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I am a mom of four (ages 13, 9, 6 and 2). All of...

I am a mom of four (ages 13, 9, 6 and 2). All of my children were big babies (biggest was 10 pounds) so between carrying them and nursing all 4 my body has been through a lot. Im sure if I ate better and worked out it wouldn't be as bad. lol
I have been working hard to get the "baby weight" off and feel better. Still have 10 pounds to go. My belly and boobs are such a mess! Want to cry when I look at them. I would love to get a mommy makeover. My closet friend had the surgery last year and looks amazing!! I am terrified of going through with it but hate feeling horrible about my body. I made an appointment on June 3 for a consult with Dr. Adam Kolker in NYC. I am excited and nervous about it. Its crazy but I'm losing sleep over it now...not sure how I will survive if I get the nerve to book the surgery.

What having babies has done to my belly ????

I am not sure if I want to laugh or cry when I look at this! No belly button and lots of stretch marks. I have a flap of skin that is tucked into my bathing suit bottoms. Can't wait to get it fixed!

Stressing is not fun!

I haven't even had my consult yet and I'm already stressing! Feel guilty about spending so much money and not being able to take care of my children after surgery. Terrified of getting put to sleep too. Want to be positive and get the surgery done and be happy with my decision. Stressing is not fun! Ugh!

No I'm not having twins lol

how is this even possible?! I was in the hospital getting ready to have baby number three. He was 10 pounds!

Good season for surgery???

One week until my consult! So excited! I plan on booking my surgery when I am there. I emailed the office to see what dates are open. Want to have an idea before I go. Dr has one date early August which means my kids will be home and it will b miserably hot. If not I have to wait until fall which would b better but then I have to wait. Want to get this over with and be on the road to recovery! Not sure what to do!

Surgery is booked!

I had an amazing consult with Dr Kolker! I absolutely love him and his staff! I'm still nervous but after meeting him I'm mostly excited! September 20 is the big day! Was hoping to get it over with early August but I took too much time and date was gone. Think everything happens for a reason so I'm happy w my September date. I'm so excited! Seems surreal!

Let's talk boobs!

Had my mammogram today! One step closer to surgery! I've always had tiny boobs and it never really bothered me. They were cute and perky 32B. I nursed all four babies for close to two years 34D while nursing. I weaned my youngest a few months ago and my boobs r deflated little bags. Not attractive lol. My Dr said I can get away w an implant only if I get them big enough but he recommends a lift bc gravity will eventually catch up w me. I trust him so I'm ok w what ever he decides. He's very conservative so hoping they don't feel too small. My hubby would say the bigger the better. Lol One pic is me a few months ago before I weaned (I wanted proof haha) and the other pic is me now w deflated boobs and love handles:-(

Dreaming of Pina coladas on the beach in a bikini

Still have so much time until surgery! The wait is killing me! Don't want to rush the summer but want to get this over with! I bought the supplies that my surgeon requires. Figured I would do it now bc September is nuts w kids school and sports!


I picked up a few things that my Dr requires/recommends.
Vitamin C, vitamin B complex, zinc, arnica Montana, bromelain and colace. It's a very short list! Also says Tylenol, fluids to drink, crackers and toast, ice pops and pillows (all things that I have in the house).
When I go to my pre-op I'll get scripts for pain meds, antibiotic and anything else which I'll fill closer to surgery.
I've seen videos and very long list of mommy make over supplies. Having 4 kids my medicine cabinet is full of supplies so I think I'll be ok. My family thinks I'm nuts getting ready when I still have two months to go but I'm excited! lol

More accurate pic of my belly

I had my husband take before pics of me over the weekend. I was horrified! It's my body so how did I not know it was that bad?! My husbands family thinks I'm crazy for having this surgery. They can't understand spending all that money on something "no one" sees. I could try to explain but it's useless. Wasn't going to tell them but with four kids who are super involved in so many sports and of course school I was hoping they could help out a bit for a while. I was sure to pay deposit before I told them so I couldn't get talked out of it lol. Anyway..this is a better pic of my belly.

Surgery paid!!!

No turning back now! lol

Pre op done:-)

Had a great pre op appt today. No traffic coming in or getting out of the city and all went well! I signed my life away lol and got all my questions answered. Tried on rice sizers (200, 225, 250 and 275). I decided on 250. I'll include a pic. I was sucking in my belly haha My dr will make the final decision based on what looks best and I'm ok w that:-) hope u ladies r all doing well xo

All set!

