44 Years Old and Finally Ready for Rhinoplasty!!! - New York, NY

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Found my doctor and surgery is scheduled for Oct...

Found my doctor and surgery is scheduled for Oct 18, 2014!! Excited and nervous at the same time. I will add to my story and post more "nose shots" as the surgery date gets closer. As you can see, I have a wide bridge and bulbous tip. At my consultation, my Surgeon said he would be narrowing the bridge and performing an alar reduction and tip work.

Two months to go!

Getting excited and anxious about my rhinoplasty. I think Im psyching myself out a bit. Maybe reading about all the things that could go wrong is not too smart. I need to go into this process with a positive mindset.

Recently I've been reading about how long the tip of your nose takes for the swelling to go down, and that has me worried. I am also worried about the alar base reduction scars. Arggghhhh. So much to worry about!!! : (

One month till surgery!

I have exactly one month to go and feeling super excited. I'm posting some before pics now. As you can see, I have a pretty big honker. Wide tip with no definition. When I smile it spreads and looks even bigger. Can't wait for the surgery!!! My pre-op visit with Dr. Kassir is next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Pre-op visit - 3 weeks to go!

Today I went to see Dr. Kassir and had my pre-op consultation. We talked about some questions I had about the procedure and recovery. We went through the list of do's and dont's pre and post surgery and I got my prescriptions for antibiotics (tablets and ointment) and pain medication. I have to go buy the the over the counter items now (Arnica pellets/Vitamin C/Zinc/Bromelain).

I got the orders for my surgical clearance so that I can get all the blood tests/scans done. I went ahead and made an appointment with my primary care physician for next Friday : ) I signed a bunch of forms and made my final payment. Its all becoming very real!!!

T-minus 7 days

So my countdown has officially begun. 7 days and counting. All prescreeening lab work and scans done! I have my meds/supplements. I went food shopping today and stocked up on low sodium stuff. I tend to like alot of salt, but I'm preparing the week before to limit the sodium intake and obviously countinue through the first couple of weeks post op. I bought pineapple as its recommended along with my bromelain supplements. I bought lots of ingredients to make soup for my first week post op. I started taking the arnica today. OMG.....is this really going to happen......uh, heck yeah!!!! Soooo excited!

OMG, my surgery is tomorrow :O

So, Im a little stressed out. I haven't felt great all day. Must be anxiety about the surgery. I am about 15 hours from going under the knife. My mind is racing and Im feeling overwhelmed.

Day of Surgery

Hi all,
Here is a pic of Day 1. Super bruised, but feeling good. No pain so far, yay!!!

Day 2 update

Sleeping was rough. got up every 1.5-2 hours for a sip of water. Dry mouth arggghhh. More bruising and swelling has gone up as the day has gone by. I feel like my eyes are gonna swell shut. I could actually feel the swelling going up because the cast felt suddenly tighter. I applied some arnica cream and iced for a bit, but so far no relief. I have body aches which I see are a side affect of anesthesia. Only taking tylenol so far. I hear the body aches last a day or two. No pain in the nose area : ) My husband brought me flowers today, so I feel special even though I look like a raccoon that got hit by a truck, LoL!!

Day 3

Last night sucked. Mouth dry, constantly waking up to drink sips of water. I took some pain meds last night because my body aches were getting worse. Swelling was way up and is migrating down my cheeks, so I have the chipmunk thing going on. I went to the Dr. today to remove my packing which was great. I can breathe!!!!! Yes!!! The Dr. was surprised at how much I bruised. He prescribed Prednisone to help with the swelling. It should only get better from here : )

Day 4

Feeling good. I slept through the night last night which made all the difference : )
I am only taking one more day off and then I'll work from home on Thurs/Fri. No sense in using up all my vacation if I feel up to working. Swelling around the eyes has gone down, but I still have cheek swelling. The bruising is still there but lightening up every day. My alar base stictches are a bit itchy, but keeping them moist with ointment helps.
I've tried not to be overly critical of my nose, but it does seem a bit up turned. Especially with the way its taped up. I don't want a Miss Piggy nose :O
I'll must be patient and just wait till the "big reveal" and stop psyching myself out. Patience/Patience/Patience....

