5 1/2 month Accutane treatment - Complete! - New York, NY

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I'm 23 years old and about a year and a half ago I...

I'm 23 years old and about a year and a half ago I started breaking out considerably more than what I used to. My acne isn't super severe but its enough to be seen even with makeup on. My dermatologist has had me try doxycycline (150 mcg), various topical gels, and birth control. None of it even remotely has cleared it up.

After really debating Accutane I decided to start and have been on it for a week. I'm on 30 mcg once daily. My skin has already started breaking out a little, which I'm perfectly fine with because in this long trial of too many "acne clearing" products, the ones that have helped the most have caused a breakout first. I'm looking forward to seeing further results and am already stocked up on plenty of euraphor!

I'm on month 2 now and just started 40 mg/day...

I'm on month 2 now and just started 40 mg/day (from the original 30 mg). No serious symptoms besides more sensitive skin and dry lips! My skin is definitely smoother.

I've been through 3 full months now. At the...

I've been through 3 full months now. At the beginning of month 3 my doctor increased my prescription to 2 30mg/day (60mg now total). Definitely much more drying out - not on my face - just lips and randomly on my arms. I still feel uncomfortable at the gym w/o makeup so hopefully this next month will see further clearing. My 4th month check up is next week and my doctor said she is hoping for only 5 months of treatment.

Month 5

I'm at about 5 full months on Accutane now. I've been at 2 30 mg pills/day for the past 3 months. The only side effect I continue to have is the typical need to always have aquaphor on my lips (fyi I found some w/ SPF in it too). Strangely I've had more breakouts this month than I did the past 2 months (maybe it's working everything out hopefully?) I go for my final month's checkup (hopefully) next week. I still have scarring which is really frustrating, but after treatment we will discuss our options. If anyone has suggestions on treating acnes scars (aside from annoying creams and serums), let me know!

After Accutane

After 5.5 months of Accutane, I am done! My friends and family have all commented about how clear my skin looks. I completely agree, but as I've already touched upon, my scars still bother me. My skin is soft and clear and has never looked better, but next steps include scar reduction.

My derm prescribed Tazorac (.05%) to start to alleviate scarring - the laser treatment she suggested is way too out of my price range right now but maybe for the future it could be considered.

Haven't had but one pimple in the past 3 months. I completely recommend the product.
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