Getting all of my supplies together:-) Just filled my scripts and got blood work done too. I will be staying over night at my PS facility first night and staying by my parents the next two nights. Trying so hard to shake this guilt I have for leaving my hubby w the four kids. My two year old is not the greatest sleeper and he looks for me at night. Im crying typing this. Ugh! Feel so bad! Ok..trying to stay positive. My 7, 10, and 13 year old can live w out me for a few days. I do 99% of the house and kids stuff so my husband has no idea what's coming his way. He's been stressed at work too. Ugh! Less than 3 weeks and the big day is here! Trying to get things in order the best I can. Hope everyone is doing well! I'm very grateful for all of the support here! Xo

Next week!!!

It seemed like the day would never come and now it's almost here! Its so surreal! I've tried my best to be as prepared as I can. I start my vitamins and homeopathic stuff in a couple days. It's a lot to take in a day! After surgery it's that and more. Hope my stomach can take it! My nurse said 2 muscle relaxers the night before and a muscle relaxer and Valium the morning of. I have so many of both. Wondering why? Did anyone take them after surgery? Hope everyone is feeling well! Xoxo

Ready to go:-)

A few days to go and it feels like a dream or that its happening to someone else. So strange! I have been so busy with back to school and kids sports and activities that the last few weeks have flown by! I am as ready as Ill ever be! Been taking all of my vitamins and homeopathic stuff and working out every day. Hoping to get one more workout in this weekend. Monday Im getting my things together then Tuesday is the big day! My number one worry is waking up! I want to survive lol and want the drugs to wear off. I hate that feeling! No backing out now! Wish me luck and send a little prayer if u can. Thank u ladies for all of your support! xoxo

Last minute worries

Can't believe it's here!! Ready as I'll ever be!! Few last minute worries going through my head:-( Will I wake up? Will my kids be ok? Just want to be done and recovering! 2 muscle relaxers before bed then up bright and early. Have to be in the city 7:45. I'll update as soon as I can. Thank u ladies! Hope everyone is feeling well! Xoxo

I made it!

Hi ladies! Surgery went very well! I woke up feeling great w no pain. Very surprised. Couple hours later got really nauseous but feeling good now. Im still in the surgery center. Grateful I had a nurse taking good care of me all night. Just took a look and see I got a lollipop lift. A little disappointed about that. I also see my stretch marks under my belly button. It's early so hope it smooths out when I stand. I'm still in bed so when I get home And settled I'll post a pic. Xo

PO day 1

I'm feeling so much better than I thought I would! I'm walking straight and going to the bathroom myself. Big surprise. I have a long road ahead of me so I know things may get tough.
I woke up completely fine feeling good but then got so hot and uncomfortable. Ended up vomiting a few times...not fun! The New York City roads suck after a mommy makeover but I made it home and I'm so happy to b cozy in bed. No issues getting into bed. Did u ladies have a good first day? Have to admit I'm afraid it will be bad next few days. I'm not sure if I mentioned but I have four drains. Thank you so much for the well wishes! Hope everyone is feeling good!

Flat belly perky boobs:-)

Marker everywhere so tough to get a good look but here it is. A bit embarrassed to put a pic of my boobs lol but we're all friends now! Haha xxx

PO day 2

Still feeling good but I am so tired! Been dozing on and off all day. Had some more soup and crackers and been taking meds, vitamins and homeopathic stuff. Going to take a shower later. Hope I can get this blue marker off so I can post a better pic. I'll add a belly pic- the blue lines around the incision and on my belly is the marker. Pls excuse the drains. Not much pain at all but I do have bruising from lipo. Hope u beautiful ladies r doing well:-)

PO day 3

Recovery is going so well! Had some scrambled eggs and coffee then took a shower. Only needed help washing my back. Was able to shave and wash my hair. I wasn't able to get the marker off- tried soap, baby oil and alcohol. Feels nice to be clean in fresh clothes. After the shower I noticed my drain site was leaking a bit. Taped some gauze over it. Hope that's not a big issue. A little swelling but not too bad. The bruising looks bad but it doesn't rally hurt much. Just a little sore. I'm so happy I did this! Hoping recovery continues this way! Hope ur all feeling well!

My set up

Wanted to share my set up. This has worked out perfect. Didn't have any problem getting in or out of bed. Didn't need neck pillow bc my head is able to be comfortable w these pillows. I have that little pillow under my back and I have pillows under my knees too.

PO day 5

Hi ladies! I'm still set up at my parents house. Hoping to get home tonight or tomorrow and slowly get back into my routine. A few updates: I was able to go to the bathroom yesterday finally. Took colace 3 days before surgery and had some coffee and a shakeology shake yesterday and it did the trick. I feel great but last night and the night before were tough at times. Had a couple nightmares about the kids. I miss them and worry about them. My two year old is here w me hanging w my parents so missing my big three. My husband has been a bit down too. We r not used to this so excited but nervous about getting back to normal. I have a big mirror at home so I'll post a pic tomorrow of this swollen bruised bod of mine haha. I am so happy w my results! I mentioned that I still have some stretch marks on my belly and lollipop lift on boobs. Have swelling at bruising but even w all that I'm thrilled and grateful. Hope u r all feeling well! The fall weather is here in NJ/NY and it's amazing! Positive thought for the day lol xoxo

I saw this and laughed!