Day 5 - Call me "Bruiser"

Feeling good today. Washed my hair, without getting my cast wet. I feel squeaky clean. Still bummed about my bruising and how long its taking to resolve. Again, I must keep chanting the words, Patience, Patience, Patience. I realize that I bruised more than most, so it will take a bit longer. Wondering if I'll be able to go to work on Monday?? If I can't cover up these "purple nurples", I am staying home! I'm lucky that I have the choice of working from home and my boss totally understands.
I had a little scare last night. I accidently scraped the side of my nose (right at the alar incision site) and it started bleeding. I thought I may have opened up the incision or something. I cleaned it up and it doesn't appear that I did any damage, but I was really worried last night. I think I may have pulled or tugged on a stitch, but everything looks fine.
As far as meds go, I finished my antibiotics today and I don't need pain pills. I'm just taking the Predisone now and of course the Arnica/Bromelain and Vitamin C.
I apply Arnica cream to my face twice a day and have been slathering on the antibiotic ointment about 3 times a day (nose is pretty itchy).
Things are pretty much back to normal. I made breakfast and lunch today. I take Master's courses on line, so I had a 3 hour class last night. Feeling really good and not overly tired at all.


OK, I am going to need a great concealer. What's the best concealer for bruising? Do I need to go hard core like dermablend??

Day 6

I feel like there is not much difference in my pics from the last 3 days. This bruising is here to stay!!! Tomorrow is cast removal day (unless the Dr. decides to leave it on a few more days), and I expecteed to look fabulous for my big reveal. Everything else is normal.

Day 7

Cast off. Feels great to get that thing off my face. It didn't hurt much, just a bit of tenderness when he got to the bridge area. Removing the stiches wasn't too bad. I shed a little tear, but really not bad. Sooooooo, I look at my nose and I immediately love the bridge. I didn't have much of a bridge before; more like a big flat wide dam, LoL!!! I like that it is now a rounded prominent bridge.
Even though its swollen, I know its gonna look beautiful! On to the tip. I think I like the tip too. Not a drastic change, so I still look like myself, but it is smaller and the refinement although not too noticeable now because of the swelling, I'm sure will be obvious with time. The tip swelling is uneven, so its looks a little strange, but I'll be patient. My least favorite aspect are the nostrils. They are not symmetrical (although they were never symmetrical). There is uneven swelling, so hopefully when that gets better, so will the appearance of my nostrils.
Oh, yeah, no taping for me. I expected that I would be taping, but Dr. K, didn't think I needed it. I thought that was strange, so I actually googled it and I do see mixed recommendations from surgeons. Some swear by it and some do not think it does much past cast removal.
The nose sure does feel strange. The weird numbness feels so foreign. Its like your nose is not part of your face. Hard to explain.
P.S. No lasering of my bruises until next week if they don't resolve. Dr. K does not like to laser too soon post op.
I've learned alot from this community, so I will be patient and not be overly critical of my nose. So far so good. I wish I had done this 20 years ago, but its never too late to make an improvement : )

Day 9

Well Realselfers, back to work tomorrow, which I'm really happy about. It will be nice to get back to my routine. I had an interesting trip to the local Ulta store. First of all, everyone assumes I got in a fight when I come walking through the door which is hysterical. I immediately tell the make up artists that I had my nose done so its out in the open. The store was having a big promotion for Stila cosmetics so there were alot of make-up artists there. I immediately go to the Dermablend and tell the first girl that I have to go to work on Monday and I need something to cover up these bruises. She applies the Dermablend but it doesn't go over to well. Too cakey and when they blend it in, you can still see the bruises coming through (looks like a gray tinge). The girl tries a different shade but no luck. She actually said, let me get a second opinion, and I almost burst out laughing. My extreme bruising requires a second, more experienced make-up artist. This girl tells me she had her nose done about 5 years ago and we immediately have a connection and yap about rhinoplasty. So she tries some color correcting stuff and beauty balm and concealers (All Stila products), and it looks much better, but the bruising still comes through. This is the best its gonna get I suppose. I'm determined to go to work tomorrow, no matter what. I will sit in my office the whole day with my face buried in my computer. I just need to get out of this house.

P.S. Its true what they say about your nose looking slightly different from day to day. My nostrils didn't look so bad today : ) Some pics with make-up trying to hide my bruises.

