41 Year Old Mother of 3 with Tummy Tuck in Sight! - New York, NY

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Hello. I am a 41 year old mother of 3 and finally...

Hello. I am a 41 year old mother of 3 and finally I have made the decision to have a Tummy Tuck. My surgery is set for 5/20. 2 1/2 more weeks!! I am so nervous but excited. I have not been in a bikini since i was.. well never!! I had my first child at 17 and my last at 34. My youngest is 7 and she will remain the baby hehehehe. I have been looking at other girls experiences on here and it is very helpful. I had my pre op and tomorrow I go for my blood work. I am renting a recliner lift chair for a month. I also booked a hotel near the doctor since I live about an hour away from where I am having the surgery. Lately I have been thinking about how embarassed i will be walking hunched over into the hotel after the surgery but ahhhhh I will probably not be caring about that too much. If anyone will be having surgery soon or anyone has had please leave me some tips. Every little bit help. Oh.. I'm just having a tummy tuck. Doc says I don't need lipo of any sort. I will be posting pics along the way :) Hi everyone!!!

Exactly 2 more weeks to go!

2 Tuesdays from today I will be having my surgery. Seems surreal. I am nervous!! Mostly scared of the risks of blood clots. I think I'm more scared of that than the actual surgery. Also not sure what to wear for surgery and after surgery. Maybe yoga pants? I'm going to start getting my house in order this weekend. So excited about that. Will shop for last minute things and fill my prescriptions. Will post some preop pics with my next review. Hope everyone's doing well!

Liver levels slightly up

I am back in the dr's office for another blood test because my initial blood test for medical clearance showed that my liver levels were slightly elevated. Not sure what this means but I am 11 days preop and I don't have much time for things to go wrong. Feeling a bit down. I've waited so long for my TT. Anyway if anyone has had any experience with this please share. I'm not a smoker, drinker, I exercise, and eat well. I am on Singulair for asthma, and have been drinking protein drinks for the past few months. My PS says that he needs medical clearance by this Tuesday at the very latest. Anyway, happy Friday :)

Pre Op Pics 10 days Pre op!

Here's what I've had to live with since I was 26! My son (15 now) and my daughter (7 now) weighed in at 8 and 9 pounds!

6 days Pre op!!

Aaaand I'm getting nervous by the day!# filled my prescriptions today, bought some disposable bath cloths (antibacteria) for the week I can't bathe ewwww LOL, bought some yoga, sweat pants, and casual button up shirts for post op, and I am getting the house ready this weekend. Also got my hair cut, nails, feet, and eyebrows.. gotta look good for the Dr, LOL Considered buying a cane today but I dunno.. my lift recliner chair gets here on Friday.. can't wait to try that out. Anyway, anyone willing to give advice on anything else I should get please comment :)

anesthesiologist called me today!

So apparently I'm anemic and my primary care doctor didn't tell me. He cleared me for surgery though. My anesthesiologist put me on an aggressive iron treatment today since my surgery is on Tuesday. So I'm taking iron 2-3 times a day and collace stool softener since it in can make me constipated. My anesthesiologist is so VERY nice. I felt less nervous after speaking with her. Soooo my surgery is set for 7:15am. I have to get there at 6:45am so I can take the heparin shot. I have to have it in my system for at least 30 minutes before the surgery. This is truly happening!! I did loads around the house today, to be continued tomorrow. I pretty much bought all that I need. I even found bromilain today. I heard it's awesome to take since it keeps the swelling down. Getting more and more nervous! I will definitely write the morning of surgery. Take good care my fellow TT'ers!!

Last Pre belly pics

Just wanted to post a few more Pre op pics before the big day. One more day hanging with my fatty!! Unfriending this thing on Tuesday!!

My rented recliner lift chair

Heard that this thing is a life saver after abdominal surgeries.

I won't sleep tonight! !

Alarm set for 4:30am.. Surgery in the AM!!! Good luck to all recovering.. and all those going tomorrow like me, may we be at peace tonight. XO

On my way!!

Overslept by 15 minutes but jumped up and out the door on time. I got about 2 good hours of sleep last night. Heading there now hoping that my heparin shot doesn't hurt too much LOL (shouldn't I be worried about the surgery more?) Anyway, tty all in a few hours! XO

I'm home ladies!!!

Went extremely well. Went in pretty fast and my surgery was over in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I woke up asking the doc or anesthesiologist when will I get my anesthesia LOL we decided to come home because the hotel near Dr Y's office wasnt very accomodating. I was being discharged by 10:15 and I wouldnt have been able to check in until 3Pm. Was not waiting in my car that long. What else could this hunchback gal do?. I live about 45 minutes away from the dr. The ride was ok. Stopped one time to walk around a bit. I'm comfy in my recliner now. Not so bad so far ladies :) oh I can't laugh or sneeeeze! And you ladies were so right! Feels like i did 1000 crunches.LOL heres a couple of pics of me right now. XO

Haven't slept yet..

