34, 4 Kids and a Much Needed Tummy Tuck - New York, NY

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I'm 5'3 198lbs and I went to Dr. Yager for a tummy...

I'm 5'3 198lbs and I went to Dr. Yager for a tummy tuck consultation. He was very friendly and answered all my questions. Although he charged a hefty fee, I would gladly pay more because he seems to have alot of knowledge about tummy tucks. He was very honest with me and said if I was comfortable with my weight, he can still give me the hourglass figure I wanted. I really felt comfortable with him and would like to plan my surgery with him soon. I'm just so nervous about the whole procedure and more importantly the pain and complications that can arise afterwards. That is the only thing holding me back from doing the surgery. I only seen one recent review of a tummy tuck with him and I would like to know if there is anyone else out there that has done a tummy tuck with him?


So I haven't been on here in awhile because I have been trying to get a breast reduion before I even plan a TT. I go in for surgery on 2/3/2015 and already have a condult with Dr. Yager on 3/14/2015. I will update soon.

Tummy Tuck dream come true

Hi all, I know I havent written in awhile but I am ready to finally get my tummy tuck. At first I was excited about going to Dr Yager in Washington Heights but after further review, I decided he just wasnt the dr for me. Fast forward to now, I paid for a flight to Santo Domingo to have TT, Lipo and BBL with Dr Rafael Torres who came highly recommended. Everything was set in place, I even had my recovery house booked (Highclass Recovery), but all of that changed after hearing about the women who recently passed in CIPLA. That was a rude awakening for me. So I stalked RS and after careful review, I had a consult with Dr Taranow here in NYC. He was very responsive to all my questions and concerns, did not rush me, even showed me around the operating room and made me feel comfortable. So i have decided even tho it is a lil on the pricier side, my life is worth more to me, so I will be having my TT and Lipo with him this summer. I will keep you all updated!

Recent pic

Its official!

Today I went for my pre op appt. The doctor took my weight and some before photos. I also paid for my surgery and got my blue folder with all my pre surgical instructions. I couldn't be happier. My surgery is scheduled for July 7th 2016. Woohoo, and the count down begins.

More pics

I had these pics along with the last one but was unsure of posting.

Feeling Excited

So im officially 27 days away from my surgery! Cannot wait. Im down to 207 from 215.

Feeling Anxious and Nervous!

The time is almost here and im so scared, excited and nervous all in one. My nerves are a hot mess. I cant believe that by this thursday I will be on the flat side. I cannot tell you how awesome Dr Taranow and his staff have been to me. He calls to check up on you and gives you his personal cell number should you have any questions. I know im in great hands.

Feeling anxious

So tomorrow is the big day and It feels so surreal! I cant believe tomorrow I will be on the flat side. Im so nervous about the pain. I know everyone is different with pain but its still scary knowing hpw the procedure goes. I hope you all pray for me and the dr performing the surgery. Will post post op pics as soon as I can!

Feeling so sore

So the operation went well. I am just feeling tightness and slight pain. After I went home I started bleeding a lot from my back and the dr was a lil worried so I went in today to check everything out. He said the first 24 hrs you can def get bleeding. He gave my a new binder because my old one was soaked through and did not charge me. This man is a godsend. He called me at least 6 times yesterday to check up on me. He is so thorough with his work. Thank god everything is good. I am home now resting.

3 days Post Op

Feeling super sore and swollen but definitely better than day one. I am still only taking tylenol for pain and have been drinking my antibiotics. I cant wait for this pain to go away.


Sorry I've been a little MIA, I have just been trying to take it easy and rest up. A little update on me. When they say the first week is rough, boy they do not lie! This has been the most intense pain I have ever gone thru. But thank got I have a very loving and supportive family. Today I actually took off my binder and showered. And it was such a relief. I have been only giving myself sponge baths. Still really swollen but everyday gets better. I have only been on extra strength tylenol but stopped yesterday. I eat very small frequent meals and walk around as much as I can to get the circulation going and then i plop right down and rest because its so much work.. I made breakfast today which I'm happy about means im healing well. And i have my first post op appt this thursday.

Feeling Fabulous

So today i took a shower and washed my binder. It felt so weird to be without it but i adjusted and I finally saw my flat tummy take shape somewhat. I feel amazing.

First Post Op appt

So today I met with Dr Taranow for my post op. He said everything is healing beautifully. He didnt take out the drains because I still have fluid build up so monday I will take the drain out. He also removed the stitches from my belly button which didnt hurt much. I also complained about my binder because it was cutting into my skin so he gave me a foam to add extra cushion and cut my binder down a little. When it was time to go he handed me my photos of the fat taken out and surprised me with a bouquet of roses. How sweet is that? Ladies, this man is the greatest. If u want attention to detail, professionalism and a caring doctor, Dr T is the one for you. Very happy so far with all the care I have received!

13 days post op

So I took a few days just to relax. I got my drain taken out 2 days ago and it was such a relief. I was terrified it woupd hurt and it didnt. That same day I got the ok to start using Arnica gel for the swelling. For those who may not know what arnica is, its supposed to be an all natural product to reduce swelling and brusing. Well let me tell u, I startes catching an allergic reaction. My mouth started tingling and I felt my throat closing after applying it within one minute. I had to call an ambulance, I was so scared. I grabbed a wet rag and started wiping everything off. Thankfully I am ok now but that was a scary situation. Some complaints I have is extreme swelling when I walk too much which I know is normal but its so annoying. Also the ITCHING!!! OMG IM SO ITCHY, all ovee my back nd my sides. I put lotion, massage it but the itching wont go away. Tomorrow I go for my first lymphatic massage and hopefully that helps a lil with the itching. Lets see. Other than that, I'm feeling much better. Im surprised at how quickly im healing.


So its 2 1/2 weeks since my tummy tuck with lipo and im still very swollen. I started my lymphatic massages last week and it has helped but when i start walking, all that inflammation vomes right back. I see why they call it swell hell!!! I also purchased a faja from the massage place for $170. Its super tight but it keeps the swelling at a minimum. Im fitting my clothes alot better.

Almost one month post op

Almost one month post op and I am feeling more fabulous everyday. I still suffer from swelling here and there but that is normal.

Wishing this swelling would stay down!

So I really havent been posting that often because honestly besides swellinh I feel feline. I really have no complaints. I am still going for my massages regularly but even with that, I still suffer from swelling which my dr said is normal for up to 6 months! Ugh. Cant wait for that to happen. I just got back from Puerto Rico and I didnt know how to act with a bikini lol. I'm happy with my results for sure.

Dealing with haters!

I have a question for all you dolls. I have a very good friend whom I consider more like family that since surgery has been acting more like a hater than a friend. Recently I went to her daughters party and after zeeing some girls I havent spoken to in a while the first words out her mouth were "so how was recovery?" I felt very offended because I never mentioned to her I had surgery. I just told the truth because I felt put on thr spot. Also my "friend" has made comments like "you can tell you had surgery because you look fake" and "of course she has had surgery, do u think she got her body from the gym?"
All of these comments make me believe she is jealous. Am I overreacting or am I correct in feeling a certain way? And how do I deal with it? Thanks ladies.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I cannot express how awesome this dr is enough. He is so professional and caring from beginning to end. Always with you every step of the way. Even his staff is awesome. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is contemplating surgery.

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