Last two night were a bit tough! Days have been great! Hoping for a restful night in my own bed for the first time since surgery! Good night ladies xo

Drains out/swell hell

Today is one week since my surgery! I had my post op appointment this morning. Got all 4 drains removed! So happy! The bad news is swelling has begun and I have a ton of bruising. My before body is so fresh in my mind so I'm still so thrilled about my results:-)
The past week was not as bad as I thought it would be at all! Praying things continue to go smoothly! Have to pick up a few supplies dr ordered (two different bras and spanx). He said day 10/12 to start. Hope u ladies r all doing well! Xo
Adding pics..looks painful right? Lol It's not that bad;-)

Getting back to normal!

My house had gone to crap lol! Yesterday i very slowly picked up and organized. I promised myself I wouldn't get upset over this stuff..well broke that promise! I was a bit sore after everything but really not too bad. Today same thing. Dish washer laundry...all the fun just taking longer;-)
I ended up getting measured at VS 34D. My breasts aren't really too high or swollen. Maybe I'll end up 34C when things settle?? I love them:-) So excited!
No more pain meds but still taking all vitamins and homeopathic stuff. Antibiotic done tomorrow! Yah! My poor stomach! Between taking all this stuff and the swelling and bruising. May take a while before its flat. Looking a bit rough right now.
My hubby loves my new body. He's been doing his best around here. He joked that he's never worked this hard or been so tired. All those hours at work and this is harder? Yes!! lol Feeling bad the guy is getting no lovin..hopefully all will get back to normal soon. Hope everyone is well!

Getting help

One more thing...besides my hubby my parents have been so beyond amazing! Helping w everything. Strangely my mother in law hasn't called or stopped by once. Leaves me feeling so horrible! She didn't agree w my decision to do this. I told her bc I knew I could use her help, well..haven't seen her since before my surgery. Not sure what's going on. Trying to focus on the good and how grateful I am for support of my husband, parents, best friend and u ladies! Xoxo

Two weeks!

Tomorrow is two weeks already! Feeling great and back to doing the things I normally do (except work outs and carry around my little guy). Walking a little hunched. Hubby and I r good to go too;-) I know I'm not supposed to say I did this for anyone besides me lol but I love that he loves my body! It makes me happy! We've been together since we were teenagers and have come a long way. I hated feeling embarrassed of my belly hanging. My body is far from perfect but an amazing improvement.
I still have surgical tape. My dr said to leave it alone?? Want it off to get a good look. Also my dr wants spanx and knockout bra now. Have to get used to it. Not very comfortable. Been wearing a soft Lycra sports bra w leggings and a loose top.
I'll post pics this week. I love reading all ur updates and helpful hints! Thank u ladies! Xo

3 weeks!

Hi ladies! I hope u r all doing well! It's been a while since I've been on realself. Been dealing w family drama all due to my surgery. My in laws don't agree w my decision to have the surgery and it has caused a huge problem. As much as I don't want it to, it has replaced my excitement w guilt and sadness. My husband has been great through all of this but he's very close w his family so I know it's been tough for him.
What's funny is the recovery has been great. Who would have thought a mommy makeover would be easier than dealing w family? lol I have lots of swelling in my abdomen but I expected that. Hoping it gets better soon. I have puckering by my incision too but thinking with time everything will look better. It's such an amazing improvement from where I started. My boobs have given me no issues at all. They r so cute and perky lol. I'll post some belly pics. Took a close up of my stretch marks under my belly button. I really hope when the swelling goes down everything will smooth out nicely. Thank u for the support and happy healing! Xo


I picked up a few bras at VS today. I measured 32D but the cup was too small. Ended up getting 32DDD. The 34DD worked too. I have no idea how that's possible? I got 275cc and my boobs don't look huge. I was pretty excited! Lol My stomach is still swollen but feels good. Hope everyone is doing well! Xo

5 weeks post op

Tomorrow is 5 weeks post op! I saw my PS Friday and it went very well! I love him and his staff so much! They are beyond amazing! He said all looks good and and gave the green light to start working out. He said cardio, modified crunches, and weights all ok:-) I'm feeling great and no pain or issues. I get some swelling by the end of the day but nothing too bad. Hope everyone is doing well! Xo
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