What is wrong with me? I even took a pain pill and I'm not drowsy LOL took it at 9pm. It's 12:30 am and I am wide awake :( I think I'm scared to go to sleep because I fear staying in one spot for too long. Terrified of blood clots. Well at least I am relaxing. I will probably crash when I have to wake up in the morning LOL

back to the doc I go...

F/u appointment this morning. Will get to see my tummy soon yaaaaay. I'm a little pain but tolerable. Can I take a pain pill a little while after taking tylenol? I feel like I need both especially at night. Guess my pain threshold is not so high :( hope you all are healing great.


Omg today was the worst. I was just taking tylenol up to late last night. So then I decided to take the vicodin and it did nothing. I literally stayed up all night. Went to the dr and the ride was excruciatingly painful going and coming. I'm posting the 1st post op pic. My belly button looked so cute. When he took off my compression garment I thought I would vomit. The weirdest feeling ever. And you could feel the drain and my inside stitches when you touch my tummy, ewwwww!!!! He repacked my belly button, another ewwwww!!! Anyway, had to up the vicodin up to every 4 hours. Can't stand the pain anymore. I started feeling guilty about doing this to myself today. I hope you all are doing well. I have been dozing off and on since I got back in from the doc this afternoon. Going to eat some asopao de pollo (Spanish chicken and rice soup) and watch Terms of Endearment :) GN all. XO excuse the poomie in the pic lol

1 day PO pics

Feeling better today!

Feeling better today but I'm thinking it's because I have been taking pain meds on time every 4 hours. I will stop tomorrow morning and get back on the tylenol. Anyway I'm dozing as I type so tty all later! Xo

Tried posting yesterday

Feeling much better today. Probably because I stayed on top of the pain meds. My back is getting more sore but that is to be expected. I had a BM finally! Jumping for joy!!! Colace is a life saver. I have some itching going on under my wrap. I have been eating raw greens and drinking plenty of fluids. Water, gatorade, pineapple and Prune juices, and lots of coconut water. Starting bromaline tomorrow. Was taking so many pills that I just have not been up to adding another one. Taking iron, singulair (for my asthma), vitamin C, pain meds, colace, antibiotics, and tomorrow Bromaline. Thank goodness for my cane and lift chair. Dont know what i would do without them. Sorry for rambling. Hope everyone is doing great! I've attached some pics I took yesterday.

No Pain Meds Today :)

I have just been on Tylenol today and I have been fine. So happy about that because I hate taking medicine. Especially anything that is potentially addictive. Anyway, I'm feeling better today besides when I couch, sneeze, choke or anything like that. I have a little swelling in my upper inner thigh that I will ask the Nurse about tomorrow. Other than that I think I'm doing ok. Tuesday I am scheduled to get my drain out. Im not draining too much. About 25-30 cc's every 24 hours. My back hasn't been so bad either. Hope everyone is doing well!

What a difference a day makes!

Feeling much better this morning. I'm actually standing a little straighter but not too much since my doctor says i should stay bent for the week. Even my coughing and sneezing pain is slightly better. i thought i would be miserable having my cycle, however its not that bad. I have been taking Arnica tablets and using the gel on my skin and OMG it WORKS!! My inner thigh swelling has gone down and I am so happy about that. During my day thus far i am drinking fresh organic pineapple juice, eating fresh pineapples, taking vitamin C, iron, stool softeners, my asthma meds, and the arnica. I take the pain meds only at night (1x),I wipe down every morning and night with these soapy bath wipes specifically for post surgery patients and oil my body with grape seed oil. I have been draining about 25-30 cc's per day. I get my drain taken out on Tuesday and am sooooooo looking forward to a SHOWER!!! we take so much for granted. I needed a change of scenery so i am sitting on my deck in this beautiful weather soaking up vitamin D. I really feel at peace at this very moment. Hope you all are doing well.. one day closer to a bikini!

I Feel Like Dancingggg :)

Feeling pretty good ladies!! Instead of telling you, let me show you. I've attached some pics LOL -- Tomorrow, DRAIN REMOVAL!! CANT WAIT. Happy Memorial day!!

Drains out!!

OMG weirdest feeling ever!!! But tolerable. It burned and hurt a little bit because my inner drain was wider than the outer drain. I have a tiny hole on the top of my public area. I actually like that my PS drains it through there. Soooo I'm in a girdle that can fit my 7 year old and the binder on top of that. They told me I can breathe every now and then if i wanted to, LOLOL jeeeeez. The upside is that I don't feel like I'm going to bust an inner stitch. I feel nice and held in. My body is taking shape and I'm feeling pretty good ladies ??dancing??:) I'm actually standing a little straighter but not where I want to be yet. I get to shower tomorrow, yaaaaay.. im going to shine bright like a diamond lol I feel like the worst is over. Halleluyerrrrrr! Hope all of you are doing super!!

