another two weeks).

Went to the movies with the mister yesterday and...

went to the movies with the mister yesterday and sat down for the very first time since surgery. Not gonna lie, Kept thinking "omg what if my butt deflates completely" but... gotta get over that ladies! We're gonna have to go back to our "normal" lives sooner or later. I go back into work on the 10th of April. Definitely staying busy and active. I'm not on my stomach anymore! I'm out and about for at least 7 hours running errands, walking around and what not.

Trust, the weight is coming down also. I was surprised to see my weight had gone down so much. But then again, I was surprised as he** to see that my weight sky-rocketed almost 15 pounds after surgery (totally normal). I should just do away with my scale until 3-6 months after but I can't help it...

I'm planning on taking my garment for about 8 hours on Saturday to go out for my birthday celebration. I'll be wearing tights so hopefully that'll be good enough for the evening.. I've been really good with my garments so far, i'm sure it will be fine (will check with Doc tomorrow).

Okay booties, more updates to come!

Day 18 and i'm doing quite alright. The bruising...

Day 18 and i'm doing quite alright. The bruising is going down but I know my back and my thighs are still swollen. TGIF booties :) I'm able to function fully now. But i'll still choose to stand on the bus/train to avoid sitting as much as possible (it's definitely a mind thing though).

Reallllly dying to get into the gym to tone up and...

reallllly dying to get into the gym to tone up and stuff... I used to go to the gym RELIGIOUSLY before this surgery...

Ladies! When did you get back into the gym after your surgery?

Ladies, there IS such a thing as booty envy.. I'm...

ladies, there IS such a thing as booty envy.. I'm sitting here thinking "hmm, I wonder what it'd be like to have a second bbl surgery..." I know I know- it's a pretty crazy thought to have considering the fact that I came from practically No bootay. But Booty envy is real and I've been going back and forth..

Any ladies have any second bbl stories? Fill me in.

And what is with this "fluffling" business? What is it and does it really happen?

Hey bootifuls! just wanted to give a quick...

hey bootifuls!

just wanted to give a quick update. I've been slowly getting back into my workout routine but Tomorrow, we are gonna start going heavy. it's been 7 weeks (just about) and it is definitely time to get it on and poppin. I'm not sure that i've gone down since the last time i've posted a picture. But here's an updated picture I took today---

PS. how are you ladies doing with your workout?

SQUATS ALL DAY LADIES! Get at least 50 in in a...

SQUATS ALL DAY LADIES! Get at least 50 in in a day, I've been doing em non-stop :))

almost 9 weeks

Almost 3 months!

Just wanted to give ya'll a quick update- ya girl is well and my swelling if officially out of the way I believe. My booty jiggles and wiggles and exercising has been good to me. I'm loving all of the post op pictures from Doctor Schulman- Shout out to #TeamSchulman----

By the way ladies, for those of you who are more than 3 months in, how long does it take for the hyper pigmentation/scars to disappear?

3 months!

goodness, it's already been 3 months since my bbl with Dr. Schulman and I am happy to say that I believe I've reached my final results. I've seen no "shrinkage" in the last 2 weeks and my measurements continue to remain between 42-43 around the booty.

2 years + 5 months post op-

Ladies. I know. Completely MIA and completely out of touch. But this is the honest truth for me. My booty too big.

Some women may look at this and say "uhhh that's a GOOD thing" but for me- I'm an Asian girl living in New York. I get poked at inappropriately and asked if I'm a unicorn on a frequent basis. So here are some two year pics. Thanks for the Donk, dr. Schulman :)

2.5 years post-op BBL updated pics


4 years post op. Still team #bigbooty

It's been Four years since I've had my bbl. i have never had a problem with the size of my butt post op. Some things I'd like to point out to people contemplating bbl:

-your butt will grow with you and shrink with you! If you gain weight your butt will grow. At one point I gained about 10 pounds and my butt measure 46. I've lost the weight and now I'm at a comfortable 43-44. Ideally I'd like to keep it at a 42

- I stayed off my butt COMPLETELY for 3 1/2 weeks. For the first two years I was obsessed about my butt pissibly "deflating" if I sat down for too long. Don't worry! After the healing, your bbl won't go anywhere.

-squats, leg and core workouts are your BEST friends!!!!!!!!!

team big booty- :-)

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