Day 12

Still quite bruised which is bumming me out. I am such an outgoing person, so hiding my face is not normal for me.
Lets talk about the crusting. Argghhh. I've got these two big crusties in both my nostrils. I started pulling on one thinking it was dried up blood/mucus, but it seemed to be attached to the nose?? Oh, well, Im leaving it alone, because I don't want to have a nose bleed. I read that this is common and you should just keep the nose moist, which I have been. I go back to see Dr. K on Friday, so hopefully he can get those suckers, out of there!
Not much change in the shape of the nose the last few days. Still swollen, but not horribly so. I was reading today, that many patients have a sense of dissapointment after cast removal, but things do get better. They said that after one month alot of the swelling will go down and after 3 months the nose will photograph well. I guess, until then, I need to stop over analyzing. Like most surgeries, where you see immediate results, rhinoplasty patients have to be patient and wait. Alot of you that have had humps removed, get to see an immediate change to your profile which is awesome. I guess I'm just bummed today. Especially since my husband told me that he couldn't see any difference : (

2 week update

Still some bruising and difficult to cover up. Sooo frustrating. I actually only went into the office two days this week because of this darn bruising. Week 2 was emotionally taxing. So many doubts about what the finished product will be. The good thing is that its totally normal. Its really great to read through the hundreds of posts with patients having the same concerns as me and knowing I'm not alone.
I went to see Dr. Kassir yesterday and he was very pleased with how the nose is healing and how its looking so far. Now we just wait...easier said than done right?
I think week 3 will be a good one : )

3 week update

Week 3 was good. Bruising has finally subsided. Just two very small marks and some general darkness under the eye. Some days I had more swelling than others. One morning I woke up and my bridge was more swollen on one side whch was scary to look at, but it went down by the time I got to work. Soooo, this week I have a fancy dinner to go to. This will be the first time I'll be around alot of folks in a social setting. I'm sure no one will be able to tell I did anything to my nose. I am eager to go out with friends and just show my face. I've felt so isolated for the past 3 weeks.

1 month post op

Hey real selfers. This is my one month check in. Feeling great these days. Things are progressing nicely. I went to see Dr K. last Friday and he said I still had a way to go as far as swelling. I am liking the results so far (some days more than others depending on level of swelling) so I am sure I'll be super pleased a few months down the line. I've posted a few pics side by side so you can see the progression. You really can't tell much of a difference until you compare to my before pics. Hope you can see the photo grid I posted alright. The top two photos were last week (4 weeks post-op). The middle photo with my hair slicked back was about 3 weeks post op and I think it was a low swelling day, because I think my nose looks a little better in that photo ( alittle more defined in the tip). The bottom photo was pre-op. When I compare my bridge and tip to my before pic, I can totally see the difference. Its a work in progress and I must say, I'm happy I did this. For those having doubts about your results, don't rush to conclusions those awkward few weeks (first two weeks post cast removal). Your nose will change). Do a comparison of your before pics and really look at those details. You'll feel better, I know I did.

1 month post op - reposting pics

reposting pics individually so you can see better.

3 months post - New Year, New Me

So its been awhile. I'm now 3 months post op and pretty please with how things are coming along. I 'm not gonna lie, its not perfect, but my improved nose is definitely better than my old nose, so it was totally worth it.
At my last appointment with Dr. K. he was happy with the progress. He said my skin is thinning out and he could see shrinkage ( I have thick skin). He had a visiting Dr. in his office so he asked if he could bring her in so he could show me off. Let me tell you, they both squeezed the heck out of my nasal bones. Actually made me tear. I guess those nasal bones are all healed up or else they wouldn't have squeezed so hard. I did tell the Dr about my dark circles and how much longer I could expect for them to linger. He said when I went in for my 4mo. appt., he would do a laser treatment. Hope that helps. I mean its not aweful, but it is still there.
So, from what I understand, by month 3, about 75% of the swelling is gone so this is a good indication of what the final product might be. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a little more definition in the tip, but I'm not gonna stress. As I said, its better than my old nose. My other issue is that my nostrils are not symmetrical. Now, they weren't symettrical to begin with, but I feel like its more noticeble now. Again, maybe after a few months when the tip drops a little, it will be less noticeable. Fingers crossed.

One year post

I'm a couple of weeks early from my one year post op. Feeling good and no complications.

My changes were very subtle to others (many didn't realize I had a nose job), but I can definitely see the changes. I had a super wide bridge and it was hard to find a pair of glasses that fit right. Now I don't have that problem.
I wanted to keep my ethnicity and not go for a super thin nose and I think we accomplished that.
Throughout this whole process I only have two complaints. One was my bruising which was extreme and lasted longer than normal (had to use a lot of makeup the first 6 weeks).
The second, are my nostrils. They are not symmetrical, but then again, they never were. I can live with this and will not consider a revision to even them out.

One thing that was so surprising, was how painless my rhinoplasty was. You would think with all the cutting and breaking of bone, that it would hurt, but it didn't.
Overall, I can tell you that it was totally worth it and I only wish I had done it 20 years ago!!
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Consultation went smoothly and I'm feeling very comfortable with the surgeon.

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