Me me me me me were :)

Went to the doctor for follow up today and so far so good. The nurse poked my belly 3 different times to look for built up fluids. That wasnt painful just uncomfortable. She also took the tape off of my incision. It had an odor, yuck. Anyway, I'm walking straighter, no pain at all, a little less swollen but every day getting better and better. I finally drove my car.. Heres a pic of me today :) hope all of you are doing well!!

Feeling great!

Coughing doesn't hurt anymore! Thank heavens and all the galaxies! The only real complaint that i have is that darn FAJAAAAAA!!! It rubs against my incision and keeps it raw. I an currently not wearing it. I am wearing the binder that I received out of surgery and my spanx garment should be here tomorrow. I am not going to put on the spanx also until my incision dries up more. I just cant sleep in the faja either. It's the worst and I have bruising under my breasts because of it. It actually feels like my top inside stitch busted because of that faja. I will talk to my PS about it on friday. I think I will be ok. Getting flatter every day and feeling much better with each day. Attached are some pics that I took this morning showing my scar. Hope all you ladies are Fab!!

Side incision pics

Man Down for a few days!!

Good grief I'm so over this recovery process!! I have not wanted to post anything for the past few days because or been so frustrated with it. My old monthly friend came down this past Friday and I was not due at all. Had a period right after surgery then it started again two weeks later. Doc says this is normal since the body goes through stress during surgery. My BB is nice but still scabbed. My incision has a spot that will leak blood at times. I've been running cocoa butter all over my belly and my dr suggested that I start using the silicone strips on my scar. I am using steri strips on the part of my insion that leaks from time to time. I am taking vitamin C and Bromelain. Too scared to work out right now but will do so when I hit my 4 week mark. Tomorrow is 3 week PO for me. I have seen girls on YouTube at 3 weeks that look bikini ready. I do not, let me repeat DO NOT look bikini ready. I'm so jealous. My swelling is mostly on my lower belly and I have my binders as tight as I can get them! I call them my torture chambers. I cannot wait to be free of this entrapment! Anyway, hope all of you ladies are doing super well. Oh did I mention that I go back to work this Wednesday? I will be taking it very slooowww... :) will take some pics and post later!!

Stage 2 Marena PO Garment

Ahhhh feeling really good..

Starting to take shape. Just have to work out and rebuild the muscles in my legs and arms. I will start working out on Tuesday bUT won't do squats until my PS gives the go ahead. Loving my results so far. Everything is great except my BB. Still packing it. Ugh. Hope all May Babies are doing great!! XO

Scar Therapy

So I have been fighting myself over what products to use (natural organic or medicinal like silicone) to start my scar therapy. Knowing that I spent so much money on the surgery, girdles, travel, and recovery items I decided to go organic and see how it goes. I already have things like coconut oil, almond oil, bio oil, etc... and so I wouldn't have to spend any more on anything else right now. In any case, I researched some therapies and it was noted that the most important thing is to keep your scar hydrated and taped to keep it from being raised. Also prevents keloids. So I started with aloe Vera and surgical tape. Coconut oil is very good for the body. I will graduate to coconut oil, Shea Butter, and almond oil over the weekend. I also read that on the medicinal side silicone really works as well. Also i found a medical honey called Medihoney that had great reviews for scar therapy. Still unsure about getting the lymphatic massages more than what is included with my surgery costs. Anyway, so far I am super happy with my results. I am posting some pics from last night. Oh I also stopped packing my BB because it wasn't drying out. Looks pretty good now. Hope all you Beauties are doing well!!


6 weeks PO today :)

I'm feeling pretty good. My body is calling exercise! Went to the beach this past weekend (I didn't get in the water) I wore my 1st bikini ever. It felt so weird but then I felt so freee! No more hiding my belly. A young woman asked if I work out because my body looked great. I was so flattered. Going for my 6 week check up this afternoon. Hoping the dr says I can stop using the binder. I do think that I will wear CG's for a while tho because of the swelling at times. Oh, on the beach I only kepy my belly exposed a little at a time and I drowned it with sunblock :) here's a pic.

Almost 11 weeks PO

I am really enjoying my new body. I am still afraid to do abdominal exercises however, cardio feels great. I had a little hiccup with my belly button. One of the stitches was trying to come out around the edge so it blistered. Dr Y opened it a little and put some kind of medicine on it and it's back to normal. Attached are some pics of that. My scar is also much better. I guess it's the darkest it will ever be at this point. I currently wear my silicone strip all day. Not really doing anything special at this point to it. My swelling above my scar (lower belly) has gone way down and I am pleased with my results thus far. I can still see light stretch marks below my BB area but I don't care. My belly looks great to me. Goes with the rest of my body. Getting dressed is a pleasure every day. I wake up looking forward to checking on it :) I have attached some pics.. hope you all are doing well XO

Current pics

Just wanted to say that I get swollen mostly at night but it doesn't bother me. Attached are some current pics of me. Getting better daily..

More pics

New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr Yager does exactly as he says he will do. His office staff is very professional and friendly. Very pleased with my surgery.

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